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Dr. Maurizio Mantovani Autoneum

Automotive Acoustics Conference 2nd International ATZ Conference 26 and 27 June 2013 | Zurich | Switzerland CALL FOR PAPERS

Impressions of the 2011 conference


WELCOME Prof. Dr. Hartmut Bathelt Akustikzentrum GmbH

Giovanni Boreanaz FIAT Group Automobiles SpA

Prof. Dr. Paolo Ermanni ETH Zurich Patron of the Conference

Horst-Peter Fingerhut MAN Truck & Bus AG

Dr. Léon Gavric PSA Peugeot Citroën Automobiles

Benno Jörg Vibracoustic GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Maurizio Mantovani Autoneum Scientific Director of the Conference

Dr. Ernst-Ulrich Saemann Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

Dr. Bernd Pletschen Daimler AG

Wolfgang Siebenpfeiffer Editor-in-Charge ATZ | MTZ | ATZelektronik

Prof. Dr. Helmut Tschöke Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Automotive acoustics has always been a fast-moving discipline. It sets new benchmarks in vehicle performance, measurement and simulation technologies, as well as in the development of new solutions, products and materials. Now, further progress is required in order to respond to the challenges posed by new exterior noise and CO2 legislation. Lightweight design, the elimination of noise at its source and the interplay between acoustic, thermal and aerodynamic functions in vehicle components are becoming increasingly necessary, especially as the pressure of cost and reduced development time in a globalized system of vehicle development makes optimization essential. Automotive acoustics is so fascinating because it can precisely master these stimulating challenges that every NVH expert and decision-maker has to face day in day out. What makes it even more exciting is its interaction with all vehicle systems and functions and its special multinational and multicultural character. Based on 40 years of experience with the previous format of the Automotive Acoustics Conference, the event has established itself as one of the most important meeting places worldwide for boosting an exchange of ideas and experience among NVH specialists. At the last conference, 200 experts representing 85 companies from 21 different countries gathered in the ETH in Zurich, which will also host the 2nd Automotive Acoustics Conference on 26 and 27 June 2013 under the patronage of Prof. Paolo Ermanni. The ETH provides a unique atmosphere for lively discussions on the latest trends in acoustics and vibration. The program traditionally includes presentations by automotive manufacturers, suppliers and engineering service providers as well as university research institutes. The event is complemented by an extensive exhibition. We look forward to your active participation and hope that you will be able to submit a proposal for a paper. Further details can be found on the next pages. On behalf of the Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Maurizio Mantovani Autoneum

PARTICIPANTS This ATZlive conference is addressed to experts working in the acoustics departments of OEMs, suppliers and development service providers and to experts researching at universities. They are active in different parts of the process chain: development, design, experimentation, calculation and simulation, testing and production.

Media Partners

Wolfgang Siebenpfeiffer Editor-in-Charge ATZ | MTZ | ATZelektronik

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Vehicle acoustics : Passenger cars and commercial vehicles : Body, chassis, powertrain : Exterior and interior noise : Tire noise : Legislation, directives, noise abatement regulations

Are you interested in presenting a paper on one of these subjects? If so, please send a short version of your proposed paper to: Michaela Ullrich | ATZlive Abraham-Lincoln-Straße 46 | 65189 Wiesbaden | Germany Phone +49 611 7878-274 | Fax +49 611 7878-452

Engine acoustics : Sound design : Internal combustion engines : Electric and hybrid powertrains : Sound insulation packages

Your submission proposal should contain: : The title of the paper in English : The name of the speaker and any co-authors with job title, company address in English, telephone number and e-mail address : Main points of the paper’s contents and a short abstract in English : Classification under one of the main subject areas in English : Brief indication of the innovative value of the work in English (Please submit documents as a PDF file or in Microsoft Word format)

Materials and components : Damping and insulation of airborne and structure-borne sound : Heat insulation and heat storage : Absorbers, dampers, sound insulation packages : Active components : Multifunctional lightweight materials : Components for acoustic, flow and thermal management

On the basis of the short version of the paper, the Scientific Advisory Board for the conference will decide on its acceptance.

Measuring, testing and experimental engineering : Vibration measurement : Sound pressure measurement : Test rigs : Measurement data acquisition (sensors) : Measurement data processing : Aero-acoustics

Information on the Conference The time allowed for presentation is 20 minutes with a subsequent discussion. The registration fee will be waived for one speaker per paper presented. The language of the conference (manuscripts, slides and speech) is English.

Calculation and simulation : Deterministic and statistical methods : Hybrid methods from experiment and calculation : Noise insulation simulation : Multidisciplinary simulation : Vibro-acoustic optimization

Schedule Deadline for submission proposals: 21 December 2012 Notification of the authors: 8 February 2013 Submission of final manuscripts: 15 May 2013 The final conference program will be published in March 2013.

A PLATFORM FOR YOUR PRESENTATION Take the opportunity to present your latest products and services to the specialist audience as a supplier in our exclusive exhibition or as a sponsor. For information on the various presentation options, please contact: Nicole Benner | Phone +49 611 7878-320

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