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Values you trust

The company Vision

Cewe to be the leader in precision metering of electricity.

Business idea

“Values you trust” By manufacturing quality products for metering, connected with communicating, processing and presentation of data, we enable our customers to make sensible decisions. This will facilitate energy saving and contribute to a better environment.

Our history

The company founder, Charles Westerberg, began working with electrical equipment back in 1919. His visionary spirit and sensitivity to the needs of the market are still guiding ideals for product development. The company name still reflects the founder’s initials.

Our new products

Electronic products that have their own intelligence and communication features form the corner stones of today’s energy management systems. Our R&D department focuses mainly on electronics and software development. We make it possible for you to gain effective control over your system by using our powerful products for collecting, processing, communicating and presenting measurements.

Our traditional products

Panel meters and transducers are in demand all over the world and are still an important part of our business. Our attention to quality and high degree of customisation mean that we are still one of the most reputed suppliers of these products.

Our Products 01 Panel Instruments

02 Transducers

03 Current Transformers

04 Shunts

05 Multifunctional Instruments

06 Energy Meters

09 Communication Equipment

13 Services

11 Software

Energy Meters CewePrometer The flexible, easy to use and future proof meter. • • • • • • •

Accuracy class 0.2s, 0.5s and 1.0 Rack-mounted or wall-mounted Two serial communication ports Measuring of Power Quality Vector diagram displaying voltage and current. Up to one year logging memory Full 4-quadrant measurement

Premier Energy metering solution from basic tariff metering trough to flexible AMR communication support & revenue protection applications. • • • • •

Accuracy class 0.5s and 1.0 Wall-mounted Supporting diversified metering application Flexible tariff support Flexible communication support for AMR/AMI applications • Option for revenue protection features • Custom product feature support for utility and secondary metering applications

CeweMeter A compact DIN-rail mounted energy meter. • • • • •

Accuracy class 1 and 2 DIN-rail mounted S01 pulse output CT- or direct connected Display showing primary values

Panel Instruments Panel instruments Our high quality panel meters have been distributed around the world for decades. • Standard sizes: 48x48, 72x72 and 96x96 mm. Other sizes available on request • Scale deflection: 90° and 240°. • Moving coil, moving iron- and bi-metal systems. • Snap in mounting. • High degree of customisation. • Meters for synchronization (sizes 96x96- and 144x144 mm) • Digital panel instrument DPM size 96 x 96

Position Indicators Our Position Indicators are the natural choice for Switchgear Panels around the world. • Sizes: 24x24, 25x25, 36x36 and round diameter 29 and 39. • PI for 24-230V DC and PIR for 24-230V AC. • Easy fitting. • Special versions for position indication of valves. • Low energy consumption

Multi Instrument • Elite 440 is a multi-line three phase digital panel meter for accurate and reliable measurement of electrical quantities in industrial and commercial applications • Available in Class 0.2s ; 0.5s & 1.0. • 4 line 7 digit bright LCD display with backlit. • Fully Programmable for 3p3w or 3p4w Primary & Secondary Current & Voltage on site. • Built in RS 485 Modbus, option of pulse input & output. • Measurement of most of the Electrical Instantaneous & Energy parameters including 4 Quadrant and THD. • Calibration LED for accuracy test on site. • Wide Auxiliary Power Supply.

Transducers Our high quality transducer range is designed for the most demanding site conditions. • DIN-rail mounted • Accuracy class: 0.5 (0.2 optional). • Complete range - we have transducers for all common measuring parameters. • Switched power supply (for most types). • Economic solutions – e.g. combined active power/reactive power units. This programmable transducer is convenient to use together with quick and easy to install. • DIN-rail mounted • Accuracy class: 0.5 or 0.2 • Free programmable for all common measuring parameters. • Switched power supply. • Up to 4 programmable outputs and 2 pulseoutput. • RS485 ModBus for programming.

Shunts We have a wide range of shunts. • • • •

With- or without socket. Range: 5 to 15000A Standard voltage drop is 60mV. Shunts with voltage drops 75 100, 120, 150 and 300mV are available as option • Nickel plated.

CT´s Our CT´s are of course the perfect complement to your order of instruments and meters. • • • •

Solid- or split core transformers. Standard range: 40 to 2000A, secondary 1A or 5A. Accuracy class: 0.2S, 0.2, 0.5S, 0,5, 1 and 3. Possibility to seal secondary connection.

Communication Equipment We can solve your communication problems by using: • • • • • •

Tele modems GSM modems Opto fiber converters Ethernet converters Converter RS232 - RS422/485 Converter CewePrometer IEC62056-21 – ModBUS TCP/RTU

Accessories • • • •

Null modem cable Serial cable IR – Opto head incl. cable. External auxiliary supply

Software CeweCetrics is our own developed Automatic Reading Software for energy meter systems. • Windows software. • User friendly e.g. drag and drop functions. • Export of data to other systems in format – ASCII, XML- or E-mail. • Graphical analysis tool. • Open for customized reports. • Scheduled data collection. • Backup function for safe storage of meter data.

Application Examples Metering Systems can be designed in a number of different ways. I.e. already existing infrastructure at site, local and/or remote operation or other specific demands. Following are three system overviews.


Main meter

Up to 32 meters without repeters

Check meter


max 1,2 km

MDW45 RS232 - RS485/RS422 converter GPS


19� PC with CeweCetrics AMR software

RS422* modem

Phone line

Remote Station

* RS422 is an enhanced RS 485 connection (4 wire)


PC with CeweCetrics AMR software

Phone line

RS232 modem

Application Examples CewePrometer-W




Tele GPRS/GSM modem modem


• CeweCetrics – Automatic meter reading software • CeweConfig – Configuration • CeweExport – Export in ASCII or XML format

Export file in ASCII or XML format * RS422 is an enhanced RS 485 connection (4 wire)


GPRS/GSM modem

RS422* MDW45 RS232 - RS485/RS422 converter If you are interested in more system examples, feel free to contact us or check out our homepage.

We are your world wide partner!

Our IQ96 can be found all over the world Our distributors and partners can reach customers all over the world. We have manufactured and supplied our products, through our distributors, for thousands of installations. We have built up a great number of reference projects. Some of them may be of interest to you. It is very likely that, somewhere in the world, we have already solved the problems you are facing right now. New information pours in every month. Sometimes from one of our distributors in the UK or Italy, or perhaps from an end user somewhere in the Sahara desert. Contact us! Contact us so that we can provide you with the best technical solution for your particular application. Together with our distributors we have gathered many years of experience.

Useful addresses

Cewe Instrument AB Box 1006 • SE-611 29 NykÜping Tel: +46 (0)155 775 00 Fax: +46 (0)155 775 97 A0167e-6B

Values you trust  
Values you trust