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Real Life Reports

Extensive server exchange: IT-HAUS GmbH’s competence, experience and manpower guarantee the perfect fulfillment of an outstanding bulk order. Initial scenario At numerous locations in Germany and in several European countries, the servers of a large chain store had to be replaced. The customer had a total of 300 establishments that had to be changed, from Lodz to Luxembourg and from Geneva to Flensburg. The challenge The field of application did not only include the whole of Germany, but also branches in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg and Austria. Since the customer could not interrupt his business, the servers had to be replaced after closing time - often at 8 p.m. or even at 10 p.m. sometimes. The time frame for the implementation of the entire order was scheduled for three months. Another challenge was that the customer expected the rollout to take place between Monday and Thursday. To meet this time frame, the servers of at least ten locations had to be exchanged simultaneously per day. A further requirement of the customer was that all the servers had to be pre-installed in the company’s headquarters in Hamburg. Moreover, the period needed for the pre-configuration and the on-site installation should not take longer than ten or twelve days. The solution Given the large number and the distance of the locations, it only seemed natural that a service provider with nationwide branches itself should carry out the server rollout .That is why the IT-HAUS GmbH in Föhren was chosen, which now has eight offices in Germany, Luxembourg and also has service points in several cities. “Another advantage of our company is the manpower and our experienced team. Overall, around 30 people were working on this project during the three months. Above all, a high degree of flexibility was required,” explains project manager Dirk Landfried. The accurate fulfillment of the order required precise and meticulous planning and preparation. All servers had to be pre-installed. After pre-installing the servers, the devices were delivered to the various locations with the customer’s own logistics.

The IT-HAUS GmbH formed three different teams: the “staging team”, which was responsible for the pre-installation, i.e. the uploading of data needed; the “rollout” teams, which installed the new servers in the various establishments; and the “third-level team”, which gave remote support via internet or phone whenever there were any questions. The IT-HAUS team mastered all challenges involving the hardware efficiently, so that the business was able to run smoothly in the appropriate branch the following day. A special challenge in this project was the coordination. Two employees of the IT-HAUS GmbH in Föhren organized the termination of the 300 server replacements at each of the customer’s locations. After six weeks, 70 percent of the task had already been solved. “Thanks to our dedicated team, we were able to carry out this project successfully,” says Dirk Landfried.


Hardware 300 x HP ML310G6 with RDX drive

Software Symantec System Recovery Industry-developed / sector-specific CRM software Software distribution Matrix 42 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

SERVICE Server rollout (installation incl. its construction) at 300 locations in six European countries

IT-HAUS GmbH • Europa-Allee 26/28 • D - 54343 Föhren •

Tel.: +49 6502 9208-0

Fax +49 6502 9208-850

Real Life Reports  
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