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M Microssoft Dyna D amicss CRM M Pow wer your business b productiv p vity

Comb bine familiar Microsoft® M Offfice applicatio ons with powe erful CRM softw ware to improvve marketing effectiveness, e boost b sales, an nd enrich custo omer service in nteractions. Microsoft Dynam mics® CRM equips businesss profe essionals with access to custtomer informa ation through a familiar Micro osoft Outlook® ® experience which helps ensure e rapid usser adoption aand fast results. And w with Microsoftt Dynamics CR RM Online, you u get the same powerful CR RM softw ware delivered as a cloud serrvice from Miccrosoft, enablin ng instant-on anyw where access, predictable p payy as you go prricing, and a fiinancially backked servicce level agreem ment (SLA). Delivver on the pow wer of producctivity with a CRM C solution that is: • F Familiar—sofftware that em mpowers peop ple through natural, n p productive, an nd insightful experiences. e • Intelligent—rreal-time analytics and stre eamlined busiiness process es tthat enable informed decisions and operational efficiencies. • C Connected—cconnections accross people, processes, and d ecosystems tthat allow busiinesses to maxximize the valu ue of relationsships and ssystems.

Beco ome a Dyynamic Bussiness Mark keting: Maxim mize Marketting Spend Impro ove your organizzation’s marketiing effectiveness with M Microsoft Dynam mics CRM. Proviide your markeeting profession nals with flexible e segmentation tools, simplified camp paign managem ment capabilities, intuitivve response tracking, and insig ghtful analytics to t impro ove your marketting effectivenesss.

Saless: Win More Deals Spend d more time on n selling and le ess time on admin nistrative tasks with Microsoftt Dynamics CRM. Take advantag ge of full lead tto cash visibility y, lead aand opportunitty tracking, stre eamlined appro ovals, and real-time sales fore ecasts to drive increaased sales outp put and higher close rates.

Custo omer Service e: Delight Cu ustomers Provid de compelling customer serviice experriences that buiild customer lo oyalty with Micro osoft Dynamics CRM. Empowe er your people with ttools that simplify case manag gement, stream mline escalations, improve knowledge sharin ng, and enable more effective e account management, all wh hile helping to ccontain servicce costs.

Exten nded CRM: O Optimize All R Relationships Use th he inherent flexxibility and exte ensibility of Micro osoft Dynamics CRM to maxim mize the value of all relationships. Q Quickly create ccustom business application ns and industryy solutions witho out compromisiing on capabilitties, budget, or dellivery time righ ht from within M Microsoft Dynam mics CRM. Drive productivity and adop ption with a nattive Outlook exp perience and re eal-time dashboa ards in Microsoft Dynamics CR RM.

“Micro osoft Dynam mics CRM is easy for new userrs to grasp use the look and feel of th he becau softw ware is just lik ke Office Outlo ook. With Mic crosoft Dynamics CRM, we’ll w be able to % annual keep up with 20% ases in custo omer inquiry increa volum me without ha aving to increa ase staff on our o Custome er Care team.” PATRICK COLBERT C Director of CRM C and Loyalty Hard Rock International I


Next-G Generation Ou utlook Client: Manage all you ur email messa ages, meetings,, contacts, and cu ustomer information in one pllace with the naative Microsoftt Outlook clientt. Office-Fluent UI: Improve productiivity with preview panes, conttextual Office rribbons, and key Offfice features lik ke mail merge aand Microsoft Excel® export//import. Lead to t Cash Visibiliity. Maximize eevery customerr interaction, frrom marketing outreach to sales engagement e to problem resol ution, with a 360-degree custtomer view. Advan nced Personalization: Use ro le-based formss, personal view ws, record pinn ning, and most recently used lissts to tailor thee CRM experien nce to your use ers’ needs. Flexibility: Quickly cu ustomize and eextend CRM to meet your org ganization’s unique needs with drrag-and-drop customization c aand intuitive deeveloper tools..

INTELLIGENT: INFO ORMATION TH HAT IS INSIGH HTFUL AND A ACTIONABLE Contex xtual Analyticcs: Visualize thee business with h out-of-the bo ox or configurab ble real-time dashbo oards, drill-dow wn analysis, and d powerful inlin ne data visualizzation. Guided d Processes: Streamline apprrovals, improvee consistency, a and enforce best practices with gu uided dialogs and a flexible wo orkflows.

“With Microsoft Dy ynamics CRM M, %, we increased our sales by 20% eved an amaz zing 95% firs st achie call re esolution rate e and attaine ed a top place in the nationwide omer satisfaction index.” custo JÓHANN HA ARALDSSON Head of Bus siness Supportt Systems celand Vodafone Ic

Action nable Insight: Better identify new opportunities and trends with intuitive e matting rules, aand powerful rreporting features. segme entation tools, conditional c form Goal Tracking: T Bette er track and meeasure key busiiness goals succh as marketing g leads, sales quota, and first-call resolution ratess with holistic g goal manageme ent. Operational Efficien ncy: Achieve op perational efficiiencies and imp prove informattion flow with data im mport and cleansing tools, acttivity auditing, and field-level security.

CONN NECTED: AN ORGANIZATIO O ON THAT IS C COLLABORATIIVE AND UNIT TED Contex xtual Docume ent Libraries: M Manage the creeation of marke eting collateral,, sales propossals, and custom mer contracts w with integrated d document ma anagement and d versioning. Teaming: Foster grea ater internal co ollaboration and improve worrk state manage ement with r ownersh hip, comprehen nsive queues, and real-time co ommunication tools. team record Busine ess Connection ns: Identify new w business con nnections and g gauge online in nfluence with the Co onnections feature and the So ocial Connectorr.

“We ccan focus on our core business, which is s helping to e a continuum m of care tha at create addre esses periphe eral artery diseasse, instead of o on managin ng an IT infrastructurre. Online p us get up an nd servicces also help runnin ng faster and d deal with rapid growth.” JOHN ROM MANS CEO BioMedix

Portals: Streamline the event manaagement processses and better enable custom mer self-help with ro obust portal solutions. Mobiliity: Maximize your y staff’s pro oductivity outsid de the office w with easy accesss to CRM data and fea atures using th he offline clientt or any web-en nabled mobile device. Value--Add Solutions: Find solution ns and expertisse through the Microsoft Dynamics Markettplace and man nage solutions directly from w within Microsofft Dynamics CR RM.


Subscrribe to Microso oft Dynamics CR RM Online, dep ploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM M onpremisses, or opt for a partner-hosteed solution. Takke advantage o of the U.S. $2.3 billion investm ment Microsoftt has made in ccloud infrastruccture and jump p-start your CRM M efforts with th he instant-on access of Microssoft Dynamics CRM Online. C Choice and flexiibility mean you ch hoose the paym ment and deliveery methods that best suit you ur business.

GET STARTED TODAY Try Miccrosoft Dynamiics CRM today: http://crm m Exploree the Microsoft Dynamics CRM M Marketplace: http://www m/dynamics/m marketplace Join the Microsoft Dyn namics CRM Coommunity: http://crm m/en-us/communities/crm-co ommunity.aspx MICROS SOFT MAKES NO WAR RRANTIES, EXPRESS, IM MPLIED, OR STATUTOR RY, AS TO THE INFORM MATION IN THIS DOCU UMENT. © 2010 Microsoft Corporation n. All rights reserved. O are trademark ks of the Microsoft gro oup of companies. Microsoft, Excel, Microsoft Dynamics, the Microsoft Dynamics logo, and Outlook

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