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MACWELT 09 | 2011


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Knowledge for all mac user



Die besten Tools für das neue System

Das bringt Version 10.7 !

Schweiz: SFR 11,80 · Österreich, Belgien, Luxemburg: € 6,90 · Niederlande: € 7,60 · Italien, Spanien: € 7,90

Versteckte Funktionen in 10.7

Die besten Power-Tipps für Lion! • Geniale Features, die keiner kennt • Die 20 besten Neuerungen • PLUS: So klappt der Umstieg sicher Macwelt


Leser-CD 0 9 /2011


Lion Tester Dieses Tool prüft Ihren Mac auf Tauglichkeit für Mac-OS X 10.7

Auf Heft-CD




Umstieg auf 10.7 Was Sie vor dem Update brauchen: Backup, Sicherheit u.v.m.

Was Lion noch fehlt: Die besten Ergänzungen für Ihr neues System


TOP-TOOLS FÜR 10.7 300 Icons für Lion Gratis-Icons in hoher Auflösung


Mac-OS X 10.7 im Video

Das neue System im Video-Tutorial: Finder, Launchpad, Mission Control u.v.m.

CD-Label_09.indd 1

Getestet mit Lion: FTP-Client, Virenscanner, FlashBlocker u.v.m.

18.07.11 14:48

Klein und superschnell: Das leisten Apples neue Macs

9 Videos!

CloudDienste für den Mac


So rüstet sich die Konkurrenz gegen Apples iCloud

Das neue System im Video erklärt!



Thunderbolt vs. USB 3.0

Apples neue Highspeed-Schnittstelle im Geschwindigkeitsvergleich

Seiten Tipps & Tricks Die besten Tipps zu Mac-OS X, Safari 5.1, Digitale Bilder u.v.m.

© cschirra -

Gratis-Icons in besonders hoher Qualität

Schon getestet!

Macbook Air, Mac Mini

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Rate card 2012

Organ: Independent computer magazine Publisher / Publishing house: IDG MAGAZINE Media GmbH Postal Address: Lyonel-Feininger-Str. 26, 80807 Munich P.O. Box Address: Postfach 401429, 80714 Munich Germany Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 360 86-0 Fax: +49 (0) 89 / 360 86-501 Managing Director: York von Heimburg Macwelt Publishing: Michael Beilfuß Head of Sales: Paco Panconcelli Distribution: Melanie Arzberger -738 Marketing Coordination: Manuela Eue -156 Macwelt PZN: 595676 Subscriber / reader service: Macwelt Leserservice, tel.: +49 (0) 711/7252-248, e-mail: Publication frequency: Monthly / 24th volume Purchase prices: Retail price  5.90 / SFr 11.80 1-year subscription price:  Domestic € 62.60; Switzerland SFr 125.00; other foreign countries € 71.60; airmail upon request Banking: Payable to IDG Magazine Verlag GmbH Deutsche Bank AG Munich, Germany, Account No. 666 22 66, Sort Code 700 700 10 Postbank Munich, Germany, Account No. 220977-800 Sort Code 70010080, IBAN: DE88 7002 0080 0220 9778 00, SWIFT: PBNKDEFF, Tax-No.: 100/80307, VAT-ID-No.: DE 811257834 Payment terms: 3% Discount against cash in advance and 2% wih payment within 8 days after invoice date. All terms based on our AGB. IDG MAGAZINE Verlag GmbH is an enterprise of the International Data Group, Boston, Mass., USA


Markenartikel Director of departement, Macwelt Sales Uta Kruse Phone: 0049/89/360 86-201, Fax: 089/360 86-124, -99201 E-Mail: Zip 0-6, Special Projects, Online Advertising Consultant Petra Beck, Senior Key Account Manager Phone: 0049/89/360 86-108, Fax: 089/360 86-124, -99108 E-Mail: Zip 7, 8, 9, Shopper, CD, Service Guide, Online

Marketing Communications/Assistant Bernadette Jochum Phone: 0049/89/360 86-770, Fax: 089/360 86, -99770 E-Mail:

Media-Hotline: +49/89/360 86-770, E-Mail:, 2

Account Manager Sabrina Schmidt Phone: 089/360 86-359 E-Mail:

Ad-Management Data delivery Online Thomas Wilms Phone: 0049/89/360 86-415 E-Mail: Ad Management Thomas Weber Phone: Telefon: 0049/89 / 360 86-728

Medienproduktion Data Delivery Print Andreas Frenzel Phone: 089/360 86-239 Fax: 089/360 86-99239 E-Mail: Walter Kainz Phone: 0049/89/360 86-258 Fax: 089/360 86-99258 E-Mail:

Editorial Profile Editor-in-Chief (responsible)

Rate card 2012

Sebastian Hirsch 

Deputy Editorial Manager/ Marlene Buschbeck-Idlachemi  Editor-in-Chief Publishing / Koordination

089 / 360 86-234 089 / 360 86-234

Editors Walter Mehl  089 / 360 86-186 Praxis – Mac-OS X 

Christian Möller, leitend  Hardware / Software, responsible

089 / 360 86-550

Markus Schelhorn  Hardware / Software Photo, Video, DTP

089 / 360 86-426

Macwelt Online

Peter Müller Patrick Woods 

089 / 360 86-452 089 / 360 86-808

Macwelt Mobile

Clemens Fetzer

089 / 360 86-235

Editorial Profil Macwelt – Knowledge for all mac users Macwelt offers know how and special information for all Mac users. Relevant issues about the Mac and its surroundings published in comprehensive and funded articles.

Macwelt Print Actual: news, Information and trends about all mac relevant issues , fair reports and updates, backround information from the macintosh scene Test:

individual test of hardware, software, special technique section offers background articles

Know How:

more than 20 pages of know how articles

Tipps & Tricks: Basic information and Tipps about the mac operating sysems and many other issues for quick assistance for daily use

Macwelt Online The Internet information service from the Macwelt editorial team ( offers, in addition to the magazine, daily-updated news from the Mac and publishing sector. The biggest German download archive for the Mac and an extensive PDF database round off this online service from Macwelt, together with extracts from the current Macwelt issue, constantly-updated collections of tips and tricks, a troubleshooting section plus a public forum for interested Mac users. With Macwelt Premium, Macwelt is also turning to Internet-based paid content.

Macwelt Newsletter Daily und Weekly The new weekly magazine for Macwelt in PDF format. With news, tests, background reports, tips and downloads.


Topics and Schedules

Rate card 2012

AD = Advertisements Deadline; ED = Editorial Deadline; PC = Print Copy Deadline; DI = Deadline for tip-ins, loose inserts and bound inserts; FSD = First Sales Day; *= Deadline for print copies for Shopper and Job & Career, Thematic changes may be made to reflect current events. issue




VDSL/Wlan-Router, iPad apps for music production, iPhone assets



DU Printetversion


PD iPadversion

07.12.11 11.11.11




Calibratible LCD-displays, digitale superzoom-cameras, musik/ video-download-services comparison

04.01.12 06.12.11





Snapshot-digital cameras, data rescue-software, A4 colour laser printing

01.02.12 06.01.12





Thunderbolt-hard drive, HD-cam corder, best of 20 iPhone-apps

07.03.12 10.02.12





SSD-hard drive system-digital cameras, Office software

04.04.12 09.03.12





27/30-Zoll-LCD-Monitore, A4-Fotodrucker, Die 20 besten iPad-Apps

02.05.12 03.04.12





Web-browser, desktop-NAS-system, business projector

06.06.12 08.05.12





Internal 2,5-inches notebookhard drive, firewire/USB / Thunderbolt-cases, file-transfer-software

04.07.12 08.06.12





Internal 3,5-inches hard drive from 3 TB, A4-inkjet printer, low cost DTP software

01.08.12 06.07.12





A4-Farblaserdrucker - Test, 24-Zoll Mittelklasse-LCDMonitore, Internet FotoprintServices - Test

05.09.12 10.08.12





LCD-TVs with internet-link, audio-interfaces, media-homeplayer

02.10.12 04.09.12





A3-colour laser printer, 24-inches-beginner-LCD-displays, internet-provider comparison

07.11.12 09.10.12





VDSL/Wlan-router, iPad apps for music production, iPhone assets

05.12.12 10.11.12





Macwelt Portfolio

Rate card 2012

iPhoneWelt Die iPhoneWelt is an independent magazine and presents up-to-date information for iPhone user: Technic, Trends, assets – Tips & Tricks, musik fßr Mac & Windows Frequency: 6x a year Printed circulation: 40.000 - 55.000 issues Appr. 100 Seiten with CD Please contact: IVW Checked b Q03/2010, Rate card available

my mac A further independent magazine mymac offers comprehensive information, workshops and basics for first time mac user and switcher. Frequency: 6x a year Printed circulation: 30.000 - 40.000 issues Appr. ca. 100 pages Please contact: IVW Checked b Q03/2010, Rate card available

iPadWelt As a independent magazine provides detailed information news, know-how and tips for iPaduser. Frequency: 6x a year Printed circulation: 55.000 issues Appr. ca. 100 pages Please contact: IVW Checked b Q02/2011, Rate card available

Macwelt special issue Profi Guide With the special issue magazine extensive information about relevant topics is providet. Printed circulation: 30.000 - 40.000 issue Appr. ca. 100 pages Will be published with ongoing topics

Changes of dates or topics may occur. Please contact our media team.



Rate card 2012

Editorial Section Ads with four colours (4c) Basic price in Euro 6.800 13.600 4.850 3.750 2.810 2.210 7.800 7.100

Format 1/1 2/1 2/3 1/2 1/3 1/4 U2 / U4 U3

Discount Sales / Volume Discount 19.000 Euro 4% 38.000 Euro 8% 58.000 Euro 12 % 77.000 Euro 16 % 116.000 Euro 20 % 155.000 Euro 24 % 233.500 Euro 28 %


Price list Nr. 24, valid as 01.12.2011 valid as of December 1st, 2011. All prices quoted are based on a booking period of 12 months. 100 AUTOMATOR-TOOLS

Macwelt am iPad

Die besten Erweiterungen und Aktionen für Mac-OS X

• Jetzt im App-Store

• Digital lesen und sparen

Europas größte Mac-Zeitschrift

09/10 € 5,90

Schweiz: SFR 11,80 · Österreich, Belgien, Luxemburg: € 6,90 · Niederlande: € 7,60 · Italien, Spanien: € 7,90

Apples neue Hightech-Macs iMac Quadcore-Prozessor, Taktrate bis 3,6 GHz Mac Pro 12 Prozessoren, superschnelle Grafik Cinema Display Hohe Auflösung, iSight-Kamera Magic Trackpad Multitouch für Desktop-Macs Macwelt Leser-CD 9 /2010


Freeware des Monats Mit Prey lässt sich ein verlorenes Macbook wiederbeschaffen



Bildbearbeitung Diese Programme sollten auf keinem Mac fehlen

25 geniale Pakete mit Erweiterungen für Mac-OS X Automator


Shareware des Monats Die besten Mac-Tools

Auf Heft-CD

Neue Videos


Aktionen für Automator

Über 100 Aktionen und Erweiterungen



Die besten Low-BudgetProgramme zur Bildbearbeitung


Mac-Schutz Diebe aufspüren mit Prey



iPhone 4 im Test, Macwelt auf dem iPad, Apps für iPad & iPhone

Neuer Ärger mit iPhone 4!

MW-Tests bestätigen Empfangsprobleme Apple: Notlösung mit Gratishüllen

Turbo-Power für Mac-OS X

Tools auf CD

• Shortcuts: Die besten Kombis fürs System • Automator: So arbeitet der Mac für Sie • Tipps: Power-Tricks für Mac-OS X

Geniale Foto-Tools

IP-Fernsehen am Mac

So machen Sie Ihre Fotos fit Gute Programme für wenig Geld

Geht schon jetzt: Internet-TV gratis ganz ohne Zusatzsoftware

Test: Android gegen iPhone

Lightroom 3 für den Mac

Homebanking ganz einfach

Apple vs. Google: Wer hat das bessere Smartphone-OS?

Das bringt die neue Fotoverwaltung

So erledigen Sie Ihre Bankgeschäfte am Mac

Macwelt App Guide Format Standard 1/18 55 mm wide x 31 mm high Basic Price 120 Euro

from 6-times 5 % Rabatt

from 12-times 10 % Rebate

Format Standard 2/18 55 mm wide x 68 mm high Basiv Price 220

from 6-times dt.

colour 4c

colour 4c from 12-times dt.

Special issues Format Price Euro Cover Euro

Shopper 1/1 3.850 4.420

Special formats on request Format 1/1 2/3 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/6 1/8 1/9


Mit CD

Europas größte Mac-Zeitschrift

Profiguide 01/10 Februar/März/April

€ 9,95

Schweiz: SFR 19,90 Österreich € 10,95

Benelux: € 11,45

Auf CD:


Power-Tools System, Internet, Sicherheit u.v.m.

Schnell & einfach

Einstieg in Mac-OS X Die ersten Schritte System installieren & optimal einrichten

Programme richtig einsetzen So verwenden Sie die Software von Mac-OS X

Sicher surfen im Internet Online, Mail und Chat ohne Risiko

System-Probleme lösen


Mac ohne Ärger: So helfen Sie sich selbst





für Internet & Sicherheit

100 Seiten zu iLife 09

Diese Programme dürfen auf keinem Mac fehlen!

Extra: Alles zu iPhoto, iMovie & Co

MW_Profiguide0110_fin.indd 1

Our new Macwelt app guide represents your app for a interestes target group. You can offer your brand new app in our app guide and on top you can choose to advertise on our homepages or

12.01.2010 13:50:45 Uhr

Ads with four colours (4c) Basic price Euro 3.550 2.770 2.140 1.450 1.165 800 590 439

Service Guide Minimum insertion is 3 times; Standard text entry only possible in black/white; 33 characters per line; advertorials are designer advertisements.

Format Standard 1/20 34 mm high x 40 mm wide, 10 lines of text Standard 2/20 1 column vert., 73 mm high x 40 mm wide 2 column hor., 34 mm high x 86 mm wide Standard 2/20 2-2 column semi-vertical, 73 mm high x 86 mm wide

B/W Four-colour 4c B/W Four-colour 4c


Basic Price Euro 85 132 210 270 415

from 6x 5 % 81 125 200 257 394

from 12x 10 % 77 119 189 243 374

Technical Data

Rate card 2012

Publication trim size: 202 x 285 mm Trim: 5 mm at all outside edges and the gutter Type area Format / non - bleed: 177 mm width x 241 mm height Printer`s copy: Data sets in digital form

Printing Process Procedure: Offset printing Binding: Adhesive binding Material/Paper: Inside: 70 gsm , SC-B Cover: 135 gsm, glossy coated illustration printing paper Screen width: 150 Lpi

Actual and mandatory technical specifications:

Proof/Pre-print Procedure: The proof/pre-print must be produced using theBVD/FOGRAoffsetstandard:DIN/ISO126472:2009. Information: Profile: Download the profile (ECI Offset 2009.sit) at: Control elements: Thenameofthecolourparameterusedandthe proofdesignationmustalsobestated.Thetime and the date of proof production, and the date of the last calibration must be visible. Printing material: The proof/pre-print must be printed on paper that corresponds to the print run MACWELTpaper in terms of colour and surface quality. Correction marks: Corrections to the content must be inserted on the proof/pre-print. Following colour corrections:anewproof/pre-printmustbeproduced.


Print run print: According to the BVD/FOGRA offset standard: DIN/ISO 12647-2:2009 Colour guide: Full tone weight: the colour guide complies with BVD/FOGRA standardisation concept. Printing material: Please take care to ensure that paper used corresponds to the printing status, and can be changed by the publisher at any time. Print material: Theprintout/proofmustbeprovidedonpaper whichcorrespondstoMACWELT-paperinterms of colour and surface properties. Print sequence: Black, cyan, magenta, yellow

Digital Data Transfer Fonts: Do not use electronically tagged fonts! EPS files (supply fonts), No DCS-files (5-file-DPS) CompositePCfiles(includefonts)orCompositehighend PDF files (include fonts); only produce with ACROBAT Distiller, do not use a PDF writer! For all Files: Do not use RGB pictures! Special colours: Cannot be printed, they must be in the CMYK. Trim: 5 mm on all sides for bleed-off (trimmed) formats. Resolution of TIFF or EPS pictures: min. 300 dpi. If possible use PostScript fonts.

Remote Data processing Data transmission FTP upload: E-mail (max. 20 MB): AnzeigendispoPrint@ Filename: Please always state a reference, structured as follows: Name of advertiser_MACWELT (= mw)_issue number Example: apple_mw_03 For special issues (= mwSH) Example: apple_mwSH_05 Printout / advertising motifs: For each file please send us a corresponding printout,forcolour(photo)productsacolour proof, which simulated the print and paper colour. Motif control: Do not have any proof, please send us a copy or PDF via fax or e-mail to: fax: +49 / (0) 89 / 360 86 - 882, E-mail: Motif check: Upon request, we can send you a low-end PDF by e-mail for inspection and approval: phone: +49 / (0) 89 / 360 86-330 or E-mail: Print on cardboard: Oncardboard(150–220gram/gsm)thesurface coverage sum drops to 260 %. Picture separation: Use the ECI offset profile 2009, PSO LWC Profiles: Download the profile (ECI Offset 2009.sit). Picture resolution: 300 dpi.

Special Editions of MACWELT Differing data to that of the main edition of MACWELT Paper Content: Upon request Paper Cover: Upon request Screen width: auf Anfrage Delivery address for loose- and bound inserts and tip-ins: Upon reques

Actual and mandatory technical specifications:

Your contacts: Advertising administration and technology: Thomas Weber Phone: 0049/89/360 86-728, Fax: 089/360 86-99728 E-Mail: Data delivery print Andreas Frenzel Phone: 0049/89/360 86-239, Fax: 089/360 86-99239 E-Mail: Walter Kainz Phone: 0049/89/360 86-258, Fax: 089/360 86-99258 E-Mail:



Rate card 2012

Macwelt Magazine format: 202 x 285 mm, bleed format Bleed: Plus 5 mm at the outer edges and in the gutter Type area format: 177 mm wide x 241 mm high. Format examples for an advertisement in the editorial section (width x height) Illustrations: * Trimmed formats without 3 mm bleed in the gutter or at the outer edges

Width 202 mm

Width 177 mm

Width 404 mm

Width 384 mm Height 241 mm

Width 126 mm

Width Breite 116 mm

Height 285 mm

1/1: 192 mm breit

Height 285 mm

Height Hรถhe 241 mm

Height 285 mm Height 241 mm

1/1: 202 mm wide

1/1 Seite page bleed *

Width Width 96 mm 86 mm Height Height 285 mm 241 mm

1/2 page vertical bleed*, 1/2 page vert. Width 1/6 Seite 56 mm hoch Height 118 mm 1/6 Seite quer

Width 177 mm Height 36 mm

1/6 page vert./hor., type area format(s) only

1/1 page

2/1 page spread bleed * always two pages*

Width 202 mm Height 137 mm

W 66 mm

W 56 mm

Width 177 mm Height 118 mm

H 285 mm

H 241 mm

1/2 page horizontal bleed*, 1/2 page hor. Width 41 mm Height 118 mm 1/8 Seite quer

Width 177 mm Height 26 mm

1/8 page vert. and semi-vert., type area format(s) only

1/3 page vertical bleed*, 1/3 page vert. 3/9 Seite hoch 2/9 1/9 Seite Seite hoch hoch

W 56 mm H 241 mm

W 56 mm H 159 mm

2/1 page spread bleed * always two pages

Width 202 mm Height 96 mm

Width 177 mm Height 77 mm

W 51 mm

W 41 mm

H 285 mm

H 241 mm

1/3 page page 1/4 page horizontal bleed*, vertical bleed*, 1/3 page hor. 1/4 page vert.

2/3 Seite page vertical bleed*

2/3 page Seite hoch vertical

Width 202 mm Height 76 mm

Width 177 mm Height 57 mm

1/4 page page 1/4 page horizontal bleed*, semi-vert., 1/4 page hor. type area format only

Special formats

W 56 mm H 77 mm

2 1/2 page gutter spread, type area formats Width: 384 mm, Height: 118 mm (1/2: 192 mm breit) Bleed formats*, Width: 404 mm, Height: 137 mm (1/2: 202 mm breit) Always two pages

1/9, 2/9, 3/9 page vert., type area format(s) only


1 1/3 page gutter spread, type area formats Width: 263 mm, Height: 241 mm (1/1: 192 mm wide; 1/3: 71 mm wide) Bleed formats* Width: 273 mm, Height: 285 mm (1/1: 202 mm wide; 1/3: 71 mm wide) Always two pages

Standard 1/18, 55 mm high x 31 mm wide Standard 2/18, 55 mm high x 68 mm wide

Service-Guide-Formats Standard 1/20, 34 mm high x 40 mm wide, 10 lines Text 2/20, 1-columns high, 73 mm high x 40 mm wide or 2-columns quer, 34 mm high x 86 mm wide 4/20, 2-columns semi high, 73 mm high x 86 mm wide

Contact: Thomas Weber, Phone: +49/89/360 86-882, Fax: -99882, E-Mail: 8

Width Breite 86 mm Height Hรถhe 118mm

Special advertising formats

Rate card 2012

Terms of condition Design: The design of bound inserts, loose inserts and tip-ons must clearly differ from the editorial section of the magazine. Technical requirements: All information relating to the positioning of bound inserts, loose inserts and tip-ons assumes that these items can be processed mechanically. The relevant print objects must be supplied already folded. If any difficulties arise with the processing of the bound inserts, loose inserts or tip-ons, the completion of the print run will take priority.

Samples: Before an order is accepted, the publisher must be provided with a binding sample (in triplicate) and, if necessary, layout with details of size and weight. The deadline for this sample is the advertising deadline. See schedule on page: Topics and Schedules.

Liability: Damage caused to the publisher through non-compliance with the technical specifications for the processing of loose inserts, bound inserts or tip-ons must be compensated. Loose inserts Prices for print copy: Euro 112 per thousand, up to 25 g; Euro 10 each additional 5 gr., Postal charges: Euro 15 per thousand, up to 25 g., Euro 20 up to 30 gr., Euro 25 up to 35 gr., Euro 30 up to 40 gr., Euro 35 up to 45 gr. Booking: Regional sectional booking of kiosk circulation according to Nielsen areas and sectional booking of the postal circulation according to postal code areas is possible. 2% allowance. Minimum of 5.000 samples.

Tip-ins Postcards, brochures, envelopes or other printed materials glued on to a baseadvertisement are only possible in conjunction with full-page advertisements or half-page advertisements in horizontal format. Price: Euro 40 per thousand print run, glued onto carrier advertisement Postal charges: available on request

Further creative special advertising formats upon request

Bound-in CD-ROMs Price: Euro 127 per thousand print run Postal charges: available on request

Bound inserts (with two or more pages) Prices: 2-page Euro 117 per thousand, 4-page Euro 143 per thousand, 6-page Euro 163 per thousand, Each additional page Euro 25 per thousand Gatefolds Advertisements which fold out to the right, max. 8 pages. Positioned in content. Produced by the publisher. Prices and formats upon request.

Altarfold large (6-page)  ouble page from which one further page folds out to the D side. Positioned in content. Produced by the publisher. Prices and formats upon request.

Cover-gatefold The page which folds out to the left is connected to the title page (3-page). Produced by the publisher. Prices and formats upon request.

Back-gatefold T he page which folds out to the right is connected to the back cover (4-page). Produced by the publisher. Prices and formats upon request.

Delivery ((not for Macwelt special issues)) By deadline (see Topics and Schedules) to: Oberndorfer Druckerei GmbH, Mittergöming 12, A – 5110 Oberndorf/Salzburg Deliveries accepted: Mo. – Do. 8 – 16 hour, Fr. 8 -12 hour Tel. 00 43 / 62 72 / 41 02-0; Fax 00 43 / 62 72 / 41 02-179

The delivery note must contain the following details: Title: Macwelt issue / year Customer: Name of the company making the booking Delivery volume: No. of inserts delivered + 2 % allowance

Contact: Thomas Weber, Phone +49/89/360 86-882, Fax: -99882, E-Mail: 9 / Macwelt-CD-Rom

Rate card 2012

The highly successful website on the Mac and publishing market Online prices Formats


Fullsize-Banner Leaderboard Textanzeige MPU Skyscraper Hockeystick Leaderboard & Skyscraper

468 x 60 Pixel 728 x 90 Pixel 500 characters 336 x 280 Pixel 120 x 600 Pixel 728 x 90 Pixel 120 x 600 / 160 x 800 Pixel

Expandable (MPU, LB, Sky) Wallpaper Tandem Ad: Layer & Skyscraper Promotion Box Newsletter Newsletter

Maximum File 15 KB 20 KB 20 KB 20 KB 20 KB

400 x 400 / 120 x 600 Pixel 120 x 60 Pixel 500 characters 468 x 60

20 KB 20 KB 20 KB



Rotation Rotation Rotation Rotation Rotation

20 40 50 65 40 up on request

plus 10 % HomeandRubriken up on request up on request Home 1.500 month. fix price daily und weekly 45 daily und weekly 45

Special ad formats as Advertorials, Microsites upon request Rabatte

Volumen in Euro Rebate

from 5.000 3%

Delivery deadline: 3 working days before the start of the campaign Delivery of data as E- MailAttachement: data only as a zip. file. or attachement. Delivery address for online advertisements material: Advertising director Uta Kruse; Tel.: 089/360 86-201; Mail to: Online-technic & Disposition: Mail to:

from 10.000 7%

from 15.000 12%

from 20.000 18%

Information be needed: • Site: • customer: ABC • agency: XYZ • campaign/Motiv (max. 43 Zeichen): Server • time periode: 01.11.2009 – 31.12.2009 • placement: Run of Site • Impressions: 100.000 • Naming of ad: Banner 468 x 60 • Specials: clicktag

in general: • all popular rich media formats are supported • weekly banner changes possible without additional charge • banner series are supported • A video can be integrated into all ads (except newsletters) • General terms and conditions apply for online advertising Minimum volume: 1.500 Euro/netto

Macwelt-TV • Macwelt-TV is an audio visual information medium of Macwelt magazine • Every week Macwelt editors present new products for Mac and iPod, iPhone

MAC-Dealer-Database Annual entry 49 Euro

Annual entry for Service-Guide-Clients 20 Euro

• 4 - 5 TV spots are presented on the CD of the monthly issue Macwelt with perspectives of new Macs, tips and tricks • more than 10.000 people use Macwelt - TV on macwelt. de and iTunes-Musicstore on our Macwelt-CD

CD-Sponsoring Macwelt Changes

Basic entry: entry in the CD‘s main menu, up to 10MB of data: 1000 Euro

je 5 Euro 10

Macwelt Newsletter

Rate card 2012

Additional Online Format of Macwelt daily and weekly newsletter

Macwelt Newsletter 

iPhoneWelt and Apps newsletter

iPhoneWelt Newsletter  Subs 10/11

Subs 10/11

Macwelt daily:  Macwelt weekly:  Macwelt Tipps & Tricks:  Macwelt Premium: 

Stand alone eMailing

23.946 8.239 11.828 2.345

iPhone Apps: iPhoneWelt: 

13.626 9.096

Ad banner or text ad within our special topic-Newsletters: CPM: 45 Euro Format: Text with 500 Characters, Logo, Link

E-mails are used constinously in our daily internet practise. E-Mail Marketing is among the top Marketing strategy with highly increase Standalone eMailing addressed on top addresses (27.990)  CPM 200 Euro Standalone eMailing on marketing addresses (54.280) CPM 120 Euro Minimum of: 30.000 adresses

Macwelt goes mobile „Mac News“ • Knowledge for all Mac users! • Macwelt informs you everywhere you are with their App „Mac News“ daily news and topics about iPhone, iPad, iPod und Mac • Editorial profile of presented news about the following sections: Mac-OS X, iPhone, Testing & References, Internet as well as Digital Lifestyle • 34% have a average household income of more than 3,500 Euro per month, • 41 % have a gratuate degree (Source: W3B/10) • „Mac News mobil“ generates appr. 20,000 PIs daily • Since May/2010 this app was downloaded over 59,000 times

„Mac Tipp“ • A full collection of all Mac-Tips pocket fomatedt for only 2,39 Euro in iTunes Store • iPhone-App „MacTipps“ provides 750 Tips for Mac-OS X, Hardware, Software and the iPhone in well sorted database 11

Macwelt on the iPad

Rate card 2012

Macwelt - Apps • August 2010 our Macwelt portfolio is online on the iPad • already 59,000 downloads of our free app (for download the print copies) • In Austria and Switzerland Macwelt app is on first position of all over 29,000 digital issues are sold via the iPad (10/11) • 1.033 new Macwelt subscribers via iPad (10/11) • Sponsoring of the complete iPadversion of Macwelt • linkage and tracking possible! • Per month 50,000 download kiosk hits • downloads reading excerpts: 4,5 more as print copies

Macwelt Events Making Apps ad Developer Days is our business-portal for german speaking app-developer. There the app community finds the newest information and know how for developing apps, there is localized a job market and a schedule of events. Developer or publisher can register in our Who-is-Who list as. This service will help to arise the biggest database for app developing and publishing. It is also possible for developers to post their own projects and events. We want to create a platform for ongoing exchange. Several times a year will arranged workshops under our label „making apps developer days.


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Macwelt IVW-Meldung 3. Quartal 2011 Circulation


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9 62.368

IDG is publising worldwide over 300 magazines. 175 of our magazines are part of our portfolio about Computerworld/Infoworld, PC World; Macworld and Network World. 100 Million people use and read this magazines. Our media house is also very successful providing Internet-services. 450 Internet-Sites from 80 countries, web-onlyservices are also available in the internet.

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Media services Editorial rating awards In individual tests, the Macwelt Test Centre awards marks as „Testsieger“ (test winner), „Preistipp“ (price tip), „Qualitätstipp“ (quality tip). The test logos are available for downloading in various formats from the Macwelt logo service at These are intended to use for your own advertising purposes. Tests and their test logos published online on are available on request. Contact: Bernadette Jochum, Phone: +49/89/360 86-770, E-Mail:

Media Services online Macwelt online media services offer the latest information to advertising customers and media decision-makers. These include among others: Macwelt topics and schedules • tarif calculators • prices • performance data • advertising booking options • market research • information on marketing services • market and media links Adress: 13

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Market research

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Free of charge: Brand Awareness 2011 Market research Since 15 years the only Mac- and Publishing-market specialised market survey Brand study divided in hard- and software categories as well as entertainment and home cinema periphery. 15 product categories in 2010: as printers, displays, DTP software and many more About 3,000 participants of Macwelt readers and online users are benchmarking all brands in selected categories using a highly specialized questionaire. Macwelt readers are reviewing the brands in: quality, prices and consumer contentment f.e. profil of consumers, process of purchasing will become more transparent. Product sector Display • External HDD • Laser printer • Multifunctional printers • ISP • Smartphones • Digital cameras • Soundsystem • Headphones • Navgation • Business software • DTP • Image editing software • Virtualisation • TV with Mac

Macwelt target groups analysis Macwelt reader Brand Awareness 2011 Macwelt is focusing all mac user from beginners to experts: • 20% of macwelt readers are well educated* and 50% have a university diploma • 11% are female and 89% male • 42% are employees or civil servants* • 34% have a household income appr. Over 2.000 Euro • 28% are very high skilled in Computersciense • 57% are experts in information technology* • 38% are experts in the sction of entertainment assets • 26% use usually several times a week our online portfolio on* • 64% are trained and have high sophisticated skills* • 60% buy new IT products when published Die  • 46% use the internet regularily • 54% are technical consultants in their business units • 73% buy online software and 81% buy hardware online • 30% plan to spend 500 Euro on IT equipement • 45% use the internet to gain information Age of der Macwelt-Leser up to 19 Jahre 2% 20 – 29 years 5% 30 – 39 years 14% 40 – 49 years 33% 50 – 59 years 26% 60 – 69 years 16% 70 years and more 4%

(Source: BA 2011)

(Source: W3B 31. Welle)

Internal editorial marketresearch Periodical reader polls about use and behaviour is part of research studies as W3B 2011 and der AGOF


IDG-Combos 2012

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Pay less! This expand your coverage! IDG combos 2012 Print – Your advantage in booking the IDG Combos Konditionen • Combine our advertising bookings with the same advert formats and volumes in two consecutive months*.* • Motif and image changes are possible. • Save up to 20% with our combination discount and use our volume discounts. • SBooking that are already been invoiced for individual titles cannot be converted into combinations retrospectively • Weitere Informationen über die Erstverkaufstage aller Titel und kombinierbare Erscheinungsintervalle erhalten Sie bei Ihrem Mediaberater oder finden Sie online unter

Online – Your advantage in booking combos Conditions • Combine our online ads in the same mount • Motif and image changes are possible • Billing by CPM and number of impressions per site minimum: 2.000 Euro netto after AE and rebate • Sparen Sie mit dem Kombinationsrabatt bis zu 20% • Combination and volume discounts will be invoiced consecutively, not additive.

According to the combo rebate you get a frequency discount. Sie erhalten bei Kombibuchungen zusätzlich zum Mengenrabatt einen Kombinationsrabatt nach folgender Staffel*: Number of IDG Publications: Combo rebates:

2 5%


3 6%

4 7%

5 8%

all IDG-Titles 20%

General Terms of Business for Advertisers

1. Order 1.1 An order within the meaning of the following General Terms of Business shall be deemed to be the agreement governing publication of one or several advertisements of a Client for the purpose of dissemination in magazines.The GeneralTerms of Business of IDG Media shall also apply accordingly to orders for third-party supplements such as tip-ins, bound inserts or other inserts, provided they are suitable for publication and distribution. Any digression from these Terms of Business shall not be effective unless made in writing. No terms and conditions of the Client to the contrary shall apply, even if IDG Media does not object in a given instance. 1.2 The order shall not be effective until accepted by written order confirmation, unlessagreementontheconclusionofcontracthasbeenreachedinadifferent manner, especially before written confirmation of the order. 2. Execution 2.1 There shall be no entitlement to inclusion of advertisements in particular issues, particular editions or at particular places in the publication. IDG Media will be free to position an advertisement in an appropriate place, unless its placement has been agreed for a particular issue, a particular edition and a particular place in the publication provided that the print material is supplied to IDG Media in good time. IDG Media will otherwise be entitled to position it in a suitable place in a different issue. Exclusion of competitors is not possible. In the case of classified advertisements IDG Media guarantees that they will be printed in the relevant classified section, without this requiring explicit agreement. 2.2 If the Client is granted the right to order individual advertisements within the purview of an Agreement, the order is to be executed within one calendar year after the conclusion of agreement if nothing else is agreed during the term of the master contract. 3. Right of Refusal 3.1 IDGMediareservestherighttoturndownadvertisingandsupplementorders –includingindividualadvertisingtextsandsupplementsinthecaseofmaster contracts–ongroundsofcontent,originortechnicalformincompliancewith standard principles of IDG Media materially justified by customary practice in the industry, if their content violates the law, infringes regulations of the authorities or offends common decency or their publication is deemed to be unreasonable for IDG Media. To this extent, IDG Media may withdraw from orders already confirmed – including from individual part-orders based on master contracts – if it is not until after conclusion of the Agreement that IDG Media becomes aware of the content, origin or technical form of an order that would have entitled it to reject the same. Moreover, orders of supplements will not be binding on IDG Media until after presentation of a sample of the supplement and its approval. 3.2 No supplements, whose format or getup give the reader the impression of their being an integral part of the magazine or which contain third-party advertisements, will be accepted.The Client will be notified of rejection of the order without delay. Any advertisements, which on account of their artistic designarenotrecognizableasadvertising,willbeclearlymarkedbyIDGMedia with the word “advertisement”. 4. Delivery of Print Material 4.1 The Client shall be responsible for the timely delivery of faultless print material orsupplements.TheClientshall,whensorequiredbyIDGMedia,immediately replace any print material that is visibly unsuitable or damaged.The costs of producing ordered print material as well as of major changes to originally agreed versions which are requested by the Client or are attributable to the Client on account of the technical quality of the print material supplied, shall be borne by the Client. 4.2 Where any defects in the print material are not immediately recognizable, but only become apparent during the printing process, the Client shall not be entitled to file any claims in case of inadequate printing. Print material will be returned only at the express wish of the Client.The obligation for safekeeping endsthreemonthsafterthelastpublication.IDGMediawillhavenoobligation to examine the content of advertisements and their legal admissibility.

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5. Proofs Proofs will be supplied only on express request; the Client shall bear responsibility for the correctness of the returned proofs. IDG Media will consider only those corrections by the Client that are notified to it within the period set on dispatch of the proof. 6. Warranty 6.1 In the case of bilateral mercantile transactions, the Client is obliged to notify possible defects immediately after the placement of the advertisement, after they have come to his attention or on discovery. In the case of a failure to fulfil the requirement to give notice of defects the placement of the advertisement shall be deemed as approved. 6.2 In the case of wholly or partially illegible, incorrect or incomplete printing of an advertisement attributable to IDG Media, the Client shall be entitled to subsequentperformancethroughplacementofamake-goodadvertisement free from any defects, however only to the extent to which the purpose of the advertisement was impaired. Should IDG Media fail to meet this obligation within a reasonable fixed period or if the makegood advertisement is also defective, then the Client may in the case of single advertisements demand reduction of the remuneration or withdraw from the Agreement; in the case ofmastercontractstheClientmayonlydemandreductionoftheremuneration relating to the defective partial service. 6.3 In the case of errors of any type whatsoever resulting from transmission by telephone, IDG Media will not be liable for the correctness of the acceptance of the order. 7. Liability 7.1 IDG Media will be exclusively liable for damages arising from intent, gross negligence and missing guaranteed properties. In all other instances, IDG Media will be liable only in the event of breach of a substantial obligation, or upon delayed performance or owing to impossibility of performance, for damages whose occurrence had to be reasonably expected at the time of the conclusion of the Agreement, not, however, for damages that have arisen fortuitously or indirect damages or consequential damages. 7.2 Liabilitywithrespecttobusinessmenforgrossandordinarynegligence,inthe caseofvicariousagentswhoarenotstatutoryagentsorseniorexecutives,also in the case of intent, is limited to the customarily and typically foreseeable damage in such cases as cannot be controlled by the Client. With negligent breach of a substantial obligation the liability of IDG Media will be limited at the utmost to the amount of the agreed remuneration. 7.3 Statutory liability for personal damage and in accordance with the German Product Liability Act remains unaffected, IDG has the option of the plea of contributory negligence. 7.4 The Client is entitled only to claim damages from IDG Media owing to defects totheextentthatIDGisliableunderArticles276,278BGB(GermanCivilCode). 7.5 Insofar as IDG Media is obliged to pay damages it shall treat the Client as if the Agreement had not been concluded; damages owing to non-performance are excluded. 8. Terms of Payment 8.1 If the Client does not make an advance payment, any invoices and voucher copy will – if so agreed – be sent forthwith, but where possible within 14 days of publication of the advertisement. The prices of the advertisements will be based on the relevant valid price list. In the event of any changes, the new conditions will in the case of price reductions also apply immediately to current orders, and in the case of price increases one month after notification of the respective valid conditions in the imprint or other suitable place in the magazine. In the case of a price increase the Client has the right to withdraw fromtheAgreement.TheClientisobligedtoexercisethisrightwithin5working days after receipt of the information of the price increase. The price will be due immediately on publication of the advertisement and payable within 20 days of receipt of the invoice, unless any other term of payment or advance payment is agreed in a given instance.Where the time of receipt of the invoice is not certain, the Client – provided it is not the user – shall be deemed to be in default no later than 20 days after the due date and publication of the advertisement.


General Terms of Business for Advertisers

8.2 In their contracts with, and offers and invoices to, the advertisers, advertising agencies and other advertising brokers are obliged to adhere to the price lists of IDG Media. 9. Discounts 9.1 Any discounts for early payment will be granted as provided in the price list. Any agreed or granted discounts for the placement of several advertisements or on conclusion of master contracts will apply only if the respective quantity and time frame are adhered to. Failure to comply with the agreed quantity or the time frame will entitle IDG Media to subsequently charge the discount in proportion to the difference between the discount granted and that corresponding to the quantity actually purchased. 9.2 The application of a group discount to subsidiaries shall be subject to written proof of a capital tie-up at a minimum rate of 50%. Any remuneration granted by IDG Media for the procurement of business may not be passed on by the Client either in whole or in part. 10. Default of Payment 10.1 Should the Client be in default with a payment, IDG Media will be entitled to demand without prior notice default interest until receipt of the payment pursuant to Art. 288 Para 2 BGB (German Civil Code), or pursuant to Art. 288 Para 1 BGB and to charge collection expenses. 10.2 If IDG Media learns after conclusion of the Agreement that its pecuniary claim against the Client is jeopardized by lack of solvency on the part of the Client duetoitspoorfinancialcircumstancesthenIDGMediamay-notwithstanding any payment agreements - demand advance payment for any placements already made, immediate payment of any outstanding invoices, even if not yet due, reject further placements of advertisements or withdraw from the Agreement. 11. Voucher Copy In the case of advertisements, IDG Media will, by special agreement, supply a voucher copy with the invoice. Depending on the type and scope of the advertising order, excerpts from the advertisements, tear sheets or complete voucher copies will be supplied. If it is no longer possible to procure a voucher copy, a legally binding certificate from IDG Media on the publication and dissemination of the advertisement will be provided in its place. 12. Keyed Advertisements Inthecaseofkeyedadvertisements,IDGMediawillexercisethedueprudence of a businessman with respect to the safekeeping and timely forwarding of offers. Registered letters, express letters and other forms of delivery and communication will be forwarded by IDG Media only by normal mail.The replies tokeyedadvertisementswillbekeptfor4weeks.Anycommunicationswhich cannot be delivered in this period will be destroyed. 13. Defaults in Performance IDG Media will not be liable for any performance delays arising as a result of force majeure, strike, lock-out, business disruptions or other equivalent events.Aftercessationofsuchanevent,IDGMediamaypublishadvertisements in the next possible issue of the printed publication or it may withdraw from the Agreement in whole or in part. To this extent, the Client shall not be entitled to claim any damages.

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14.2 The Client authorises IDG Media to acquire, process, store and use its personal data within the scope of the order placing and processing insofar as this is necessarytocarryouttheplacementoftheadvertisementandtherespective invoicing. IDG Media is furthermore authorised to access the personal data relinquished to it for the maintenance of its working condition.To this extent IDG Media guarantees that it will treat the data relinquished to it as confidential. 14.3 The Client may at any time view free of charge its personal data stored with IDG Media.The Client may address an inquiry in writing to IDG Media for this purpose. 14.4 Within the purview of the statutory data protection regulations IDG Media undertakes tousetheClient’s data known to itfromthemandate relationship, unless the Client has consented otherwise to IDG Media making further use of these data, exclusively for the fulfilment of the purposes of these General Terms of Business, to preserve the confidentiality of the data and to enjoin its employees to observe the same secrecy in accordance with the legal requirements. 15. Granting and warranty of rights In placing the order the Client gives its guarantee and assurance that it is the unqualified holder of all exploitation rights in the advertisements that are required for the placement of the advertisement.The Client shall to this extent indemnify IDG Media against any and all claims of third parties that may arise from the violation of legal regulations. IncasesofdisputetheClientundertakestoindemnifyIDGMediafromthecosts of a necessary legal defence and to support it with all necessary information and documents in a legal defence with respect to third parties. 16. Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law TheplaceofjurisdictionandperformanceshallbeMunich,whereIDGMediais domiciled, if the Client is a qualified businessman, if it has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany, it has moved its place of domicile or place of habitual residenceafterconclusionoftheAgreementtosomewhereoutsidetheterritory covered by the law, or if its place of domicile or place of habitual residence is not known at the time when legal proceedings are instituted. Otherwise the general place of jurisdiction of the Client shall apply.The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to the exclusion of UN purchase law (CISG). 17. Final Provisions 17.1 All information, consents, communications or inquiries about theseTerms of Business are binding only in writing. Dispatch by e-mail is equivalent to the written form. In the case of dispatch by fax or e-mail the date when this is received by the other partner respectively is relevant. 17.2 The GeneralTerms of Business and any other written agreements will retain their validity, even if any individual provisions should prove to be invalid.The provision in question shall then be construed in such a manner as to achieve as far as possible its originally intended commercial and legal objectives.

14. Privacy Policy 14.1 IDG Media gives its assurance that the order will be executed exclusively in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes, BDSG) and other legal regulations relating to data protection.The personal data provided by the Client as part of the execution of the order, especially the placing and the processing of the order, will be stored in a machine-readable manner, processed and used exclusively for this purpose, unless the Client has consented to another type of use, as well as for the purpose of invoicing and remuneration.


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