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For autumn-winter as well as spring-summer, the colour ranges and harmonies for 2013/2014 spark desire. Desire that is complex, contrasting, spontaneous and personal… sometimes atypical or rebellious.

A desire to treat yourself - or others to colour and cashmere.

colour trends 2013/2014 by Olivier Guillemin [o,o]

Desire for softness… … Desire for colour © Cashmere World colour trends 2013/2014 by Olivier Guillemin [o,o] photos : S. Deva, B. Ostojic, M. Toome, E. Yuralaits @ 123RF A. Arkusha, A. Subbotina @ Shutterstock

High Risk Red 18-1763TPX

Canary Yellow 12-0633TPX

Vibrant Orange 16-3464 TPX

Intense enticing tones Glamorous colours for pleasure and leisure.

Electric Green 14-5721 TPX

Desire for exoticism

Dazzling Blue 18-3949 TPX

Lemon Curry 15-0751 TPX

Purple Wine 18-2929 TPX

Deep Sea Coral TPX 18-1649

Bewitching greens Precious, organic colours conjuring up an idyllic nature.

Grape 19-3728 TPX

Desire for supernatural

Haute Red 19-1758 TPX

Apple Green 15-0543 TPX

Greenlake 17-5528 TPX

Blue Light 13-4909 TPX

Essential shades Dark, mysterious colours for daytime and evening.

Blue Steel 18-4222 TPX

Desire for mystery

June Bug 19-5414 TPX

Winter Moss 18-0523 TPX

Chinois Green 17-5107 TPX

Jet Black 19-0303 TPX

Refined pastels Fresh, fragrant colours for a multisensory experience.

Syrah 19-1535 TPX

Desire for freshness

Grape Wine 19-2315 TPX

Tender Yellow 11-0710 TPX

Pastel Lilac 14-3812 TPX

Whispering Blue 12-4610 TPX

Ambrosia 12-0109 TPX

Sophisticated neutrals Peaceful colours, temptingly cosy and serene.

Lilac Sachet 14-2710 TPX

Silver Pink 14-1508 TPX

Mauve Morn 12-2102 TPX

Cloud Dancer 11-4201 TPX

Cloud Gray 15-3802 TPX

Navajo 12-0510 TPX

Desire for calm Desire for rhythm

New vivid colours Lively, contrasting colours boosting style in a playful spirit.

Š Cashmere World colour trends 2013/2014 by Olivier Guillemin [o,o]

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