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Rรถdl & Partner in the UK

Truly multi-professional Multi-disciplinary professional services in the UK and across the world Rödl & Partner aims to help our clients' businesses succeed through all phases of their lifecycle. We tailor our services to provide effective and efficient solutions to meet your needs and to address your business issues. Our international footprint allows us to advise our clients’ international operations with a consistently high quality of service. Tax advisory Tax legislation is constantly changing. These changes make it difficult for businesses to take advantage of opportunities that are available to reduce their tax liabilities. We provide corporate tax advisory services tailored to the needs of our clients. We aim to reduce your tax burden whilst ensuring full compliance with the law. Through our international office network we also advise clients on tax issues arising from cross border transactions. Growing your business Against the back-drop of the current worldwide economic down-turn, some companies are well placed to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that arise for buying businesses at competitive prices. Our team has extensive experience of supporting clients through this acquisition process. We can provide a high-level review of the target business and perform full-scope financial, tax and legal due diligence on your target. We tailor our services to meet the precise requirements of our clients on each individual project. Supply chain cost management All businesses are currently thinking about reducing their cost base and managing their costs. We can help our clients review their existing supplier arrangements and terms of business, and we can work with you to maximise potential cost savings.

Working capital management Proactively managing your business cash flow is always an important activity, and in these challenging economic times it has taken on an even greater importance. We help our clients improve their cash flow through assessing and improving their working capital management techniques. The importance of cash flow forecasting is even more significant in the current climate to allow businesses to identify times of low headroom, so that mitigating action can be taken in a timely manner. Business process outsourcing We provide management accounts production services to clients that provides then with high quality information on a timely basis, helping to keep their cost base as low as possible. We offer an outsourced payroll service for all sizes of payroll, covering all aspects of compliance with HMRC requirements, including dealing with all tax year end filing matters and international personal tax issues. Business process „health check” A strong system of internal control is vital to the success of all organisations. This is particularly important in a downturn, where research shows that the incidence of employee fraud is likely to increase. We can perform a comprehensive review of your business and accounting processes and provide workable solutions to improve your organisation’s control environment, and to reduce the risk of financial loss as a result of fraud. Legal services Legal consulting services in the UK are provided by an independent firm of solicitors and Registered European Lawyers in England & Wales. Our legal team can advise you on a broad range of legal issues that may arise in your business, from employment law matters, contract issues to legal due diligence on acquisition targets, to name but a few. Our international organisation and network enables our clients to benefit from our legal expertise in 40 countries, allowing us to provide a full and co-ordinated service to our clients.

Our services in the UK are linked up with our service lines across the world. Our UK office offers the following professional services:

Audit and Accounting · Local statutory audit of accounts according to UK-GAAP · Audit of accounts for group purposes according to IAS/IFRS or national GAAP · Preparation of financial statements and management accounts · Interim reporting

Tax Advisory Services · National and international tax planning · Managing cross border issues and transfer pricing issues · Tax due diligence · Company Secretarial Services · Employment matters

Tax compliance · Preparation of tax returns · Management of tax compliance checks · Representation in tax disputes with HMRC

Business Process Outsourcing · Bookkeeping and accounting · Payroll services · Reporting, controlling, management accounts · Cash management · Working capital management

Our philosophy The Rödl & Partner business philosophy is as distinctive as our approach to clients. We do not believe our clients’ problems fall into separate, neatly-labelled compartments. Our one-stop shop concept is based on a balance of expertise across a range of core professional areas, combining them seamlessly and working in inter-disciplinary teams. When a client brings a problem to us, we listen first, then put together a team that covers the relevant fields. Rödl & Partner is dedicated to providing professional help to foreign direct investment and international business transactions. Accordingly, we offer a range of services that answer all the accounting, tax and legal questions that come with it, anywhere in the world. As auditors or business process outsourcing service providers, we seek to provide the parent company and its shareholders with a complete insight into the financial state of their business worldwide, its current challenges and its opportunities for the future. As lead advisors in tax and business law in the world’s major jurisdictions, we offer high-quality solutions to cross-border issues in a fast, cost-effective and transparent manner. Around our core of professional expertise, we focus our efforts and services on the needs of our clients coming to each specific market. Our multi-disciplinary teams ensure clients have access to our full range of services in all countries in which we operate. Local services are closely interlinked at global level through a unique team of international project management partners based at our European headoffice. In planning our own expansion, our philosophy is simple: Rödl & Partner does business where our clients do business.

Rödl & Partner Legal Limited The Firm Rödl & Partner Legal is a member of the Rödl & Partner international network of firms and provides our clients with a unique style of integrated legal advice on general commercial and corporate matters, in close co-operation with specialists from other parts of the Rödl & Partner network. The firm also offers our UK based clients a general counsel service and access to an extensive global network, including locally qualified legal expertise in 40 countries.

Principal areas of work Rödl & Partner Legal has substantial experience in providing advice on a wide range of areas including

· Commercial litigation · Commercial and general contracts · Corporate and commercial (re)structuring · Mergers and acquisitions · Legal due diligence · Employment matters · Real estate · Incorporation of companies and company secretarial · Corporate governance and legal compliance · General counsel

Rödl & Partner in the UK Rödl & Partner is a leading independent professional service firm specialising in multi-disciplinary services for international business organisations in connection with their foreign direct investment. We offer services in the areas of

· Audit · Accounting · Tax Consulting · Legal Consulting* Rödl & Partner has expanded since our foundation in 1977 in Germany into more than 80 wholly owned offices in 40 countries of Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With steady growth determined by client demand, we have opened offices where we needed to look after client interests. Rather than create an artificial network of franchises or affiliates, we have chosen to set up international subsidiaries, and have created one global firm. We share a natural empathy with entrepreneurial, often family-owned, companies. They value personal service and like to have advisors close at hand. So Rödl & Partner has adopted a ‘one face to the client’ approach – a project manager works directly with our client, helping on all aspects of the matter in hand, and securing any further expertise the issue demands. It is an approach we have invested in conscientiously because we believe it is the best way to support international clients. * Legal Consulting services in the UK are provided by an independent firm of Registered European Lawyers in England & Wales.

Your Contact in the UK: Rödl & Partner Equipoint 1506-1508 Coventry Road, Yardley Birmingham B25 8AD Phone: +44 (121) 764 7045 Fax: +44 (121) 764 7090 E-Mail:

Roedl & Partner Limited - Registered in England Company No. 06403025

Rödl und Partner in the UK  
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