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Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


Fact sheet Address: Meliá Hotels International Gremio Toneleros, 24 07009 Palma de Mallorca, Spain Tel: (34) 971 22 44 00 Fax: (34) 971 22 44 08 www. NIF: A-78304516

IPO: 2 July 1996

Brands: Gran Meliá Hotels & Resorts ME by Meliá Paradisus Resorts Meliá Hotels & Resorts Innside by Meliá TRYP by Wyndham Sol Hotels Club Meliá

Foundedn: Palma de Mallorca, 1956

Revenues 2011: 1,335.3 million euros EBITDA 2011: 245.8 million euros Distribution channels: In-house reservation system Internet: Integrations with major online and offline travel agencies. Connectivity with main GDS systems: Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre y Worldspan Specialist departments for tour operators, travel agencies and companies Meliá Meetings & Events

Hotel operations: Ownership, lease, management and franchise

Chairmainship: Chairman & Founder: Gabriel Escarrer Juliá Vicechairman & CEO: Gabriel Escarrer Jaume

Nº hoteles: 350 Nº habitaciones: 90.500

Loyalty programmes: mas rewards (2,700,000) mas amigos (86,000) – travel agents mas corporate – SMEs

Global presence: 35 countries on 4 continents

Products: Hoteles urbanos y vacacionales de 3, 4 y 5 estrellas. Club Vacacional



Posicionamiento: Largest hotel chain in Spain by number of rooms 15th largest worldwide (Hotels Magazine ranking)

Sustainable Development:: Biosphere Hotel Company Global Sustainability Policy (2008) 27 certified hotels, holding 30 awards (15 Biosphere, 5 Earth Check, 6 ISO 14001, 4 EMAS) Signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (2008) Signatory of Global Sustainable Tourism Council (2011)

Institutional presence: Fundación SERES Fundación Entorno ACIM-ECPAT Fundación Príncipe de Gerona Cátedra Meliá de Estudios Turísticos con UIB Fundació Universitat Empresa de les Illes Balears Exceltur (Alianza para la Excelencia Turística) World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Organización Mundial de Turismo (OMT) Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Consejo Estatal de RSE Corporate Excellence Wharton Camara de Comercio Internacional CEOE, Confederación Española de organizaciones Empreariales Instituto Empresa Familiar APD (Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección) Inverotel Agrupació Cadenes Hoteleras Universidad Comillas Imtur



























Press Kit Meliá Hotels International

Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


Company history

the merger with Inmotel Inversiones.The e-transformation of the

business. Hotel operations statistics confirm the recovery in the

Strategic highlights are the development of a Contingency Plan to

company also begins to prepare company technology for the

economic cycle while the asset management business achieves

align short-term strategy to market circumstances and limit the

twenty-first century.

high capital gains on sales and the purchase of several key pro-

impacts of the crisis. On the other hand, the company received

perties. The Vacation Club becomes the third of the company’s

his second Prince Felipe Award for Excellence in Tourism. It is

strategic lines of business and provides a final step for the whole

also certified as the first “Biosphere Hotel Company”, supported

of the customer life cycle with the company. The company ex-

by UNESCO, representing a major step in its commitment to

On 21st. August, 2000, the company seals the acquisition of Tryp

tends its product range acquiring a 50% share in Luxury Lifestyle

sustainable development.

Hotels and joins the ranking of the top ten hotel companies in

Hotels & Resorts, created in 2004 by the Stein Group.

Throughout more than 50 years of its history, the company has been involved in a number of merger and acquisition operations with other hotel companies, allowing the company to grow at a startling rate. This evolution and the strategic focus on international growth has allowed Meliá Hotels International, with more than 350 hotels in 35 countries, to be the first Spanish hotel company with presence in key markets such as China, the Gulf or

2000 Acquisition of Tryp: the world by number of rooms while strengthening its position as the leading city hotel chain in Spain.

The company is focusing its growth strategy in the geographical

2006 was a historical year in every sense of the word. The com-

diversification of its product and the brand equity, with particular

pany celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with record-breaking re-

attention to its luxury portfolio and new destinations, such as

The year began with the launch of the new brand structure, re-

sults and also successfully completing major projects such as the

Dubai, Egypt, Cape Verde or Colombia. The company inaugurates

ducing the number of brands to 4: Meliá Hotels, Tryp Hotels, Sol

creation of the new ME by Meliá brand, a revolutionary new

its first hotel in China and USA. In June 2010, Wyndham com-

Hotels and Paradisus Resorts.The events of 9/11 had a significant

approach to hospitality and a great success for the company. The

pleted TRYP brand acquisition from the company, opening a vast

impact on the world-wide travel industry and financial results for

year also saw a progressive renovation of the company’s brands

growth opportunities for both companies across Europe and the

many companies, including amongst them the company.

with a new brand image and features. Meliá hotels acquired ener-


the U.S., as well as maintaining its leadership in traditional markets such as Europe, Latin America or the Caribbean.

1956 Opening of the first hotel: At only 21 years of age, Gabriel Escarrer Juliá begins to lease and operate his first hotel: the Altair Hotel in Palma de Majorca (Spain).

2001 A year that left its mark:

gy and passion, while Tryp, Sol and Paradisus created new pro-

1984 Acquisition de HOTASA: Growth begins. In a joint operation with Aresbank (financial representatives of the KIO group in Spain), 32 hotels in Spain are acquired from the HOTASA hotel chain. The company becomes the leading hotel chain in Spain, a position it retains to this day.

1985 First international hotel: The company commences its international growth with the incorporation of the first hotel outside Spain: the Bali Sol.

2010 Diversification of product:

2006 Enthusiasm for the 50th anniversary:

2002 Time for internal consolidation: A difficult year in which political, financial and social instability

ducts and activities for more highly segmented target markets.

2011 New corporate brand: After completion of the Strategic Plan 2008-2010 and the subsequent adaptation to the economic crisis, the company now

were dominant features. Fortunately it was not all doom and

2007 A historic year:

gloom. In some situations the crisis became an opportunity for

The strategic actions carried out by the company in previous

ment strengths and growing exponentially in the most competi-

improvement.The company chose to use the year to consolidate

years produced record financial results in a year which also saw

tive markets. The company changes its corporate brand to boost

its most recent achievements and focused on creating excellent

another major deal, the acquisition of the German hotel chain

its international recognition through its best-known hotel brand:

products, one of the best sales forces in the business, modern,

Innside, the disposal of the 50% share in the Luxury Lifestyle

Meliá. Thus, the company becomes Meliá Hotels International.

integrated distribution systems, and a sound financial structure.

Hotels & Resorts joint venture, and the approval of the 2008-

The hotel chain creates a new Asia-Pacific area to support the

2010 Strategic Plan. The most important achievement in the year,

growth in the region which will be the main focus of develop-

however, was the implementation of the new internal organisa-

ment efforts in the coming years, and signs an alliance with the

tional structure at the beginning of the year to provide a more

most important Chinese hotel group, Jin Jiang, which should allow

appropriate response to the challenges of the future.

both companies to grow their brands through a coordinated ex-

2003 A year of major alliances: The company seeks growth in revenues through major alliances

faces a new period with the aim of consolidating its manage-

pansion strategy in China and Europe.

1987 Acquisition of MELIÁ:

with leading travel companies and the creation of new products

Gabriel Escarrer Juliá also becomes Chairman of Hoteles Meliá,

brand. New alliances with Cendant Corporation, the leading

a group comprising 22 hotels that had been controlled by the

2008 New Strategic Plan:

2012 More leader and global

international travel and tourism company, and,

Major openings during the year included the Gran Meliá Palacio

With the adoption of a new Strategic Plan, the company has

Luxembourg-based Interpol Group. Growth continues in Europe,

European leader in the online travel market, allow the company

de Isora in July 2008, a resort in the south of Tenerife in which

prioritised international expansion via low capital intensive for-

Latin America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the Mediterra-

access to new markets including the United States.

luxury is a way of life, and the ME Barcelona in August, intro-

mulas such as variable lease agreements or management and

ducing a new and daring style of hotel to the Catalan capital.

franchise contracts, allowing growth to occur at a faster pace.

New projects were also scheduled, including the opening of the

This approach is made possible thanks to the maturity of the

Gran Meliá Crete or the ME. The company adopted in 2008 its

Meliá hotel management model, embodied by the added values

such as the Flintstone themed hotels and the new Hard Rock

nean, natural destinations for the company.


IPO of Sol Meliá as a hotel management

2004 A new business focus: The creation of the Asset Management Department has given

Global Sustainability Policy and it is included in the FTSE4Good

offered to owners and investors, such as the standardization of


the company a double focus to the business: hotel management

Ibex, the first responsible index for the Spanish stock market.

its brands, global leadership in sales or the company’s financial

On 2nd June 1996 the company becomes the first hotel mana-

and asset management. The restructuring of the Marketing De-

The new Strategic Plan 2008-2010 sets out the basis to work on:


gement company in Europe to be quoted on the stock market.

partment has also helped develop the brand standardisation stra-

company’s brands, talent, customer, business diversification and

In 2012, the company opened its first hotel in the Middle East,

The group had previously been split in two: Inmotel S.A., the

tegy while also establishing new product research, development


the Meliá Dubai, and also exported its luxurious and cutting-edge

hotel-owning company and the new Sol Meliá S.A., the hotel

and innovation procedures. The development of the Food and

ME by Meliá brand to the heart of London, in the limelight this

management company subject of the IPO.

Beverage Department has also strengthened this key area and

year thanks to the Olympic Games. Meliá has also successfully

1998 - 1999 Time for integration: A strategic decision is made to integrate the management and

led to the creation of the R&D Kitchens which supports the stan-

2009 Facing the Downturn:

dardisation of food service.

In April, the company reorganized the management leadership

ca, its home base, with the opening of the Calvià Beach Resort,

with the demarcation of executive and not executive functions.

with which it aims to renew and reposition a mature destination

In this way, Gabriel Escarrer Jaume is named vice chairman and

through improvements to the tourism environment and a focus

CEO, while Sebastian Escarrer became the non-executive vice

on a superior quality customer base.

ownership halves of the business. This integration ends in 1999

2005 A year for consolidation:

with the take-over of Meliá Inversiones Americana (MIA) and

The company strategy reports positive results in both lines of


Press Kit Meliá Hotels International

completed an innovative project to reposition tourism in Mallor-

chairman and leads the Institutional Office. Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


Our Business Model The company has developed and implemented a Organisational and Business Model to facilitate alignment with company strategy and, thanks to more efficient management, the important organic growth the company expects to achieve. This new model is based on four business areas: HOTELS REAL ESTATE CLUB MELIÁ These four areas actively cooperate and are also highly complementary in their activities to further the achievement of the company’s strategic challenges: to become a more global company, with growth in the most relevant brands and markets, (especially through management, lease and franchise agreements), with a special focus on Asia and maximising the profitability of its assets. The coordination of their activities and development means the chain is able to offer a wide range of products to clients, thus earning one of the most important assets for any business: customer loyalty. Meliá Hotels International is now able to offer a range of products suitable for any kind of client, regardless of their preferences, their budget or their location. The following includes a brief description of the activities in each of the different areas: HOTELS This area is basically responsible for the operations in the company’s hotels, including all of the hotel brands and the wide range of experiences they offer guests, from the most avant-garde to the most family-oriented, under the Gran Meliá, Meliá, ME by Meliá, Innside, TRYP by Wyndham, Sol and Paradisus brands.

REAL ESTATE Real Estate is another basic foundation for the new Meliá Hotels International organisational structure with the dual objective of maximising the profitability of the company’s real estate assets and also using those assets to widen the range of services available to clients. This area is thus responsible for enhancing the sustainable profitability of company assets, ensuring the quality of the real estate portfolio, optimising the lifecycle of assets, planning medium and long term investments, promoting and maintaining relationships with partners and real estate investors and markets, and managing residential developments, shopping malls and golf courses. To facilitate this activity, the company has forged a number of strategic alliances with market leaders in each area, something on which it will continue to focus in the future.

CLUB MELIÁ Club Meliá (former Sol Meliá Vacation Club) was founded in 2004, representing a further step in the progress made by the Spanish hotel group to offer a wider range of products to customers. Club Meliá members enjoy guaranteed stays over a period of 50 years in exclusive suites within Meliá Hotels International hotels. They purchase a “holiday currency” named Options, which allow members to enjoy their annual vacations in more than 4,000 affiliated resorts worldwide. Club Meliá has 27,000 members worldwide.

Given the large number of hotels in the company portfolio, Meliá Hotels International has also developed four different systems for adding hotels as follows: Ownership: both the ownership and the management of the property are in the hands of Meliá Hotels International. Management: the management of the hotel is the responsibility of Meliá Hotels International, but the hotel is owned by a partner with whom the company has agreed conditions for its management services. Lease: Meliá Hotels International leases facilities to operate a hotel under one its hotel brand names. Franchise: Meliá Hotels International cedes the use of one of its brand names for a certain period to a partner so that the partner may operate a hotel under the brand name even though the company has no share in its ownership.

Meliá Garden VillasHotels | Indonesia 8 Bali - The Press Kit Meliá International

Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


The organisational structure The company founder Gabriel Escarrer Juliá, remains Chairman, while his son Gabriel Escarrer Jaume holds the position of Vice President and Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Vice Presidents form the Senior Executive Team (SET) and lead the areas of: Hotels, Real Estate, Human Resources, Legal & Compliance, Finance & Administration and Club Meliá.

Our greatest asset: our people Major changes will not be successful if they are not built upon on solid foundation: a great team of 35,000 people made up of some of the finest professional in the business. The following list gives the names and positions of only the Meliá Hotels International senior management team:

The highest governing body is the Board of Directors. It currently has twelve members: 2 executive directors, 6 independent and 4 proprietary directors.


Presidente Gabriel Escarrer Juliá

Vicepresidente y Consejero Delegado Gabriel Escarrer Jaume

Senior Executive Team (SET):

ME | Great Britain 10 London - Radio PressRooftop Kit MeliáTerrace Hotels International

EVP Hotels

EVP Real Estate

EVP Human Resources

André P. Gerondeau

Mark Hoddinott

Gabriel Cánaves

EVP Club Meliá

EVP Legal & Compliance

Onofre Servera

Juan Ignacio Pardo

EVP Finance & Administration Pilar Dols

Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


Our Brands

City and Resort / 5 stars Born as an audacious vision of fine living, Gran Meliá Hotels & Resorts is home to the most luxurious hotels in the company, all under a revitalised brand flag which reflects the more than 50 years of hotel experience and values of Meliá Hotels International. A collection of first class hotels and resorts with stunning architecture designed to satisfy the needs of the most discerning travellers and located in the most important travel destinations in the world, enjoying the warmth of the Latin character throughout their facilities. A good example is the Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora (Tenerife, Spain) a place where some of the most beautiful natural features of the Canary Islands meet, with the omnipresent Atlantic Ocean at its feet, the slim silhouette of the island of La Gomera in front and the majestic Mount Teide at its back. The hotel is a most attractive and suggestive proposal, inviting guests to experience new sensations and magical moments thanks to a hotel in harmony with its environment and with a magnificent range of services and facilities. 2012 also saw the opening of the latest jewel in the crown: the Gran Meliá Rome Villa Agrippina. Built within a unique and impeccable architectural monument, the hotel is set in stunning gardens and provides truly unique facilities in which guests can experience all of the art, history and culture of Rome. ”Red Glove” is the Gran Melia’s service brand, a prefect combination of two luxury concepts: the white glove as a symbol of the highest quality service and the red carpet as a symbol of exclusive attention. The service provides the best of avant-garde luxury, yet not forgetting more classical hospitality and, of course, our Spanish nature, yet another reason for having red in the name of the service. The Red Glove Service reflects the virtues of our architecture and our ambience, and we also pay the greatest attention to the tiniest of details to ensure a unique and unforgettable guest experience. For guests seeking the most exclusive service in a boutique hotel environment within a hotel, Gran Meliá hotels also have an exclusive area named the Red Level which focuses on catering to the guest desires. Already operating in a number of our hotels, it provides a private concierge and butler service, VIP area for check-in, private swimming pools, booking priority in hotel restaurants and spas, and all of the services designed to respond to the requirements of guests seeking luxury combined with the needs of the moment. Gran Isora - Red Level | Tenerife, Spain 12 Meliá Palacio PressdeKit Meliá Hotels International

Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


Our Brands

City and Resort / 5 stars The most avant-garde of the company’s hotel brands, ME by Meliá is a new concept for hotels where design, international cuisine, the latest technology and global, cutting-edge music all have an important role to play. ME by Meliá hotels will be introduced in the most important cities in the world as well as in leading tourism destinations providing guests with the unexpected. ME by Meliá offers a personalized service that goes beyond mere accommodation. The ME by Meliá experience revolves around four concepts - Remember ME, Experience ME, Energize ME, and Dare ME. It isthe perfect combination to create an atmosphere that stimulates the senses and connects with each and every one’s life rhythms, with every guest’s AURA, creating the essence of the hotel itself. ME by Meliá has been designed for discerning travelers who are trendsetters, looking not just for quality but also for a personal, vibrant experience in a cosmopolitan atmosphere that reflects their professional needs and unique desires. Visual inspiration by the surroundings is a prominent feature of ME hotels. Both ME Barcelona and the future ME Vienna have been designed by one of the most renowned architects of our time, Dominique Perrault. Perrault is the designer of such iconic buildings as the National Library in Paris. ME London, opening in September 2012, was designed by Sir Norman Foster and his firm, Foster + Partners. International cuisine is another key pillar of the ME brand. Each ME hotel delivers a unique culinary experience that promises to tantalize the senses not just by the venues’ aesthetic but also by working with strong, talented chefs like Javier and Sergio Torres (one Michelin star). ME invites you to go further, to go beyond your personal and professional limits. ME anticipates your needs at work and inspires you at leisure. ME awakes your emotions and stimulates your passion. Amongst the most outstanding areas in ME hotels is the exclusive VIP floor, ME+, a place to find everything expected of a superior hotel: the finest service, the latest technology, and an exclusive space, The Deep Lounge, where anything is possible. With the creation of ME by Meliá, a new position of Aura Experience Manager was implemented to create stimuli for guests with aromas, colors, and flavors to ensure they have a truly unforgettable experience.

ME Victoria - TheHotels Roof International | Spain 14 Madrid Reina Press Kit Meliá

Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


Our Brands

Resort / 5 stars All Inclusive Paradisus Resorts provide romantic experiences for couples and exceptional vacations for families, in sophisticated environments where guests may enjoy a luxury All Inclusive service, with the exotic and privileged scenery of the hotels’ Caribbean locations. Characterised by their original and unique architectural style, Paradisus Resorts offers an endless range of experiences for guests, thanks to their exclusive services, and exquisite dining options. Among the most important Paradisus experiences is Royal Service, an adults-only area with an extensive range of services such as butler service, exclusive areas (beaches, swimming pools…) and a Jacuzzi in every room. Paradisus hotels provide a Family Concierge for guests travelling with their families. Designed to satisfy the needs of the modern family, the Family Concierge programme provides an exclusive VIP service, which includes availability throughout the day of the Family Concierge by walkie-talkie to provide an immediate response to family needs. Guests stay in Junior Suites with luxury amenities and also enjoy personalised hotel activities. The enjoyment of the sun and sea at a Paradisus Resorts is a unique experience, but for guests seeking something more from their stay, there is also a great range of activities such as golf, scuba diving, horse riding, painting, personal growth classes, tango classes, sushi making classes and wine tasting. And for guests seeking greater balance, there is nothing better than the Yhi Spa, a place to treat your soul, body and mind to pure and natural therapies and treatments. The Yhi Spa provides guests with maximum relaxation in a setting created to infuse serenity.

Paradisus Palma Real Kit - Gabi Beach Dominican Republic 16 Press Meliá Hotels| International

Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


Our Brands

City and Resort/ 4 star superior and 5 star The Meliá brand is home to city and resort hotels with stunning yet functional facilities in preferred business and leisure destinations worldwide, from major European cities to the most exotic destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Asia and Africa, all of them enjoying great international prestige due to the superior quality of their products and highly personalized service. Meliá provides fresh and innovative experiences for the five senses which ignite passion and evoke Spanish traditions for experienced travellers on business trips, city breaks, a romantic getaway or a family vacation. Sensory design is a must for Meliá, always coupled with the most fresh and welcoming decoration and the most subtle balance between design and functionality.

personalised service, superb locations and teams which are highly qualified in event organization and management are the cornerstones of the Power Meetings by Meliá concept. For children, Meliá has launched Kids & Co, a family programme that allows children to enjoy their own “adult” holidays in hotels. It is an original concept that uses the language of the children (and their parents) to present the most extensive programme of activities and entertainment. And to respond to the demand for weddings, celebrations and honeymoons, Meliá has created Romance by Meliá, a programme that offers different types of packages (including an All Inclusive option) to make the biggest day in our guests’ lives the most unforgettable experience.

The rooms at Meliá Hotels & Resorts offer the latest advances to provide a great night’s rest thanks to their DreaMax beds and guest service technology, with internet access, plasma TV screens, a great choice of TV channels, and an extensive movie menu. The “Meliá Connects” service ensures that any inconvenience in rooms will be resolved in less than fifteen minutes. Thanks to “The Level” service guests have access to superior personalized service in exclusive hotel areas with private checkin and check-out, rooms in areas separated from the rest of the hotel, private meeting rooms, superior quality amenities, a private lounge with an open bar and snacks throughout the day, and everything our guests may require for the most complete hotel experience. In line with its new positioning and a philosophy that welcomes change, Meliá has inaugurated new in-house restaurant and bar concepts full of personality that have become benchmarks in their cities. Haute cuisine at Meliá is represented by the culinary experiences at the UNO, Aqua or Spices restaurants, one-stop venues for fine dining and local specialities, bar, snack bar and ‘à la carte’ restaurant. Concepts such as O Grill, Quatre, Meliá Tapas, Gabi Beach and Lounge, and the Q Lounge also provide the service, design, ambience, music and food and drinks which help the brand combine great cuisine and an ideal atmosphere in a masterly way to create an unforgettable culinary experience. Health and well-being are also essential attributes of the Meliá brand. To share this philosophy Meliá has integrated Yhi Spa and Yhi Wellness concepts into hotels to allow guests to enjoy a great choice ¡of massages, treatments, hydrotherapy areas and Spa rituals. Meliá Hotels are the perfect choice for travellers to city hotel for both business and leisure. Personalised facilities for events, Meliá | Sapin 18 Barcelona Press Kit Meliá Hotels International

Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


Our Brands

City / 4 stars The Innside brand joined Meliá Hotels International in 2007 adding a number of hotels characterized by their urban and avant-garde nature to the company portfolio. Elegance with a futurist focus are key to Innside hotels, a German brand but with an ambitious expansion plan focused on other European countries. The main attribute of Innside hotels is their design. Each of them has been designed by a different architect, focused on achieving guest satisfaction in modern urban spaces, yet not forgetting a sensation of warmth which all guests appreciate as soon as they arrive at any Meliá Hotels International hotel, aided by stimulating decoration and a carefully designed functionality. The rooms reflect the avant-garde image thanks to the use of different materials: steel and glass accompanied by flashes of vibrant colour, ensuring warmth and comfort throughout the stay. The Innside hotels provide its guest with the latest in communications equipment (including W-LAN, flat screen TVs with free access to news channels and movies) and a professional service for business guests. Employees at Innside by Meliá are “advisors” and “partners” for guests and form the backbone of the Premium philosophy. Personalized, professional and caring attention ensures that guests feel right at home. As far as the dining options are concerned, expectations are also guided by the demands of the Premium philosophy. There is a very special atmosphere in the restaurants and bars thanks to a mixture of extravagance and originality in the décor. These are meeting places designed for the enjoyment of the exclusive cuisine and fine wine. With bright meeting rooms with full climate control, Innside’s conference and seminar facilities are second to none. This is also complemented by guided cultural tours of the city and by family programmes at the weekends. One of our guiding themes is wellbeing. All of the hotels have a small but excellent area for leisure and free time, almost all of them with a whirlpool bath, aromatherapy bath or Turkish bath and sauna. A fitness area, modern training equipment and individual massage treatments complete the offer.

Innside Schwabing Munich, Germany 20 München Press Kit Meliá|Hotels International

Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


Our Brands

City / 3 and 4 stars Wyndham Hotel Group, the largest American hotel group acquired the TRYP hotel brand from Meliá Hotels International last 2010. Through a strategic alliance, Wyndham Hotel Group and Meliá Hotels International will work together to develop the newly renamed TRYP by Wyndham brand. TRYP by Wyndham is a select-service, mid-priced brand with nearly 100 properties in some of the most dynamic cities around the world, including Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Paris, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Montevideo. The TRYP philosophy: bring you closer to what is important to you and turn your stay into a unique experience. That’s why our hotels are in the heart of the city, close to everywhere. True to its Spanish-Mediterranean roots, the TRYP experience is all about a zest for life. TRYP’s unique collection of products and services, spiced by its Spanish flair, offer experiences that encourage guests to enjoy the city, socialize and live life to the fullest. We are experts on the city and we love to share this experience and knowledge with our guests. Catering to the new generation of travellers, TRYP launched specialty guest rooms for young families travelling with children and people who put special emphasis on exercising while on the road. These specialty guest rooms include Premium Rooms, specially designed for Business travellers, Fitness Rooms with exercise machines and Family Rooms featuring a double bed for adults and a bunk bed for kids. The simple pleasure of a great breakfast, creative dishes and very tempting tapas, delicious coffees and cakes…Eating well is an authentic pleasure that stimulates the senses. They say enthusiasm is contagious, and we are willing to spread this passion. At TRYP we celebrate food; at any time, our guests can the delicious options that we prepare for them daily with the best ingredients. Professionalism defines our guests and what they do. It also defines us. BE SUCCESFUL is the TRYP program developed to turn meetings, conventions and events into a complete success. TRYP has developed four set up styles according to your needs as well as meeting packages with the necessary services to ensure a successful meeting.

TRYP | Spain 22 Madrid Chamartín Press Kit Meliá Hotels International

Press Kit Meliá Hotels International


Our Brands

Resort / 3 and 4 stars Sol hotels are the ideal places for having the greatest fun in your holidays. Located in major tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, Sol hotels provide comfortable rooms, a wide range of restaurants and bars, large swimming pools and an extensive programme of a la carte activities designed for all our guests, from the youngest to the oldest, so everyone can enjoy their vacations to the full.

Meliá Hotels International provides The Flintstones Land in 10 Spanish hotels: Sol S’Argamassa (Ibiza), Sol Timor (Málaga), Sol Antillas Barbados (Mallorca), Sol Falcó (Menorca), Sol Lanzarote (Lanzarote), Sol Milanos Pingüinos (Menorca), Sol Mirlos Tordos (Mallorca), Sol Pelícanos Ocas (Benidorm), Sol Princesa Dácil (Tenerife) and Sol Príncipe (Málaga).

Sol has created a series of innovative concepts to offer guests the greatest variety of services, including the themed buffets, entertainment programmes and the Flintstones Land areas, a way of spending fun-filled vacations with the famous cartoon characters. Sol Hotels continue improving the quality of its facilities and has reinvented its hotel portfolio under the new concept “with or without?” which aims to provide its guests two different types of vacation based on their preferences: hotels “with” children to be enjoyed with the whole family; and hotels “without” children, which offer an experience focused on relaxation and attention to detail, in the “adults only” segment for guests over the age of 15. At the “With” children hotels, Sol Hotels has added popular characters from the TV show Lazy Town to the children’s entertainment programmes at the hotels (currently a pilot project at the Sol Guadalupe in Mallorca and Sol Gavilanes in Menorca) to encourage children to enjoy the healthy lifestyle that inspired the popular series. Under this new entertainment programme, Sportakus, the superhero, will make appearances at the hotels, graphically and virtually, to encourage the children to play sport, fight the sedentary lifestyle and lead a healthy life through a programme of activities inspired by values such as respect for nature, sustainability, community involvement, healthy eating, sport, friendship and family. The Flintstones Land Flintstones Land is a new way of spending a fun-packed vacation, full of special activities in themed areas. On arrival at the hotel, the children immediately form part of the Flintstone family, receiving a welcome gift at the mini-check-in and signing up for the club for their age group. All the clubs provide a great programme of fun activities which help stimulate the imagination as they have fun and make friends. Fred, Barney and Dino join in with the children during the Rocapack activities: Brontobreakfast, party time with Fred, wall climbing, superjumpers, camping, Roca workshops (magic, kites, t-shirt painting, etc.), and much more. And at meal times the food they most enjoy eating is served at Betty’s Kitchen: chicken wings, macaroni, brontoburgers, ice creams, etc... Sol | Majorca, SpainHotels International 24 GuadalupePress Kit Meliá

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Vacation Club The Meliá Hotels International Vacation Club was founded in 2004 as a safe and flexible response to the new habits of travellers who are committed to investing in their leisure time. Being part of Meliá Hotels International offers members of this distinguished club a week of guaranteed vacations for 50 years in a wide network of hotels around the world. The club provides its members with accommodation units designed exclusively for them, which are present in 15 company hotels in Spain, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, called “Home Resorts”. These units are characterised by their spaciousness and their top quality materials and are equipped with the latest communication technology and provide personalised attention. As well as the “Home Resort”, members can choose to spend their vacations at any other company hotel, as well as a network of 4,000 affiliated resorts. They can also exchange their “vacational currency” (called Options) for other services such as cruises, flights or car rentals. Club Meliá members automatically receive the Meliá Hotels International mas reward gold and mas reward platinum cards so they can enjoy all the benefits of the company’s loyalty programme. Thanks to Club Meliá, the company can satisfy the most discerning guests: those who want to enjoy their vacation investing in the future, with no surprises when it comes to designing their holidays and with the sense of belonging to a very special club.

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A commitment to wellbeing Fruit of research and development of a spa experience based on the needs of modern society, and stimulated by all of the different millenary cultures, Meliá Hotels International created Yhi Spa in 2006 as an ideal complement to a stay in our Meliá, ME by Meliá and Paradisus brands. Yhi Spa owes its name to an Australian ancestral legend that describes YHI as the spirit of life and light. YHI and its legend reinforce the spa philosophy developed at Meliá Hotels International and ensure our spas are places where relaxation is just a step towards achieving wellbeing and greater health for both our bodies and our minds. Our claim is “Envigorate your senses”. YHI Spa is a place where scents, flavours and shapes, accompanied by soft background music, turns the experience into an unforgettable moment of harmony and wellbeing. Yhi Spa is based on four foundations: Facilities: spaces using sensorial architecture to create a balance between the common axis of Yhi spaces and the culture and trends of each region. Treatments: our treatment menu marks a difference and comprises global treatments common to all Yhi Spa centres, including classical treatments and others based on Ayurveda philosophy, and local treatments that vary depending on the regional culture and guest preferences. Service: our spas are run by experienced professional therapists, allowing us to develop a great training structure and high levels of innovation to add and adapt trends in the world of beauty care and wellbeing.The study and development of client lifecycles makes a visit to a Yhi Spa a truly unique experience. Image: a unifying image loaded with symbolism and simplicity and identified through a logo with connotations of diverse cultures and a symbol, the mandala which inspires meditation and relaxation. At Yhi Spa we want the spa experience to be enjoyed not only in the spa itself but also through other means: YHI flavours: a selection of healthy options with properties that complement the benefits of the treatments, including infusions, syrups, juices and specially prepared dishes that can be tried in our restaurants or at home. YHI moves: our fitness spaces and classes led by monitors, all equipped with top of the range equipment, and emphasising personal training and the latest most popular types of activity. YHI home: our boutiques, allowing guests to take everything they may need home with them - cosmetics, lingerie, sensorial items…- and recreate the Yhi Spa experience. YHI de Mar | Majorca, 28 Spa at Meliá Press Kit Meliá Hotels Spain International

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With a new design and optimisation of its duties, has become a benchmark in the sector, where the presentation of and information about the portfolio is done through the most innovative tools, incorporating richmedia technology, such as hotel location via Google Earth, models of the rooms in 3D, 360º photography and virtual tours, amongst other functions. Amongst the main features of the web page, its attractive look&feel is well worth highlighting, as well as the ease of consultation, the simplification of reserving and a full description of the hotel and its services. The search by destination or by date allows the user to always find the best offers. The client can indicate where they want to go and will show the hotels with offers in that destination. Or alternatively, if they wish to stay somewhere on specific dates but are undecided on the destination, they can choose the days and the hotels with offers will appear automatically.

own Facebook profile, where the Community Managers – those responsible for managing their profiles – interact with users, promote participation, feed conversations, update profile information and even become “advisors”. All recorded activity on social networks is analysed and monitored to adapt the company’s social network products and processes. The company also keeps track of its online reputation through a ReviewPro tool, and has included these quality parameters in the variable remuneration of hotel managers, taking into consideration the growing influence of opinions on the web.

As a show of its wide international appeal, opens to the world in 7 languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. The Spanish hotel company continues to strengthen its “Lowest Online Price Guarantee” for users, ensuring the best rate available on the internet; and in case of failure to comply with this premise, the company will match the lowest rate as well as apply an additional 10% discount on the amount of the stay.

Mobile Phone Technology On the other hand, Meliá Hotels International was the first Spanish company to launch a booking system for mobile phones, a solution that allows users to search and book hotel rooms in any company hotel via their mobile phone, as well as view photographs, locate the hotel on Google Maps and access the loyalty programme point system. Furthermore, the company has supplemented the service with the launch of specific bookings applications for smartphones, iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

Social Networks In response to new consumer habits, Meliá Hotels International has defined its management strategy and presence on social networks in order to use the new technologies to “listen to” and increase customer loyalty, create visibility and improve the reputation of its brands. The company is adapting to a more technological and virtual environment, where the new traveller profile is “mobile” and “social”. Meliá Hotels International, as well as each of its brands, has its 30

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Meetings & Events

Meliá Hotels International provides a wide range of meeting space in around 100 urban and leisure hotels and staffed by a team of experienced professionals to provide solutions to any needs that may arise, from the location to the capacity, analysing the layout, food service requirements and technical needs. “Meliá Meetings & Events” includes all the initiatives related to the product, the service and the professional team within the segment of groups, conventions, conferences, incentives and events. With more than 50 years of experience, the company is committed to efficiency and flexibility, providing innovative products to meet the customer’s needs, such as the “Meetings Packages”, that features competitive and standardised prices by brand, making it easier to organise meetings and keep costs fully under control. In addition, each hotel brand has developed its own differentiated products tailored to their customers’ needs and budgets, such as “Power Meetings” in Meliá Hotels & Resorts; and “Be Succesful”, in TRYP. The online tool “Opportunity Dates” shows a calendar with the best available rates for company hotels and other benefits. The “Meetings & Events Directory” contains a careful selection of hotels and includes essential information needed when choosing different destinations and locations, such as the capacity to host car launches, the offer of outdoor facilities and the possibility of holding themed events.

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Meliá Hotels International has re-launched in 2013 its loyalty program under a new name, MeliáRewards, which aims to get closer to Meliá Hotels International customers worldwide, becoming a more international and sustainable programme. The new program, formerly known as mas rewards, features the claim “Welcome back”, encouraging customers to come again and feel the emotions, flavors and sensations experienced at Meliá hotels. Customers of the new program will enjoy exclusive benefits during their stays in more than 350 hotels in 35 countries, special rates at and exclusive benefits with international partners.

“mas corporate” Meliá Hotels International launched in 2011 the first loyalty programme exclusively for small and medium-sized Spanish companies which provides direct discounts in group hotels worldwide both for employers and their employees in their leisure travel. Among the advantages of “mas corporate” is a 10% discount on all company hotels (Spanish and international) during the first two months, followed by 7% discount in resort hotels and 5% in city hotels. The programme also guarantees very special rates for a number of hotels selected by the companies that join the programme. “mas amigos” Fully aware of the importance of the work done by travel agents, Meliá Hotels International created an exclusive programme designed especially for them in which they can earn points every time they sell stays in our hotels to their clients. Given our strong international presence, “mas amigos” has grown since it started in 1997 throughout Spain and into the rest of the world. As a member of “mas amigos”, travel agents can benefit from special prices in our hotels, VIP treatment during their stay and other advantages in recognition of their importance as partners. “mas amigos” is not just a loyalty programme for travel agents, it is also a means of having more personalised contact with them and of creating even better relations with a group that is fundamentally important to the travel industry. Currently, the programme has over 100,000 members worldwide. 34

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Food & Beverage

Meliá Hotels International understands fine dining and nightlife as the essential cornerstones of guest experience and have developed innovative concepts and features in the Food and Beverage areas of each of its brands, providing added value for their guests, as well as positioning their hotels amongst the local population in the cities in which it operates, thanks to their fashionable bars and restaurants.

day of sightseeing in the city. Meliá Hotels International consolidates its “brand-equity” strategy, featuring cutting-edge design hotels, new technologies and innovative F&B concepts, in addition to its Excellence and Passion for Service.

All the hotel brands at the company have different F&B concepts depending on the character of the brand. For example, Gran Meliá has strongly focused on a partnership with one of the most important contemporary chefs in Spain, Dani García, who assists with service at the Gran Meliá Don Pepe (Marbella, Spain) with his Calima restaurant (2 Michelin Stars), Gran Meliá Fenix has introduced a new concept bar under the Dry by Javier de las Muelas brand, one of the most famous and prestigious bars in the world, an icon in the cocktail industry. Gran Meliá Rome also has an exceptional partner: the Italian chef Alfonso Iaccarino (2 Michelin Stars), with his Vivavoce restaurant. ME has also partnered with star players on the international nightlife scene providing exclusive cuisine: the chefs Javier and Sergio Torres at their Dos Cielos (1 Michelin Star) restaurant located on the 24th floor of the ME Barcelona. Exotic cuisine has a special position at Paradisus resorts, where guests can sample the best of top quality international cuisine. In 2012, coinciding with the opening of Paradisus Playa del Carmen (Mexico), the company signed a partnership with award-winning Spanish chef Martin Berasategui, who has already opened three restaurants in three Paradisus resorts. The Meliá brand has also attached great importance to Food and Beverage options and have developed several concepts over the years such as UNO, inspired by Dani García and combining a bar, snack bar and a la carte restaurant in one unique space; Quatre, another dining space bringing together four different concepts in one (Sushi Bar, Tepanyaki, Lounge bar and continental and seasonal cuisine); the Gabi Club, a chill out bar with a stimulating ambience; and Q Lounge, an afterwork venue. At Sol hotels families can enjoy excellent cuisine at the theme buffets called Fun Food, blending a great time with attractive dishes for both parents and kids. Finally, Tryp hotels offer a great variety of breakfast options, ideal for business travellers who are often away on trips and want a breakfast just like they get at home; also ideal for guests that are staying for pleasure and want the best possible way to kick off a Paradisus PlayaPress del Carmen - La Esmeralda - Passion by Martin Berasategui Restaurant | Mexico 36 Kit Meliá Hotels International

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Sustainable Development

Meliá Hotels International is firmly committed to Sustainable Development, as witnessed by its preferential position in the Strategic Plan 2008-2010, designed to frame the growth of the company not only from a financial point of view, but also from an environmental and socio-cultural perspective.

Alliance with UNICEF At the end of 2010 the company signed a strategic alliance with UNICEF for child protection. The agreement means that the Company will prioritise initiatives related to children within its social responsibility activities.

This involves highlighting internal awareness, interacting with stakeholders and, in particular, applying respectful management procedures with regard to our tourist destinations where biodiversity, cultural heritage and people define our vision. The company recognises the need to integrate the socio-cultural nature and wealth of destinations and ensure that this fundamental asset helps contribute to the economic development of both the company and the communities in which we operate.

Meliá Hotels International will be collaborating with the United Nations organisation in such major issues as education and child protection that includes the fight against sexual abuse and slavery. Besides contributing economically, the hotel company will be working at every hotel to make guests and staff aware of education and fundamental rights of children.

The hotel company is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and the first member company of the system of voluntary commitment to reduce emissions and maintain agreements with well known organisations in the protection of biodiversity, children’s rights, fair trade and the fight against sexual exploitation. Furthermore, it is the only company included in the FTSE4Good Ibex, the responsible index of the Spanish stock exchange. In 2011, the hotel company announced its commitment to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, an international organisation dedicated to the promotion of sustainable tourism and which advocates a universal set of principles– called Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria– to ensure responsible management of tourist destinations. Meliá Hotels International, as an industry leader: - Increase public awareness - Promote solidarity activities of customers and employees. - Push organizations and governments to take measures to promote sustainable tourism. - Raise awareness among employees, contributing to the pride of belonging. -Encourage voluntary actions among employees. As a result of its efforts, Meliá Hotels International was certificated as the first “Biosphere Hotel Chain” (renewal in 2011 and 2012), an award given by the Responsible Tourism Institute, backed by UNESCO. The value of this resides in environmental, social and cultural commitments.

Energy efficiency at Hotels ME Madrid Reina Victoria | Spain 38 saving and Press Kit Meliá International

Environmental Management Environmental management forms an integral part of Meliá Hotels International strategy through its inclusion in the Global Sustainability Policy, from which are drawn a number of activities and principles which must be adhered to by all company hotels and corporate offices, and define the criteria for performance with regard to social, environmental and cultural issues. Sustainable Development Manual and Design and Construction Manual include environmental criteria to be applied during the operation and construction stages, respectively.The SAVE project is focused on energy savings and efficiency in hotels. Meliá Hotels International operates hotels which have achieved four different types of certification, which confer greater credibility and transparency on the activities carried out by them: ISO 14000, EMAS European regulations, Earth Check (previously Green Globe) and Biosphere Hotel.

Dialogue with Stakeholders Meliá Hotels International has developed its own model of relationship and dialogue with its stakeholders, named CERCA (means “NEAR”). The acronym CERCA in Spanish stands for the equivalent of “Knows”, “Listens”, “Responds” and “Changes”. The main source of active listening is called the “Panel of Experts”, in which the company meets its stakeholders to discuss their expectations and integrate them into the policies and activities of the hotel chain.

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GABRIEL ESCARRER JULIA Founder and Chairman In 1956, Gabriel Escarrer Juliá was only 21 years old when he founded what was later to become Meliá Hotels International, acquiring and managing a 60-room hotel on the island of Majorca, the location from which he still presides over one of the largest hotel companies in the world. Even before that, for six years he had been working in the tour operator business, a period during which he saw that he could rent hotels and fill them with tour operator customers without having to become a hotel owner and taking on bigger financial risks. As a result of his long and varied experience in the tourism industry, Gabriel Escarrer Juliá has received numerous awards for his important contribution to the Spanish and international hotel industry. One of the most significant for the founder of Meliá Hotels International was his appointment as a Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of the Balearic Islands in December 1988. In 1998 he was named “Tourism Personality of the Century” after receiving a large majority of the votes from a survey of 300 professionals in the industry. In 1999, he received three prestigious awards: “Best Entrepreneur in Construction and Real Estate”, from the Masters in Management for Construction and Real Estate and the magazine “Actualidad Económica”; “Corporate Hotelier of the World” from the US magazine “Hotels” and a “Lifetime Achievement” award from the International Hotel Investment Forum.

More recently Gabriel Escarrer has received an award for his career from the Iberoamerican Conference of Tourism Ministers and Entrepreneurs. In 2006, the year of the Company’s 50th anniversary, its Chairman and Founder was awarded the Balearic Islands Medal for his career, the highest award conferred by the local authorities, and a Medal from the Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera Chamber of Commerce. In 2011, Gabriel Escarrer received the “Lifetime Achievement” from the European Hospitality Awards in London. He received the same award in 2012 at the Wolrdwide Hospitality Awards and also received the prestigious “Ulysses” UNWTO award. While keeping its whole commitment and energy, some years ago the founder of Meliá Hotels International set in motion a process to gradually transfer his know-how and executive functions. His son Gabriel Escarrer is now Vice Chairman and CEO. Gabriel Escarrer Juliá has thus achieved one of his greatest ambitions, to leave the grand project he has worked on most of his life in the best possible hands, guaranteeing the continuity of Meliá Hotels International and the entrepreneurial spirit that has characterised the business for more than 55 years.

In May 2001, Gabriel Escarrer Juliá was chosen as a member of the exclusive “Hall of Fame” of the British Travel Industry, being selected as a candidate by some of the most important figures in the tourism industry as well as outstanding members of the “Hall of Fame” such as Martin Brackenbury (Federation of Tour Operators and Airtours), Richard Branson (Virgin), Michael Bishop (British Midland) and David Crossland (Airtours). That same year, the Chairman of Meliá Hotels International was also named a member of the exclusive “Hall of Honour” of the Conrad N. Hilton School of Hotel Management at the University of Houston (USA), sharing honours with Lynn & Ed Hogan (Pleasant Holidays), Alice Sheets Marriott (Marriott Corporation) and Marilyn Carlson Nelson (Carlson Companies). In 2002, the company reached an agreement with the University of the Balearic Islands to create the “Sol Meliá Chair in Tourism Studies” which, amongst many other things, includes the annual award of the “Gabriel Escarrer Award for Tourism Research”. 40

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GABRIEL ESCARRER JAUME Vicechairman and CEO In 1993, Gabriel Escarrer Jaume graduated from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (USA), where he specialized in “Finance & Business Management”. He then studied a personalised Postgraduate degree at ESADE, one of the top ten business schools in Europe.

national, holding the positions of Vice Chairman and CEO. He has led the company’s effective response against the international crisis, which has been characterized by an internal strengthening, a leading financial consolidation, and a steady growth of its brands, both in their traditional and new markets.

Prior to joining Meliá Hotels International he worked for more than three years in the Corporate Finance Department of the investment bank Salomon Brothers in New York.

At this stage, Sol Meliá changed its name to Meliá Hotels International: a new corporate name to mark the start of a new future for the company which has emerged from the economic crisis even stronger than before and now embarks on a journey to achieve unprecedented globalisation on a par with the most important multinational hotel chains.

During this period he focused on privatisations, mergers, acquisitions and bond issues, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela. After taking part in the Company’s IPO in July 1996, Gabriel Escarrer was named Assistant to the Vice Chairman at Inmotel Inversiones S.A., the company devoted to the management of Meliá Hotels International’s real estate assets. In January 1997 he became the Chief Executive Officer of Inmotel Inversiones S.A. Due to the situation in the international travel market of the time, with considerable merger activity, a strategic decision was made to integrate the hotel management and ownership businesses, leading to a buyout in June 1999 of Meliá Inversiones Americanas (MIA) and its merger with Inmotel Inversiones. Gabriel Escarrer Jaume played a key role in this operation, providing a strong impulse to the growth of the company and greater financial strength for Meliá Hotels International, and at the same time opening the doors to the technological transformation of the company. In December 1999 Escarrer was named CEO of the hotel chain, a position from which he successfully launched an ambitious hotel renovation programme. His main concerns are keeping up with the latest hotel trends, research and development, and a focus on placing customers at the very heart of the organisation as he strives to maintain Meliá Hotels International’s position as a leading company in the hotel industry. His concerns also extend to other areas such as finance, and in 2010 he was appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board of BBVA - Levante region. After a period of reorganization within the company, Gabriel Escarrer Jaume is currently the top executive at Meliá Hotels Inter42

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Communication Deparment: Tel.: (34) 971 22 44 64 Fax: (34) 971 22 44 96 Gremio Toneleros, 24. Polígono de Son Castelló. 07009 Palma de Mallorca. Islas Baleares. Spain


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