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We Take Your USB Devices To The Network – No Ifs, ands, or buts!

USB Device Server myUTN-50 myUTN-52 myUTN-54 myUTN-80 myUTN-120 myUTN-130 myUTN-150

myUTN-80 Dongleserver

… For Virtualized Environments, Too!


3 Regardless of environments and their demands, SEH connects nearly every USB device to the network with its myUTN series. No ifs, ands, or buts: Wireless LAN or fiber, whether utilizing copy-protected licensed software, or accessing data from a scanner via the network – we have the right solution!

a point- to-point connection. The software vendor‘s licence is never circumvented.

The myUTN-80 dongle server makes up to eight USB hardware keys (dongles) available via the network. You use your software as you did before without having to insert any keys, or “dongles“, locally at your workstation. As with locally attached dongles, only one user can access them at a time via

| Virtual USB cable extension via the network for the flexible and inde pendent use of up to eight USB dongles

With the myUTN-80 dongleserver, you never have to look for your dongles or worry about them being damaged or lost again.

| USB dongles are safe from loss, theft and damage and always available for several users | Ideal for virtualized environments Up to eight dongles find a safe place in the myUTN-80. Moreover, you can easily administer your dongle-protected software via the network – even in virtualized environments!

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Gain independence from USB interfaces at your workstation by simply accessing your dongles via the network!

myUTN-80 Dongleserver Fast Ethernet, 8 USB ports

USB Device Server

‌ for all Network Types


5 With our myUTN USB device server series you are perfectly equipped for all network environments.

myUTN-150 USB Deviceserver For Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB ports,

Gigabit, Fast Ethernet or fiber optic networks: We have the right solution to connect your USB devices safely and flexibly to the respective environments.

VLAN-enabled, access protection, state-of-the-art security features

Do you prefer wireless environments? Then our WLAN USB device server myUTN-54 is your solution!

myUTN-50 USB Deviceserver Fast Ethernet,

Location-independent: No locationbased restrictions due to USB cable lengths. You gain remote access to USB devices using a virtual USB cable extension via the network

2 USB ports

| Economical: As more users can access a USB device, investment costs for USB devices can be reduced



| Secure: Exclusive point-to-point connection with password protec tion, user list, encryption and more!

USB Deviceserver For fiber optic networks, 2 USB ports

myUTN-54 USB Deviceserver

| User-friendly: Simple installation, configuration, and management

For up to four USB devices in a Wireless LAN

myUTN-130 Scannerserver

myUTN-120 SDCardserver


7 The myUTN-130 Scannerserver is ideal for using scanners in virtualized environments. Users benefit from scanner data compression up to fourty per cent. Utilizing the myUTN-130 Scannerserver enables you to optimize the available bandwidth within a network. As a result all users can efficiently access the scanner.

The integrated SD card reader of the myUTN-120 SDCardserver enables you to access the content of your SD cards directly.

The myUTN-130 Scannerserver makes every USB scanner available in virtualized environments. Access to the scanners is simple and flexible.

As the myUTN-120 is also equipped with a USB interface, the device is a true allrounder for your network. On top of all this, myUTN-120 comes with the best security standards.

Expensive new investments are history. Simply use your scanner the way you like it best!

We do not stop at virtualizing your USB devices – we also enable you to use storage media, such as SD cards, securely, flexibly and simply.

myUTN-120 myUTN-130



Gigabit Ethernet,

Gigabit Ethernet,

1 SD card reader,

1 USB port

1 USB port

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We Take Your USB Devices To The Network – No Ifs, ands, or buts!  
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