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Universal Video Collaboration

HD video for anyone, anywhere and on any device.

Latest Trends in Video Conferencing A LifeSize Exclusive

Video conferencing is no longer a privilege for large, successful businesses. Leading video conferencing ­ ­companies, like LifeSize, have brought the highest quality HD systems to the mainstream—offering a variety of video collaboration options fit for organizations of all sizes and purposes. In fact, the benefits from advancements in HD video communication technology, accessibility to simple streaming and recording, and the availability of high definition screen sharing have helped transform industries such as medicine, education, law, manufacturing, architecture and more. So, what’s next for video conferencing? Take a few minutes to learn about the latest trends in the market and how changes in the industry can positively enhance your organization’s video collaboration strategy. Global Trends You’ve likely heard the following buzzwords: Mobile Access. The Cloud. Virtualization. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Many solutions ranging from email to high-end enterprise software have jumped on these IT trends. The direction both software and hardware are moving is leading to easier access, simpler usage, more flexibility and often, improved price-performance. Video conferencing is no exception. We’ve taken a closer look at how these trends are driving change in the video collaboration space. LifeSize was first to HD, first with one button streaming and recording, and now is once again redefining video conferencing by delivering HD video conferencing with mobile, cloud, and using virtualization technology. Mobile Access Today’s successful companies are on the move. Business travelers are covering vast geographies and distributed teams are becoming the norm. Yet, to stay competitive in an increasingly challenging global economy, the collaboration that comes from face-to-face communication is more important than ever. According to Gartner Research, 80% of businesses will be supporting a mobile workforce using tablets by 2013* and as anyone who owns a current Apple® product will attest, many of these tablets are seemingly purpose-built for video communication. As a true innovator in the space, LifeSize is already offering its crystal clear audio and flawless video on the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® as part of its LifeSize® ClearSea™ and LifeSize® Video Center offerings.


Latest Trends in Video Conferencing

The Cloud Technology as we know it today is starting to leave the desktop and move into the cloud. The benefits are groundbreaking—from simplification of technology to ease of support and considerable budgetary savings. LifeSize® Connections™ is a perfect example of these benefits. Business-class, cloud-based video conferencing infrastructure instantly removes traditional concerns about firewall traversal, bridges, endpoints and continuous maintenance, management and upgrades. Since everything you need to conduct HD video collaboration is hosted securely off-premise, incorporating video into a new environment is as easy as ensuring webcams are available. Virtualization In its broadest sense, virtualization is about delivering the same feature rich functionality of actual hardware and applications. Virtualization often leads to greater IT efficiency, more predictable service and significant cost savings. LifeSize is transforming the video conferencing industry by offering the ­industry’s first integrated, virtualized software platform for video infrastructure—one that consolidates the capabilities of multiple products and makes them instantly available from one common interface. The LifeSize® UVC ­Platform® represents a fundamental change in how organizations buy and deploy video collaboration infrastructure. With the LifeSize UVC Platform, companies no longer have to purchase, ship and provision separate, singlepurpose hardware devices. All UVC applications (UVC Video Center™, UVC Access™, UVC Transit Server™, UVC Transit Client™) are integrated and instantly available on the LifeSize UVC Platform. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Industry experts continue to predict future video conferencing deployments will not involve large license fees, complex installations or major concerns about long-term use and return on investment. Instead they are moving to a SaaS model for many of their technology needs. While many video conferencing solutions are rooted in technology and even hardware that does not lend itself to a SaaS model, nimbler systems such as those from LifeSize are offering the ideal option– pay-as-yougo video conferencing for businesses that may not know who they’ll need to collaborate with today, let alone tomorrow. Flexible licensing options and very low hardware requirements are making it possible for organizations to get the solutions they need, for whoever could benefit from it, any given day.


Latest Trends in Video Conferencing

Conclusion As video conferencing technology continues to shine under new light, smart businesses are realizing the future of HD video conferencing encompasses virtualization, cloud and supporting a mobile workforce. The flexibility to have what you want, when you need it and expand when you are ready is finally here. There has never been a better time to bring HD video collaboration to every worker, in every location, on every device to enable increased collaboration, maximize productivity and reduce costs. *from “Gartner’s Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2011 and Beyond: IT’s Growing Transparency” 23 November 2010

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