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GU Chomps Energy Chews Www.GuEnergy.Com Not your average gummy bear! This week I tried a product made by GU Energy, a leading company in performance nutrition products. After finding myself standing before a wall of choice gels, powders, beans, you name it last week at my local location and gripping a handful of GU Gel flavors, I asked one of the associates what he uses to fuel workouts. That was one of the best training decisions I’ve made to date. GU chomps are a great alternative to gels for you texture attention athletes. I’ll admit, after

groups. I was able to power through hills in mile 30 and still have energy at the top. The best thing about the GU Chomps (other than the awesome flavors and nostalgia of toddlerhood)? I never experienced a crash


associated with most sugar heavy carbonated energy drinks and sports drinks. The energy from vitamin and electrolyte nutrition is well distributed and sustains even hours after your workout. No more post workout 4 hour naps means more productive days and happier bosses. I’ll definitely be packing some chomps on my next race day. For your next 2+ hour workout, go with GU Chomps to gain that edge against the other guy.

trying the traditional sport gel, which originally I thought to be the only option, I will rarely go gel over gummy, but maybe that’s just me. The chomps, a fruit snack sized and sports drink packed noms are easy to chew while sucking in gallons of air during a tough workout, and sit easy for digestion. During my three hour cycle I consumed an entire package (two servings) and I received nothing but pure energy and removal of lactic acid in my cycle mandatory muscle

Overall: A gold medal for overall satisfaction of taste, texture, digestion and performance.


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