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What is CCC Mark?  China

Compulsory Product Certification (CCC or 3C)  Implemented in 2003, China national requirement  Statutory compulsory safety certification system  CCC Mark testing only can be conducted by China

Official Accredited Testing Labs  Covers 146 products divided into 22 categories  Household appliances, Audio & Video, ITE, safety

glasses, medical devices, lighting apparatus, cables and wires...etc

What is CQC Mark? China Quality Certification  Voluntary Product Certification service 

 Products shall be verified to standards of quality, safety,

environment and performance  Involves more than 500 products  General machinery and accessories; Electronic

components ; Electric tools and accessories; Plastic and rubber products; Soap and cleaning products

Flow Chart of CCC/CQC Application

Accepted by CQC

Testing samples

Factory Inspection

Published on Internet

Receiving Certificates

Assessment of Com pliance Paying fees

CCC/CQC application procedure



 Documentation (Applicant)   

New application has to provide product specification, user manual or sample to PKM Submit the application form & quotation with samples to PKM (or location as advised by PKM) Relevant documents (e.g. CQC application form must be signed by applicant)

Application documents 

The formal application shall be submitted with the following documents:  Circuit diagram and/or system block  List of critical components and/or materials  Description of the difference between the different

model/type of products in the same application unit

 Service manual and user’s manual in Simplified Chinese  Nameplate and warnings in Simplified Chinese  Other necessary documents (Business license,

Trademark registered certificate and etc.)

CCC/CQC application procedure 2. Accepted by CQC Samples to PKM (or location as advised by PKM) Type Testing - Chinese GB Standards 30 working days, not including corrective

actions and retest  If the components require testing and the required time

exceeds that of appliances, counting time will be add-on.

CCC/CQC application procedure 3. Initial Factory Inspection Fill in the inspection questionnaire Ensure the certification product meets the

implementation rules of CQC Cooperate with certification body to fulfill the inspection activity arrangement

CCC/CQC application procedure  4.

Granting certification

 Type testing and factory inspection are completed and passed,  Evaluating certification results and approving the certificate

normally within 5 working days



 Stick the CCC/CQC logo on the product or label  Purchase labels or get printing authority from CQC  Filling the relevant forms

Why choose PKM/STC? 


PKM is in the STC group, which has office in Beijing  Guanxi (關係 關係) 關係 * long term collaboration history with CQC  Face to face application if in need No application barrier  Language (Putonghua, i.e. Mandarin / English)  Culture  Location  Time zone  Samples to HK – no import tax / Customs barrier Only one overseas CBTL under CQC Awarded the Best CBTL of CQC CQC subcontracted Lab CCC Lab

CQC Subcontracted Lab

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What are the fees for the single steps i.e. testing, inspection, application ?  testing fee (depends on product, see next slide for reference)  certification fee and application fee (see next slide)  factory inspection fee ( fixed price,RMB2500 per man day, 2 men for inspection + their traveling expenses which depend on where the factory is)  annuity (fixed price,RMB200/ each certificate)

Q2. The estimate lead times for single steps and average application time (from first received application form confirmation to getting the product to market)  4 weeks for testing  2 weeks for granting certificate, not including initial factory inspection  average application time: Within 2 months

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q3.Will the whole certification process be longer for 1st time applicant ?  Our experience is that foreign customer takes a little bit longer time for the 1st product. (critical components, user manual in simplified Chinese, readiness for factory inspection and etc.)

Q4.What kind of information is needed for certification ?  Applicant details, manufacturer, factory, product, etc.

Q5. How is the factory inspection be organized ?  Via PKM/STC - help to communicate with CQC about the standard agenda for the factory inspection, such as  Inspection time, period, schedule.  Factory tour  Inspect assembly line  Review production procedures

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q6. If the product passes the required tests, how long to gain CCC certificate? If there are failures, what is the process for retest ?  Compliance test report will be sent to CQC, then CQC will arrange the factory inspection for the applicant. Applicant can be granted the certificate in two weeks after compliance of factory inspection. Retest can be arranged with PKM. Only after all tests pass will the report be sent to CQC.

Q7.What kinds of certificates can be provided by CQC?  CB (reducing the cost and speed up the application when apply CCC+CB or CQC+CB at the same time)  PSE (Japan Market)  China Voluntary RoHS Certification  The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO)

Q8. How long is the test process typically ?  30 working days for normally test, excluded the retest.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q9. Does the test lab usually contact the customer to discuss any issues during test ? If so, how would we deal with this ?  This is handled through PKM/STC.

Q10.Which test data/services from PKM can be used for CCC approval?  All tests shall be conducted in designated CCC laboratory  Pre-test can be done by PKM.

Q11. What is the advantage of HS code for CCC approval?  HS code is for custom clearance. It is not related to CCC approval.

Q12. Who will judge and evaluate if 3C is needed or not?  PKM/STC can help to check with CQC, and inform applicant whether 3C is needed or not.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q13.What if the product only has RF function?  It will fall into SRRC, and no need CCC mark. PKM/STC can also help you to apply. SRRC controls all the products with RF function in China.

Q14 Which test data/services from overseas lab can be used for CCC approval?  All tests shall be conducted in designated CCC laboratory, so we cannot accept test data from overseas lab.  CB certificate and test report with China national difference will smoothen the CCC application.

Supplementary Information: China Type Approval of Radio Transmission Equipment (SRRC Certification) China Voluntary RoHS Certification

China Type Approval of Radio Transmission Equipment (SRRC Certification)

Since June 1, 1999, the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry (“MII�) has regulation for Radio Transmitting Equipment  All the sales and the use of the radio component products in China must obtain the SRRC approval  China has set the special frequency range in relation to the different types of radio transmitting equipment  Not all the frequencies are allowed to be legally used in China, similar control like other countries 

Price for SRRC approval  Price

fluctuates a lot, depends on the actual product (see next slide for an example) RF frequency Function Complication

SRRC Application Procedures   

Submit the “ Application Form for Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval ” to SRRC office Provide the materials relating to the relevant technical performance and specifications Examine the radio transmission equipment of the aforesaid type and a test will also be undertaken on the approved items by SRRC Office entrusted testing authority Grant a “ Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate ” and a “ SRRC ID ” by SRRC Office.

Documents/ Materials     

"Radio Transmission Equipment Type approval of the application form“ Applicant's "business license" copies Quality assurance system certificate or relative documents, e.g. ISO 9001 Technical specifications or manual, circuit schematic and block diagram or instructions of the device SRRC test report

Supplementary Information: China Voluntary RoHS Certification 

Certification Model  Self-declaration + Type

Testing of the product (XRF and chemical test)  Type Testing of the product + Initial Factory Inspection + Follow up Factory Inspection

List of Documents for ROHS Certification       

The application form The list of suppliers of the components and/or materials about the product The trademark registration license, the nameplate and warning sign (if have) The different explanation of materials in use among different types of the products in sole application unit Certificate of Business Registration Declaration of Conformity Questionnaire for factory inspection (if required)

Testing Items Testing Items

RoHS Restriction Requirement (ppm)



2、Cadmium(Cd)100 3、Chromium VI (Cr6+)


4、Mercury(Hg) 1000 5、PBBs and PBDEs 6、All


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