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Photosensitive Seizures Seizure Warning—Please Read Prior to Playing A very small percentage of individuals may experience seizures when exposed to certain light patterns, flashing lights, or flashing images. Children and teenagers are more susceptible to seizure than adults, but even those with no history of seizure or epilepsy could experience them while playing or watching video games. Symptoms of seizures include: lightheadedness, altered vision, jerking or shaking of the extremities, loss of awareness, confusion, twitching, or full convulsions. Convulsions can lead to other injuries by causing an individual to fall off of a chair and/or strike objects nearby. If you or anyone in your family has an epileptic condition or history of seizures, consult your physician prior to playing this game—you could have an undiagnosed condition. If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms of a seizure while playing, STOP PLAYING AND CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. Parents should ensure their children are not experiencing symptoms. In order to reduce the risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures, you should play NC Interactive games in a well-lit room while you are alert and awake. Avoid poorly lit rooms and playing when fatigued.


INSTALL THE GAME PC System Requirements Minimum PC Requirements •  Windows® XP/Vista/7 •  Intel® Pentium™ III 1 GHz or AMD Athlon™ 1 GHz processor •  512MB RAM •  NVIDIA® GeForce™ 2 Series, ATI Radeon™ 8500, or Intel i865G series video card •  16-bit sound card •  5GB of free HD space •  Broadband Internet •  Keyboard and mouse Recommended PC Requirements •  Windows XP/Vista/7 •  Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000+ processor •  2GB RAM or more •  NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 Series (or higher) or ATI Radeon 9600 (or higher) •  16-bit sound card •  5GB of free HD space •  Broadband Internet •  Keyboard and mouse Recommended PC Requirements for Ultra Mode •  4GB RAM or more •  NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series (or higher) or ATI Radeon HD 2000 series (or higher) PC Installation 1. Insert City of Heroes Going Rogue™: Complete Collection into your DVD-ROM drive. 2. Click Install Game. The default installation directory is c:\Program Files\City of Heroes. If the installer does not automatically launch, double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop, and double-click the icon representing the location of your City of Heroes Going Rogue: Complete Collection disk. The location will be your computer’s DVD drive icon. Double-click on Setup.exe to begin the installation.


Mac® System Requirements Recommended Macintosh® Requirements •  Mac OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard (or higher) •  Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (or higher) •  1GB RAM or more •  NVIDIA 7300 GT (or higher) or ATI X1600 (or higher) •  5GB of free HD space •  Broadband Internet •  Keyboard and mouse Recommended Macintosh Requirements for Ultra Mode •  3GB RAM or more •  NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Series (or higher) or ATI Radeon HD 3870 (or higher) Macintosh Installation 1. Insert City of Heroes Going Rogue: Complete Collection into your DVD-ROM drive. 2. Drag the City of Heroes Going Rogue: Complete Collection icon onto the Applications icon (or into your computer’s Application folder).

Account Registration (PC or Mac) 1. Go to, and log in to your NCsoft® Master Account, or click Create Account and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new NCsoft Master Account. 2. Once logged in, click Use Serial Code, and enter the serial code provided on the Quick Reference Card. 3. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to create your City of Heroes Going Rogue: Complete Collection game account.


Launch the Game To enter City of Heroes®, click on the game icon on your desktop or Start menu. (Macintosh users, click on the game icon alias on the desktop, on the game icon on the dock, or the game icon in your Applications folder.) Each time you enter the game, it checks for and automatically loads any needed updates. When the game loads, the game will prompt you for your City of Heroes game account name and password. After logging in, you will be able to select a server on which to play.

Select a Server After the game loads, it prompts you to select a server on which to play. Check the colored bubbles next to the server name. If a server has too many people playing on it already, the color of the bubbles will be red, and you will be entered into a queue.

Create and Customize a Character Once you select a server, you can choose a character you’ve already created and begin play, or you can choose to create a new Praetorian, Hero, or Villain. If you have never played City of Heroes or City of Villains® before, your first character will be a Praetorian. To create a new character, you move back and forth between seven screens of options in which you customize your character to make it distinctive. You can move between the screens independently. Your selections are saved from screen to screen. Use the Back and Next buttons at the bottom of the screens or click on the screen labels at the top to move between the screens. If you need to quit City of Heroes or shut down your computer, you can use the Save or Load buttons to save or load your character and costume in progress. (The saved file is kept on your computer, not the server.) Archetype and Origin: Choose an Archetype and an Origin. Which Archetypes you can pick from depend on whether you are making a Praetorian, Hero, or Villain. Praetorians have the broadest selection. The Archetype section on page 6 describes all the starting Archetypes for your reference. (They are also described in tooltips in the game.) You can pick from five Origins: Science, Mutation, Magic, Technology, or Natural.


Primary Power Set and First Primary Power: Pick your character’s primary power set and the first power in that power set. The power sets you can pick from depend on your Archetype. The powers you can select from depend on what power set you have picked.

Secondary Power Set and First Secondary Power: Pick your character’s secondary power set and its first power. The power sets you can pick from depend on your Archetype. The power you can select from depends on what power set you have picked. Body: Pick your character’s body type (female, male, or huge) and adjust the general build of your character. Costume: Customize the parts of the body and your character’s costume. You can select among costume sets or particular pieces, customize parts of the body, and select colors (skin and costume color) or patterns. Power Effects: Customize your character’s powers’ effects by changing their colors. Register Your Character: Name your character. (The Check Name button lets you see if the name you’d like to use is available.) You can describe your character, its history, and give your character a battle cry. Finalizing Your Character: To finalize your character, press the Enter Paragon City™ (Hero), Enter the Rogue Isles™ (Villain), or Enter Praetoria (Praetorian) button at the bottom right of the register screen.


Archetypes When you make a new character, that character starts as a Praetorian, a Hero, or a Villain. If you have never made a character in City of Heroes or City of Villains before, your first character will be a Praetorian. Hit Primary Secondary Inherent Archetype Points Damage Powers Powers Power Character Type Blaster Low High Ranged Support Defiance Praetorian, Hero Brute High High Melee Defense Fury Praetorian, Villain Controller Low Low Control Buff Containment Praetorian, Hero Corruptor Low High Ranged Buff Scourge Praetorian, Villain Defender Low Medium Buff Ranged Vigilance Praetorian, Hero Dominator Low High Control Assault Domination Praetorian, Villain Mastermind Low Medium Summon Buff Supremacy Praetorian, Villain Scrapper Medium High Melee Defense Critical Hit Praetorian, Hero Stalker Low

High Melee Defense Assassination Praetorian, Villain

Tanker High Medium Defense Melee Gauntlet Praetorian, Hero

Blaster (H): Blasters are offensive juggernauts. They can deal a ton of damage from a distance, but can’t stand toe to toe with most opponents for long. A Blaster’s best defense is a great offense. Brute (V): Brutes live to fight and revel in hand-to-hand combat while having an impressive ability to take pain. Protracted battles make them mad, and the madder they get, the more damaging their attacks become. Brutes lack ranged attacks, which leave them vulnerable to hit-and-run tactics and distance attacks when they don’t have allies to cover them. Controller (H): Controllers depend upon their teammates for protection. Controllers have few offensive attacks and possess few Hit Points. Controllers are the masters at locking down and controlling opponents. They can freeze enemies in place, put them to sleep, or make them run away. Few can escape their will. Corruptor (V): Corruptors twist the forces of the universe to strike down foes with blasts of fire, entomb them in ice, infect them with radiation, or curse them with pure darkness. Corruptors can also use some of their twisted power to protect allies from harm, heal them, or increase the damage allies deal. Corruptors’ defenses aren’t strong, though.


Defender (H): Defenders help allies and attack enemies from a distance. Their primary focus is to heal and protect the team. Defenders can attack at quite a range but are not built for hand-to-hand combat. Dominator (V): Dominators wield a devastating combination of control and assault powers, but they lack defenses and work best with teammates who can provide them protection. Dominators can freeze foes in place, render them unconscious, or cause them to flee in terror. Dominators can also smite their foes with a selection of singletarget melee and ranged attacks. Mastermind (V): Masterminds excel at using others to do their dirty work. Whether they build killer robots, command deadly ninjas, order hardened soldiers, or summon the undead to do their bidding, they have an army of minions at their beck and call. Masterminds can use powers to enhance their Henchmen or weaken their foes, but their own defenses are low. Scrapper (H): Scrappers are fierce melee combatants. They are not as resilient as Tankers or Brutes, however, and might find themselves in trouble if they heedlessly wade into combat. Scrappers’ aptitude for melee is countered by a lack of longdistance attacks. Stalker (V): Precision and skillful stealth are the focuses of Stalkers. They do their best work when attacking from ambush, and they can even hide in plain sight to escape foes. Deadly attacks and good defenses make Stalkers dangerous combatants and assassins, but they can be overwhelmed if they are not careful. Tanker (H): Tankers can absorb vast amounts of damage and hold their own in a fistfight, but they lack any long-range punch. Each time Tankers attack, they enrage their targets and those around, enticing them to attack back. Each punch provokes a Tanker’s enemies and allows the Tanker to do what Tankers do best. Epic Archetypes: You unlock four epic Archetypes in which to create new characters after one of your characters reaches Level 20. Though we don’t discuss their capabilities in this guide, the epic Archetypes are the Peacebringer, Warshade, Arachnos Soldier, and Arachnos Widow. The Peacebringer and Warshade are unlocked after you have leveled an Archetype noted with an “(H)” above, and the Arachnos Soldier and Arachnos Widow after you have leveled one noted with a “(V).”





1. Navigation Window Displays a compass. Click on Map (zone map), Contact (contact list), Mission (current missions), Clues (current clues), or Badge (badge list) below the compass to open those windows.

2. Target Window Displays a targeted enemy’s name or function, level, current Hit Point and Endurance bars, as well as its affiliation and rank. If your character targets an ally, the target window displays the ally’s level, current Hit Point and Endurance bars, Super Group affiliation (if any), Origin, and Archetype. Click Actions to toggle a list of actions your character can take with the target.

3. Chat Window Click on Team (team list), Friends (friends list), Super (Super Group roster), or Email to open those windows. Tab lets you specify chat filters to customize your chat windows. 1, 2, 3, or 4 let you set up a customized chat channel window.


Text Windows and Chat Line: Messages appear in one of the two upper text windows. Type messages or slash commands in the chat line at the bottom. After typing, hit Enter/ Return to send the message or activate the command. L, B, T, S, R, F, C, A Channel Buttons: Select between Local, Broadcast (yell), Team, Super Group, Request (trade), Friends, Coalition, and the current active channel. Quick Chat Button: Displays an organized list of emotes.

4. Stat Bars Click on Chat, Tray (power tray), Target, or Nav (navigation) above the stat bars to open those windows. Menu opens the main game menu. The three bars are the Hit Point bar (green, top), the Endurance bar (blue, middle), and the Experience bar (purple, bottom). Each full Experience bar is one-tenth of a level. The ten oval bubbles around the circle to the right of the Experience bar track the tenths of a level already accrued toward the next.

5. Power Tray Click on Powers, Inspirations, Enhancements, Salvage, or Recipes to open windows that let you manage those items. The + lets you add configurable separate power trays. (Right-click on a tray to configure it.) Drag power icons from the powers window to your power tray and arrange them in the 10 numbered circles. You have nine power trays that you can toggle between. You can also separate your power trays into two or more visible trays.



The best way to master the game is to play it, but to start you off quickly, the game offers a fast-paced tutorial. Praetorians begin play in Praetoria, Heroes in Paragon City, and Villains in the Rogue Isles. First Character: If this is your first character in the game, get ready to throw down in the “Precinct Five” Praetorian tutorial immediately after you finish customizing your character.

Veteran Player: If you have already created a Hero or Villain character before, you have the option of playing through the respective tutorial for your Hero (“Outbreak” tutorial) or Villain (“Breakout” tutorial). After you create your first Praetorian, you will go directly to the Praetorian tutorial. After that if you create additional Praetorian characters, playing that tutorial is optional. Playing the Tutorial: The tutorial familiarizes you with movement, interacting with contacts, clues, navigating using the compass and the mini map, healing and reviving after defeat, interacting with doors and objects, the power tray, how to assess what level an enemy is relative your character, targeting and using powers, Hit Points and Endurance, and using Inspirations. It also runs you through your first mission. (The Quick Reference Card also lists common keyboard commands, slash commands, emotes, and other information for easy reference.) Beyond the Tutorial: When you finish, train for your new level, and then go take on more missions and explore the world of the City of Heroes game. If you lose your bearings while exploring, check your contacts list by clicking on Contacts in the navigation window to find a contact, or view the mini map to reorient yourself by clicking on Map in the navigation window.



Your character acquires Experience Points by winning fights and completing missions. When your character gains enough experience to reach a new level, it instantly receives a boost to fighting effectiveness, as well as completely refilling its Hit Point bar and Endurance bar. However, before your character can choose new powers or assume any of the other perks of an increased level, your character must visit a trainer. The First Trainers table lists the first trainers you character will use. Additional trainers station themselves in other zones to give you more opportunities to train conveniently or at higher levels.

First Trainers Character Type Trainer Zone Hero

Ms. Liberty

Atlas Park


Back Alley Brawler

Galaxy City


Arbiter Diaz

Mercy Island


Praetor Duncan

Nova Praetoria

PLAYING WITH OTHERS Whether you want to talk with a friend in the game or your character wants to group up with a team for a mission or join a Super Group, a lot of the fun in playing City of Heroes is playing with other people. Talking to Friends and Teammates: Reading and chatting in the chat window is the primary way to communicate with your fellow players. It is also the game’s means of communicating with you. The chat line is where you type to chat. It is also where you can type in slash commands (commands that start with a “/”). Messages from other players and informational messages from the game automatically appear in one of the two upper text windows when they are sent. Chat has many channels over which to talk. Use the small channel buttons to select an appropriate channel to chat in. To chat, click on the empty chat line at the bottom of the chat window, and type your message. When you are finished, hit the Enter (or Return) key to send the message. The basic commands to talk to specific people are the “say” (you are saying something out loud) and the “tell” or “whisper” (you are speaking just between you and that person). To say something, type (in the chat line): /s [message]. To send a tell, type (in the chat line): /t [name], [message]. The “[name]” is the name of the character you want to talk to, and “[message]” is your message.


You can also interact with others by right-clicking on a character and selecting one of the interaction options listed (including chatting). Friend/Ignore: As you find people that you want to play with, you can add their characters to your friend list to make finding them to play together online easier. Occasionally, you’ll also run into someone whose communication style or behavior isn’t to your liking. You can ignore people, and you will no longer see their in-game chat. See the Quick Reference Card for friend/ignore slash commands that you can type in the chat line. You can also easily add a friend by right-clicking on a character and selecting that option from the menu that appears. Global Chat: Global chat lets you communicate with your friends in the game no matter what character they are playing or even what server they are playing on. You only need to know a friend’s global chat handle to send messages to.

The global chat handle is an all-encompassing handle that covers every character a player makes. Global chat handles have an “@” symbol at the beginning of them to differentiate them from normal character names. Your global chat handle is set when you first log in, but you can change it (one time only) by typing /change_handle [global name] in the chat line (where “[global name]” is the new handle that you want to have). To send messages to someone’s global chat handle, type (in the chat line): /tell @[global chat handle], [your message]. You can add global friends, ignore a player’s communications globally, and undo either of those through commands. See the Quick Reference Guide for these friend/ignore commands.


Finding People and Teaming Up: If you want to find other people to group up with and join as a team, use the looking for group (sometimes called “looking for team”) function. Click on Team at the top of the chat window, and select one of the options in the drop-down menu that describe which kind of group you are looking to join. You can also add in a search comment that shows up on the list when someone clicks the Find Member button. If you want to start a team, click on Team at the top of the chat window and push the Find Member button. A window appears in which you can select from a list of options. You can seek out specific Archetypes, Origins, Maps, Levels, and “Looking for” preferences, and then click the Search button. The game displays a list of characters that fit your criteria and are also looking for a team. Select a listed character, and click the Tell or Invite button to talk to or invite a character. (It is polite to send a character a tell before inviting that character to a team to see if that character is a good fit for your group.) You can also type /findmember in the chat line to display a window filled with those looking for a team or /whoall to display a list of characters on the current map.


You can directly invite someone to a team by typing /invite [name] in the chat line (where “[name]” is the name of the character you want to invite to a team). Joining a Super Group: Super Groups are online game organizations of characters that have banded together for mutual support, in-game socializing, and to achieve game goals. (If you are familiar with MMO games already, “Super Group” is this game’s term for “guild.”) Many people feel that joining a Super Group makes playing a lot more fun because they have a built-in group of players to play with and talk to in a Super Group. You can join a Super Group at any time or start your own Super Group at Level 10.


GETTING HELP If you need help or want to learn more, use these resources. In-Game Concepts: Get help for game concepts by clicking on Menu at the top right above the stat bars (or typing /menu in the chat line) and selecting Help. In-Game Moderators (GMs): If you need the assistance of an in-game moderator, you can send a petition by clicking on Menu at the top right above the stat bars and selecting Support. Online Web Customer Support: You can visit for assistance to search our City of Heroes Support Center or to use the Ask a Question option to contact support staff. Web Lore and Information: Find more game information at the official City of Heroes website at You can also explore City of Heroes fansites, many of which have built wonderful content about the game over the years, at

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brought to life.

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