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Social media is an effective way to amplify your brand’s conference or event. It’s very easy to share and pass on content via social media channels. And, using networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn allows you to spread the message about your event to the right target audience. Since each network already has a built-in community, you can execute activities that will encourage interactions and quality engagement. Tip: the best way to start building your community is to get your own staff to participate. Send out an internal memo or an enablement email that trains your employees on exactly how they can get involved with social media to help promote your event.

So, how can social media support an event? Integrating social media tactics into your events allows you to complement other marketing efforts, increase visitor numbers and collect user-generated content from the community. It also means you can engage the community and foster loyalty.

Upload any sneak peek photos or videos onto the wall and use Facebook Notes to promote long form content.

Here are some ways to get started.

YouTube – Record and upload any marketing videos to create buzz about the event within your existing corporate channel.

Twitter – Start tweeting from an existing corporate Twitter channel as it will have an established community and profile. Create a content calendar and schedule tweets before, during and after the event. Messaging can be around current marketing campaigns, event updates, polls for feedback, contests to encourage interactions, etc. Create a conference hashtag and tag all tweets. Be sure to follow influencers, partners and attendees and interact with them. Facebook – Take over an existing corporate page for the event. Create an event invite so attendees can RSVP. Post polls to get fan feedback on topics related to the event.

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Blogs – Use your company’s blogging platform to produce new, original content to be promoted on all your other social channels.

LinkedIn – Start posting in your company’s corporate group. Create thoughtful LinkedIn discussions that ask for member feedback on relevant industry trends. The LinkedIn audience is different so you don’t want to only post selfpromotional messages. Foursquare – Set up geo-tagging applications or sites to allow attendees to check-in at various locations. Integrate with your Twitter handle: for example, @replies or interact with others already checked-in.