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depotmaxx depot software

If you fly make sure you fly high! Cash register systems, depot systems and internet booking for ski rentals

Manage and lease your depot facilities with our flexible depot system. From ticket booth location to cabinet locks.

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depotmaxx depot software

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Products depotmaxx depot software

Where to go with skis and shoes or the snowboard after a long day on the slopes? The best way is to take it all to the depot and leave in street shoes! Along with various manufacturers of ski and shoe depot lockers, we intensively attacked the subject of Depots. The result of this action is a complete solution from point of sales all the way to the cabinet lock. Depending on the project and requirements, we supply you with a system tailored to your depot and put together from a multitude of hardware and software components. The equipment of your guests is safely locked away and stored. Shoes, gloves and helmets are optionally dried and disinfected overnight. Access to the depot storeroom and to each individual depot area is con足trolled contact-free using an RFID chip. Today, thes足e chips are already integrated into most ski passes and hotel key cards. For example, we support all standard ski passes from the following companies: SKIDATA and Axess.

The sales and management of depot areas are processed through the depot module of our digiCOM rentmaxx rental software. To

open a depot area, your guest briefly holds up his or her ski pass to the reader device and the locker door immediately springs open. Using an optional touch screen, the guest can choose between several rented depot areas and obtain additional information as to his or her rental arrangement. It can be switched between the various display languages at any moment. Using a web interface, you can configure and monitor the depot components from any PC in your network. You can generate master cards for staff access to the depot areas and define time plans for drying and disinfection. A special cleaning function makes work for your cleaning staff easier, since only those depot areas that are currently not rented will be opened. Our open depotmaxx interface allows for the integration of systems of numerous locker and lock manufacturers on the market. Connection to other sales software from the rental, hotel and mountain railway sectors is also possible and has been repeatedly proven. Please contact us for information on the interface specifications.


Start screen with language selection

depotmaxx depot software

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Products depotmaxx depot software

Cabinet selection using the intuitive touch screen

Access menu for maintenance activity

Maintenance screen for lock testing

Status overview of a controlled drying unit

depotmaxx depot software

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