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Where there‘s a will there‘s a way We all need visions, goals and role orient ourselves, to compete with others...but above all, to grow. That’s why the strong, impressive character of Toni Sailer motivates us to constantly improve our own performance.

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JENEIL FUR womens ski jacket


You have to look back to be able to look ahead Past times, styles and success stories are not only interesting, they also provide a strong base for new interpretation. It is from this base combined with our passion for detail and an eye to the future that our unique cuts and colours emerge.

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MAGDA FUR womens ski jacket


Quality is our first and only choice Only materials especially developed for Toni Sailer are used in our collections. To provide the best possible protection against wind and weather, we demand our suppliers meet and maintain only the highest quality standards. Nothing less will do.

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ROISIN FUR womens ski jacket


Every detail matters Season after season, our goal is to optimise functionality, fit and silhouette. Highly elastic outer materials, ultra-light insulation, ergonomically designed cuts, and strategically placed stretch panels combine to provide maximal freedom of movement.

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CLEMENT mens fleece jacket


Maximum comfort By using the latest high-tech materials, we overcome not only the elements also create unparalleled comfort. Not only do our jackets and trousers provide maximum breathability and warmth...but all our inner wear as well.

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MORRIS mens ski jacket


High-tech fashion of the highest order To provide first-class performance and unique style...whether on the slopes, for après-ski, or on the street... we never lose site of our vision: merging high functionality with fashionable design. Only when each piece in our collection satisfies this vision are we really satisfied.


Only when we are open to new things can new things emerge Innovative technology is not only fascinating, it also forms the base in constructing high-function skiwear. But in today’s world, style plays just as important a role. That is why we have chosen to make this combination of function and fashion a distinguishing feature in every Toni Sailer collection.

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All outer material used in our jackets is designed exclusively for Toni Sailer and will perform to the highest level of functionality. All of our materials offer the best possible performance and quality in heat management and moisture control, and are water repellent and highly breathable. For optimum comfort, Toni Sailer uses an exclusive 4-way stretch material, not only exceptionally resilient but very fashionable with its luxurious textured surface.

The waterproofness of all Toni Sailer products is tested by certified independent labs using the water column method. A square foot of material is placed under a vertical measuring cylinder filled with water. The rating is given when the water begins to trickle through the material. The durability of the waterproof membrane is equally as important, as it guarantees that the material will be waterproof even after long periods of time, and essential for highly functional skiwear.

We use only the highest quality 95/5 goose down for our down jackets, with a very high ratio of heat retention. With our specialty super lightweight outer fabric, our down jackets offer the best possible comfort in heat management with breathability and moisture control.

The best DWR coating stops rain drops, causing them to roll off as soon as they hit the surface of the material. DWR finish spray should be applied on heavily used clothing to renew the DWR. The DWR finish lasts between 20 and 50 washes and should then be re-applied.

Breathability rating is an indication of a fabric’s moisture control. Basically, it is the amount of water that can evaporate out through 1 square foot of the fabric in 24 hours. It is an essential element of the Toni Sailer Heat management system. The breathability number must match the waterproofness number to define a piece of clothing’s level of performance and comfort.

Swarowski is the world leader, and stands for the most innovative and highest quality, in crystal manufacturing. As we use only the best material and suppliers, Swarovski crystals glimmer in our graphic logo, adding a special touch of sophistication and elegance. Every Toni Sailer product with Swarowski crystals carries a crystallized hang tag.



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JENEIL * 202107 bright white womens ski jacket

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GINTA * 202108 yellow womens ski jacket

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DREE* 202105 nougat womens ski jacket

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GITY* 202103 bright white womens ski jacket

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EMIL * 201107 black mens ski jacket

p. 10 BENOIT * 201106 blue mens ski jacket p. 12 MADISON * 201104 yellow mens ski jacket p. 14 BENOIT * 201106 black mens ski jacket

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