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macle’s banana principle Fruitful connections for your success



Individual parts

macle purchases current IBM and HP

As the market leader in Germany in the

We store large numbers of spare parts

systems, servers and options in large

end-of-life sector, we have numerous

for current and older models and main-

numbers so that you pay less for the

IBM and HP systems beyond their ef-

tain a world-wide network of compo-

same performance and quality.

fective market lives in stock, so that

nent suppliers, so that you can obtain

you can even extend older systems.

precisely the part you need to get on.


Table of contents


3 » Table of contents


» banana principle

» IBM System x & Storage

6-7 » HP Proliant & MSA & Pro Curve 8-9 » IBM & HP End-of-Life Products 10-11

» IBM & HP Spare parts


» IBM System p



16-17 » Lenovo 18-19

» Technology & logistics


» Remarketing


» In espresso-sized bites


Âť IBM System x & Storage Âť Internationally active, ideally networked It is not all that easy always offering customers the best

up on IBM System x and Storage and thus offers high

terms and conditions.

stock levels and can deliver them in the shortest space of

As a hardware wholesaler for IBM that has established

time. In addition to providing support during the compati-

itself throughout Germany, this is precisely the demand

bility tests and configuration we can also assemble your

we set ourselves every day. This is why our IBM experts

servers upon request.

also simultaneously monitor the international markets when seeking offers for you. macle systematically stocks


Âť The premium benefits for our customers 1

Promotional terms and conditions on all new products


Flexible purchasing , short delivery times


Support during the compatibility tests and configuration


Âť HP Proliant & MSA & Pro Curve ÂťW  e pass on the price benefits to our clients Are you looking for HP products, servers and options?

of product management experience. In this way you can

Use macle to purchase HP products and you will be able

get an edge even in small projects. Our HP teams advise

to profit from market price benefits compared to the ri-

you competently, independently and thus very honestly.

gid traditional sales channels. We can attain market savings that benefit you in the market due to our strategic purchasing and many years


Âť The premium benefits for our customers 1

Marked price benefits


Broad product range with high stock levels and rapid availability


Friendly and motivated employees with good product expertise


» IBM & HP End of Life Products » … brought back to life at macle Up to date just a few weeks ago but now no longer

from rapid delivery times. Thus even older networks can

available: despite this, products that have been taken

be upgraded with components in a targeted manner. We

out of production by the manufacturer still continue to

will also be happy to support you in researching part num-

be interesting for the market. Our end-of-life specialists

bers or advise you concerning upgrades. These benefits

constantly observe the market to guarantee that even

and many more besides ensure we are Germany‘s market

options taken out of production can still be supplied from

leader in the end-of-life sector.

the macle warehouse, and you as our customer can profit


Âť The premium benefits for our customers 1

Our expertise as the market leader throughout Germany


Comprehensive and strictly monitored quality control


Part numbers research & upgrades


» IBM & HP Spare parts » In search of a spare part? We will find it for you macle stocks IBM and HP spare parts systematically and

we do not have in stock from overseas in 72 hours, and

will take on the storage of your top products for you upon

from the EU in 48 hours. No spare parts leave our ware-

request. In addition we can also supply you with spare

house until they have been thoroughly checked. Extend the

parts for other renowned manufacturers such as Dell or

lifecycle of existing server environments with this macle

Toshiba. Due to our high stock levels we can deliver to

service and guarantee the continued operation of your IT

your technicians‘ car boot on the next day or even on the

infrastructure even once the guarantee has expired.

same day by courier upon request. We supply spares that 10

Âť The premium benefits for our customers 1

Next-day delivery, and even on the same day upon request


Comprehensive and strictly monitored quality control


We can procure virtually any IT spare part by means of a global

network of component suppliers


» IBM System p » Rapid access to refurbished and new products One of macle’s fields of expertise since the company was

tangibly reduce your investment costs. We will be happy

founded in 1999 has been in the System P- (previously the

to provide you with an offer tailored to meet your wishes

pSeries/RS6000) and storage environment.

for your System P, System I and total storage peripherals

This provides us with fast access to refurbished and new

and assist you during the FC / PN / FRU identification.

products. At the same time you profit from our extended guarantees on refurbished systems and options. What’s more, we also buy back systems and options. So you can 12


The premium benefits for our customers


Extensive product expertise due to our longstanding experience


Short-term purchasing of articles that are difficult to get hold of


Purchase/sale of old and new systems and options at current



» „GRAFENTHAL“ macle’s private brand! Under macle’s own brand, Grafenthal, we expand our

As producers and distributors in one, we can offer you

product range with external server accessories.

high-quality hardware at an extraordinary price-perfor-

The Grafenthal range of products includes:

mance ratio.

• server and network racks

High-grade Grafenthal products and the well-tried macle

• rack consoles for TFT’s

support – a new and valuable vitamine for your business.

• tower and rack USV-installations • racks for power supply components 14

Âť GRAFENTHAL Âť The premium benefits for our customers 1

extensive advice by macle presales support


enormous price advantages that can be crucial for your projects


short delivery times because of large stocks in our warehouse


Âť Constantly in search of new challenges Even prior to the introduction of Lenovo in Germany macle

to fulfill even the most complex requests in line with your

paved the way to applying the macle distribution concept


from the IBM peripherals to the manufacturer Lenovo.

Do you need an older operating system for your desk-

And successfully too!

top, a special image or a different country layout for your

macle supplies interesting new products, EOL options

notebook? Put us to the challenge with your queries.

and spare parts. Everything from one source. We are

We will look forward to it.

particularly proud of our IT test centre that enables us


Âť Lenovo Âť The premium benefits for our customers 1

Technical support for your project business


Spare part support and EOL expertise


Lenovo hot sellers can be constantly supplied from

the warehouse


» The follow-up service is an integral part of the perfect First impressions count. This naturally also applies to the

package for you. Profit from our technicians’ many years of

products that leave our warehouse. That’s why we do not

experience with IBM and HP products. We assemble your

just attach importance to the careful inspection of incoming

hardware, ensure the firmware is up-to-date and deal with

shipments but also ensure that the ordered product is pro-

the configuration of the RAID level and operating systems

perly transported to you. We will be happy to organise in-

in the ESD-protected section of the macle test centre. In

dividually arranged courier deliveries. And if you so desire

this way macle provides you with ideal support from the

macle will put together a customised technology service

purchase to the operation of your machines.


Âť Technology & logistics Âť The premium benefits for our customers 1

Pristine, professional packaging


Hardware assembly in the macle test centre


Time savings due to just-in-time shipment


Âť Second-hand IT, mature and economical macle can supply the right hardware, whether it be a

Naturally we can help you here too. We make you a

server, options or spare parts, for your existing IT envi-

purchase offer for the second-hand hardware and an

ronment. Make the most of your initial investment by

offer for the new hardware. Then we quickly set about

extending your hardware lifecycle. We also configure

expertly removing and transporting the hardware that has

tested and refurbished systems, which, due to their cost-

served its task. The certified deletion of the data carriers

efficiency, provide the perfect starting option for compa-

and environmentally-friendly reprocessing or disposal

nies that are just starting. And what happens when your

are provided by us as a matter of course.

customer wants to purchase new computers? 20

Âť Remarketing Âť The premium benefits for our customers 1

Upgrades of existing IT environments with compatible,

original hardware


Repurchase of used hardware at fair prices


Certified deletion of the data carriers and disposal of the

IT hardware


» In espresso-sized bites •

Hardware assembly service

Technical support

Longstanding experience in the IBM and HP

Personal contact, individual supervision

Strict quality controls

Expert, motivated team with many years of experience

Shipment of hot sellers with all the current offers

Data provision via FTP for the import of our stock list

environment •

Market leader throughout Germany in the IBM

end-of-life sector •


High availability levels, short delivery times

Âť In espresso-sized bites Âť Visit our website and profit directly from our comprehensive IBM and HP expertise. Take a look at our entire inventory, leaf through the spare parts catalogue conveniently and by means of just a mouse click.


macle GmbH von-Monschaw-Str. 3 47574 Goch Germany Tel.: +49 (0)2823 4190 0 Fax: +49 (0)2823 4190 100 E-Mail: Internet: Legal disclaimer macle GmbH, Goch shall retain all the rights. The contents of this brochure are copyright protected and may not be published without the holder’s written consent.

macle’s banana principle  
macle’s banana principle