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Software Course: “Analysis and design of light shaping and homogenization systems with LightTrans VirtualLab™” Thursday, April 03, 2014 – Friday, April 04, 2014 Course Time: 9 am – 5 pm.

Requirements: Elementary skills in VirtualLab™ required. Abstract: This software course gives an introduction into shaping and homogenization of coherent and partially coherent light with VirtualLab™. Participants will learn the design of refractive and diffractive elements for homogenization and shaping of coherent light, the design of micro optical elements for homogenization and shaping of partially coherent light and the modeling of partially coherent light including temporal degree of coherence, spatial degree of coherence, color as well as polarization. The course will introduce the design concepts of homogenization systems using micro lens arrays, diffractive diffusers, grating cells arrays, prism cells arrays and micro mirrors arrays. Wavelength dependencies, design freedoms and typical applications will be discussed.

The upper figure shows a schematic system using two micro lens arrays for homogenization – example and parameter relations are introduced in the course. The lower figure demonstrates the basic concept of a mirror cells array that can be designed and analyzed with the Lighting Toolbox – according examples will be shown in the course.

Software Course Topics, 1st Day: •

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Shaping and homogenization of coherent laser light: Session editor for refractive beam shaping for lines and 2D tops hats, parametric optimization of refractive beam shaping elements, design of diffractive beam shaping elements by Iterative Fourier Transformation Algorithm (IFTA) and geometrical optics design approach, Gaussian to top hat design. Modeling of temporally and spatially partially coherent light: Introduction to the modelling of partially coherent light including temporal as well as spatial coherence functions, color, polarization, storage of partially coherent light in VirtualLab™, modelling of Excimer lasers, LEDs and diode lasers. Periodic micro structured elements: definition of periodic surfaces, modelling of micro lens arrays, analysis of idealized and real micro lens arrays. Homogenization of partially coherent light by micro lens arrays: Introduction to homogenization by micro lens arrays, overview of different optical homogenization setups with micro lens arrays, homogenization of LED light. Homogenization of partially coherent light by diffractive diffuser: Introduction into homogenization by diffractive diffuser, design of diffractive diffusers by Iterative Fourier Transformation Algorithm (IFTA), analysis of homogenization systems with diffusers, generation of fabrication data of diffusers.

Software Course Topics, 2nd Day: •

Introduction into the Lighting Toolbox of VirtualLab™: Introduction to the propagation of light by the Lighting Toolbox, analysis of illumination systems with light shaping cells array approach with or without lenses. Shaping and homogenization of light by Grating Cells Array (GCA), Prism Cells Arrays (PCA) and Mirror Cells Arrays (MCA): Introduction to the design and analysis of these elements, shaping and homogenization of monochromatic and white light LED light, generation of fabrication data, design of elements for generation of arbitrary 2D light pattern, comparison of wavelength sensitivity of GCA, PCA and MCA elements. Rigorous analysis of blazed gratings: rigorous analysis of blazed gratings by Grating Toolbox, simulation of diffraction efficiency, analysis of wavelength sensitivity, analysis of efficiency depending on grating period, rigorous analysis of diffraction efficiency of grating cells array.

LightTrans VirtualLab Software Training Courses: 31.3.-2.4.14 and3.4.-4.4.14  
LightTrans VirtualLab Software Training Courses: 31.3.-2.4.14 and3.4.-4.4.14