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In the interest of the environment –

for tomorrow’s world!

At edding, the careful use of natural resources is not the product of the recent change in attitudes but, instead, has always been part of the corporate philosophy developed by our founders, Carl-Wilhelm Edding and Volker D. Ledermann. Right from the word go, the pleasure taken in our family company’s success has been coupled with a fundamental sense of responsibility for staff and their families as well as a commitment to preserving resources for future generations.

We are extremely proud that our staff both stand by and also continuously drive forward this sense of environmental awareness. The multitude of small improvements which, once combined, can make a major difference, are based on the ideas and suggestions from our colleagues. Today, it is a matter of course for them to print on both sides of FSC paper, they also ensure that devices are not left on standby unnecessarily and that the company is not lit up at night by unused wireless mice.

We welcome the fact that an increasing number of companies are sharing this philosophy. This inspires us to continue taking a pioneering role in terms of the protection of resources and the environment.

In this way, we are constantly improving and taking more care in the way we use our resources. As such, this brochure should be seen as an intermediate report and, hopefully, new and improved processes and activities are being implemented, even as you read it. We nevertheless trust that it will show just how seriously we at edding take environmental protection. We would take great pleasure in being able to inspire you, and, in particular, we look forward to receiving your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve even further. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Of course, we are pleased when our efforts are recognised and acknowledged, for example with the Energy Masters Award. And, naturally, it is even better when these activities serve to boost profits, whether this is due to a reduction in energy consumption or through the successful marketing of environmentally friendly products such as our EcoLine series and our refill inks. However, above and beyond this, we are also active in areas where it is not simply a question of economics; for example, our decision to build photovoltaic plants and recycle used products.

Ahrensburg, January 2012 Per Ledermann (Managing Board)


Our future depends on considerate and caring innovation.

At edding, sustainable strategies have nothing to do with fashion, they have always been an integral part of our company philosophy. As an internationally operating, medium-sized company, we simply don’t just feel duty bound to be successful. We are also aware of our responsibility towards tomorrow’s world.

edding has been a member of the German Association of Environmental Management e.V. (B.A.U.M.) since 1991, and one of the company’s founders, Volker D. Ledermann, was awarded the B.A.U.M. environmental price in 1995. This award stands for long-term commitment and exemplary business dedication in the field of environmental management.

Since then edding has impressed in many competitions and also ranked highly, for example, in the German Environmental Price, the Energy Award and the “Sustainability in the Office” competition from B.A.U.M.* In recent years it has become apparent just how important it is to address the potential effects of design and production

on the environment. Therefore, one of edding’s main research and development themes is the use of renewable raw materials. We aim to hand over a world and quality of living to future generations which is comparable to today’s standards. Read on to find out all about this.

*Germany, Austria, Switzerland



In the name of credibility: Environmental management according to DIN ISO 14001.

edding has been active in the field of environmental management since long before the phrase existed. As a brand leader, we are aware of our environmental responsibilities towards both customers and employees.


In order to lend this commitment the credibility and weight it deserves, 2008 saw company certification in compliance with the globally recognised environmental management standard.

“Continuous improvement” is not a mere buzzword at edding. Rather, the optimisation of our environmental record is well established in every single department and is taken into account in all decisions.

To satisfy these increasingly important requirements, the specialist department “Environment and Social Issues” was established in 2007. It is here that new ideas are collected, checked and implemented


The solution is quite simple:

less is more.

We’re always looking to improve our products. This means not only focusing on performance and quality, but also on environmental impact – both in terms of manufacture and consumption.

We have so far been able to produce high-performance markers featuring the “mildest” of solvents, e.g., water.

In the edding production facilities, injection-moulding machines have been switched from hydraulics to electricity. Advantages:

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

No no-load consumption No hydraulic oil – no oil to dispose of No oil filter – no disposal necessary Lower noise emissions Raw material savings of up to 30% thanks to the optimal recycling of plastic remains and sprue material

■ Energy savings of around 40% ■ Waste heat reduction (hydraulic cooling no longer necessary)



Where others see waste

we see raw materials.

Even the most advanced production processes create waste. At edding, however, waste products are regarded as valuable raw materials. That’s why for us, waste management is both part of the added value chain and environmental protection.


When injection moulding is carried out in a closed materials loop, sprue is returned immediately to the production process and further plastic remains are used again in an optimised manner. This allows us to achieve a raw material saving of up to 30%.

Moreover, the following naturally applies to plastics, packaging and ink: The separation of potential recyclables, recycling, maximum reprocessing and professional disposal. But is it not only in terms of production that we are committed to recycling. Any waste created in our offices is also carefully separated and disposed of properly.

This means that our staff separate empty markers and writing instruments into plastic and aluminium prior to disposal. These products are then partially returned to the production process. Incidentally, we also offer this service to our customers. Just get in touch!


Innovative quality which is kind to the environment –

how to win over customers.

Whether for a permanent, board, or flipchart marker, highlighter or writing instrument, refills are an edding tradition.


As you would expect, most of our product range has been refillable for years. This principle of re-use not only protects the environment, it also saves our customers’ money.

Replaceable tips, refills and cartridges, not to mention our innovative refill systems, mean that you get the maximum possible use from our products.

Our efforts go further still. For example, when designing inks we always use the mildest possible solvent. This, in turn, ensures that we achieve first-class environmental sustainability in this field too


For the sake of our environment –

for tomorrow’s world!

Guided by the brief of giving back to the environment on a daily basis, in 2008 edding set another milestone with the launch of its first environmentally friendly product series, EcoLine. This series currently includes two different permanent, board and flipchart markers as well as a highlighter.

made from a renewable resource. At least 97% of the mouthpiece is made from recycled material. A minimum of 90% of the total plastic used in the board and flipchart markers is made from recycled material. In the case of the permanent markers, this proportion has been increased to at least 96%. At present the markers come in four different colours with two different tips.

In addition to issues such as refillable models and replacement tips, features which have been the norm now at edding for over 50 years, the company also sets store by paper labels as part of its efforts to reduce waste. A further component of the consistently environmentally friendly product concept: The EcoLine blister and sales packaging which is made entirely from cardboard.

A decision which has been rewarded: edding has already received numerous prizes for its EcoLine product series. For example, the edding 24 highlighter was named “the most sustainable product of the Office Gold Club 2010”* . And the German Association of Environmental Management e.V., B.A.U.M. for short, recognised edding’s efforts in terms of environmental protection in the office.

At least 70% of the cap and the barrel of the refillable highlighter, which is available in a variety of colours, are

*Germany, Austria, Switzerland



A crowning achievement for technology:

Working beneath a “sun-roof”.

Energy is this generation’s buzzword. We need it to work and live, but our planet’s energy resources are becoming increasingly scarce. The search for alternatives is no longer simply a vision; in many sectors it has already become a reality: Wind, sun, waves and geothermal power are just some of the new ways of generating energy.


At edding AG our electricity is derived from solar power. In our Ahrensburg headquarters and Bautzen production facilities, modern photovoltaic plants have been installed which generate electricity with a high degree of efficiency. Every year edding obtains 179,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in this way, thereby preventing annual emissions of approx. 158 tonnes of CO2.

With the introduction of energy-efficient fluorescent lighting, motion sensors and light sensors in Bautzen, we have furthermore been able to make electricity savings of approx. 30%. In our headquarters in Ahrensburg, this figure is around 50%. Here, for example, T 5 fluorescent lights and LED lamps are in use.

In addition, edding has already switched its electricity in a number of locations from conventional to green electricity. The fact that old electrical appliances such as dishwashers and fridges have been replaced with more energy efficient models and even our coffee machines switch off automatically after filling up heat-retaining flasks is proof of our commitment in the office to saving energy every single day.


Warmly recommended and an obvious choice: Our CHP plant.

In October 2010 a CHP plant was commissioned in Ahrensburg. The combustion engine which is powered by natural gas produces 50 kWh of electrical energy and thus, in addition to 1/3 of the daily demand, also covers the entire night time demand from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.


Furthermore, we also work with waste heat recovery. The fridges in the company’s canteen produce enough heat to heat up all the hot water for the kitchen. The measures described above allow us to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

During the changeover from old to state-of-the-art cooling agents in our production facilities in Bautzen, the entire air-conditioning, ventilation and heating system was overhauled. For production staff this means a considerably improved indoor climate and, of course, huge gas savings of around 40%, a cut in electricity of around 15% and thus a reduction in CO2 emissions of approx. 450 tonnes per year.

At the same time, the cooling and heat capacity has also improved significantly. In addition, all circuits are closed so that there are no emissions through open cooling towers.


Every year we save 45 trees.

It’s easy to do business in an environmentallyfriendly way: Every year 45 trees are saved simply by recycling the paper from our offices!

This is the case, for instance, with our catalogue, our annual report and of course this brochure which you’re holding in your hands.

Yet in terms of paper in particular, our efforts go back even further. We essentially use 100% recycled paper for printing and copying. When it comes to our brochures, we also try to use, where possible, paper from sustainable sources, vegetable oil-based printing inks and lacquers produced from renewable resources.

The cardboard boxes used for distribution are also made of at least 80% waste paper, are recyclable, and certified with the RESY sign awarded by the German organisation for the disposal of recyclable waste (Organisation für Wertstoffentsorgung).


Every sheet of paper saved helps the environment. Moreover, the increased use of electronic stationery has allowed us to reduce our paper consumption considerably.

The replacement of outmoded individual printers and fax machines with centralised multifunction units has improved not only material and power consumption, but the working environment as well.


We are in the fast lane when it comes to

environmental protection.

Our company cars consume a maximum of 6.1 l/km and emit a maximum of 160 g/km of CO2.

During a test campaign, the electric car was available to all employees for a test drive.

Staff who voluntarily choose a company car which emits less than 130 g/km of CO2 are rewarded for their decision. To date, we have been able to reduce CO2 emissions by around 14% compared to previous models.

The overland transportation which we organise is normally carried out by modern lorries (minimum Euro 5 standard). We also ensure that route capacity is optimised.

Since 2011 we have also had an electric car in our fleet. It is used for short distances and runs on green electricity.


Furthermore, we grant our ocean carriers longer shipping times in order to save fuel due to slower speeds.

No traffic jams, less stress and better efficiency.

Put simply, that means:

A three hour drive for a 30 minute meeting?!? Not at edding!

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Thanks to our international video conferencing system, an increasing number of car and plane journeys are becoming superfluous.

Fuel savings (car, aeroplane) Reduced CO2 emissions Less stress for staff Time savings Reduced travel expenses Reduced risk of accidents when it comes to car journeys


Corporate social responsibility – or, in other words, “thinking ahead”.

Family-friendly policies, health, education – the assumption of social responsibility at edding is a matter of course.

We offer older employees individual partial retirement packages, for example, the gradual reduction of working hours in order to facilitate a smooth transition to retirement.

Staff satisfaction is important to us and, for that reason, we are extremely committed to meeting personal needs and finding solutions for the most diverse personal situations.

We also support our staff outside of the office: To help reconcile family and professional life, we provide assistance in finding babysitters, animal care, cleaning staff, gardeners and much more.

The edding academy was set up in 2003. This institution aims to allow staff to train further on a voluntary and independent basis during working hours in order to remain up to date.

Information events on important, new and topical issues are provided alongside the option of taking part in time and project management seminars.

The edding academy offers the most diverse courses, for example, English and Spanish language training to enable staff to continuously improve their language skills.

For example, we help mums get back to work by offering flexible working hours and the option of working from home.



More than just a moment

The assumption of social responsibility at edding is more than just a hollow phrase; it’s something that is actively promoted in the company. Staff well-being is important to us. That’s why we aim, in addition to the statutory examinations, to carry out at least one health campaign every year.

Examples of this include: ■ The innovative quit smoking programme with the help of hypnosis ■ Free flu vaccinations ■ Health check-ups to prevent back pain ■ Assistance in the creation of ergonomically correct workstations ■ Early recognition of bowel cancer

edding gives its staff the opportunity to donate blood regularly and also carries out typification for the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre (DKMS). In cooperation with Aim Charta, an initiative of the German Brands Association, edding has been dedicated to improving the health of people in Europe since 2008. The collection of ideas and the exchange of successful campaigns should help to achieve this goal.

Help where help is needed Children are our future, which is why edding AG has been donating to the children’s hospital at Eppendorf University Hospital (Hamburg, Germany) for over 10 years. Nurseries, schools and local associations are helped with donations in kind. All this just goes to show that here at edding, we have more on our minds than simply permanent markers.



A good idea knows no boundaries.

Protecting the environment is a matter for every single one of us – all around the world. The edding subsidiaries all around the world are involved in diverse social projects and thus also play their part on a regional level.


For example, they supported the Dutch environmental organisation, “Natuurmonumenten”, which owns and manages 355 nature reserves with an area of 100,000 hectares. And, they helped the organisation “Sallcon” which provides assistance to the mentally and physically disabled and the unemployed.

Moreover, an eco-life campaign was initiated in Greece with the goal of reforesting areas affected by forest fires. Following the successful introduction of environmental management at our three German locations, we are now planning the international launch of this philosophy.

edding UK gives its staff the chance to take part in a statefunded bicycle programme in order to help protect the environment and also improve the health of employees. Low-emission vehicles are required by law and have been a matter of course for some time. Cardboard boxes are recycled and electrical devices are exclusively disposed of by specialist companies.


These little helpers are happy to mow our lawns

even Sundays at 7 a.m.

Environmental protection can be both creative and a lot of fun: A fact demonstrated by our lawnmowers. At edding AG, we own the most environmentally-friendly lawnmowers in the world: The company herd of sheep ensures that the lawns at our offices in Ahrensburg are always perfectly manicured.


But fun aside, you can never do too much for the environment. That is why at edding we will continue to constantly work on realising ideas which are in harmony with our environment. Should you have any suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

edding Aktiengesellschaft Bookkoppel 7 D-22926 Ahrensburg 路 Germany Tel: +49 (0)4102/808-0 Fax: +49 (0)4102/808-169

In the interest of the environment – for tomorrow’s world!  
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