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2009 in focus on Eurosport


Eurosport 2 Guide The New Generation Sports Channel


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2009 in focus on Eurosport 2






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For 20 years Eurosport has been a pioneer in providing sports fans with the best in live sports action across our extensive multimedia platform. Embracing passion, entertainment, expertise and new technology, we are looking forward to celebrating another exceptional year on Eurosport in 2009.

Editors: Marc Hebert and Joe McAvoy Art Direction & Coordination: Anne-Sophie Clauzet Photo Credits: GETTY IMAGES, WWE ®: © 2009 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Battle Hip Hop: Ray Demski. NB: all efforts have been made to provide the most accurate information as of 12/01/2009.




DIFFERENT CHANNELS DIFFERENT UNIVERSES where sports fans can enjoy a large variety of sports, passion, emotions and, above all, great entertainment.

“Eurosport, this year, celebrates its 20th anniversary. Launched in 1989, the channel is now more than ever the channel of great LIVE events, those landmarks which have defined sporting history. In 2009, we will continue to offer viewers the most renowned sporting events together with editorial expertise and first-class production values. That’s why, after 20 amazing years, Eurosport remains at the forefront of sport and entertainment. Tour de France, Tennis Grand Slams and Le Mans are just some of the legendary events on Eurosport. They will be joined with an amazing line-up of top world championships in 2009: Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Athletics, Swimming, to name but a few. Since May last year, Eurosport has taken this world-class coverage to a new dimension with the launch of Eurosport HD, with Panasonic as our official HD partner. Our cutting-edge High Definition images and sound bring sporting events to life like never before, taking viewers to the very heart of the action. So join us and the sporting legends who will be the stars of 2009, from Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to Bode Miller, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps. Savour the year ahead – the comebacks, the rivalry and the record-breaking feats LIVE only on Eurosport and Eurosport HD.

Eurosport 2, the New Generation Sports Channel, has a strong team sports offer in 2009, including top competitions such as the Basketball Eurocup and Handball Champions League covered LIVE throughout the whole season. This year Eurosport 2 will continue to be the channel of innovation, offering viewers original sports and competitions rarely or, indeed, never before seen in Europe. The Australian Football League and National Lacrosse League are just some of the exciting sports viewers can discover on Eurosport 2. Our pioneering spirit doesn’t only apply to the sports themselves but also to the ways in which we cover them. Eurosport has championed new programming formats to bring all the LIVE action from fast-paced sports such as Surfing and Skateboarding.

Eurosport, Eurosport 2, two different universes with one and the same goal — to bring you the best sport has to offer in the most entertaining of ways. We hope you will enjoy this new Programme Guide and invite you to tune in to our channels and experience how we cover these great events.“

Arnaud Simon Arnaud Simon Director of Broadcasting Eurosport & Eurosport 2


Director of Broadcasting Eurosport & Eurosport 2 You can find the most updated information concerning our programmes in the digital version of this guide available at (press section). 5



Olympic Champions Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps will return to the screen for two eagerly awaited championships, LIVE on Eurosport.

Year of the Great World Championships LIVE Eurosport will celebrate its 20th anniversary during a tremendous sporting year. With the Beijing Olympics still fresh in the memory, the world’s best athletes will be back in action in 2009, in what promises to be THE year for World Championships.

The gala kicks off in January when Eurosport offers no less than eight wintersport World Championships including Alpine and Nordic skiing, Biathlon and Figure Skating. Over a thousand hours will be dedicated to the likes of Bode Miller and Ole Einar Björndalen as they aim for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada.

This summer, all roads lead to Rome for the World Swimming Championships. The sport has been elevated to new heights thanks to Phelps’ eight Olympic gold medal haul, and this year should be no different as the American sets his sights on the 100m freestyle. Standing in his way however is champion Alain Bernard, who is hoping to make as big as a splash in the Italian capital as he did in Beijing.

Then the action moves to the World Athletics Championships in Berlin, where Jamaican Bolt is set to receive a hero’s welcome in a country which holds a very special place at the heart of Athletics History.

All championships will be LIVE on Eurosport and Eurosport HD, demonstrating the channel’s commitment to top action from the first event to the last. Whether it’s the heats or the finals, Eurosport will be there! 6




Wintersports Winter sports

1000 HOURS


Athletes from around the world are gearing up for the XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada, on 12-28 February 2010. Eurosport’s unrivalled wintersports programming offer, “Road to Vancouver 2010”, includes LIVE coverage of the World Cups, World Championships and European Championships in nine Olympic wintersports disciplines: Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Luge, Nordic Combined Skiing, Ski Jumping, and Speed Skating. This extensive annual programming is boosted this season with two very special events, the FIS Alpine and FIS Nordic Ski World Championships. Both championships, held only once every two years, are the most anticipated events after the Olympic Winter Games. They offer the summits that all champions are looking to climb, especially on the “Road to Vancouver 2010”.



• World Cup: all 17 rounds LIVE 22 Nov - 22 March

• World Cup: all 12 rounds LIVE or delayed broadcast, 29 Nov - 15 March

• World Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic, 18 Feb - 1 March LIVE

• World Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic, 18 Feb - 1 March LIVE


• European Championships in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, 6-13 December 2008

ALPINE SKIING • World Cup: all 34 rounds LIVE 25 Oct - 15 March • World Championships in Val d’Isère, France, 3-15 February LIVE

• 10 World Championships, 6 World Cups, 3 European Championships • 1000 hours of broadcast paving the way to the 2010 Winter Olympics

150 hours

BIATHLON • World Cup: all 9 rounds LIVE 3 Dec - 29 March

Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing, two sports that particularly appeal to the younger audience, as well as Ice Hockey, will be covered on Eurosport 2, the New Generation Sports Channel. See details page 32.

• World Championships in Pyeongchang, Korea, 14-22 February LIVE • European Championships in Ufa, Russia 26 February - 5 March LIVE 190 hours

110 hours

CURLING The best 3 championships are LIVE:

• World Women’s Championships in Gangneung, Korea, 21-29 March • World Men’s Championships in Moncton, Canada, 4-12 April 70 hours


50 hours

SKI JUMPING • World Cup: all 20 rounds LIVE 27 Nov - 22 March • World Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic, 18 February - 1 March LIVE 250 hours

SPEED SKATING • World Allround Championships in Hamar, Norway, 7-8 February LIVE • World Single Distances Championships in Richmond, Canada, 12-15 March LIVE 15 hours

• ISU Grand Prix: all 7 rounds, 25 Oct - 14 Dec 2008 LIVE • European Championships in Helsinki, Finland, 19-25 January LIVE • World Championships in Los Angeles, USA, 23-29 March LIVE 150 hours

LUGE Popular weekly “Wintersports Weekend Magazine” is back this season starting on 30 November. This exclusive 26-minute show covers all the latest news and results. “Wintersports Weekend Magazine” zooms in on the most exciting duels of the weekend, gives insight on the upsets of the week, and offers fans close-up interviews with famous champions.

• World Cup: on Eurosport, ten 26-minute highlights programmes will cover the whole season on Friday mornings. On Eurosport 2, all 9 rounds are LIVE, 29 Nov - 21 Feb. • World Championships in Lake Placid, USA, 6-8 February LIVE 40 hours

The show is broadcast every Sunday in prime time on Eurosport and every Monday at 18:30 on Eurosport 2.







As Official Broadcaster of the Olympic Games, Eurosport covers and promotes year round the major Olympic summer sports, and 2009 is no exception. Heading an impressive line-up of top events are the two biggest: the World Athletics Championships and the World Swimming Championships.


• European Artistic Gymnastics in Milan, Italy, 2-5 April. The finals are LIVE or delayed. • World Artistic Gymnastics Championships * in London, England, 13-18 October. The finals are LIVE or delayed.

The two major Olympic summer sports, athletics and swimming, will be in the spotlight in 2009 with two eagerly awaited meets:

*Rights * Rights to be confirmed

• World Athletics Championships in Berlin, Germany, 15-23 August. All heats and finals are LIVE. • World Swimming Championships in Rome, Italy, 18 July - 2 August. All heats and finals are LIVE in swimming. All finals in Diving and Synchronised Swimming are LIVE and delayed.



• European Slalom Championships * in Nottingham, England, 11-12 July

Outdoor Meetings

THE GREAT CHAMPIONSHIPS • European Indoor Championships in Turin, Italy, 6-8 March • SPAR European Team Championships in Leiria, Portugal, 20-21 June • IAAF World Youth Championships in Bressanone, Italy, 9-12 July • IAAF World Championships in Berlin, Germany, 15-23 August

• 8 June: Prague, Czech Republic EAA Meeting

• European Flatwater Championships * in Brandenburg, Germany, 25-28 June

• 17 June: Ostrava, Czech Republic IAAF Grand Prix


• 13 July: Athens, Greece IAAF Grand Prix

• European Championships in Bucharest, Romania, 5-12 April

• 31 August: Zagreb, Croatia IAAF Grand Prix

• World Championships * in Goyang City, Korea, 20-29 November

Indoor Meetings • 13 February: Düsseldorf, Germany • 15 February: Karlsruhe, Germany

*Rights to be confirmed

• World Individual Championships in Yokohama, Japan, 2-5 May


• World Cup in Moscow, Russia, 17-18 October

• Paris on 5 April, London on 26 April and New York on 1 November

• World Team Cup in Vienna, 25 October *Rights Rights to be confirmed


Sigi Heinrich Received special mention at the Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2008 awards for his coverage of the Beijing Games

• World Flatwater Championships at Lake Banook, Canada, 15-16 August

• European Championships in Stuttgart, Germany, 13-20 September

IAAF World Athletics Final

“As an athletics commentator, it’s a joy to see Berlin hosting the World Championships. With its fantastic stadium and audience of connoisseurs, it is probably the best place to host such a major event. Eurosport has broadcast all World Athletics Championships since the beginning of the 1990s, so you can rely on our know-how to take you to the very heart of the LIVE action, from the morning heats to the evening finals, without forgetting exclusive interviews and reports.”

• World Slalom Championships in La Seu d’Urgell, Spain, 9-13 September


• In September: Shanghai, China IAAF Permit • 12-13 September: Thessaloniki, Greece






• World Championships in Roma, Italy, 18 July - 2 August

• Oxford - Cambridge Boat Race Race, England, 29 March LIVE

• European Diving Champions Cup in Turin, Italy, 1-5 April, delayed

• All three World Cup rounds are broadcast delayed - Banyoles, Spain (2 June), Munich, Germany (22 June), Luzern, Switzerland (13 July).

• European Short Course Championships in Istanbul, Turkey 10-13 December

• World Championships in Poznan, Poland, 27-30 August LIVE

Since 1993, the monthly Olympic Magazine show has been taking a look at the Olympic movement through its institutions, athletes, partners and sporting highlights. The 26-minute Olympic Magazine is broadcast on the first Wednesday of every month.

11 11



1200 HOURS

The FIFA Under-20 World Cup and the UEFA Women’s EURO 2009 are the two star events on Eurosport this year. The tournament that has made the name of players such as Maradona and Messi is guaranteed to uncover the upcoming stars while the Women’s EURO is the greatest competition in women’s football in 2009. Eurosport will dedicate weeks of extensive LIVE coverage to both events. Eurosport will also deliver the best action around the globe, including the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Cup and the top competitions in Youth Football and Beach Soccer. The daily Eurogoals Series unveils a new team member in January with the introduction of “Eurogoals One-to-One”, a show which gets up close and personal to football’s leading lights.

FIFA UNDER-20 WORLD CUP See into the footballing future with the FIFA Under-20 World Cup. Held in Egypt between 25 September and 16 October, the event will feature 24 teams, with Germany, England, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary already qualified. Each will attempt to wrestle the cup away from holders Argentina. Eurosport & Eurosport 2 coverage will be exceptional, with more than 40 matches broadcast LIVE.

UEFA WOMEN’S EURO 2009 Eurosport has been a faithful partner of women’s football for many years. Following the successful broadcast of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2005, Eurosport and Eurosport 2 will offer extensive LIVE coverage of the Women’s EURO 2009, held in Finland between 23 August and 10 September. The event, the greatest in women’s football alongside the FIFA World Cup, has grown from eight participating teams in 2005 to 12 teams this year. “The most prestigious worldwide football tournament of the year is on Eurosport with the FIFA Under-20 World Cup. If you want to see the big names of tomorrow, Group A: then this event is definitely for you. It’s here that football’s new genius may well Finland, Ukraine, be unveiled as was the case with the likes of Maradona, Van Basten, Figo and Denmark, Netherlands Ronaldhino. The new Eurogoals One-to-One show will give a rare glimpse into Group B: the personal lives of today’s biggest names. And what better way to start than with Germany, Iceland, Ronaldo, Messi and Torres?” Norway, France Stefano Bernabino


Football Senior Producer


Group C: Sweden, England, Russia, Italy

2010 FIFA WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS With the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals to be held in South Africa, Eurosport will broadcast the qualifiers from February to November. For each playing date, there will be a 52-minute highlights programme at 23:00 on the same day, plus delayed matches the following day. The highlights and delayed matches will also be available on following days on Eurosport 2.

UEFA CUP All rounds of the 2008-2009 UEFA Cup are covered on Eurosport, from the beginning to the final. • Before the quarter-finals: one-hour highlight programme after each playing date, on Thursday at 23:00, and two delayed matches on Fridays • After the quarter-finals: the matches are delayed from Fridays at 24:00. Eurosport 2 will also cover the whole season with delayed matches and repeats.

UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE During the 2008-2009 season, the best of European club football has big format coverage on Eurosport on Thursday evenings (one match) and Fridays (three matches). These matches are repeated as previews on Tuesdays before each playing date.


• UEFA Futsal Cup (Final Four) in March or April • Euro Beach Soccer Cup in May, only on Eurosport 2 • UEFA European Under-17 Championships in Germany on 6-18 May • UEFA European Women’s Under-17 Championships in Nyon in May or June • Euro Beach Soccer League from June to August, only on Eurosport 2 • Toulon International Under-23 Festival in France on 2-11 June • UEFA European Under-19 Championships in Ukraine on 21 July - 2 August • UEFA European Women’s Under-19 Championships in Belarus on 13-25 July • FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Egypt on 25 September - 16 October • FIFA Under-17 World Cup in Nigeria on 24 October - 15 November • FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Dubai on 16-22 November.

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, FIFA Under-17 World Cup and Toulon International Under-23 Festival are leading an impressive line-up of events broadcast LIVE on Eurosport and Eurosport 2.


Created in 1991, Eurogoals is aired daily, Mondays to Fridays, at 18:00. A new member “Eurogoals One to One” is joining the series from January 2009.

• Mondays: Eurogoals The traditional 45-minute magazine features the best goals from around Europe.

• Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: Eurogoals Flash All the latest football news in a 10-minute format.

• Fridays: Eurogoals Weekend This prestigious 26-minute programme focuses on the greatest stars and the greatest clubs in Europe. New to 2009, Eurogoals One-to-One is a 12-minute interview with a football star, broadcast immediately after Eurogoals Weekend, every two or three weeks.

13 13





Crazy about Cycling? Then Eurosport, with its unrivalled LIVE coverage of the biggest events, is for you. At the Tour de France Eurosport covers every inch of every hard-fought stage as the event welcomes back record seven-time winner Lance Armstrong. The channel will also cover the two major UCI World Championships and bring you action from the season’s best races, such as Paris-Roubaix and Paris-Nice.

THE GREATEST RACES All the great classics, top one-day races and stage races are on Eurosport. • Tour of Qatar LIVE and delayed 1-6 February • Tour of California LIVE and delayed 14-22 February • Paris-Nice LIVE and delayed 8-15 March


• Tour of Flanders * LIVE 5 April • Gent-Wevelgem * LIVE 8 April


• Paris-Roubaix LIVE 12 April

The Tour de France is the greatest race in cycling history and one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar. With 140 hours of broadcast, including 80 hours LIVE, the Tour de France is definitely the king cycling event on Eurosport.

• Amstel Gold Race * LIVE 19 April

VUELTA A ESPAÑA* 29 August - 20 September

• Paris-Tours LIVE 11 October

Eurosport’s coverage of the Vuelta is also LIVE, from the first stage to the last. *Rights to be confirmed

• Flèche Wallonne LIVE 22 April • Liège-Bastogne-Liège LIVE 26 April • Criterium du Dauphiné Libéré * LIVE 7-14 June


*Broadcast to be confirmed

• World Track Championships in Pruszkow, Poland * LIVE 26-29 March • World Road Championships in Mendrisio, Switzerland * LIVE 23-27 September *Rights to be confirmed




Entertainment NEW to Eurosport in 2009: the WWE ® — World Wrestling Entertainment — is set to explode on to your screens in February. Take a ringside seat and watch the show unfold, as WWE ® promises to be fast, furious, theatrical and nothing less than engaging, each Monday from 21:00 to 22:30. WWE ® is part of Eurosport’s new and exciting prime-time entertainment slot “Clash Time” on Mondays, which also features the wacky world of WATTS at 20:15, followed by a show of brut strength with Armwrestling at 20:30. Eurosport’s other entertainment pillar, Snooker, promises a feast of LIVE action this year. Get close to the suspense and revel in the tactical sparring, the tense finales, and the wonder shots as the world’s greatest players pit their wits against each other.



WWE ® — WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT For the first time ever, the world’s best action entertainment is on Eurosport, except in the UK, with 40 26-minute WWE highlight episodes broadcast from February on Mondays at 21:00. These programmes will feature the best action of the week. Brawn, beauty and bruises — don’t miss the weekly highlights of WWE’s Smackdown® and RAW ®.

SNOOKER All the greatest tournaments are covered LIVE, including the: • Masters in Wembley, England, 11-18 January • World Championships in Sheffield, England, on 18 April - 4 May • Grand Prix in Aberdeen, Scotland, 3-11 October • UK Championship in York, England, 5-13 December

Eurosport also broadcasts the “World Series of Snooker”. Launched last year, it includes top events in which local champions compete against the world’s best players from the top 20.

At 21:30, viewers will also have access to 20 years worth of archives, with “Vintage Collection”, a one-hour programme looking at the sport’s greatest matches and champions, including stars such as Hulk Hogan, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

Launched in 2001, WATTS is one of the most popular programmes on Eurosport. This year it will continue its weekly round-up of the bizarre, funny and kooky goings-on in the world of sports at 20:15 on Mondays. The Monday prime-time slot also welcomes a new addition in 2009. Internet prankster Remi Gaillard returns with a short madcap show “The Big Challenge”, where he will try to defeat champions using any means possible. Be prepared to see your sporting heroes in uncompromising situations in this fun and irreverent show.

organised and promoted by EUROSPORT EVENTS, the world-class sports events management arm of Eurosport Group.

With the one-hour “Hall of Frame” programmes, viewers can relive all the best matches past and present, featuring the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Stephen Maguire, Matthew Stevens, John Higgins, Peter Ebdon, Shaun Murphy and Ken Doherty.

ARMWRESTLING Armwrestling requires a blend of expert timing, tactics and determination and has today become a popular spectator sport. On Mondays at 20:30 Eurosport will broadcast each week a 26-minute highlights programme from Worldwide Armwrestling contests, including the Professional Armwrestling League (PAL) and the National Armwrestling League (NAL).

OTHER ENTERTAINMENT SERIES AND EVENTS • The Darts World Championships as well as the Bowls World Indoor Championships are LIVE on Eurosport in January. • The six programmes of the Timbersports series, including stock saw, single buck and speed climb events, is broadcast on Fridays on Eurosport and on Wednesdays on Eurosport 2. • The feats of the World’s Strongest Man are on Fridays on Eurosport. • Eurosport 2 will cover some of the best Pool and Billiards competitions on Thursdays in prime time as well as the 2009 World Carrom Tour on 16-21 March.








Eurosport is full of fighting spirit in 2009. Boxing fans will enjoy exclusive European Championships LIVE, as well as the most attractive fights from the USA and around the world. Also on the card this year is the unmissable “Fight Club”. Launched in 2004, it looks at every facet of fighting disciplines, such as Martial Arts. Hugely successful and original, Fight Club offers a captivating glimpse into fight cultures, new and old, as well as interviews with the biggest exponents and action from quality competitions.

BOXING NEW IN 2009: 15 EXCLUSIVE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS LIVE ON FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS For the first time Eurosport will offer boxing fans around 15 European Championships LIVE. These championships, exclusively LIVE on Eurosport, are broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays prime time. The categories go from lightweight (61kg) to heavyweight (over 90kg).


Eurosport 2 completes Eurosport’s LIVE action in 2009 with a few special “Nights of Boxing”, featuring exclusive international contests LIVE from the USA. Besides this exclusive LIVE coverage, Eurosport broadcasts on Tuesdays prime time the greatest heavyweight contests in the world, top American fights from Las Vegas and New York as well as 20 World Championships. With such an offer, the biggest names are on Eurosport, including the legendary Evander Holyfield (USA), the Russian giant Nicolay Valuev, his fellow countryman Alexandre Povetkin, German Arthur “the King” Abraham and English star Ricky Hatton, to name but a few.

THE FIGHT CLUB UNIVERSE The Fight Club on Eurosport goes beyond the competitions to report on fight sports culture, Martial Arts films, DVD and video games releases. Fight sports fans can find everything they need, from exclusive behind-thescenes reports from the competitions to interviews with stars. Fight Club has

FIGHT CLUB THURSDAYS PRIME TIME The Fight Club is an exciting and powerful show promoting the finest Martial Arts tournaments from around the world. It also looks at the culture surrounding the sport.

All of them feature the very best fighters in the world. The K-1 Grand Prix is the flagship competition, featuring exclusively heavyweight fighters while the K-1 World Max series showcases under 75kg fighters.

KICK BOXING: K-1 The K-1 discipline has grown into a global phenomenon from its origins in Japan where 50,000 sell-out crowds regularly pack the Tokyo Dome. Broadcast on Thursdays in prime time every two weeks, more than 15 events are scheduled in 2009.

In addition, from February, “Total KO”, a 52-minute highlights programme broadcast Mondays at 22:30 will feature a selection of the greatest KOs in K-1. Spectacular, quick and quite literally stunning, this is a fight programme that truly packs a punch.

already interviewed Jet Li and Jérôme Le Banner for their respective movies “Danny the Dog” and “Scorpion”, as well as Jean-Claude Van Damme. More recently, Jason Statham was the guest of Fight Club and gave viewers the latest news regarding the preparation of his new martial arts film “Transporter 3”, produced by Luc Besson.






From the gruelling Dakar rally to the guts of Le Mans, Eurosport’s top coverage of motorsports this year promises to get pulses racing from the off. For a glimpse of glamour watch the Monte Carlo Rally as it rises to the Intercontinental Rally Challenge for the first time. If two wheels are more your style then Eurosport has all the latest from the Superbike and Supersport series.


FOUR-WHEEL SERIES LE MANS 24 HOURS The legendary event will have extensive coverage. The qualifying rounds will be covered LIVE on 11 June on Eurosport. The race is entirely LIVE on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June: 15 hours LIVE on Eurosport, nine hours LIVE on Eurosport 2. FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP As usual, all rounds of the FIA World Rally Championships will be on Eurosport: FIA WORLD TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP Produced by Eurosport, the FIA World Touring Car Championships (WTCC) is the third FIA World Championship along with the Formula One World Championship and the World Rally Championship. The FIA WTCC has gone from strength to strength in recent years, becoming a benchmark in car racing. All 12 rounds are LIVE on Eurosport. On Sunday mornings the channel broadcasts LIVE the warm-up at 09:30 and the two races at 12:45 and 14:45. Saturday’s qualifying races are on Eurosport 2. The WTCC Magazine, 26-minutes long, is broadcast on Tuesdays on Eurosport at 23:00 and on Eurosport 2 on Thursdays at 18:30. organised and promoted by EUROSPORT EVENTS, the world-class sports events management arm of Eurosport Group.

• Thursdays: preview of the coming event • Fridays to Sundays: highlights from the leg of the day • Tuesdays: review of the event DAKAR 2009 After last year’s cancellation, the legendary event is back daily on Eurosport from 3 to 17 January. At 19:15, a 15-minute LIVE show from the rally’s base camp will broadcast race highlights and LIVE interviews.

INTERCONTINENTAL RALLY CHALLENGE The 2007 inaugural season of the new Intercontinental Rally Challenge was a great success with spectators, as well as the number of participating manufacturers. Last year, the IRC built on its successes, increasing to 10 events. In 2009 the series will go one step further with 12 rallies and star events joining the series such as Monte Carlo Rally and RAC MSA Rally of Scotland. All rounds are shown on Eurosport on Fridays and Saturdays in 26-minute highlights programmes at 23:00. These will be repeated on Eurosport 2. There is also a 26-minute magazine broadcast on Tuesday evenings on Eurosport and on Thursdays at 18:30 on Eurosport 2. For prestigious events such as the Monte Carlo Rally, Eurosport and Eurosport 2 will enhance their coverage with LIVE broadcast. For the first time ever seven stages of the Monte Carlo Rally will be transmitted LIVE. Eurosport’s LIVE TV production has the highest standard with dramatic images from helicopters and on-board cameras. organised and promoted by EUROSPORT EVENTS, the world-class sports events management arm of Eurosport Group.

FORMULA MASTERS All eight rounds, will be covered LIVE on Eurosport, mainly on Sundays and sometimes on Saturdays. 20

The return of Formula Two, after a 25-year break, is good news for all lovers of international single-seater championship. This revival is thanks to a FIA initiative to provide young, talented drivers with the opportunity to compete in top-level racing before progressing to Formula 1. The F2 cars are designed by Williams F1. All eight rounds will be covered LIVE on Eurosport, at the weekends.

LE MANS SERIES Eurosport will cover all five rounds on Sunday’s prime time with 15-minute highlights programmes. On Eurosport 2, 52-minute highlights programmes will cover the whole series on Tuesdays at 18:30.

PORSCHE MOBIL 1 SUPERCUP The series is LIVE on Eurosport and Eurosport 2. CIK-FIA KARTING CHAMPIONSHIPS The World KF1 Championship is LIVE on Eurosport, while the three rounds of the European KF1 Championship are on Eurosport 2 with three 26-minute highlights programmes.

TWO-WHEEL SERIES SUPERBIKE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Superbike is a top motorcycling series with powerful machines reaching up to 320km/h. All rounds are LIVE on Eurosport and Eurosport 2 (the rounds LIVE on Eurosport 2 are also delayed on Eurosport). SUPERSPORT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday’s races of the Supersport World Championships are LIVE or delayed on Eurosport. LE MANS 24 HOURS - MOTORCYCLING RACE The famous endurance race is LIVE on Eurosport and Eurosport 2 on 18-19 April.

ON EUROSPORT 2 Exciting motorsports series are broadcast only on Eurosport 2, mostly LIVE: the British Superbike championship, the Trial, Motocross, Supermoto, and Enduro World Championships, the GP2 Asia and American Le Mans Series series, the SEAT Eurocup and some Supercross events. 21





Top LIVE Tennis action on Eurosport with cracking coverage of three Grand Slam Tournaments, as well as the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour and some of the best ATP Tournaments in the world. With 800 hours of LIVE Tennis, Eurosport really will be difficult to beat in 2009.

GRAND SLAM TOURNAMENTS Eurosport will provide extensive coverage of three Grand Slam tournaments: THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN • Melbourne, 19 January - 1 February THE FRENCH OPEN • Paris, 24 May - 7 June THE US OPEN • New York, 31 August - 13 September. The Australian, French and US Grand Slams will be fully broadcast LIVE, including day and night sessions in Melbourne and New York. In total, viewers will enjoy over 400 hours of LIVE coverage of the best in Tennis.

SONY ERICSSON WTA TOUR Eurosport covers all 19 Sony Ericsson Tour’s Premier events, as well as the Sony Ericsson Championships, providing an unmatched offering of women’s tennis. • Sydney, Australia 11-16 January • Paris, France 9-15 February • Dubai, United Arab Emirates 16-21 February • Indian Wells, USA 11-21 March


• Miami, USA 25 March - 4 April

Eurosport will end the year in a big flourish with the Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha, the greatest women’s tennis Tour event. The Championships will be entirely LIVE.

• Charleston, USA 13-19 April • Stuttgart, Germany 27 April - 3 May • Rome, Italy 4-11 May • Madrid, Spain 11-16 May • Tournament to be announced 18-24 May • Eastbourne, Great Britain 15-20 June • Stanford, USA 27 July - 2 August • Los Angeles, USA 3-9 August

EXPERT’S VIEW “During the Grand Slams, Eurosport promises to transport the viewer to the very heart of the action in Melbourne, Paris and New York. We cover LIVE the most exciting matches but are also court-side before and after the match. Trust our experts Mats Wilander and Barbara Schett to bring fans all the atmosphere, behind-the-scene reports and players’ reactions.” Pedro Garcia Senior Tennis Producer

• Cincinnati, USA 10-16 August • Toronto, Canada 17-23 August

ATP TOUR The tennis year starts in style on Eurosport with LIVE coverage of Doha’s tournament, featuring a star-studded cast: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Andy Roddick. Doha’s tournament is the first of a top line-up of ATP Tournaments, played on all surfaces, and broadcast LIVE on Eurosport and Eurosport 2. • Doha, Qatar 5-11 January • San Jose, USA 9-15 February • Delray Beach, USA 23 February - 1 March • Houston, USA 6-12 April • Estoril, Portugal 4-10 May • Newport, USA 6-12 July • Indianapolis, USA 20-26 July

• New Haven, USA 24-29 August

• Los Angeles, USA 27 July - 2 August

• Tokyo, Japan 28 September - 4 October

• Vienna, Austria 26 October - 1 November

• Beijing, China 6-11 October

• St Petersburg, Russia 26 October - 1 November

• New Haven, USA 24-29 August

• Moscow, Russia 19-25 October




Wednesday selection

Classy and elegant, Wednesday evenings are devoted to bringing the viewer a taste of the high life with a look at the best moments in prestigious sports such as Golf, Sailing, Equestrianism and Polo. Each Wednesday from 18:00-24:00.

GOLF • US PGA Tour The greatest circuit in the world featuring the game’s leading golfers such as Tiger Woods, with 30 top tournaments from January to October, plus the Augusta Masters



EQUESTRIAN • World Cup The 13 rounds in Show Jumping of the Western European League, from October 2008 to March 2009, plus the final in Las Vegas on 22 April

• Various Show Jumping events including Badminton, Burghley, Aachen and many others • Riders Club: weekly round-up of all the latest news in the Equestrian world

• Super League (rights to be confirmed) All rounds from May to September


• European PGA Tour (rights to be confirmed) 30 tournaments from January to November

The Wednesday Selection also features top Polo competitions, such as the Gold Cup and the Queen’s Cup in England, as well as premium tournaments in Argentina.

• Evian Masters on 29 July • Golf Club: weekly round-up of all the latest news in the world of Golf

SAILING The greatest Sailing races are in the Wednesday Selection: • World Match Racing Tour events • Regattas like Sydney Hobart, Giraglia Rolex Cup, Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, Champions Trophy etc. • Around The World Race like Volvo Ocean Race


• Yacht Club: weekly round-up of all the latest news in the sailing world.

• European Championships in Windsor, England. The jumping and dressage finals are covered LIVE on 28-30 August.

organised and promoted by EUROSPORT EVENTS, the world-class sports events management arm of Eurosport Group.

• Olympia Horse Show in London, an impressive show LIVE every year in December over six days • Global Champions Tour from March to November, on Saturdays at 20:30 - 22:00, LIVE This innovative competition gathers eight of the sport’s most renowned CSI-5* outdoor show jumping events into a same championship. The Tour features the world’s leading riders. organised and promoted by EUROSPORT EVENTS, the world-class sports events management arm of Eurosport Group.


25 25










RALLY Dakar 3-17 January

ALPINE SKIING World Championships 3-15 February

CYCLING Paris-Roubaix 12 April

TENNIS Australian Open 19 January - 1 February

BIATHLON World Championships 14-22 February


FOOTBALL UEFA Champions League & UEFA Cup finals 20 & 27 May

FOOTBALL Toulon International U-23 Festival 2-11 June

FIGURE SKATING European Championships 20-25 January

NORDIC SKIING World Championships 19 February - 1 March

TENNIS French Open 24 May - 7 June

CYCLING Criterium du Dauphiné Libéré 7-14 June*







CYCLING Tour de France 4-26 July

ATHLETICS World Championships 15-23 August

TENNIS US Open 31 August - 13 September


SWIMMING World Championships 18 July - 2 August

FOOTBALL UEFA Women’s EURO 2009 23 August - 10 September

CYCLING World Road Championships 22-27 September

FOOTBALL FIFA U-17 World Cup 24 October - 15 November

WINTERSPORTS “Road to Vancouver 2010” All the top events in 9 Olympic Wintersports on the “Road to Vancouver 2010”

FOOTBALL UEFA European U-19 Championships 21 July - 2 August

CYCLING Vuelta a España* 29 August - 20 September

ATHLETICS European Indoor Championships 6-8 March CYCLING Paris-Nice 8-15 March

FOOTBALL FIFA U-20 World Cup 25 September - 16 October

SNOOKER World Championships 18 April - 3 May MARATHON London 26 April

ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS World Championships 13-18 October TENNIS WTA Sony Ericsson Championships 26 October - 1 November

* broadcast to be confirmed

CAR RACING 24 hours le Mans 13-14 June

BEACH SOCCER FIFA World Cup 18-28 November

CHRISTMAS OFFER Special festive programming schedule 21 December - 3 January

*Rights to be confirmed




All the latest news, reports and interviews from the world of sport are broadcast 24/7, with 50% of the content focusing on Football. The time slots dedicated to the news are at 07:30-10:00, 12:30-14:00 and 23:00-07:30. Additional flashes complete the news offer on the channel, at 11:00, 16:45, 18:00 and 19:30.

An impressive line-up of top competitions form the events offer on the





New Generation Sports Channel. Basketball Eurocup, Handball Champions League, Volleyball Women’s Italian League, Surfing ASP World Tour, Dew Tour, Snowboarding TTR and National Lacrosse League, all of them are on Eurosport 2, most of which are covered LIVE.

What other channel can in the same day bring you the latest sporting news round-ups, the wizardry of the world’s best handball player Nikola Karabatic, LIVE surfing action from Australia and the hustle and bustle of North America’s Lacrosse League?

Such content, rhythm, style and identity make Eurosport 2 a unique channel in the TV sports universe.

Launched in 2005, Eurosport 2 is the new generation sports channel bringing viewers a unique blend of team sports, alternative and new sports, and up-to-the-minute news.





Sports TEAM SPORTS Basketball • Eurocup The ULEB Cup has changed its name to the Eurocup. The new format and the arrival of top NBA players bring the European competition to a new level. Eurosport 2 has been a media partner of the competition since 2005 and will broadcast up to two matches LIVE on Tuesdays, from November to April, for a total of 36 matches LIVE over the season. • Euroleague Basketball Show In addition to the Eurocup coverage, Eurosport 2 continues, in partnership with the Euroleague, to produce and to air “Euroleague Basketball Show” at 19:00 on Fridays, a 26-minute weekly magazine featuring the best from the two top European club competitions: the Euroleague and the Eurocup.

Beach Soccer Eurosport 2 covers LIVE the best of Beach Soccer with the Euro Beach Soccer Cup in Rome, Italy on 24-27 May and the Euro Beach Soccer League from June to August. Eurosport 2 will also broadcast LIVE, along with Eurosport, the climax of the season: the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Dubai on 16-22 November.

Water Polo The preliminary rounds of the 2008-2009 Euroleague are covered from November to March at 16:15 on Thursdays with six 26-minute programmes. The quarter-finals are LIVE, or slightly delayed, on 8 and 22 April as well as the Final Four on 22-23 May.

• Greek league Fans can also enjoy top domestic European basketball with coverage during the weekend of the home league matches of the two Greek giants: Olympiacos and Panathinaikos. Volleyball The Women’s Italian League is regarded as the best women’s domestic volleyball league in Europe. Eurosport 2 broadcasts the whole 2008-2009 season from October to April in all Eurosport 2 territories, except in Italy. There is one match LIVE per round on Saturdays at 16:30 plus a repeat on Sundays at 20:00. Field Hockey The Euro Hockey League is broadcast on Eurosport 2 with the Last 16 round on 10-13 April and the Final Four in the Netherlands on 30-31 May. Ice Hockey The famous Spengler Cup and three World Championships will all be LIVE on the channel: • Spengler Cup in Davos, Switzerland, 26-31 December 2008 • World Under-20 Championships in Ottawa, Canada, 26 Dec 2008 - 5 Jan 2009 • World Women’s Championships in Hämeenlinna, Finland, 4-12 April • World Under-18 Championships in Fargo and Moorhead, USA, 9-19 April


Rugby The entire 2008-2009 season of the Top 14 is LIVE on Fridays at 20:30, from October to June (except in France). The TOP 14 is the French Rugby Premiership. It is a word-class championship featuring some of the best players in the world, including All Blacks’ stars Dan Carter, Jerry Collins, Chris Masoe and Justin Marshall.

Football Premier League In addition to this pan-European LIVE coverage of team sports, Eurosport 2 has exclusive LIVE coverage of the football English Premier League in Hungary and Romania. Christiano Ronaldo, Deco, Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard and Robinho are just some of the stars fans can admire this season, with up to six matches LIVE per week, highlights programmes and magazines.

Handball The Men’s EHF Champions League gathers the best players and clubs in Europe, including stars such as Nikola Karabatic and Ivano Balic. Eurosport 2 will enhance its offer this year to bring viewers more than 50 matches for the 2008-2009 season (October to May). This includes at least one LIVE match every match day and a new weekly magazine, “Handball Champions League Show”, produced by Eurosport 2 in partnership with the EHF, and broadcast exclusively on Sundays at 22:30. Eurosport 2 is also airing one LIVE match per round of the Women’s EHF Champions League from November to May.




&Sports New


Surfing The ASP Men’s World Tour is the elite surfing tour. In 2009 Eurosport 2 will once again be THE surfing channel, covering 9 rounds out of 11. During competitions, Jean-Patrick Mothes is beachside each evening at 20:00 to present a 15-minute show bringing you highlights, the atmosphere, rider’s profiles and the latest interviews. Eurosport 2 will broadcast some rounds LIVE.

NEW SPORTS The National Lacrosse League, Australian Football League or Battle Hip Hop are among the original and innovative programmes viewers can discover on Eurosport 2. National Lacrosse League Lacrosse brings together the physical power of hockey and the pace of basketball. Eurosport 2 covers the whole of North America’s professional indoor Lacrosse season with one match per week at 18:30 on Sundays, from January to May. Australian Football League Popularly known as Aussie rules, this rough and tumble sport mixes Football and Rugby, with a fanatic following in its native country. Eurosport 2 brings action from the entire March to September season, with one match on Sundays at 21:00. Fans can also enjoy the 52-minute “Australian Football Show” on Mondays at 23:00.

DEW Tour The DEW Tour is the world’s premier season-long action sports tour. The summer tour consists of five major multi-sport events from June to October. It features Skateboarding (park and vert), BMX (park, vert and dirt) and FMX (Freestyle Motocross). The Tour attracts the best competitors in the world for the biggest prize money ($2.5 million). Eurosport 2 brings LIVE coverage of five rounds, on Saturdays and Sundays. New this season: the launch of the first-ever DEW Winter Tour including three stops and the following competitions: men’s and women’s snowboarding (slopestyle and superpipe) as well as men’s freeskiing (slopestyle and superpipe). Eurosport 2 covers all three rounds LIVE in Breckenridge (20-21 Dec 2008), West Dover (10-11 January 2009) and Northstar-at-Tahoe (21-22 Feb 2009).

Battle Hip Hop In 2009, Eurosport 2 will cover some of the best events LIVE. Paintball “Paintball Show” is a 26-minute weekly programme featuring the best competitions and latest news of paintball universe. It is broadcast monthly from February to December, on Thursdays at 20:00.

Snowboarding Ticket To Ride Tour Now in its seventh year, the Ticket To Ride (TTR) World Snowboard Tour is the largest culmination of independent Freestyle Snowboard events. Twelve 26-minute highlights programmes will cover the best events of the Tour (the 5 and 6 star label events) on Thursdays at 18:30, from December 2008 to March 2009. Some events will be broadcast LIVE: • Davos, 9-10 January • Laax, 16 January • Innsbruck, 31 January • Crans Montana, 7 February • Oslo, 21 February


Snowboarding FIS World Cup The whole World Cup season is covered on Eurosport 2 from October to March. The European rounds are LIVE. The other rounds will be broadcast through 26-minute highlights programmes on Thursdays at 18:30. Freestyle Skiing The whole World Cup season is covered with 26-minute highlights programmes on Thursdays at 19:00. New this season: some rounds will be broadcast LIVE. FMX In 2009, Eurosport 2 will cover some of the best FMX competitions (Freestyle Motocross), one of the most spectacular sports in the genre. There will be LIVE coverage on Saturdays in prime time.

Photo : Ray Demski

EXPERT’S VIEW “Since its launch four years ago, Eurosport 2 has been considered an innovator. We have established strong partnerships with rights holders and sports federations. Many of them come to us for our top-quality TV production and today Eurosport 2 is proud to be the producer of the annual Basketball Eurocup Final Eight. We have also been innovating with exclusive, first-ever LIVE coverage in Europe of alternative sports events such as the ASP World Surfing Tour and the Summer and Winter Dew Tour. If you want to see Shaun White LIVE, you’ll find him only on Eurosport 2.” Charles-Antoine Moulin Head of Eurosport 2









LACROSSE National Lacrosse League Season start

SNOWBOARDING Ticket To Ride Tour Crans Montana & Oslo events

VOLLEYBALL Women’s Italian League

HANDBALL EHF Champions League Finals Men & Women

BANDY World Championships 18-25 January


ICE HOCKEY World Women’s and World U-18 Championships 8-12 April & 16-19 April

RUGBY Top 14* Semi-finals & Final *In all Eurosport 2 territories, except in France.

TRIAL Indoor World Championship English & French rounds

UNIVERSITY SPORTS Winter Universiade 2009 20-28 February







SURFING ASP World Tour South African round 9-19 July

BEACH SOCCER Euro League Super Final

AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL Australian Football League Final


BASKETBALL Eurocup Season start

FMX Events


ACTION SPORTS Summer DEW Tour Salt Lake City event

SURFING ASP World Tour «The Search»

SNOWBOARDING World Cup Season start

SURFING ASP World Tour France

BASKETBALL Greek League Season start


BEACH SOCCER Euro League UNIVERSITY SPORTS Summer Universiade 2009 1-12 July



PAINTBALL Paintball Show

HANDBALL EHF Champions League Main round SNOWBOARDING World Cup Finals

BASKETBALL Eurocup Final 8 SURFING ASP World Tour Australian rounds

BEACH SOCCER European Cup SUPERBIKE British Championship

ACTION SPORTS Summer DEW Tour Season start BASKETBALL Greek League Play-offs

SNOWBOARDING World Cup CHRISTMAS OFFER Special festive programming schedule 21 December - 3 January





SPORTS DESTINATION Eurosport is today setting the standard in online sports information and entertainment.

“Last year we were very proud to become the N°1 online sports destination in Europe.*

With up to 9.9 million unique visitors* per month, Eurosport’s network of 10 websites in 9 languages is Europe’s N°1 online sports destination. This year’s January launch of a site in Poland further strengthens Eurosport’s internet platform, which already accounts for an average of 200 million hits per month.

Being at the forefront has inspired us to continue innovating and strengthening our platform. To answer the needs of our viewers, locally as well as internationally, we are already well on track to reaching another milestone this year — becoming Europe’s most comprehensive sports database service.

No other broadcaster can claim to be the first to forge an innovative crossmedia partnership with an online giant. But that is exactly what Eurosport did with Yahoo! in May 2007, and since then the alliance has gone from strength to strength.

We will also redesign our video section and launch new websites such as the Polish site in January. In 2009, Eurosport sites will continue to do what they do best: cover the biggest LIVE events and help fans realise and share their passion for great sports entertainment.”

Today the co-branded sites in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy unite content with Yahoo!’s ability to connect people to Eurosport’s unrivalled their passions via online communities, resulting in the greatest entertainment sport coverage.

Arnaud Maillard Internet & New Media Director *comScore figures

Fast, accurate, compelling, Eurosport’s sites are THE place for sport fans. By combining expert journalism, online community services such as blogs events and from sports experts, chatrooms and fantasy games, interviews, Eurosport is stamping its unique identity on the net. Eurosport is committed to bringing the best local coverage online. With newsrooms in nine different countries generating content, Eurosport is developing the most comprehensive sports data service in Europe. And the figures speak for themselves: an annual total of 60,000 stories, 50 news flashes every hour and 50,000 videos available in the media centre - all of which keeps internet users abreast of the exciting world of sport.

10 websites in 9 languages • International/English version: and • German version: • Italian version: • Spanish version: • French version: • Swedish version: • Russian version: • Chinese version: • Polish version:

*comScore June 2008 36



On line

On the Go

THE GREATEST ONLINE EXPERIENCE FOR SPORTS FANS WORLD-CLASS CONTENT • More than 60,000 stories each year. • At least 50 news flashes per hour in the ticker. • Expert opinions: expertise from Eurosport’s local consultants with comments from the readers. • A large amount of computer graphics.

MULTIPLE GAMING OPPORTUNITIES • Focus on fantasy games: Football (National Leagues, Champions League), F1, Rugby. • Facebook applications. • Contests on special events. • A specific zone dedicated to poker.


SPORT ON THE MOVE With Eurosport Mobile, get sports info everywhere. Eurosport Mobile offers dedicated mobile websites with the results in 7 languages. largest sports news and

UNIQUE LIVE COVERAGE 24/7 • Real time coverage of all major sport events around the globe with LIVE text commentaries. • LIVE results, schedules, standings, statistics, analysis, exclusive interviews and all the latest news. THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE OFFER • Unrivalled breadth and depth with more than 25 sports and 50 disciplines. • Global approach with all the great events covered on each site. • Specific local content: thanks to the nine local newsrooms, which develop content to fit the needs in both sports and tones. • The most complete sport data in Europe. • The greatest events: all regular competitions and special events covered all year long in all the main sports. Mini-sites are fully dedicated to major events of the year. COMPELLING MULTIMEDIA SERVICES • 50,000 videos available, featuring highlights from events, interviews, reports and magazines. • Multilingual coverage with content available in nine different languages for each local site.


streaming of Eurosport Eurosport Mobile also brings users and Eurosport 2 channels in 14 countries and 11 languages. Eurosport Mobile: palm of your hand.

TOP-OF-THE-RANGE COMMUNITY TOOLS • Message boards • Questions to commentators • Blogs • Voting • User polls • Forums • Newsletters

action and sports information in the

THE GREATEST EVENTS IN 2009 • The greatest events are on Eurosport’s websites. All regular competitions and special events are covered all year long in all the main sports: Football, Tennis, Cycling, Wintersports, Motorsports, Athletics, Basketball, Golf, Rugby and many more. Special sections will be developed for the big events of the year: • Dakar 2009 • FIS Alpine World Ski Championships Val d’Isère 2009 • 24 Hours Le Mans 2009 • 2009 Ashes Cricket • 13th FINA World Swimming Championships Rome 2009 • 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics Berlin 2009.


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