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GoPro Portal Solution Overview

Integrated SOA Case Management Solution

Automating Case Management for Enhanced Operational Efficiency, Increased Citizen Service and Improved Compliance

Smarter Way to Work GoPro provides government officials with a scalable, electronic workplace, with all required workflow-, documentand records management, as well as integrated collaboration functions for comprehensive case management.

GoPro GoPro is one of the key ISV SOA solutions for the IBM Government Framework, particularly in Tax and Revenue, Social Services and Social Security, and Safety and Security sectors. GoPro is a scalable, secure and userfriendly case management solution that supports open standards, guarantees effective and efficient processing and complies with regulation guidelines and standards.

IBM Government Industry Framework The IBM Government Industry Framework helps governments address complex challenges with a holistic framework approach that provides speed, flexibility and choice in deploying solutions while minimizing cost and risk. The IBM Government Framework combines the best IBM and ISV solutions according to best practices and industry-specific usage patterns that align technology with business needs.

Intelligent Information Management Public administrations are facing the multipronged challenge of improving the efficiency, productivity and quality of their services despite significant budget pressures and the need to comply with international and national standards and regulations. Further complicating matters is the primary business of addressing the escalating demands of citizens for fast, reliable and consistent case processing, transparent decision making and wide access to 24x7 selfservice. GoPro Portal is an integrated case management solution and is fully service oriented architecture (SOA) compliant, giving governments greater flexibility in their case and document management activities. GoPro increases the value of the entire framework infrastructure and provides an overview of all projects, correspondence and collaboration, with tight integration with the IBM software environment. GoPro stores information in one accessible location, while versatile access controls ensure privacy protection and security. Citizen- and project centered views display data in a logical context that provides accurate information at all times, and a web portal provides 24-hour service availability. • Turns a paper based process into an efficient electronic application for a variety of e-government applications • Provides a complete real-time view of case files • Avoids repeated data entry and inefficient paper trails • Improves the efficiency, productivity and quality of services to address budget pressures • Enhances operational insight through better reporting capabilities for processes, client situations etc. • Improves internal and inter-organizational collaboration, enabling organizations to share and process information across departments, agencies and geographies • Enhances accountability and transparency through audit trails • Enables organizations to deliver ”One contact resolution” and 24*7 accessibility of services • Integrates fully with tools, such as email and instant messaging, as well as to productivity tools like word processing and spreadsheet applications GoPro Ltd currently has over 100,000 users. Its successful collaboration with IBM stretches back 16 years. GoPro integrates fully into the IBM Lotus software suite, and leverages IBM FileNet P8, an industry leading ECM platform with over 1,000 governments and public sector organizations worldwide, as well as IBM WebSphere Portal, an award-winning innovative portal solution.

”GoPro is essential for our working environment. It offers integrated and event-based case management, and creates a one-case repository for all information, such as documents, letters, phone logs, e-mails and decisions. The JSR 168 portal enables us to share information across ministries, becoming the key to ministry collaboration.” Guðmundur Kjærnested Icelandic Ministry IT CTO

GoPro Empowers Your Daily Work Intelligent use of information • Manages information in a logical context, presenting what you need, when you need it. • Powerful search and view functionalities, for a quick and comprehensive overview. Efficient use of technology • Integrates with the whole software environment, connecting your information. • Centralises information sources, with quick and easy registration of data. Coordinated Business Processes • Flexible and dynamic processes enable effective management. • Ensures standards and objectives are met, and coordinates workflow. Dynamic Workflow • Guides users through procedure, with one-click access to relevant information. • Maximises efficiency by retrieving relevant information for dynamic fields.

Bring order to your information for superior insight, efficiency and quality of work GoPro enables organizations to fully automate their internal processes. It gives a clear internal overview and provides the means to streamline services and processes. GoPro is a secure, n-tier thin-client (webbased) application for the IBM WebSphere Portal Server. The application consists of a set of portlets that conform to the JSR168 standard. Portal integration components based on this standard enable enterprises to more easily use portal platforms for the secure delivery of personalized Web services and aggregated content between multiple internal and external portal deployments. Enterprises will benefit from greater efficiency and ROI since personalized, aggregated content can be delivered from portal platforms to end-users from a multitude of sources previously difficult to integrate. The portlets business logic is in services on a J2EE compliant server using Web Services.

GoPro runs on top of IBM FileNet P8 4.0, utilizing its content engine and process engine. The application uses a data layer which supports a variety of RDBMS, including IBM DB2 and Oracle. GoPro is specifically designed for the IBM WebSphere Portal Server and uses the security framework it provides. GoPro supports single sign-on and all users must be authenticated by the system. Special measures for managing users and access levels to documents and processes are provided by GoPro. The security level of the application is adjustable, as organizations have different needs for user certification and security systems. Users can reap full benefits of the standard collaboration functionality, email, calendar and productivity solutions of IBM WebSphere. The solution makes use of a desktop application for integration with the Microsoft Windows desktop environment. Popular office applications, such as IBM Symphony, or Microsoft Office and mail applications like IBM Lotus Notes, are easily integrated with the solution.

GoPro Strengths • Leading Case Management Solution - GoPro develops and delivers one of the leading solutions in case-, document- and process management for governments. • High value solutions - GoPro offers out of the box high value SOA solutions for the public sector in full compliance with standards, rules and regulations in information management. • Experienced team - The GoPro team has over 15 years of experience in service to the public sector and has expert knowledge of the needs of the market. • GoPro embraces innovation and continues to invest in the development of market leading solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Deployment GoPro is designed for private and public organizations, administrations and governments. An administrator should assess the number of users, as the number of concurrent users and the IBM WebSphere Portal Server and IBM FileNet configuration will affect the sizing. It is advised that you consult your IBM representative when determining this. The user interface and the business logic can reside on the same physical server. See IBM recommendations for minimum hardware requirements and general documentation about IBM FileNet at IBM websites: genservers/portalserver/requirements/ and wss?rs=3273&uid=swg27010422

• Strong commitment – Our partnership with IBM spans 15 years and continual development on an IBM technology value added solution for 500 organizations in over 15 countries.

IBM WSP Portal Server GoPro Portlets User interface

Business Logic

Installation requirements: IBM WebSphere Portal Server 6.0 or 6.1, where the GoPro JSR 168 portlets reside

GoPro Web application IBM WebSphere application Server Installation requirements: IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0 or 6.1, where the GoPro Web Application resides

IBM FileNet P8 Content Storage

Installation requirements: IBM FileNet P8 4.0, where the GoPro Document Classes and configuration resides

RDBMS for FileNet Database Server

Installation requirements: IDB2 UDB version 8.1 with FP 13 or higher, where the GoPro Supported LDAP servers include MS Active Directory and Tivoli DS 6.0.

For further information: Contact GoPro Ltd. Tel.: (+354) 510 3100 -

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Integrated SOA Case Management Solution  
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