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Connect based on eCenter Technology

simplify the complex

| Integrating systems - speeding up business processes | Challenge

Business processes in industrial companies are normally organized and mapped by various software systems (e.g. PLM and ERP). This creates huge amounts of data that are managed not only in the respective systems but are also continuously exchanged between systems. The detailed technical information about components and products managed in PLM systems is required and used by a wide range of company departments over the entire product lifecycle. In order to support business processes in the long term, data must always be available in different software systems in the correct context, up-to-date and at the right point in time. This results in heavy demands on the IT landscape, in particular on the integration solutions between the required software systems involved. These should provide high availability, always run reliably in the background, and with little administrative effort. In addition, it must be possible for changes in business processes and adjustments to the dataflow associated with this to be implemented in practice quickly and in a cost-effective way. These complex data exchange processes are a sensitive topic in companies, and present IT departments with big challenges that need to be solved quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively, each and every day.


Our integration solution Connect speeds up your business process management in the architecture of your software systems. As an independent component of the eCenter Suite, our Connect toolbox, with its service oriented architecture (SOA), supports you in the easy connection of your different applications. Connect is a configurable central data hub for data exchange and synchronization between all systems involved in the entire product lifecycle. Connect is very flexible and easy to configure, for a quick response to changes and new requirements of daily business. Connect replaces typical point-to-point connections in the company, which are frequently unstable, expensive and inflexible. The data exchange functions between all systems involved are configured and managed centrally, so that knowledge of various different interfaces in the operation and configuration is not necessary. A range of graphical and other tools are available for this purpose, allowing you to work quickly and easily.

| Connect and its product variants | We offer the Connect toolbox, in combination with preconfigured adapters and accompanying processes, as one of our two product variants PLM Integrator (SAP NetWeaver®) and Cross Connect (IBM WebSphere, Oracle Application Server or others). Each of them provide ready-to-use integration solutions and they can be deployed for the intergration of following PLM and ERP systems:


à PTC Windchill PDMLink à SAP PLM

à SIEMENS Teamcenter à SAP ERP

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Secure business processes with just one integration hub

PLM Integrator

PLM Integrator is our innovative, certificated software solution to integrate your PLM software into your SAP system landscape. You can benefit from a flexible and efficient data exchange with your SAP applications on the basis of SAP NetWeaver®. PLM Integrator not only allows easy connection of your IT systems, but also simplifies the data exchange through preconfigured exchange scenarios. We provide these exchange scenarios to you under the heading of “ERPxPDM”, certified by SAP. These scenarios describe recurring information flows as they are typically required in the discrete manufacturing industry. They can be easily adjusted to your company specific processes, and thus be quickly implemented. PLM Integrator guarantees a considerable reduction in your connection and configuration efforts or interfaces administration, and thus reduces your IT costs.

Flexible data exchange between


Cross Connect

With Cross Connect, we offer a streamlined integration solution for your PLM applications that can run on all popular middleware platforms such as IBM WebSphere, Oracle Application Server or other. Like PLM Integrator, Cross Connect uses the extensive interface technologies of the eCenter Suite, ensuring quick and easy connection of your IT systems. Cross Connect also contains preconfigured exchange scenarios, that reflect the best practices of our PLM projects. These scenarios can quickly be adjusted to changing business processes at any time. Cross Connect is offered in the following combinations:

ÆÆ SAP ERP or SAP PLM with DASSAULT Enovia ÆÆ SAP ERP or SAP PLM with PTC Windchill PDMLink ÆÆ SAP ERP or SAP PLM with ORACLE Agile PLM ÆÆ SAP ERP or SAP PLM with SIEMENS Teamcenter ÆÆ SAP ERP or SAP PLM with SIEMENS Teamcenter Enterprise ÆÆ Siemens Teamcenter with Siemens Teamcenter Enterprise Cross Connect guarantees efficient data exchange, a high level of flexibility and quick adjustment options with little administrative effort.

simplify the complex

simplify the complex

| Benefits | ÆÆ Considerable reduction of the TCO through more effective usage of your system landscape ÆÆ Considerable cost reduction and speeding up of your business processes ÆÆ Quick and easy adaptation to changing business processes ÆÆ Reduction in administration costs through a central integration platform instead of diverse interfaces ÆÆ Minimizing the risk of failure through the high availability of the platform ÆÆ High transparency and traceability of transfer procedures ÆÆ Future-proof through the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as SOA ÆÆ Open to the implementation of future applications ÆÆ Uniform logged and monitored information flow in the company ÆÆ Consistency of data in your company applications

| Technology platforms | Connect supports the following important technology platforms: ÆÆ SAP NetWeaver® ÆÆ JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Application Server, Apache Tomcat etc.

| ECS customer | We have successfully completed a wide range of projects with renowned companies or contributed to their successful implementation. Some examples:

We implement our projects in following industries: Automotive, High-tech and Electronic, Information and Communication technology, Aerospace as well as Machinery and plant engineering.

| Partners | ECS GmbH maintains partnerships with the following renowned companies:


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