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eDear Wintech Customer! Congratulations on your purchase of the new Wintech Bluetooth Speaker SBH-5. To ensure a long service life and optimum functionality of the product we recommend that you study this manual accurately. Have fun with your new Speaker . . .

Wintech Computer GmbH Team -

1. Properties The New SBH-5 . . . Your Wireless Speaker Adapter, your Choice, your Speaker, your Decision. Turn your favorite speakers into a wireless sound system for your Smartphone or your tablet.

Great sound-wirelessly - Get set up in a snap Stream audio directly from any Bluetooth device. Enjoy great sound and wireless freedom. You can use virtually any active speakers.


Bluetooth connection Stream audio directly from any Bluetooth Smartphone or tablet. Your mobile device stays mobile, and you can take it anywhere.

2. How to use WINTECH SBH-5 Stereo as Bluetooth speaker or as Wired Speaker 1. Please press Key (1) switch 3 sec and speaker will turn on 2. Please press again to switch start pearing 3. During pearing speaker Led will flashing fastly 4. You can search bluetooth speaker from your device 5. Device name is WIN-SBH-5 and password no need! 6. After connect bluetooth speaker, speaker light always ON and you can enjoy your wireless speaker 7. For turn off speaker please keep press switch 3 sec. . It will automaticaly switch off 8. If you stop connection to speaker, Bluetooth speaker run stand by mode. During stand by speaker Led flashing slowly, that time you can connect your device anytime. 9. For start pearing to speaker, please press one time to switch 10. For charging please connect mini usb cable to speaker, during charging speaker show red light, when charging full red led turn off. 11. If bluetooth speaker freezing and not response, reset bluetooth speaker, please plug usb charging cable, then automatically reset and restart

For wired connection You also can connect your device from Aux (line in) connection, please connect 3,5mm cable to your device and speaker(include into the package). Now speaker ready for use as wired connection.

Wireless Speaker Adapter Turn your favorite speakers into a wireless sound system Play music or other audio source from your Smartphone or tablet PC on your favorite speakers - and enjoy better sound quality than with integrated speakers. You can use virtually any active speakers.

With its stylish design, the adapter makes it perfect on the shelf. It can also be discreetly placed in the cabinet. The choice is yours.

Technical specification: Power : 3 Watts Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz Wireless technology:Bluetooth 2.1EDR Class 2 Product Weight:270g Transmission range: 10meters Blue LED Illumination light effect With rechargeable A Battery Lythium Ion batterygrade 800mAh 200hours standby time and approx.6-8 hours non-stop music

About Colour: Black Unit Size (WHD) : (75.5x75,5x75)mm

Package Contents : 1 x Wireless Audio Streamer/ Speaker 1 x power cable 1 x RCA-to-3,5-mm audio cable manual

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Disposal of your old electrical appliance Your product is designed using high quality materials and components and manufactured that can be recycled and reused. All Wintech electrical products are designed and produced according to the European Directive 2002/96/EC

WEEE Reg No: DE 78826866

Inform yourself about the local separate collection system for electrical and electronic equipment in your country. Please act according to the regulations in force in your country and do not dispose of your old household waste. The correct disposal of your old environment and people are protected from possible adverse effects.

Note: Should any of the above parts missing, please inform us immediately by e-mail to our customer service e-mail -

Wintech Bluetooth Speaker SBH-5.  
Wintech Bluetooth Speaker SBH-5.