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dreambox DM600 PVR Verification manual Used for checking the authenticity of your Dreambox.


Verification of you Dreambox's authenticity Please note that the authenticity check of your Dreambox can only be done with the firmware version released 07-22-2009 and later. The firmware can be found at the downloadcenter on our homepage. 1. Press the blue Options-Button.

2. Select „Genuine Dreambox“ and press the OK-Button.

3. Press the green Options-Button. A 12-letter verfication code will now be generated.

4. Please write this code down because it will be needed in the next step to verfiy the authenticity of your Dreambox.


5. Access our homepage at, click on the britisch flag and afterwards click on "Certfication", enter the verification code you wrote down and click "Send".

6. If the verification code you have entered is correct the following information will be displayed: •

Dreambox model

MAC address

Production date

Serial number

Compare these infos with the sticker at the bottom of your Dreambox. Additionally you can find the same sticker on the original packaging of your Dreambox.

DM600 PVR  
DM600 PVR