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The idea to go on a freeride tour sprouted in our heads as the season started. Having solved a few logistic and technical problems we finally managed to gather a team and set a date of our trip. Our final team consisted of 3 freeriders - Szymek Styrczula-Masniak, Andrzej Osuchowski, Piotrek Węcławowicz, 2 freestylers - Staszek Karpiel-Bułecka i Marcin Pospiech, Maverick, Dejw and Pukowiec from HIGH LEVEL FILMS and unfailing Łukasz Malinowski, man with a camera. We started our trip on Sunday night. We speeded with our 2 brand new Nissan cars, squeezed like Gipsies, straight to freeride Mecca -Krippenstein.

When we arrived the snow layer was high but we didn’t find the conditions excellent. Nebulous weather and very hard snow hampered our broadside against peaks, so during first three days we traversed the forest on our BC skis and had fun finding remains of powder among trees.

On Thursday tones of snow felt so we decided to take a one day break to be regenerated the next day. On Friday we were thrilled to see the view from our window - the 40 cm mantle of fresh powder! Even though the visibility was still poor we managed to make a few awesome lines and visit Austrian forrest, which was full of surprises. In the evening Pospiech attacked a rail and showed Austrian young people what street stylin’ means!

Our Nissan cars proved to be trustworthy and carried us to every, even the most inaccessible place arousing admirations of kids and mixed feelings of the police....(we were really surprised when a policewoman said that our power assembly was making too much noise so we could come the next day, not even mentioning the fact that we drived at the centre of an amphitheatre!).

As far as the visibility is concerned Saturday was much gentler for us and on Sunday we were enjoying skiing in full sun! We made great lines, took great shots, each of us had an opportunity to show their abilities. Osuch did a huge double stage, commanding respect of local guys.

Skiing jointly turned out that freeriding and freeskiing have many things in common and it is good to exchange experiences. During this week we were undoubted attraction of local free skiers who were joining us eagerly.

Despite lots of skiers on thick skis our Polish team was the one who put on the bravest lines and was in the limelight all the time. Big UP for our film team and photographer who weren’t lazing at all and were following our funny team, scrupulously documenting our struggles with the snow, drops, angle of depression, branches in the forest, pillows and Austrian beer.

As the effect of their commitment we will have a 24-minute-coverage with MAJESTY FREERIDE PRO TOUR. The film will be soon shown on EXTREME SPORTS CHANEL and some of the shots you will find in a film sponsored by MAJESTY SKIS.

To sum up. Our trip was really successful and fun and all thanks to our sponsors MAJESTY SKIS and NISSAN. Great photos, good shots, the best idea to take a look and rate. We hope to have the same tour next week so we can present you a new spot where you can have fun with freeride!

Majesty Freeride Tour  
Majesty Freeride Tour