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Dinosaurs are dead long time… The GretagMacbeth® SpectroScan® was known as reliable and robust measurement equipment throughout the industry. Today it is discontinued and service for existing systems is about to fade out.

The perfect time to have a closer look at the new high-end solution from Konica Minolta Sensing. The Konica Minolta FD -7 spectrophotometer is the new reference instrument for the Graphic Arts industry. By a single measurement, the FD-7 delivers M0 (legacy compatibility), M1 (D50) and M2 (UV-Cut) measurement data according to ISO 13655:2009. Data for additional illuminants, including those of viewing cabinets or any light sources, are captured automatically with every measurement. Start measuring your products exactly as you see them, for any viewing environment! The xy table ColorScoutA+ enables measurements on sheets of up to 320 x 460mm of size. The bundle includes: • FD-7 Spectrophotometer • ColourScoutA+ xy table • basICColor Catch software (basic version)

Trade-in your outdated system and profit from € 1.800 discount on the new equipment!

You need data analysis functionality and a High-End Profiling engine? Upgrade to the Catch Pro or Catch Print Pro version and benefit from spectral based profiling for perfect colour matching. Want to know more or get a free demo? Contact Konica Minolta « » or your local Konica Minolta Sensing distributor. Q&A Q: Are the measurements data of the FD-7 comparable with my old unit? A: As the FD-7 is able to simulate a tungsten lamp, you can get comparable measurement results. This gives you time to update your database. Q: I had a D65 filter. Does the FD-7 also offer such a filter A: Thanks to the patented Virtual Fluorescence Standard (VFS) from Konica Minolta, the FD-7 delivers spectral data for any light source. You don‘t need an approximate filter; you get D65 based data’s automatically with every measurement. Q: Can I choose between white and black backing? A: You don‘t need to. The ColorScoutA+ xy table ships with both, white and black backing Q: Is only the Spectroscan® qualified for a trade-in? A: No. Most devices are qualified for the trade-in. Contact us for details.

«Make your colour measurement system fit and reliable for the future!»

Looking for High-End Profiling system? Check out this offer and trade-in your outdated Spectros...  
Looking for High-End Profiling system? Check out this offer and trade-in your outdated Spectros...