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May 2013

Sihl Digital Imaging – Latest news

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© Peter Moche,

Excellent performance with less film

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Metallic Pearl makes its 'big' debut

Baryta tells the story of the Nomadic Kirghizia.

Hello again,

While others hibernate during the winter months, Sihl have been working hard to expand their range and offer you attractive products. This edition of Sprint introduces two new products, specifically developed to meet application demand. Find all the details about the new multifunctional TexBanner white 135, an economical alternative to Tyvek® on page 9. While page 8 shows the new DuraCURE Roll-up and Pop-up designed for use with UV inks. Another addition to the ever expanding range is our new Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper from the SIHL MASTERCLASS series now available in reels. Further information along with an exclusive report from photographer Peter Moche – who tested the media in Dresden, can be found on page 6. Read page 4 to learn of the success a customer had after deciding to add a little of the outdoor feeling by printing and sticking Classic Vinyl SA 280 to a large floor space indoors.

FESPA 2013 25th – 29th June London Sihl exhibit new products on Stand P40S. At the biggest Large Format Print fo-

Opening times:

cused event, over 650 companies will be

Tuesday 25th – Friday 28th June:

exhibiting the newest technologies and

10am – 6pm

media for digital and screen printing;

Saturday 29th June:

market demand and for the textile de-

10am – 4pm

coration, in the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London.

Tickets: Register online by 24th June

As one of the leading manufacturers of

and entrance is free:

large format media, Sihl will again have

their own stand: introducing their new and youngest products – with live printing on the Roland XR-640. Get all the

In Münster photographer and lecturer Harald Sorgen gives a rare insight into the world of the Nomadic Kirghizia, displaying his expressive portraits on SIHL MASTERCLASS Satin Baryta Paper 290. Read more on page 10.

latest news and product developments

Have fun reading!

questions on our stand P40S. We look

in POS Media, Backlit Films and Imaging Papers.

Address: ExCeL London One Western Gateway Royal Victoria Dock London United Kingdom

Our experienced and competent team will be ready and waiting to answer all forward to your visit! Further information:

Janine Bülten Marketing & Communication DI


E16 1XL

trade Fairs

Sihl-Highlights at FESPA 2013: Product name and number


Solvent based or mild solvent pigmented inks – as well as IR-Latex inks

3259 WallpaperSol Persomural 195 satin

High quality wallpaper, able to cover small cracks in the wall.

Solvent based or mild solvent pigmented inks – as well as IR-Latex and UV curing inks

3258 Prepasted WallpaperSol Persomural 225 satin

Prepasted version of WallpaperSol Persomural (3259): simply activate the paste using a roller and water and then hang.

UV curing ink - adheres to most surfaces. And IR-Latex inks.

3416 DuraCURE Pop-up 380 matt

Perfect combination of paper and film, an eco-friendlier media, with the strength and durability of a pop-up.

UV curing ink - adheres to most surfaces

3418 LightCURE Backlit Film 145 DS matt

The double-sided matt coating provides a near perfect light refraction in a light box.

Solvent based or mild solvent pigmented inks

3550 ClearSOL WetCling Film 125 glossy

A unique water-activated film – just clings to your windows. Or simply use as a standard clear film.

Ink Compatibility












PPS adds the outdoor touch indoors PPS Imaging Berlin pimp their floors using Classic Vinyl WF SA 280 matt 3988. In the process of major renovations to their premises, PPS Imaging, a Sihl Direct Germany customer, decided to add a green Idyll. Adding a suspended ceiling created a large new floor space, which they then decided to decorate with a flowering meadow. The idea being that this should not only have a visual impact but also provide a much better anti-slip surface. Sihl Direct supported this project providing Classic Vinyl WF SA 280 matt 3988, a permanent self-adhesive film. Contrary to similar films, that tend to have aqueous glue, the Sihl film is coated with solvent based glue which is much more flexible and allows easier handling. Thanks to the matt water-resistant coating it provides an exceptionally hardwearing surface, specifically developed for permanent indoor and outdoor application. Alongside floorgraphics it is also perfect for signs and advertising boards, as well as vehicle signage. For extra protection, PPS used Sihl Directs appropriate laminate. It is not only hardwearing and scratch-resistant, but it also meets DIN 51130 anti-slip standards. PPS printed, laminated and stuck a total of 300 linear metres of vinyl film and laminate, which was stuck to the floors in 1.3m wide strips. It took eight PPS Imaging employees eight days to produce this impressive floor de-

Advantages Robust and flexible base material for uneven surfaces Matt, water-resistant coating Good colour brilliance, high ink limit Quick dry Permanent, solvent based glue For long-term outdoor applications

Physical Properties Product

Classic Vinyl WF SA 280

Product number




Total weight

290 gsm

Thickness with / without release liner

280 μm (11 mil) / 145 μm (5,7 mil)

Adhesion force after 48hrs on glass

15 N / 25 mm


30 m


432 mm, 610 mm, 914 mm, 1067 mm, 1118 mm, 1270 mm, 1372 mm, 1524 mm




Success Story

coration: The layout and data preparation took

About PPS Imaging GmbH:

a day; The HP Z6100 used to print the film took another four days and the necessary lamination

With its six locations and 112 employees, PPS Imaging GmbH is one of

took a further three days.

Germany’s leading providers of large format digital printing. The company offer custom solutions based on client specifications: for exhibition ap-

Should you be on the lookout for a heavy-duty

pearances, outdoor advertising, POS, PR measures, presentation concepts

material for a long-term application, why not or-

and data management. The motto 'Professional Print Solutions' is not only

der a free sample roll from your Sihl regional sales

communicated, but also practiced. Hallmarked by an effective combination

representative. Should you have any questions re-

of traditional craftsmanship and technological progress.

garding this product Marketing and Product Manager Pascal Arnold will

be more than happy to help.

All Sihl products suitable for floorgraphics: Product No.

Product name


EasyTack Film


SyntiTec PP Film EasyTack 325


Self-Adhesive Media


Premium Vinyl SA 270



Standard Vinyl SA 280



Classic Vinyl WF SA 280



Ink compatibility









Metallic Pearl makes its 'big' debut!

© Peter Moche,

By making SIHL MASTERCLASS Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper 290 high gloss 4840 available in large format, Sihl have expanded application possibilities to weddings, portraits, advertising and artistic photography. Many users have been awaiting the arrival of

Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper 290 (4840) offers a very high quality

roll format, in order to print digital photos that

look, which is sadly missed with comparable products available on the mar-

radiate phenomenal colour brilliance, maximum

ket. “I was positively surprised with the application of this media for Black

contrast reproduction and extreme sharpness.

and White images. Thanks to the increasing highlight dots and the high ma-

Alongside the already available small format A4

ximum density the sample pictures are a knock out.” explains Moche going

and A3+, SIHL MASTERCLASS Metallic Pearl High

further into details; „in general by all densities greater than 15% RGB values

Gloss Photo Paper 290 (4840) is now available in

only fluctuated +/-1 from the neutral greyscale.“

15m roll format with widths of 432 mm (17"), 610 mm (24") and 1118 (44").

Test it for yourself; let the outstanding quality of the material speak for itself. Order your samples from your local Sihl contact today.

Tried and tested: „Precise detail definition and extreme shine“

Physical Properties Along with many other users; photographer and


SIHL MASTERCLASS Metallic Pearl High

author - Peter Moche from Dresden was amazed at the image results after testing the new media.

Gloss Photo Paper 290 Product number



High gloss

mere appearance of shiny metals or specific tex-

Total weight

290 gsm

tiles i.e. light toned silk material, give the pictu-


270 µm


> 97%

Sheet stock

A4: 25 sheets A3+: 25 sheets

Roll stock – New!

432 mm x 15 m (17") 610 mm x 15 m (24") 1118 mm x 15 m (44")

Pleasantly surprised by the precise detail definition and the iridescent gloss Peter Moche says „the

res an additional depth.“ This makes the special paper especially ideal for images containing shiny surfaces; as well as nature, technical and still life art / pictures. This media is also well received in the areas of fashion, weddings and portraits. With a weight of 290 gsm the SIHL MASTERCLASS



Š Peter Moche,

Further information, as well as ICC profiles, can be found at or simply contact Product Manager Carola Bolte,, who will answer any product questions.

Advantages Due to effect pigments, a fascinating pearl shimmer is created, particularly effective with medium or light, pastel shades. Flawless Gloss Outstanding detail reproduction and perfect sharpness thanks to its excellent resolution capacity Brilliant colours, extra fine shading distinctions and natural rendering of skin tones Perfect grey balance Ideal contrast thanks to high maximum density, deep black and a neutral, bright white colouring of the paper. In combination with the pearl shimmer, it makes a unique spatial impression. Superior detail reproduction in highlight and shadow areas Excellent black and white, as well as colour reproduction. Exceedingly good long-term stability Completely odourless Quick dry, wipeable and splash-resistant prints thanks to the micro porous coating. Superb processing characteristics


Š Peter Moche,

Excellent performance with less film Sihl expand their Roll-up and Pop-up range with two eco-friendlier products specifically developed for UV inks. DuraCURE – Strong to the core!

Baring all this in mind Sihl has manufac-

Don’t just take our word for it, test it for

tured Roll-up and Pop-up media from

yourself, order a free sample from your

Space saving and flexibility make display

the DuraCURE series which fulfil these

local Sihl contact today!

systems popular for simple and quick

demands and will give your prints the

fitting of presentation stands. With

upper hand.

To get an idea of applications for the

many decisions not only made with the

The new DuraCURE Pop-up 380 matt

Roll-up and Pop-up and which product

quality in mind, but also on cost effici-

3416 is amazing for flexible display sys-

is best for your requirement, you can

ency. Alongside these factors the mate-

tems. Using as little film as necessary the-

read all about them in Sprint edition 21:

rial needs to be easy to process without

se materials have been produced with as

Where you will also find an assortment

being too stiff or too flimsy.

much paper as possible: Making DuraCU-

of our products for waterbased and sol-

RE a more environmentally friendly film,

vent inks.

with the Roll-up having FSC certificates. The DuraCURE Roll-up also has an additi-


onal blockout increasing opacity. Brilliant colours Both films are ideal for the use with UV-

Blockout provides high opacity

hardening inks and can also be used for

Tear resistant > 100 N/15mm

Solid Ink Systems and offset print. The

Perfect ink bonding

Pop-up is also compatible with IR-Latex

Dimensional stable

inks: thanks to the special composition

Also printable on Solid ink and

this media secures perfect ink adhe-

Offset printers

rence, brilliant colours and colour intensity at high printing speeds. Further information can be found at Questions will be answered by Product Manager Stefan Bruch,

Physical Properties Product

DuraCURE Roll-up 125

DuraCURE Pop-up 380

Product number







125 gsm

385 gsm


150 µm

335 µm


96 %

98 %

Tensile strength

md > 100 N/15 mm, cd > 130 N/15 mm

md > 230 N/15 mm, cd > 140 N/15 mm


md > 230 mN, cd > 100 mN

md > 2700 mN, cd > 1500 mN


61,0 m

30,5 m


914 mm und 1067 mm

914 mm und 1067 mm






Countless Opportunities Sihl introduces an economical alternative to Tyvek®. The TexBanner white 135 matt 3265 is a

Thanks to the characteristics of TexBan-

white 100% synthetic non-woven ban-

ner, it is especially suited to supermarket

ner with a high quality waterfast matt

advertising, roll-up, banner, identifying

inkjet coating and a multi purpose func-

numbers for athletes or vehicle signage.

tion. You have technical questions, contact The material is flexible and light like a

Bruno Fouquet, b.fouquet@diatechno-

textile, whereby the tactile and visible

structure shows quality. The unbeatable cost : performance ratio gives this product all the advantages of paper and non-woven banner: heavy-duty yet flexible. When printed with pigmented inks, prints on TexBanner are waterfast allowing unprotected outdoor application for short periods.

Advantages Light and flexible banner with both high tensile strength and tear resistance Good flatness Can be stapled, sewn or used with grommets High water-resistance with pigmented inks Good cost : performance ratio PVC-free and recyclable

Physical Properties Product

TexBanner white 135

Product number




Total weight

135 gsm


310 μm



Chromacity (D50 2°)

L* 97 a* 2,5 b* -8,5


45 m


610 mm, 914 mm, 1067 mm, 1118 mm, 1270 mm, 1372 mm, 1524 mm


2"Ø, (3"Ø on demand)


Baryta tells the story of the Nomadic Kirghizia One of the oldest cultures of central Asia has been brought to life in impressive portraits by Harald Sorgen. Printed on Sihl Baryta paper his exhibited images give the world a rare peek into the world of the Nomadic Kirghizia. „Kirghizia or Kyrgyzstan, as it is known in Germany, screams out to travellers. Not

There is no visible difference between

only will one see breathtaking landscapes, but also ancient traditions and an aged

his portraits, which he printed himself on

lifestyle“, enthuses Harald Sorgen. The freelance photographer and lecturer visited

this paper and those printed in a profes-

the country for the first time in 1999 and armed with a grant from the DAAD (German

sional photo lab: Deep well defined sha-

Academic Exchange Service) he decided to take a longer trip in 2004.

ded areas, a wide bandwidth in middle grey tones, as well as the finest detail in

He was particularly overwhelmed by the Nomadic shepherds, the Kirghizia folk „In the

light shading and an outstanding reso-

summer they would move their herds into the mountains and live there – just as in the

lution. „This was the only way we could

centuries before – in Yurts, a tent-like dwelling.“ commented Harald Sorgen. He spent

show the fascinating faces with all their

many many days with them, lived alongside them in the Yurts and enjoyed their warm-

wrinkles, expressions and their penetra-

hearted hospitality and friendship. With his photo project – „the Nomadic Kirghizians”

ting eyes.“ explained Harald Sorgen. He

he wanted to honour this folk and let the world see their diverse culture.

used both small and large format stock for the prints. „Even with the high ink densities used, the media did not cockle.

Expressive, fascinating portraits on Baryta

Thanks to its weight and stiffness it was Harald Sorgen took great care while choosing the media for his exhibition portraits.

easy to frame by hand.“

„The most important aspect with this project was to clearly and colourfully demonstrate the mentality of the Nomadic people. I found that the warm natural tones of

Under the title “Kalk Kunst” his Artwork

the Baryta paper reflected the honest warm-hearted friendly nature of the nomadic

was exhibited in Köln during 2011 and in

shepherds.” After various tests he picked SIHL MASTERCLASS Satin Baryta Paper 290

Münster 2012/13.

satin 4848.

© Harald Sorgen

© Harald Sorgen


Success Story Sihl Satin Baryta Paper 290 (4848)


The inkjet Baryta paper from the Sihl

Unique surface coating with real barite (barium sulphate)

Masterclass series provides the per-

The smooth satin surface, as well as the visual appeal of the picture are

fect combination of haptic and dura-

reminiscent of traditional, glossy, air-dried barite paper

bility; achieving the authenticity of the

Captivates through perfect greyscales excellent range of tones and optimum

traditional barite paper with the advan-

grey balance

tages of modern inkjet media.

Exceptional contrast and high maximum densities

The use of a micro porous coating al-

Finest light and shading differentiation

lows an excellent tone range. The natu-

Outstanding detail reproduction and perfect sharpness thanks to excellent

ral warm white paper allows deep rich

resolution capacity

blacks, perfect grey tones along with a

The lack of OBA's and the acid-buffered structure provide for maximum picture

supreme satin sheen. In particular this

stability and archivability

media is loved by photographers who

Subtle and warm paper shade

wish to exhibit and sell their artwork not

Perfect flatness even after printing

just because of its smooth satin surface:

Exhibition quality B&W prints, as well as for impressive colour prints

picture quality, haptic, long durability

Quick dry thanks to micro porous coating

and its excellent archivability also play

Compatible with all high quality inkjet printers with pigment and dye inks;

a role. Due to the lack of OBAs and the

though pigment inks are recommended

unique coating, which contains real barite (barium sulphate); this media has a natural warm white colouring. The out-

Physical Properties

standing satin paper with its warm tones


resembles that of traditional air-dried barite papers. Its weight, 290 gsm is perfect for framing and mounting these superior quality prints. Further information can be found on the MASTERCLASS micro site www. Or maybe you’d like to test the SIHL MASTERCLASS Satin Bary-

Satin Baryta Paper 290 Product number




Total weight

290 gsm


355 µm


> 90%

Sheet stock

DIN A4: DIN A3+: DIN A2:

Roll stock

432 mm x 15 m (17") 610 mm x 15 m (24") 1118 mm x 15 m (44")

ta Paper for yourself – order a test roll free of charge today from your local Sihl contact. Any other questions about this


media will be answered by Product Manager Carola Bolte,

25 sheets 25 sheets 25 sheets

About Harald Sorgen: Harald Sorgen is a freelance photographer and since 2009 has been a lecturer at the Fachhochschule Köln (a college for further education). Alongside landscape photography his talents also cover travel and reportage photography. With his funded ‘photographic trips’ taking him to the Outer Hebrides, Lisbon and Cambodia as well as his trip to Kyrgyzstan. He has also reported on the Children’s help organisation, Don Bosco, from India and Burma: With his artwork constantly being exhibited, such as in places like the Schloss Borbeck Gallery.


Company Impressum Published by: Sihl Digital Imaging Edited by: Janine Bülten

25 years Success Sihl Direct Benelux celebrates its anniversary. What started as a family business is today a dynamic specialised dealer, with strong ties

Sihl GmbH

to producers and end-users. Sihl Direct Benelux distribute media and printers, they are

Kreuzauer Str. 33 · D-52355 Düren

a partner of Seiko and a Preferred Gold Partner of HP, authorised dealer for Roland

printers, as well as working with many other printer manufacturers.

Layout: that worx GmbH, Jüchen Printed by: Pecks-Druck Düren Images: Peter Moche Harald Sorgen

The core competencies of Sihl Direct Benelux are: Large format media – for digital inkjet printing Photography media – products for professional and hobby photographers CAD - Engineering media for architecture and construction Hardware


Inkjet Media GA Catalogue 2013 now available! Four well arranged catalogues give details of our standard assortment of products for Waterbased, Solvent, Latex/ IR or UV curing inks.

Sihl Direct Benelux is lead by the experienced management trio Carlos Dubach, Nick de Gier and Martin Wuijster. The modern team has 21 employees, six of which have been there since the beginning. The main focus is to raise customer satisfaction and provide the best possible service, whereby customer proximity plays an important role: with the use of social-networking, as well as sales representatives informing customers of all news and latest products face to face. An open house, held every two years, takes the credit for generating potentials for Sihl Direct Benelux. This summer the open house day will focus on the silver anniversary of the company.

Divided according to product type – Photo Papers, POS Media, Artistic Specialties, Backlit Films and Imaging Papers – you will find all products plus their individual descriptions, helpful application information, advantages and purchase options, ensuring a quick yet efficient selection of media to fit your requirements. Order the catalogue of your choice from your regional Sihl contact today! Ink Wa jet M Inkjet Med terb edia 13 Curab ia GA 2013 ase GA 20UV 3 le Ink d In 20 01jet Media GA 2Ink 13 A k G nt Ink ia lve d So Me t je Ink ex Ink Lat


all the latest news from Sihl can be found in the new edition of Sprint  
all the latest news from Sihl can be found in the new edition of Sprint