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Specialist Magazine for the work protection trade and for decision makers of industry, economy and administration

Media Data 2013 Price List No. 1

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Publication dates


7,000 copies of an issue

Frequency of publication:


Publication Dates: 1. Issue:

26th of March 2013 (Closing Date: 5th of March 2013)

2. Issue:

21st of June 2012 (Closing Date: 31st of May 2013)

3. Issue:

23rd of October 2013 (Closing Date: 2nd of October 2013)

4. Issue:

5th of December 2013 (Closing Date: 14th of November 2013)

Brief profile

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Brief profile Ergonomie Markt is a specialist Magazine for the work protection and cleaning trade and covers news, innovations and principal themes, especially out of the market segments “personal protective equipment”, “work protection” and products for the requirements of the working place to make work easier or to prevent accidents or chronic diseases. Main target group are specialist dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, means the whole german-speaking area. Especially big trade groups like EDE (Wuppertal) Nordwest (Hagen) EIS (Cologne) Sara (Berlin) ASSI (Berlin), autonomous specialist dealers for work protection and specialist dealers for cleaning products form the target group. Initial print run: 6,000 copies.

Editorial and Publication Schedule


Closing Date (CD) Publication Date (PD)

Special advertisement occasion

Main Topics


CD: 05.03.2013 PD: 26.03.2013

Top Partner of the work protection sector

Trade Fair Report of “Arbeitsschutz aktuell” in Augsburg/Germany Skin and hand protection Ergonomic office chairs Noise control at work

(see page 5)


CD: 31.05.2013 PD: 21.06.2013

Copy Test 2013


CD: 02.10.2013 PD: 23.10.2013

Trade Fair Issue A+A in Duesseldorf/Germany

(see page 6)

Protection clothes Trendy and functional working clothes Ergonomic furniture in the office Sitting and standing solutions at work

Trade Fair Report of CMS, Berlin (24.-27.09.2013) Light protection and glare shield solutions at work

(05.-08.11.201 3)


CD: 14.11.2013 PD: 05.12.2013

EM-Direkt (see page 7)

Trade Fair Report of the A+A in Düsseldorf/Germany Safety shoes Keyboard solutions in the office Market overview: Winter protection clothes

Special advertisement occasions Top Partner Campaign in Issue 1/2013 Concept Under the motto “Top Partner” we offer you the opportunity to present your product range and concepts – on one or two pages – in the Issue 1/2013. Take advantage of this campaign to introduce your company as a powerful partner to the readers of Ergonomie Markt. Additional, your page(s) are one year online on There are about 6,900 visits every week on These are 358,800 additional contacts for you.

And here’s how it works: You provide us • a brief, written description of your company, philosophy and product range • a reproducible (ready-to-print) master of your corporate logo • as well as a small selection of photos (single products/total product range/factory, etc.) Our copy and layout experts will design your presentation in close cooperation with you. An one-page presentation costs € 1,750 and a double page costs € 3,500. All prices are quoted without VAT and are not discountable.

Date: Issue 1/2013 CD: 05.03.2013 Contact: +49 (0)74 53/938 57 87

Special advertisement occasions

Advertising Test in Issue 2/2013



Concept The test shows how your advertisement comes across to the reader and how you could possibly improve your advertising. In the advertising test readers rate the advertisements published in Ergonomie Markt (minimum size 1/2 page). For this purpose a questionnaire is enclosed with this issue of Ergonomie Markt. As an additional incentive, every participating reader will receive a small gift.

Rating criteria Each advertisement (minimum size 1/2 page) is rated according to the following criteria: • How well does it attract attention? • How great is its appeal? • Does it provide valuable information? • What is the degree of activation?

2013 hospital administrator rate your advertisement differently than the owner of a cleaning company?) and functions (does a general manager rate the advertisement differently than an administrator?) ‘ Free service for advertisers: The advertisement price includes the conduction, evaluation and documentation of the test ‘ The top ads will be awarded a certificate

Benefits for the advertiser ‘ Your advertisement will attract great attention ‘ Longer dwelling time on your advertisement ‘ Feedback on the effect of your advertisement (also in comparison with competitors’ ads) ‘ Individual rating also with regard to target groups (does a

Our next advertising test is on Date: Issue 2/2013 CD: 31.05.2013 Contact: +49 (0)74 53/938 57 87

Special advertisement occasions Ergonomie Markt-Direkt Campaign in Issue 4/2013 Concept Issue 4/2013 will be used to build up a product data base on our homepage which will be established according to the structure of advertisements in this issue. Each customer who wants to place an advertisement starting from 1/4 page upwards can supply an additional product information (approx. 700 characters incl. spaces) and a coloured photograph (300 dpi). Our editorial staff will produce a product report from that material which will be published in this issue as well as in our online product data base on the publication date of 5th of December 2013.On the internet the name of your website will be placed under the product report together with a link to your website. The product report and link will remain online for 12 months.

Benefits for the advertiser ‘ You will reach 6,000 qualified readers with your advertisement ‘ In addition you will receive a product report including a 4-colour photo ‘ This product report will be placed on our website with a link to your homepage ‘ Thanks to approx. 6,900 visits to our website at every week, you will have about 358,800 additional contacts because your product report will be available online for one year Date: CD: Contact:

Issue 4/2013 14.11.2013 +49 (0)74 53/938 57 87

Price List Magazine size: ISO A4 210 mm wide, 297 mm high · Type area: 179 mm wide, 262 mm high


Width x height in mm





(type area / bled off) 1/1 page

179 x 262 / 210 x 297

Portrait format

€ 1,514

€ 1,785

€ 2,353

2/3 page

179 x 175 / 210 x 199 118 x 262 / 132 x 297

Landscape format Portrait format

€ 1,022

€ 1,255

€ 1,785

1/2 page

179 x 131 / 210 x 155 88 x 262 / 102 x 297

Landscape format Portrait format

€ 752

€ 1,000

€ 1,352

1/3 page

179 x 88 / 210 x 112 57 x 262 / 72 x 297

Landscape format Portrait format

€ 509

€ 703

€ 952

1/4 page

179 x 65 42 x 262 88 x 131

Landscape format Portrait format double-column

€ 384

€ 552

€ 805

1/8 page

179 x 33 88 x 65 42 x 131

Landscape format double-column Portrait format

€ 190

€ 351

€ 351

1/16 page

88 x 32 42 x 60

double-column Portrait format

€ 98

€ 233

€ 233

Loose inserts: up to 25 gr (=6,000 copies): € 1,145 Price per mm: 42 mm wide (single-column)= € 1, 63 · Exclusive advertisements on request Prices for the Campaign “Top Partner of the work protection sector” € 1.750.- (one page) and € 3.500.- (double page).

Print Run and Recipients-Structure-Analysis

Print Run and Recipients-Structure-Analysis Ergonomie Markt ist published quarterly with a total print run of 6,000 copies each. It is a new specialist Magazine with the main target groups work protection trade and Top decision makers of industry, economy and administration for ergonomic products.



Work protection trade and technical trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Specialized cleaning trade


Working directors and decision makers in the industry (limited companies)


Decision makers of assurances, banks and trade


Decision makers of municipalities and federal and regional authorities


Archive and specimen copies


Total circulation


Ergonomie Markt  
Ergonomie Markt