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LSE LinOTP The modular One Time Password Solution LSE LinOTP is an innovative and versatile OTP-platform for strong user authentication. Due to its highly modular architecture LSE LinOTP works vendorindependant and supports different authentication protocols, token and user repositories. The software supports multi tenancy, it is easily scalable, user friendly and can quickly and simply be implemented. With the help of LSE LinOTP the highest security standards can effortlessly be achieved by our customers.

LSE LinOTP mainly uses one time passwords (OTP) to increase the security of all types of logon processes. One time passwords offer the advantage that they do not require a driver from the client side. The modular concept allows for the support of OTP-Tokens using different algorithms. LSE LinOTP supports the open algorithms HOTP (event based), TOTP (time based), OCRA (challenge response based) and mOTP. Besides these proprietary tokens like e.g. Vasco DIGIPASS the sending of one time passwords via SMS and the use of daily passwords can be used. It is irrelevant whether a customer wants to use softtokens or hardware-tokens. The optional use of hardware-tokens, which calculate the one time password for the user, can also contribute to increasing the security.


Management Clients Management Web Interface





Command line Client

LinOTP Core



Active Directory

Flat file


Novell eDirectory

Token Types

Security Modules File



Simple Pass

Daily Password


Remote Token

VASCO DigiPass




SMS Provider HTTP

SQL Token Database

LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH

▪ Fair Pricing ▪ Support and services in Germany

LSE LinOTP offers more

▪ Smart Virtual Appliance and hardware Appliance

Flat file

Token Abstraction Layer

Token Database Interface (sqlalchemy)

▪ No schema extension

▪ Open source code allows auditing and increases security level

User Repositories



Selfservice Webportal

▪ Quick implementation & administration

▪ Easy HA capabilities


Native GTK Client

▪ Easily to scale and to enhance

▪ Good integration with LSE RadiusGINA and LSE Credential Provider

Web API Wordpress

Audit Trail

LinOTP (pylons, wsgi)

▪ Usage of different tokens/ user repositories

▪ Flexible allocation of a token to several user databases

Authentication Modules FreeRADIUS Radiator

▪ Modular, multi tenant OTP-platform

▪ Granular rights- & roles management

Basic Technology OTP


Advantages LSE LinOTP


LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH – Product Information

LSE LinOTP Optimal Adaptation through modular Architecture Due to the modular construction of LSE LinOTP you can decide yourself which authentication protocol you want to use and where your user information is stored. LSE LinOTP is quickly and easily adaptable in order to fulfil your special requirements. The overleaf graphic highlights the high modularity of the solution. Apart from the actual LSE LinOTP core all components can be randomly combined and also extended. For example it does not matter how many user repositories you use: LDAP, Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, diverse SQL server and Flatfile respond in mixed mode operation. Even the authentication modules are interchangeable and further modules can be implemented when required for almost every use case. The administration can be run both under Windows and under Linux via different Management Clients. In addition LSE LinOTP offers a self-service frontend, through which the end users can themselves assign tokens or for example, can change their PIN.

▪ SafeNet eToken PASS Event / Time ▪ SafeNet Safeword Alpine ▪ Feitian C-100/C-200 ▪ Vasco DIGIPASS-Token ▪ Authenex A-Key V 3.6 ▪ Yubico Yubikey ▪ Gemalto Ezio Token ▪ Validustech BC-30, CR-1, PB-1 ▪ NagraID 106/103 ▪ SMS OTP/Mobile TAN ▪ BR Token safeSIGNATURE

Management Clients Management Clients also use streamlined connections via a Web API to communicate with the LSE LinOTP Server. Thus selected management functions can be effortlessly integrated in existing Identity Management Frontends or Helpdesk-Portals. Based on the appropriate policies administrators can also adjust which feature set shall be made available to users.

▪ LSE Remote Token ▪ LSE Radius Token ▪ LSE Daily Password Token ▪ LSE QR-TAN Token ▪ The free Softtoken mOTP ▪ Various HOTP/ TOTP and OCRA Token ▪ Mobile Apps for iPhone & Android such as Google Authenticator, OATH Token, DS3, iOTP, Asion mobile … more Tokens can easily be integrated

OATH Certified LinOTP (version 2.4 and up) is OATH Certified

Phone: +49 6151 86086-277

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One single LSE LinOTP server is able to address many different user repositories and can be arranged in realms/groups when and if required. Tokens can also be specifically allocated to one or several realms/groups. This, as well as the highly differentiated granular rules for different administrator and user roles makes LSE LinOTP an ideal tool for service providers (XSP’s), that with one single LSE LinOTP setup would like to serve several customers, who have their own user databases. Even in the strongly growing Cloud Provider market the simple connection possibility via Web API also meets with approval. Streamlined HTTP-Requests enable the quick integration of an OTP authentication in any existing Web-Applications.

Robert-Koch-Str. 9 · 64331 Weiterstadt · Germany Schleissheimer Str. 4 · 80333 Munich · Germany

▪ SafeNet eToken NG-OTP

▪ LSE Simple Pass Token

Multi Tenancy & Cloud Readines

LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH

Supported Token

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