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Print  Manager  Plus®  

At-­‐A-­‐Glance   >  Reduce  Printing  Costs.   >  Immediate  Product  ROI.   >  Data  Loss  Prevention.   >  Set  Printing  Restrictions.   >  Set  Printing  Security.     >  Print  Job  Verification.   >  Over  129  Reports,  &   Graphs  included.   >  Supports  Print  Server  or   Direct  IP  Printing.     >  Monitors  printing  from   any  Operating  System.   >  Monitors  any  Printers   Makes  and  Models.   >  Supports  Shared  and   Local  Printers.   >  Tiered  Pricing.   >  Web  and  Cloud  based   printing  options.   >  Sarbanes-­‐Oxley  and   HIPAA  compliant.  

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According  to  the  Gartner  Group,  organizations  spend  between  1-­‐3%  of   annual  revenues  generating  documents.    Most  businesses  are  not   tracking  or  are  drastically  underestimating  their  total  print  expenses  and   needs.    By  gaining  control  and  managing  your  printing  needs  with  Print   Manager  Plus  you  can  reduce  costs  dramatically.   Dissuade  employees  from  printing  personal   documents,  pictures,  and  emails.   Implement  Data  Loss  Prevention  with  over   10  p ermission  based  restrictions  or  even   hard  quotas.  Irresponsible  printing  puts  a   strain  on  your  company’s  budget  and  Print   Manager  Plus  can  eliminate  wasted  and  un-­‐ needed  printing.   "The  initial  problem  was  and  is  the   consumables  for  color  printing  alone  were   estimated  at  $137,000  USD  per  year.  I   needed  to  know  what,  who  and  where   information  was  being  printed.  With  this   software  I  can  narrow  down  where  the  issues   are.  Before  we  had  no  way  of  telling  what   people  were  printing,  now  we  can.”  –   Manager,  Marsh  USA  Inc.   Monitor  all  printing  with  over  129  detailed   premade  reports  and  Graphs  that  allow  you   PRINT  MANAGER   PO  Box  7343   Menlo  Park,  CA  94026,  USA  

to  see  who  are  printing,  what  they  are   printing,  and  the  cost  of  that  printing.  Bill   back  department  budgets  or  just  examine   overall  print  traffic.  View  Printer  inventory,   usage,  and  printer  infrastructure.   At  Print  M anager,  we  believe  in  great   technology.  We  believe  g reat  technology   can  and  should  delight  people.  And  we   believe  in  going  the  extra  mile  for  our  users   and  making  the  perfect  product.  We  hate   waste  and  the  negative  effects  on  our   environment,  which  comes  from  a  printer   industry  geared  to  sell  you  more  paper,   more  ink  and  more  printers.  They  are  not   incented  to  give  you  control  over  this   waste,  but  we  are.  We  believe  that  great   technology  can  put  IT  in  control  of  waste   and  let  you  get  on  with  your  job.    

CONTACT   USA:  650-­‐521-­‐5275   EUR:  +44  117  205  0175    


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