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SolvAxis: Your ERP Partner

SolvAxis: Your ERP Partner

SolvAxis has seamless ERP solutions that

Based in Sonceboz in the Jura Bernois, SolvAxis employs 125 people at the headquarters cover the following functional areas: and their sites in Gland (VD), Baden (AG), Saint-Gall (SG), Annecy (France) and Shanghai (China). Human Resources

The SolvAxis mission is to give midmarket companies, communes, and public administrations E-business

high performance, reliable, high quality Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. SolvAxis conceives, develops, and distributes its integrated enterprise software application, ProConcept

Sales management (After-sales, Purchasing, Sales)

ERP to Mid-sized businesses and industries in the sales, service, and industrial sectors. In addition to its development activities, SolvAxis also ensures the distribution and implementa-

Business Intelligence

tion of 3rd party software applications in order to answer specific customer requirements. “As far as our old data processing went, we didn’t know which foot to stand on. The consultants from SolvAxis immediately lit our way with their precious advice. Thanks to their insight, we received a clear indication as to which orientation to give our information.”

Workflow management

ERP SOLUTIONS Customer Relationship management (CRM)

Electronic data management Production management (PPS)

Patrice Carrel, Administrative manager, Ulysse Nardin

Financial, Cost and Industrial accounting

“Our expectations have been met. The accomplishment of our ERP project has made our internal communication far simpler and efficient” The SolvAxis vision is to offer a wide range of products and

Séverin Augsburger, Director, Theramed

services, and extend its activities to other geographical SolvAxis is the specialized partner for mid market businesses for ERP (Enterprise Resource regions. Planning), BPM (Business Process Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) oriented solutions. Our solutions ERP

For integrated management of your company resources.


Optimize your customer management


Improve your functional process efficiency and quality with Business Process Modeling

SolvAxis SA, Z.I. de la Suze, CH-2605 Sonceboz T +41 32 488 38 38 | F +41 32 488 38 40 | HOTLINE +41 32 488 39 39 | MAIL | WEB

“SolvAxis and its partners ensure the piloting of ERP projects, training and usage, tracking, and software maintenance, thanks to its experienced consulting teams.” Over 20 years of renown competence.

SolvAxis at a glance

Even the best software solutions have trouble adding value to a company if the employees

·· Over 20 years of experience

don’t know how to make the most of the product and have little technical know how.

·· 125 employees

SolvAxis customers, amongst which feature several flagship Swiss companies, benefit from

·· Turnover: 20 million CHF

richly functional management solutions that give the best ft to their current market needs in

·· 6 sites in Switzerland and worldwide

terms of agility and technology.

·· Over 1000 installed sites

SolvAxis and its partners ensure that your ERP projects are successfully completed, the


training, the follow up and application maintenance, are taken care of by our experienced

Supported by the Renaissance PME and Mona Lisa de Vinci

consulting team. Our consultants are appreciated as much for their company management

capital investment funds and with 7M CHF of its its own funds

expertise as for their functional experience. They have all the skills required to bring in even

the company has a rock solid financial situation.

the most ambitious projects on time. Long-lasting As SolvAxis’ privileged partner you are guaranteed our availability, competency, and efficiency

SolvAxis prioritizes solid and durable growth, based on

when managing the projects that you confide to us.

committed respect towards its customers, partners,and employees.

“We have access to extremely competent, committed consultants. They drove the project.” Christian Namy, ERP manager, Audemars Piguet & Cie SA

Respect Success can only be built upon mutual respect, carried out with openness and transparency. Multi-cultural, competency,

Long-lasting, solid partnerships

and enthusiasm are the remaining values that come to com-

We live in rhythm with our customers. We accompany their growth and fill their specific needs

plete the essential values that run through our company

for a win-win situation. Through several solid partnerships, SolvAxis has surrounded itself


with a full set of capable resources to be able to offer you the full range of services required to implement and maintain the solutions supplied to its customers. SolvAxis relies on the following partners for these competencies: ProConcept ERP distribution partners : Prime Technologies Software partners : Assetium, Oracle, Ortems, Paynet, Postfinance, Sage, Techform, VDoc Academic partners : EPFL, HE-ARC, SUPSI, and others.

SolvAxis SA, Z.I. de la Suze, CH-2605 Sonceboz T +41 32 488 38 38 | F +41 32 488 38 40 | HOTLINE +41 32 488 39 39 | MAIL | WEB

SolvAxis: Your ERP Partner  
SolvAxis: Your ERP Partner