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Keeping Control of Requirements Manuel Reis Monteiro – Product Manager, Atego Exerpt

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Requirements Exchange

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Requirements Exchange - Exchange Content

Product level Documentation

System Spec.

System level Documentation Component level Documentation Supplier level Documentation

Acceptance Tests

Product Description

Component Spec.

Integration Tests

Component Spec.

Better Requirements Exchange needed

Functional Spec.

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Component Tests

Unit Tests

Requirements Exchange - Exchange Content

Increase design stability by better requirements exchange prior to implementation Cost of Design Change / Errors

IBM Rational RequisitePro

HP Quality Center

Borland CaliberRM

IBM Rational DOORS

Requirement Interchange Format


Visure IRQA Home grown Tools

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Borland Sylk Central



Introduction to Atego Exerpt History of Requirement Interchange Format (RIF) German HIS Initiative (2005)

RIF 1.0a (2006) Exerpt 1.0 Released RIF 1.2 (2008) Issues with IDs

RIF 1.1a (2007)

OMG working group (2009) Exerpt 2.0 Released

Exerpt 2.2 Released (2010)

OMG Standard ReqIF 1.0 (April 2011)

Exerpt 2.3 Release (2011) Š 2011 Atego. All rights reserved.


Requirements Exchange - The Atego Exerpt Vision Offline Editor RERM Tool IBM Rational DOORS (Borland CaliberRM) (Visure IRQA)


RIF AtegoExerpt (ReqIF) Test Platforms Imbus TestBench (HP QualityCenter)

ALM 7 PLM Siemens TeamCenter (MKS Integrity) (Polarion)

Modeling Tool Artisan Studio Archiving

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Home grown Software 6

Atego Exerpt Synchronizer - Exchange Synchronization



Export Import

Repeatable Roundtrip

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Atego Exerpt Synchronizer - Customer-Supplier Relations

Supplier Processes

Customer Purchasing Processes

Customer Development Processes

Product Start



Requirements Product Documentation Change Management



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Contract Award Phase



Atego Exerpt Synchronizer - Use Cases


Collaborative Development

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Site Synchronization

Requirements Reusability


Long-term Archiving

Atego Exerpt Synchronizer - Benefits  Support for OEM / Tier I suppliers (Multi-Project / Multi-User)  Configurations based on standard use-cases  Fast execution of requirements exchanges  Supports Delta Exchanges  Tracks exchange operations with the Audit Trail

 Proven track record: 4 years in use on industrial projects  Simple but scalable solution

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Atego Exerpt Synchronizer - Features  Eclipse IDE plugin  Native RIF support

 Rich-text capabilities -

Pictures/OLE embedded object, etc.


HTML native format

 Support for DOORS table exchanges  Improved Unicode Support  Windows XP (32-bit) | Windows Vista (32 / 64 bit) | Windows 7 (32 / 64 bit) | Windows Server 2005 (32 / 64 bit) | Windows Server 2008 (32 / 64 bit)  DOORS 8.x | DOORS 9.x  FlexLM Floating perpetual licensing

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Discussion and Comments

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Keeping Control of Requirements  
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