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MIK36 & MSK36: the non-contact and wear-free rotary encoder Lika Electronic introduces a new compact and bearingless rotary encoder available in both incremental and absolute versions, designed for installation in small-diameter shafts under aggressive environmental conditions. Ideally suited even for position and velocity measurements at highest speeds up to 40,000 RPM. MIK36 & MSK36 come to expand the family of the incremental and absolute bearingless encoders from Lika Electronic and provide designers with a rugged measuring system free of moving parts, contact, friction and wear. The use of a magnet and a completely separate sensing circuit increases the toughness and reliability characteristics of the encoder. The magnet has a 6(0,24”), 8- (0.31”) or 10mm (0.39”) bore for installation in the output shaft of an electric motor, an actuator or a drive. The two elements are independent and work without any contact and mechanical connection to each other. This fully prevents the shocks, vibrations, mechanical stresses and eddy currents to be transmitted from the rotating shaft to the sensing element and, along with the absence of wearable parts such as bearings, means greater service life, efficiency and signal transmission safety as well as minimum downtimes and lower maintenance costs.

ne tools and CNC machining centres. This bearingless encoder is offered in both incremental and absolute versions. MIK36 incremental encoder provides a resolution up to 2048 PPR and generates digital signals (AB0, /AB0) through NPN, Push-Pull and Line Driver output circuits. The max. counting frequency is 300 kHz. MSK36 delivers the absolute position information with 13-bit resolution via SSI interface in either Binary or Gray code. It implements Zero setting and Complementary functions. Both axial and radial cable options are available. Reverse polarity and short circuity protections further tions including mining and oil field increase the safety level. equipment, steel mills, marble, stone and glass working machinery. By virtue of the advanced magnetic sensing electronics, they can be further installed for accurate position and velocity detection in rotary applications up to 40,000 RPM such as in motors for spindles of lathes and mills and in a variety of machi

In addition the robust and compact enclosure for the sealed circuitry (36-mm/1.4” diameter, 31.6mm/1.2” depth) ensures IP68 protection rate. These properties make MIK36MSK36 exceptionally well suited for the harshest industrial environments and any very severe applica-

The tough encoder for accurate and reliable performances in adverse conditions Lika Electronic further improves the remarkable characteristics of the well-know MH58S heavyduty absolute encoder: superior components and a stronger enclosure grant safe and dependable operation in harsh environments and critical applications. First developed for blade pitch control systems, Yaw (Azimuth) control and nacelle position feedback in wind turbines, MH58S has been tested for years in the aggressive environments where wind farms are typically sited. Now Lika Electronic introduces a revised version with improved ultra-robust mechanical construction, advanced electrical components and a new analogue interface. MH58S features a ruggedized aluminium enclosure built for long term outdoor all weather installation capable of ensuring unparalleled resistance to large climatic and temperature fluctuations (-40°C +85°C / -40°F +185 °F) and IP67 / IP69K protection, thus it is rated for high-pressure and high-temperature wash downs and even for steam cleaning and underwater applications. In addition it encompasses oversized ball-bearings to both withstand greater radial and axial shaft loadings (up to 270 N) and deal with mechanical tensions. For additional safety it can be equipped with special electrically insulated shaft couplings designed to reduce backlash to zero and absorb efficiently shock and vibration impacts.

The magnetic circuitry is safely sealed inside the robust enclosure and, on demand, it can be protected by overmolding encapsulation.

High-quality state-of-the-art components have been selected to provide superior performance, high resistance and reliable operation in extreme operating environments. They further ensure long service life due to the contactless & wearless measuring principle.

As an option, when maximum safety is required, resolver signals can be sent to the frequency inverter by an integrated resolver. Voltage 0-5V, 0-10V, ±5V, ±10V and current 4-20mA, 0-24mA, 4-24mA analogue interface with 12-bit resolution is also available. It is claimed to provide extremely clear and stable signals even when the encoder is exposed to significant temperature fluctuations. Cable and M23H 12-pin connector standard options can be supplied for both models. Among the special application features, MH58S has an external Preset button for easy zero-setting operation; and can be fitted with a pressure balance valve to prevent the condensation from forming on the inside of the housing.

This rugged encoder is hardened to withstand critical environments and severe working conditions; thus it is ideally suited for installation in wind turbines, iron and steel mills, cranes, portal cranes and hoists, MH58S is offered with SSI serial marine installations, outdoor equipinterface and analogue interface ment, utility vehicles, solar power plants and generators. today. SSI model is designed in 12-bit single-turn version and 24-bit multiturn version (12-bit single-turn + 12-bit multi-turn).

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