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Mjölner is Thor’s magic battle hammer that was crafted by dwarves, never misses its target and always returns to its owner. When it’s not in use, Mjölner conveniently shrinks to a size that means it can be worn as a necklace.

How can the world’s simplest rucksack look so complicated.

Mjölner is not only a light and durable travelling companion, it’s also a unique technical journey into the future. The harness system has unsurpassed comfort and ventilation. A new method for attaching extra equipment makes packing even easier. Its details are carefully selected to provide all the functionality you need, but without adding unnecessary weight. The only detail that is as usual, is Klättermusen’s uncomplicated and reliable roll opening.


Versatile elegance

fabric bag 210D Cordura® Kev 3, 3-layer laminate with durable

In order for trekking to be as comfortable as possible, weight should be carried on the bones, not the muscles. For this reason, Mjölner has no padding in places where it would cause pressure and stop the blood flow to muscles, while being well cushioned at the hips and lower back – just where the rucksack’s weight should be. And of course, the shoulder straps are equipped with our Butterfly Bridge™ construction.

face fabric reinforced with diagonal aramid fibres and thin Polyamide inner. Reinforcement Kevlar® Fr ame Lightweight flexframe Inner bag 46% Bamboo regenerate fibre, 54% Polyester Water column on fabric 10 m + Weight 100 L – 2.9 kg; 75 L – 2.8 kg; 70 L – 2.7 kg Colour Ebony | sizes Men 100 L & 75 L, Women 70 L



Fe atures

Torsion rigid frame. Frame supported tent shelf.  Two roll openings, one at the top and a smaller one lower down. Automatic height adjustment of top tensioner.  Shoulder straps with Butterfly Bridge™. V-Free Flex™ harness system. Ergonomic hip belt with a pivot construction and adjustable length. Waterproof inner bag, which also works as a compartment for main pack.

Adjustable chest strap. External lid pocket. Internal security pocket. External elastic pocket for the hydration system. Bottom reinforcement. Cord webbing for attachment of accessories. Two detachable equipment fasteners. Whistle, compass and reflector.

The naked truth

This is the backpack for trips with a lot to carry for a long way. Your body will thank you. However, if you are less than 160 cm tall or have a short back, it may not be quite as comfortable.

Points – 2/6 (33%)

Long life cycle, unlike lightweight products 1% to environmental projects

Adjusting Mjölner to the length of your back is really easy thanks to the V-Free Flex™. Just pull the wide band on the shoulder straps and the back length adjusts automatically. You can pull the backpack closer to your body by pulling on the cord that runs through a channel on the shoulder strap. The angle of the top tensioner adjusts automatically to the length of your back. Carrying a heavy weight will always be a stress on the body – and the backpack’s weight will always be noticeable – but we promise that your burden will feel lighter and your body will suffer less stress with Mjölner.

Even if the main material has a high water column and the backpack is equipped with a waterproof inner bag, there are sections where water may creep in through the seams. This means that belongings packed outside the watertight section are not as protected from moisture.

Mjölner won the OutDoor Industry Award 2008 – we’re proud of this.

Refund value – € 20