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TotalGuide Advanced discovery solution provides seamless access to television, broadband and personal content Benefits for CE Manufacturers:

It can be overwhelming for consumers to navigate multiple types of media – broadcast, premium, Internet-based and personal – and many times, numerous, incompatible devices to find the content they want. We offer a solution to this challenge, with Rovi’s TotalGuide™. TotalGuide helps CE manufacturers increase revenue, speed time to market and differentiate their offerings by enabling them to build and market products that allow access to television, broadband and personal content from one user interface.

Enables simple and intuitive access to multiple content types and media services

Enhances the user experience with rich metadata and extended multimedia

Facilitates discovery through sophisticated search and recommendations

Offers advanced advertising and lead generation capabilities

Enhanced Search and Recommendations With Rovi’s TotalGuide, consumers can find favorites and discover new content in a number of ways.

Complies with key connectivity and security standards

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Editorial: Rovi experts fuel the recommendations engine with professionally reviewed, categorized viewing recommendations and editorial reviews. Personalized: TotalGuide provides a personalized experience through determining preferences through usage and activity with the guide. Social: TotalGuide connects to popular social networking services so users can share their favorites with others and get instant access to titles recommended to them by their friends and family. Search: Users can search for content available from our entertainment partners, based on a variety of keywords and categories, all powered by Rovi’s extensive media metadata.

TotalGuide TV Rovi supports digital broadcasting in North America and Europe, including terrestrial, satellite and cable networks, providing consumers access to information on their favorite television programs.

Advanced discovery solution provides seamless access to television, broadband and personal content Personalization, Rich Content and Extended Multimedia Rovi’s TotalGuide offers profiles, personalized media options, reminders, and other options that create unique and personal experiences for consumers. The guide is also enhanced with our extensive, descriptive metadata: over 2.5 million program descriptions, 120,000 celebrity profiles, searchable data on TV shows since 1960, and more. The information is complemented by extended multimedia, including rich program graphics and behind-the-scenes extras.

TotalGuide Personal TotalGuide Personal brings home media – from photos and videos to music and film collections – to the television. TotalGuide Personal not only helps consumers navigate their media collections, but it also gives them the ability to share their content from the ease and comfort of their television screens. Available together or as separate modules, Rovi’s media guides also offer update capabilities through our hosted update service to provide up-to-date content and applications to users.

TotalGuide Components TotalGuide TV TotalGuide TV is a linear discovery solution that CE manufacturers can embed into their devices. Equipped with an optional digital video recording application and advanced advertising capabilities, TotalGuide TV provides access to digital programming throughout North America and Europe. TotalGuide Broadband Providing centralized access to a variety of premium and other Internet-based content, TotalGuide Broadband supports paid streaming media from our entertainment partners, as well as free content from popular news, music, social networking and other websites.

TotalGuide Broadband With Rovi, consumers can purchase and view premium content like pay-per-view and video on-demand offerings. Free webbased content, such as user-generated videos, Internet radio and social networking sites, is also accessible.

Rovi powers the discovery and enjoyment of digital entertainment through innovative, flexible solutions and metadata that captivate consumers. Core to the digital home ecosystem, Rovi enables service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, content publishers and websites to connect with their customers. Learn more at

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