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Beta Systems Software AG Company Presentation

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Beta Systems B91 Customer case

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Strategic IT Partner for Large Corporations Agile software products and solutions enable huge volumes of data to be processed securely, efficiently and flexibly §  Data Processing §  Document Processing §  Security §  Compliance More than 1,300+ customers world-wide in the banking and insurance sectors, in industry and commerce, and in IT outsourcing – with a special focus on financial services Sales: EBIT Sales: Employees: Headquarters: Subsidiaries:

€ 81.1 million (2009) € 1.4 million (2009) > 400 globally Berlin 16

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History of Beta Systems Software AG 1993 1986

First provisioning project


Initial public offering Acquisition of Systor Security


Merger with Kleindienst Datentechnik

Acquisition of Si Software Innovation GmbH

Acquisition of DETEC Software GmbH

More than 30 Years of planning and controlling the batch workload at IT data centers

Workload Automation – strategic partnership with APM

1973 First document scanner"

Expansion of Security portfolio through strategic technology exchange


More than 20 Years


of experience in managed file transfer. Today: TIBCO

Spinoff and sale of Beta Systems ECM Solutions GmbH

Further strengthening of our position as one of Europe’s leading software providers

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Beta Systems World-wide

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Data Processing Secure and efficient information management at the data center §  Process automation : APM APX §  Safeguarding Data Processing production with B92 §  Processing and transfer of huge volumes of data

18 out of 30 DAX companies use software solutions from Beta Systems

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Data Processing License volume > 50 million MIPS §  Archiving of 1,500,000 job logs per month on the mainframe from a heterogeneous environment at a major company in the automotive industry with UNIX, Windows and SAP NetWeaver systems §  Quality assurance for 70,000 batch jobs comprising > 35,000 balancing steps daily at a large insurance company §  Controlling of > 50,000 distributed, business-critical batch jobs every day at a major, internationally active retail chain

Agile IT operations §  Integration platform for business-critical applications in the area of DC automation §  Addresses central DC tasks across the entire spectrum of solutions

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Document Processing Secure and efficient document management § 

Automatic production and individualized document composition with DoXite


Distribution and archiving of documents from bulk data processing - B93


High-end Unix records management solution


Quality assurance (B91) and acceleration of documentbased business processes

7 of Europe s 10 largest insurance groups employ software solutions from Beta Systems

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Document Processing Document Compositioning §  Automatic formatting and archiving of 77,000 individualized price adjustment letters in less than an hour at a power supply company Output Management §  Automatic processing of bulk print output of 2,500 different DP lists with more than 600 million pages per year at the data center of a large international bank Document Management §  Digitalization and archiving of 1.8 million files with 250 million documents at a social security and pension insurance company

Agile document processing §  Integration of heterogeneous document archiving systems §  Documents available via Web services and other business process-oriented interfaces

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Products and solutions for the enforcement of corporate policies and for compliance with legal requirements at national and international level


Verification of compliance with security standards with Beta 89


Minimized risk through IT security audit


Company-wide implementation and automated enforcement of policies and defined security procedures with B96 (BSI, ISO 27002)

9 of Europe s 10 largest industrial enterprises employ solutions from Beta Systems

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Compliance Dynamic IT audit §  The fast and efficient capture, correlation and analysis of all compliance-relevant data throughout the company Proactive risk management at the data center §  Audit and monitoring of complex IT security systems with up to 300,000 active users by sustained deviation analysis Legally compliant audit trail in IT production §  Reading, scanning, classification and long-term archiving of 150,000+ job logs each day

Agile compliance management §  Consistent, centralized compliance management throughout the company §  Improved and simplified control cycles by enforcing policies throughout the company

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Integrated product suite for automating all key IT user management processes: SAM Entreprise


Transparent administration at business process level thanks to a rule-based and role-based administration concept that leads the market


Management of complex IT security systems at the data center B88

40% of Germany s major banks rely on SAM Enterprise® Identity Manager for compliant IT access management

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Security §  Administration of more than 5 million user IDs worldwide §  Role-based segregation of duties to ensure compliance at a large German financial institute with 45,000 users §  65,000 users with 250,000 permissions based on 1,500 roles and 3,000 application profiles at a major German bank (4,300 users per administrator) §  Administration of security systems at data centers §  280,000 RACF users on 15 Sysplex systems with 70 LPARs at the biggest German data center for savings banks Agile security program §  Integration of all administration and provisioning services in existing portals, workflows and SOA platforms §  Cross-departmental identity management throughout the enterprise thanks to central integration platform with extensive identity and system audit functions

Beta Systems Software AG Company Presentation  
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