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Waste to Energy Solutions for waste incineration and refuse-derived fuel plants

Q-SOFT’s solutions are in use in a multitude of waste management plants, such as recycling facilities, sorting plants, waste transfer facilities, interim storage facilities, landfills as well as other disposal facilities and composting plants. Q-SOFT has designed a comprehensive service portfolio for Waste to Energy plants. It covers and controls the entire delivery and collection process including all peripheral components (weighbridges, traffic lights, cameras, barriers etc.). Billing and invoicing of all service together with an integrated accounting system complete the package. All material flow is tracked, from the initial weighing and the transport into the bunker following the removal of recyclable waste to the final weighing. Further amounts and silo levels are recorded using a control systems interface.

Our solution optimises your resources and logistical processes.

System management  This solution guarantees automatic and

customised monitoring of plant-specific quantity restrictions for materials that are subject to approval and/or non-hazardous. A plant-specific operational diary and shift log are naturally included.

Electronic records procedures are completely integrated, without the help of providers and therefore without further costs. Nonhazardous material can be recorded through the same process. Sample administration with a laboratory interface is included. With Q-SOFT’s considerable expertise in the area of communication infrastructure, all necessary data, language and image services are an integral feature of our solution. The customer receives hardware and software from a single source.

Waste to Energy Delivery Area Registration terminal

Driver terminal ➋ · Mini traffic light · Barcode reader · Intercom station

Driver terminal ➊ · Intercom station · Input keyboard · Barcode ticket printer · Barcode reader · Touch monitor 15“

Driver terminal ➌ · Mini traffic light · Receipt printer · Barcode reader · Intercom station

Camera Identification photograph


Light barrier 1

Exit Light barrier 1

Light barrier2

Light barrier 2

Radioactivity reading Vehicle weighbridge

Display board for waiting lane WxH 2.05x2.36 10 lines per 120mm, 10 characters LED red/green per line

Vehicle weighbridge

Display board for waiting lane WxH 2.05x2.36 10 lines per 120mm, 10 characters LED red/green per line

Bunker doors BC 6

BC 5

BC 4

BC 3

Barcode reader Barcode reader Barcode reader Barcode reader Portserver Portserver Portserver Portserver

Weighing building

Main building

Weighing head

Weighing head

KVMExtender weighing machine PC1

weighing machine PC2

Portserver 4xRS232


desktop PC


Laser printer

Database server Optical fibre LAN on site

Service overview Incoming and outgoing inspection The particular characteristics of each plant lie in the monitoring of vehicle recognition and in the level of automation. A/C/S® Software can be utilised in completely manual operations, across all stages of part-automated operations or in fully automated operations, with direct control of barriers, light barriers, traffic lights, displays and induction loops. The essential inspection of incoming goods (registration) is determined by the particular material. Inspection of incoming goods occurs in several stages:   Inspection of registration information, e.g. master data, supplier restrictions, order information, declaration analysis   Collection and conveyance of waste records from producers and suppliers, to and from the Central Communication Site for waste (ZKS-Abfall online portal)   Automatic allocation of waste records of deliveries (suppliers, lorries, producers)   Automatic allocation of deliveries to orders, contracts and contingents (summation)   License plate check by means of video surveillance of entrance   Radioactivity testing   Testing, generation of testing requests (cycle control)   Allocation of testing results to the appropriate delivery (lorry, supplier, producer)   Definition and amendment of testing cycle

  Connection to weighing terminal of assigned weighbridges   Weighing data are automatically added to the existing data in the A/C/S® Program   After exiting the weighbridge the vehicle is registered as being on-site   Connection to the process control system ensures the transfer of energy content and approval of the correct dumping site.   Equipment is unloaded into designated storage areas The removal of non-recyclable material, such as furnace and filter ash, is basically undertaken by the same process as admission. Various additional waste management methods are taken into account here. Resulting hazardous waste material is documented in accordance with legal regulations.

Internal logistics

Important interfaces

  Planning and controlling of lorries through signal systems and barriers with appropriate controls   Control of bunker doors   Video surveillance of the loading and unloading sites   O verview of all lorries on the site (onsite list), in the car park and dispatched   Identification of delivery in each loading or unloading site

  Connection to weighing heads   Connection to barrier controls   Connection to video system for license plate recognition   Connection to transponder reader, chip card reader   Connection to driver self-service terminal in several forms   Connection to light barriers   Connection to radioactivity reading   Connection to process control system

Security   L abelling of orders in the secure area   Gathering of test results (radioactivity reading, wrongful declaration, etc.)   Compiling of reports   Compiling of measures Billing All material flow and occurrences during the day are automatically recorded in the operational diary. These finalised processes are directly forwarded to invoice processing. An automatic invoice is issued and forwarded to finance management. The transfer of amounts occurs likewise through the invoicing process or through separate amount entries. All plant material flow is tamper-proofed, collected, archived and can be assessed according to a wide range of criteria.

Q-SOFT GmbH Heinrich-Credner-Straße 5 D-99087 Erfurt Tel.: +49 3 61 / 778 51 - 0 Fax: +49 3 61 / 778 51 - 11 e-mail: q-soft @

Data, language and video services Alongside the established modules of our A/C/S® software system, we offer you a sophisticated communication structure for Waste to Energy plants from a single source:   Passive and active LAN components   WLAN   Server environment   IP telephony as communication core   IP integrated DECT-technology   IP direct calling system   IP video   Card terminals   SPS   Surveillance and alarm system

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