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Withings Smart Kid Scale The new way to monitor and understand your child’s growth Press Pack

Press Pack

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Press Pack

Fighting Children Obesity One of the most serious public health challenge of the 21st century

“In 2010, an estimate of

43 millions pre-school children

(under age of 5) were

overweight and obese, a 60% increase since 1990.” 1 “Obesity can harm nearly every system in a child’s body – heart and lungs, muscles and bones, kidneys and digestive tract, as well as hormones that control blood sugar and puberty.” 2 “In a population-based sample of 5 to 17 years old, 70% of obese youth at least one risk factor for cardio-vascular disease.” 3

1.  De Onis  M,  Blossner  M,  Borghi  E.Global  prevalence  and  trends  of  overweight  and  obesity  among  pre-­‐school  children     2.  World  Health  OrganisaCon  2012   3.  The  Bogalusa  Heart  Study  –  Journal  of  Pediatrics  2007  

Press Pack

Born to be W… Withings has been leading the way of the connected Health revolution by creating the very first connected scale and its associated app for people to easily take care of their health of their well-being. Aug 12 Health Mate app

Jan 13 Baby Companion App

17th Jan 13 Smart Kid Scale availability

Oct 12 Wireless Scale WS-30

Nov 11 Smart Baby Monitor May 2011 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor Sep 2009 Wi-Fi Body Scale

Press Pack

Benefiting from years of experience in this field, Withings has chosen this year to extend those benefits to the whole family – by releasing the first Internet connected Kid Scale and its associated Baby Companion App, for parents to be pro-active and better take care of their child in a smart and easy way.

Press Release – Smart Kid Scale

Available for download at : Press Pack

The Product Because babies grow so fast and monitoring their well-being is essential, we’ve created :

The world’s first Internet connected baby & toddler scale with a unique mobile application to easily weight and track your child growth, from birth to eight. ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  ü 

$179.95 with FREE Baby Companion App Press Pack

High accuracy measurement Free app to track your child’s growth and nutrition Automatic upload of weight over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Removable cradle for baby and toddlers Easy comparison with child’s growth standards Record and share memories of your child’s growth

Product Features ü  High accuracy measurement 10 g accuracy | because precision really matters when it comes to your kid development Weight up to 25kg | suitable from baby ‘s birth to children up to 8 years old Position Control TM | unique to Withings, pioneer of connected scales - a sign of quality Automatic recognition | designed for every child in the family

ü  Wi-Fi and bluetooth synchronisation Easy set-up | it only takes one minute to set-up on your iPhone or iPad Automatic upload | seamless on-going synchronisation with your smartphone to access your data Wi-Fi and bluetooth connection | the ever first Internet-connected scale

ü  Free Baby Companion app (for iPhone) Your child’s weight trends on chart | all data that really matter to you at your finger tip Nutrition tracker | much more than a simple scale - on-going tracking of influential factors Compare with set standards | smarter than a simple scale - get to learn more for your child’s benefit Share growth milestones with your pediatrician | accessible data to people that matter in a click

ü  Sleek design A sleek design | award winning product design (Observatoire du Design 2013) An innovative solution | award winning innovation (CES 2012) Press Pack

Technical Specifications Sensors - Four weight sensors - Weighing range: 0 -> 25 kg (0 -> 55 lb) - Position Control™: patent-pending body position detection for high accuracy weighing (in kid scale mode only) - 10 g (0.02 lb) graduation Display - Weight units: kg, lb, oz - Large graphical display (2.4" x 1.6"), 128x64 pixels - White, high-contrast lighting   Wireless sync - Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WEP/WPA/WPA2-personal security compatible - Bluetooth Smart Ready (Bluetooth 4.0) connectivity, compatible with iOS devices   Size Without baby cradle: 27.9 x 23.1 x 2.8 cm (11’’ x 9.1‘’x 1.1”) With baby cradle: 55.9 x 29.7 x 7.4 cm (22” x 11.7” x 2.9”) Battery and power - 4x1.5V AAA alkaline included - At least one year battery lifetime   Weight 2.3 kg (5.10 lb)   Press Pack

User profiles Up to four users with automatic recognition Easy user profile creation from the Withings Health Companion app Environmental requirements -Usage: temperature within 5°C - 35°C, relative humidity within 30% - 80% (without condensation) - Storage: temperature within -10°C - +50°C, Relative humidity: 10% - 90% (without condensation) Software requirements - iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (iOS 5.0 or later), with Internet access (3G or Wi-Fi). - Wi-Fi Home Network (optional)   Included software Withings Baby Companion app (free download on the App Store)   In the box Smart Kid Scale Baby cradle User manual 4x carpet feet 4x 1.5V AAA alkaline  

Pack Shot Photos – Smart Kid Scale Baby Cradle

Kid Scale Front

Kid on Scale

Kid Scale Side

Kid Scale Lifestyle

Available for download at :

Photos – Baby App Companion Add bottle


Add feed

Available for download at : Press Pack



Pack Shot Video – Smart Kid Scale

Smart Kid Scale Video

Available for download at :

Press Pack

About Withings

Withings is an innovative company that creates smart products and apps to help people across the world easily take care of their health and well-being. Founded by French executives Cedric Hutchings and Eric Carreel, Withings has been pioneering Health 2.0 since the launch of their first Wi-Fi Body Scale in 2009 and is leading the way of the connected health movement. By extending the capabilities of an object through network resources, Withings provides access to infinite computing and storage facility at no extra cost, turning objects into smart connected devices. Since 2009, Withings has extended those benefits to a wide range of lifestyle-friendly devices including the Wi-Fi Body Scale, the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor and the Smart Baby Monitor. By using mobile phones and computers as bridges and opening up its platform to the well-being ecosystem, Withings now works seamlessly with over 60 partner apps and devices, providing users with a whole new dimension to their day-to-day life. Read more about Withings on  

Press Pack

Withings Smart Kid Scale  
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