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2013 Editorial Calendar Sustainable Energy Savings with Compressed Air Best Practices® Compressed Air Best Practices® is a technical magazine dedicated to discovering Energy Savings in compressed air systems. Each edition outlines Best Practice System Assessments for industrial compressed air users — particularly those managing energy costs in multi-factory companies. “Retrofitting the 8 case packing machines with 3-position valves reduced our idle cfm from 80 to 15 cfm – on each case packer. With the right air compressor controls allowing the electric motors to turn down, the annual energy savings from one case packer paid for the whole project.” – Gregory Rhames, Asset Reliability Manager/Site Energy Manager, Verallia Glass Jan/Feb 2012 Edition of Compressed Air Best Practices®


“Demand Side” and “Supply Side” information on compressed air technologies and system assessments is delivered to readers to help them save energy. For this reason, we feature Best Practice articles on when/how to correctly apply air compressor, air treatment, measurement and control, pneumatic, blower and vacuum technology. Industrial energy managers, utility incentive program managers, and technology/system assessment providers are the three stakeholders in creating energy efficiency projects. Representatives of these readership groups guide our editorial content. The Compressed Air Best Practices® Editorial Advisory Board guides our mission to help create more energy saving projects.

Supply-Side Compressed Air

Nitrogen Generation

Booster Packages

Oil-Free Air

Vacuum Pump Optimization

Piping Systems

Variable Frequency Drive Air Compressors

Hannover Fair April 8-12

Air Recyling Blow Molders

Vacuum Extrusions

Pneumatic Flow Restrictions

PET Air Compressors & Dryers

SPE ANTEC Conf.* April 21-25

Centrifugal Air Compressors

EASTEC May 14-16 AICD Compressor Conf. June 2-4

Focus Industry

System Assessments

Blower & Vacuum

January/ February

January 7

Energy: Biogas

Biogas Upgrading

Landfill Gas RecoveryMethane

February 4

Food Packaging & Containers

March 4

Plastic Blow Molding




April 5

May 3

Compressed Air Leak Management

System Assessments

Energy: Compressed Natural Gas

CNG Infrastructure for Transportation

Blower Optimization

Vapor Recovery

The Four KPI’s: Flow, Pressure, kW and Dewpoint

CNG Dispensing

CNG Compressors

Confirmed Trade Show Exposure

Globalcon March 6-7

Energy Management Congress June 19-20 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo* June 24-27

June 4

Pneumatic Conveying

Managing Two Separate Pressure Systems


The Four KPI’s: Flow, Pressure, kW and Dewpoint

Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers


July 2

Compressed Air System Automation

Compressed Air Management Systems

Blower & Vac Controls

The Four KPI’s: Flow, Pressure, kW and Dewpoint

Compressor Management Systems

World Energy Engineering Conf. Sept. 25-27


August 2

Wastewater Treatment

Aeration System Optimization

Turbo Blowers

Pneumatic Flow Valving

Rotary Screw Blower Systems

WEFTEC Oct. 5-9

The Four KPI’s: Flow, Pressure, kW and Dewpoint

Variable Speed Oil-Free Centrifugals

Process Expo* Nov. 3-6

Pneumatic Actuator Retrofits

Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

FABTECH Nov. 18-21

Pressure/Flow Control

Sequencers and Master Controllers





Sept 6

October 4

November 1

Food Processing

Air Quality Requirements


Metal Fabrication & Machining

Air Compressor Cooling Systems

Vacuum Hold-Down

Air Compressor Controls

Compressor VFD Blowers Control Strategies

*At time of printing, not all arrangements were final.

Industrial Energy Managers

Ad & Art Deadlines


Compressed Air Best Practices®Editorial Advisory Board

Demand-Side Compressed Air

2013 Edition

Technology/System Assessments


Thomas Mort

Global Program Manager, Energy Efficiency

Archer Daniels Midlands

Richard Feustel

Corporate Energy Services Manager

Briggs & Stratton

Brad Runda

Manager, Energy

Saint Gobain

Eric Battino

Environmental Sustainability Manager


Doug Barndt

Manager, Demand Side Energy-Sustainability

Ball Corporation

Jennifer Meier

Global Environmental, Energy & Plant Engineering Manager


Mike Seiter

Engineering Coordinator, Equip. Reliability Group

Honda of America

William Jerald

Energy Manager


Nate Altfeather

Engineering Professional Development

University of Wisconsin

Ron Marshall

Customer Engineering Services

Compressed Air Challenge®

Bill Scales


Scales Industrial Technologies

Ted Clayton

Energy and Power Management Services

KAMAN Industrial Technologies

Paul Humphreys Vice President Communications

Atlas Copco

Wayne Perry

Technical Director

Kaeser Compressors

David Brittain

Director of Engineering & Marketing Becker Pumps

Jay Francis

Vice President Marketing

SPX Flow Technology

Jon Jensen

Energy Conservation Manager

SMC Corp. of America

Hank Van Ormer President

Air Power USA

Les Ottinger


THP Inc.

Nitin Shanbhag

Senior Manager, Industrial Division

Hitachi America

Mike Gembala

Vice President

Blake & Pendleton, Inc.

Pierre Noack


Aerzen USA

Clint Hodge

National Accounts Manager

ASCO Numatics


Quality Maintenance Services

Peter Stern

2013 Circulation & Rates Print Edition

Magazine Circulation

Print Advertising Rates


Compressed Air Best Practices Magazine mails to the industrial energy managers and consultants who can implement energy savings projects in the manufacturing and process industries. “Energy Team Members” refers to the plant engineers, plant managers and maintenance managers who contribute to a corporation’s multi-factory sustainability initiatives. The geographic circulation mix for the print magazine is 99% in the United States, and the digital magazine circulation is 62% in the U.S., 32% internationally, and 6% in Canada.

Number of Subscribers


Full Page



2/3 Page



1/2 Page



1/3 Page



in Print Magazine and “Job Market Section” on for one month.





20–39, 13, 49

Energy & Utility Managers, Energy Team Members (plant management)



356, 508, 871, 963

System Auditors, Energy Consultants, Compressed Air Technology Providers

2,500 10,200

INSERTIONS per year 1–5X

Ad Size

Job and Product Marketplace Ads



Print Magazine Display Ads1

Ad Type

Job Market in Print and

1,100 3,600

Edition Insertions


Ad Size

one edition/month


2.36" x 3.91"

Product Marketplace in Print



2.36" x 3.91"

Product Marketplace in Print



2.36" x 3.91"

All print insertions are automatically included in the Digital Magazine


supports the following organizations:

Ad Submission Guidelines File Formats

Basic Output Checklist • Ensure that black text is black only, not CMYK


PDF (press quality, 300 dpi, CMYK, fonts embedded, no spot colors, transparencies flattened, hyperlinks embedded)

2-Page Spread*: Trim Size 16.75" x 10.875"

Full page: Include crop marks and bleed

Full Page*:

All other sizes: No crop marks or bleed needed

Final Publication Trim: 8.375" x 10.875" CMYK Process colors only — no PMS spot inks

Trim Size 8.375" x 10.875"

*If ad bleeds, please add .125" extra image on the sides that bleed. Keep any “live” content .25" from trim and gutter

Not Accepted: Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher

2/3 Page Vertical:

File Submission

4.875" x 9.875"

1/2 Page Horizontal: 7.375" x 4.875" 1/2 Page Vertical:

3.560" x 9.875"

1/3 Page Square:

4.875" x 4.875"

1/3 Page Vertical:

2.375" x 9.875"

File Submittal via email (for files under 15Mb): Anna Buzzelli ( Files larger than 15Mb, send via

• Ensure that fonts are embedded • Include all placed/linked images • Do not use LZW compression • Photos should be 300 dpi (placed at 100%) • No RGB or Spot (PMS) colors should be used. Convert all images and colors to CMYK. • Live content should be kept .25" away from trim • Hyperlinks should be embedded into PDF as a text hyperlink from InDesign or Quark so link is clickable in the Digital Edition. Hyperlink buttons will not work.

Publication Material Submissions Contact: Rod Smith • • 412-980-9901

Digital Media Digital Media — BANNER

Web Site Growth of 41% with a 0.53% CTR! Launched in 2010, grew by 41% in 2012 to over 69,000 Impressions per month and maintained a high Click-Through-Rate of 0.53%. Unique and Total Visitor traffic grew respectively by 48% to over 8,100 and 9,650 per month. Just over half of the Total Visits (57%) come from the U.S. and Canada with Asia (20%) and Europe (14%) the next largest geographic regions. Impressions Growth of 41% to 69,000 monthly. BOOM BOX

pp Unique Visits Growth of 48% to 8,100 monthly pp Total Visits Growth of 48% to 9,650 monthly

Our CTR% remains high at 0.53% of Impressions turning into Clicks. We strongly encourage digital advertisers to continue advertising White Papers or Audits or any actionable item that a reader can sign up for on the advertiser’s web site by clicking on the digital ad. Advertisers have four sections to choose from. Although visits are pretty evenly balanced throughout the site, Section #4 featuring System Assessments received the most traffic (29%) in 2012. There are three rotations (meaning three advertisers) per section. There are two types of ads available: Banner Ads across the top and two square-shaped Boom Box ads along the right-hand margin. BOOM BOX

Web site Advertising Rates (Monthly Average) 2012 Page Views

Number of Visits Visitors and CTR% (Monthly Average) Impressions CTR% Unique Visitors

2010 2011 2012 %Growth

24,267 49,184 69,350 41%

0.59% 0.54% 0.53%

Total Visits

4,140 5,493 8,125 48%

4,905 6,527 9,650 48%

Page Views by Section (Monthly Average) (Monthly Average) 2012 Page Views % Total Section Description

Section #1*



Section #2 Section #3 Section #4 Total Views

4,100 4,635 4,040 16,260

25% 29% 25%

Home Page, Magazine, Resources for Energy Engineers Industries, Energy Manager System Assessments, Sustainability Projects Energy Incentives, Technology, Standards


Banner Ad

Boom Box Ad #1*

Boom Box Ad #2*

Section #1*






Section #2






Section #3






Section #4






Total Views


*Section 1 Boom Box Page Views in 2012 were 1,325

AD SIZES & Specs Banner Ad Size: 728w x 90h pixels. Boom Box Ad Size: 250w x 250h pixels. Specs: G  IF, JPG, and Rich Media accepted. Maximum file size: 39k. Include link to website. Send files to


U.S. & Canada

2012 Monthly Avg. % of Total

5,465 57%

Total Visits by Region (Monthly Average) Central/South Europe Asia America

425 4%

1,355 14%

Oceania/ Africa

1,955 20%

Total Visits

450 5%


Page Views by Sub-Section (Monthly Average) Section 1

Section 1

Section 1

Section 2

Section 2

Section 3

Section 3









Energy Manager









Banner Only

Banner Only

System Assessments Sustainability Projects

Section 4

Section 4

Section 4


Energy Incentives



Total Page Views










% of Total

Editorial & Advertising Sales Contact: Rod Smith • • 412-980-9901

Digital Media E-Newsletters Growing in subscriber numbers rapidly, the Compressed Air Best Practices® Monthly e-Newsletter reaches 2,300 professionals. In 2012, Average Open Rates (32%) and Click-Through Rates (49%) were incredibly high. For this reason, in 2013, we are proud to announce the expansion of our Monthly e-Newsletter to three distinctly separate e-Newsletters.

Advertisers receive a customized CTR report detailing how many people received the email, how many opened it and how many clicked on something. Then, they can see how many clicked on their ad. As a bonus, we send a list of the companies who clicked on their ad sorted by End User, Compressed Air OEM, Engineering Firm/Consultant and Compressed Air Distributor.

The Family of Compressed Air Best Practices® Monthly e-Newsletters




Text & Image Ad

Text & Image Ad

Text & Image Ad

Air Compressor Technology & Automation Monthly e-Newsletter

Compressed Air Quality & Distribution Monthly e-Newsletter

Compressed Air Measurement Monthly e-Newsletter

With a focus on Supply-Side Optimization, air compressor technologies and compressor control systems are profiled. System Assessment articles detail what compressor controls allow kWh consumption to match system demand.

With a focus on Demand-Side Optimization, compressed air dryers, filters, condensate management, tanks, piping, blower/vacuum and pneumatic technologies are profiled. How to ensure system reliability, while reducing pressure drop and demand, is explored through System Assessment case studies.

If there is no Compressed Air Flow, Dewpoint, Oil, Pressure and kWh Measurement, how can one effectively manage the system? Content provides “how-to examples” of System Assessments and Technology Profiles of the required instruments.

E-Newsletter Advertising Rates & Deadlines Ad Type

Monthly Rate

E-Newsletter Title

Monthly Artwork Due

Monthly E-Mailing Date

Day 1

Day 10

Position 1 Skyscraper Ad


Air Compressor Technology

Position 2 Text & Image Ad


Air Quality & Distribution

Day 7

Day 20

Position 3 Text & Image Ad


Compressed Air Measurement

Day 14

Day 30

AD SIZES & Specs Position 1: 120w x 600h pixels. Positions 2 & 3: Headline, up to 60 words of text, plus image (125w x 125h pixels). Specs: GIF or JPG accepted. Maximum file size: 50k. Include link to website. Send files to

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