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Licence Manager Pro Proactive control and optimisation of Software Licensing

Vector License Manager Pro provides organisations with improved visibility in the management of software licences. Data and workflow combine to minimise cost and optimise allocation.

By promoting the proactive management of licences, Licence Manager Pro reduces costs and legal risk, while maximising licence recycling and general asset management effectiveness.

The use of Vector’s Webbased Issue Tracker engine brings power and flexibility, while offering an easy-touse interface that is suitable for non-technical administrative users and stakeholders alike.

Cost Reduction

Asset Management

• Reduce costs by identifying software licences which aren’t being used.

• Increase effectiveness of overall IT asset management by following ITIL best practices.

• Maintain detailed information on bundles, deals, entitlements. • Negotiate better deals with vendors.

Governance and Risk Mitigation • Reduce financial and legal risk. • Ensure that your use of software respects the licensing restrictions. • Respond to vendor audits with confidence, referencing up-to-date licence information and logs.

Licence Manager Pro

• Connect to any SQL-based asset database to associate licences with groups of users and collect usage information.

Forecasting • Forecast changes in software licensing and maintenance costs. • Facilitate the process of validating maintenance renewals. • Support upgrade and migration planning with accurate information.

Licence Manager Pro Data Visualisation

Your Licence Data Repository

Important data is visualised through multiple web-based reports included in the Vector IT Portal. Drill-down to find out more about each element in the report, and leverage the information provided to aid in planning and budgeting efforts.

Centralised storage of key licence data, including: licence purchase information, allocation details, vendor information, maintenance contracts, and licence retirement plans. Enrich this information by associating any related users, contracts, or hardware and software assets.


Licence Manager Pro can be hosted by your own organisation, with permanent or rental licensing, or hosted in SaaS mode.

Licensing Scenarios and Models

Support for relationships between related licences, facilitating the process of monitoring compliance. The resulting list of associated licences can also highlight potential recycling opportunities. Support for complex licensing scenarios, such as multiple licence purchases and buying departments. Numerous licensing models are also available, and can be helpful when building queries and reports.

Workflows and Notifications

Automatic workflows and notifications accelerate licence management while also offering a high level of customisability. Notifications are instrumental in prompting key users to perform scheduled tasks, for example, the validation of a maintenance agreement before the renewal date. Specialised reports detail the licences that are going to expire within a month, quarter, or year. Automatic logging of revision history, as well as the communication behind each licensing issue, including e-mails and user comments.

Granular Licence Allocation

Allocate licences to specific computers, or users. Computer assets can be pulled directly from compatible asset databases, such as that offered by Asset Manager Pro. Users can be imported from Active Directory or Microsoft Dynamics.


• Microsoft Dynamics. Bring licence purchase and supplier information to the rich web interface offered by Licence Manager Pro. Reference, search for, or create filters based on this information. • Vector Asset Manager Pro. By importing the information stored in the asset database, Licence Manager Pro is further enhanced in its ability to support the allocation of licences against assets. This includes both hardware and software inventories, allowing PCs and other assets to be listed along with known applications and vendors. • Any SQL-accessible inventory database. Licence Manager Pro is capable of dynamically reading data from any inventory database that has a suitable data schema.

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