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Divisional overview

Process, Power & marine

Global leader Intergraph®’s Process, Power & Marine division creates solutions that enable the design, construction, and operation of process and power plants, offshore platforms, and ships, and provides the information management capabilities to build and operate those facilities. Intergraph has been ranked the No. 1 overall worldwide leader in the engineering design 3D software and Process Engineering Tools (PET) market according to the ARC Advisory Group. Our leadership position is backed by a proven track record of high-quality product development, a global customer base of industry leaders, and a worldwide sales and support network. Intergraph Process, Power & Marine’s business is based on a strong financial foundation and steady growth. Our customers use Intergraph software and services to design, build, and operate many of the world’s largest and most elaborate industrial facilities.

More than two-thirds of the plants built worldwide are designed using Intergraph software.


Robert Conley Vice President – Global Engineering Air Products

Intergraph’s strategic direction and technology for engineering information integration and management … is consistent with Air Products’ continuing innovation and needs.


The proven leader outspending all competitors in research and develop-


ment to ensure our customers have best-in-class

Old, obsolete software architecture limits improve-

solutions. Even as the largest engineering software

ments. At some point, the old core software

vendor in the world, we still reinvest approximately

becomes overwhelmed by improvements, and there

15 percent of revenue into software development

is a limited number of improvements and resulting

each year. That translates into faster productivity

productivity increases that can result.

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine is a true leader,

improvement for your business. With new core architecture, you can make progress Intergraph is focused on driving innovations in engi-

faster. Intergraph has achieved a balance between

neering technology. Our primary goal is to provide

optimizing existing architecture while also creating

our customers with technology that improves

new architecture. In the long run, this creates a

their business. Intergraph builds on our strong

larger, more capable core, bringing productivity

history of developing innovative solutions and

increases faster than ever before.

helping customers use these solutions to attain a competitive advantage. Intergraph technology is chosen by the leading chemical, petroleum, and life sciences companies. New CORE ARCHITECTURE

Difficult to Improve

Easy to Improve







Deciding factors included Intergraph’s market and technology leadership, as well as worldwide support at the local level. Paul Buch Manager – Engineering & Maintenance Systems Western Australian Operations Alcoa World Alumina

Dave Jasper GAIP Project Manager Dow Design & Construction 6



Dow has calculated that the single largest percentage of total installed cost savings, an estimated 40 percent, may be achievable from streamlining the flow of engineering data between authoring applications.

Business benefits Whether a plant, offshore facility, or a ship, you

SmartPlant® Enterprise

are building and/or maintaining a physical asset.

Intergraph’s SmartPlant® Enterprise offers a

Intergraph’s Process, Power & Marine solutions

powerful portfolio of best‑in-class applications,

offer a variety of business benefits for your assets.

which may be deployed individually or as a flexible, integrated enterprise solution, reducing

Improve Communication and Efficiency

risk and improving cost-effectiveness during the

Intergraph’s rule-based design helps you support

implementation process. This modular architec-

your company’s best practices. Enable inter-discipline

ture provides scalability, enabling you to start

cooperation by optimizing the flow of engineering

small and later grow in harmony with your specific

data from project to operations. Intergraph solutions

business needs to create substantial return on

ensure the repeatability and reusability of knowledge

investment while reducing risk. This gives you

and designs from project to project, helping you

the benefit of integration with the ability to take

save money.

small steps in your progress toward enterprise integration. The solutions offer a growing portfolio

Minimize the Impacts of Change

of product-supported integration. They leverage

Change is inevitable on any project. Intergraph

success-critical project information and know-

helps you minimize and more quickly detect the

ledge to improve and automate work processes,

impacts of change. Identify potential risks of changes

from the very early project phases through opera-

before they impact your project schedule or costs.

tions and maintenance up to decommissioning.

Intergraph solutions’ intelligence is a risk mitigator,

By tackling this major “pain point,” SmartPlant

giving you a “safety net” against costly errors.

Enterprise helps the industry gain multiple hidden

You can select and execute on best solutions to

benefits – for example, it improves engineering

fix the change, and better track and manage the

efficiency by up to 30 percent.

outcome of your decision. Intergraph provides SmartPlant Enterprise solutions

Understand Project Status

for 3D modeling and visualization; engineering and

Managers and project participants can gain a

schematics; information management; procure-

transparent view into their projects at any level of

ment, fabrication, and construction; and analysis.

detail they require. Better understand project status

In addition, SmartPlant Enterprise is built on open

(where you are now), progress (where you are

technology that allows partners to build applications

going), and issues (what to look for in the future).

that further augment the power of our solutions.

With a management dashboard insight, you can maintain a common engineering view for a single project, from initiation through to completion. Take advantage of updated information to evaluate project risks and costs at a management level.



SmartMarine® 3D can reduce shipbuilding time and manhours while better automating our production activities in the future.

Yeong Soo Bae Vice President Samsung Heavy Industries


Smartmarine® Enterprise SmartMarine Enterprise drives improvements in design efficiency, production schedule, and overall life-cycle cost control for ship and marine structure design. You can increase the number of projects completed per year, and compress your schedules. Intergraph’s new technology is designed to fit the way you work. Make changes to your design for better efficiencies and “what if” scenarios, and enjoy a smoother iteration process. The comprehensive suite includes design and assembly, information management, engineering and schematics, and materials planning and procurement solutions. These solutions deliver a variety of benefits, including: • Reduced design cost • Greater design productivity • Higher design quality • Reusable designs • Shortened project schedules • Preservation of design data value once the ship or marine facility enters operation Our customers expect to improve their delivery schedules for major naval and commercial ships, oil platforms, and FPSOs by 50 percent when they fully implement SmartMarine Enterprise and adjust yard processes to maximize the system processes. The world’s leading global classification societies, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and Lloyds Register (LR), not only endorse Intergraph’s technology, but also use it in their own businesses to regulate shipbuilding standards and practices. Intergraph’s major marine customers include two of the top five global shipyards.


Growing with you Supporting Our Customers With more than 1,300 people (approximately a third of whom are software developers) covering more than 60 countries, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine has the global resources to support its worldwide clients with: • Market-leading software and integration • Recommended business process and implementation practices • Customized consulting and training services

Acquisitions Acquisitions also play a key role in our growth strategy. Intergraph Process, Power & Marine has augmented its best-in-class portfolio by acquiring leading providers of: • Pipe stress, pressure vessel, and storage tank analysis • Electrical and process control engineering • Design and modeling tools • Piping isometric drawing generation • Instrumentation design and engineering • Materials and procurement management We continue to evaluate acquisitions by: • Identifying key areas where gaps in our solutions can be filled • Identifying market or technology leaders in these areas • Testing the ability to integrate these companies or tech-

Canadian Natural sought a global supplier whose software created life-cycle value from data produced in the engineering phase. Intergraph’s approach, from software to services and local support, best met that requirement.

nologies first through strategic agreements or alliances

Harwinder Kang Specialist – Engineering Standards/Information Management Horizon Oil Sands Project, Canadian Natural Resources Limited


History of Excellence Since offering its first solution for plant design in 1978, Intergraph has focused on developing the premier plant and marine design solutions, enabling clients to use integrated applications to execute projects or run plants more effectively and efficiently. Today we offer a full suite of solutions for engineering firms and owner operators that supports global workflows, allowing you to create logical and physical definitions of the model, and enabling access and reuse of data throughout the life cycle.



Late 1990s



Offered our


Created first data

Presented suite of

Providing the only

first piping

the leading

and document

integrated, intelligent

next-generation 3D

application for

3D plant

management system

2D solutions. Offered solutions for pro-

plant design.

design system. specifically for the

leading material

plant design industry. management and procurement system specifically for the plant design industry.


cess, power, and marine industries.

About interGRAPH

Intergraph® is the leading global provider of engineering and geospatial software that enables customers to visualize complex data. Businesses and governments in more than 60 countries rely on Intergraph’s industry-specific software to organize vast amounts of data to make processes and infrastructure better, safer and smarter. The company’s software and services empower customers to build and operate more efficient plants and ships, create intelligent maps, and protect critical infrastructure and millions of people around the world. Intergraph operates through two divisions: Process, Power & Marine (PP&M) and Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I). Intergraph PP&M provides enterprise engineering software for the design, construction, operation and data management of plants, ships and offshore facilities. Intergraph SG&I provides geospatially powered solutions to the public safety and security, defense and intelligence, government, transportation, photogrammetry, and utilities and communications industries. Intergraph Government Solutions (IGS) is an independent subsidiary for SG&I’s U.S. federal and classified business. Intergraph is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hexagon AB, (Nordic exchange: HEXA B) and (Swiss exchange: HEXN). For more information, visit and

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