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NORTHERN LEGACY | PRESENCE | VISION Northern was founded in 1995 as the pioneering software house that introduced storage quotas to Windows NT – in the form of Quota Server. From there the solution has grown to a full product suite and to cover multiple platforms. In the course of over ten years of delivering storage management solutions Northern has been fulfilling the needs of some of the world’s most demanding organizations. Today over 28,000 organizations in 56 different countries and more than half of the companies on Fortune Global 100 use Northern software to bring control and order to their storage environments. “Northern Storage Suite has enabled us to manage users’ storage requirements efficiently, effectively and flexibly without necessarily resorting to additional expenditure on hardware.” Colin Hampton, Network Manager, Lipson College

“I haven’t come across – any other software that delivers the same value as this product. It is an intuitive and powerful suite of applications.” Ed Williams, Senior Technical Engineer, At-Bristol

“We selected Northern Storage Suite based on product performance ... as well as industry standard recommendations. [...] Northern absolutely excelled.” Pat Bush, State of Delaware

“The reporting and quota features are great. The users have already learned to clean up their own directories.” Markku Määttänen, Novart Oy

“The software enabled us to maximize the Museum’s existing storage capacity.” Steven Glazier, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“Northern’s support has been great, responsive, patient and helpful.” Karen Malik, UPMC Health Systems

“We chose Northern’s SRM solution based on its flexible, easy-to-use quota management and robust reporting features” George W. Blessing, University of Nebraska

“Simply put, it has made us as an organization more productive.” Eric Olofson, Jervis B. Webb

NORTHERN STORAGE SUITE RECLAIM | REDUCE | MAXIMIZE Northern Storage Suite is a storage management solution; a software solution that allows you to bridge the gap between how your storage resources are being used and how you want them to be used – saving your organization both time and money while making it possible to better plan future investments. Today administration stands for a staggering 80% of the total cost of your storage infrastructure and data increases by more than 60% year-over-year. Add to this that the average storage device contains more than a third irrelevant data and it becomes obvious that efficient storage management is a critical bottom line imperative. Northern Storage Suite will quickly help you perform an initial clean up, change your users’ behavior to reduce growth rates and as a consequence let you push back additional hardware investments.

n RECLAIM WASTED STORAGE CAPACITY Reclaim wasted capacity by insight into your storage environment – remove old, duplicate and non work-related files. We guarantee that you get 30% of your used capacity back in just the first thirty days. A third less data stored will translate into shorter back-up cycles, faster access times and administration, not to mention decreased legal exposure after removing copyrighted music and movie files.

n REDUCE STORAGE GROWTH RATES Reduce growth rates by changing how your users behave through disk quotas, blocking of unwanted file types and providing tools for user self-management. Even a small reduction in usage growth rates will have a very considerable impact over time. Slowing the data growth will significantly affect administrative costs, energy costs and pure hardware costs in terms of added disk.

n MAXIMIZE RETURNS ON EXISTING STORAGE INFRASTRUCTURE Reclaiming capacity and reducing growth will allow you to maximize your existing storage investments by making them last even longer. At some point though, no matter how efficiently or aggressively you manage user data, you will need to add more capacity. The longer you can hold off while maintaining peak productivity, the more value your organization gains from your existing hardware. Couple this with Northern Storage Suite’s advanced forecasting and trend analysis and you will be better prepared once it’s time to advance your storage environment. Whether using Windows, SAN or NAS, Northern Storage Suite allows you to reclaim capacity, reduce growth and maximize returns on your investments – smartly, easily, efficiently.






View comprehensive reports on host groups, hosts, volumes, users, file type groups and file types.

Reveal actual server, NAS and SAN content.

Identify unwanted usage patterns and take immediate action.

Tune storage management policies to better achieve strategic goals.

It is expensive and inefficient to make decisions about storage without information. Don’t manage mission critical data in the dark.


Delete, copy or move files, replicate folders or execute programs based on calendar, timer, file or system events.

Automate mundane and repetitive storage tasks.

Prevent investing valuable time in processes that can be automated.

Automate initial clean-up of unwanted files.

Administration, not hardware, is the real cost of a storage infrastructure. Each reduction in administrator involvement, every task automated, is a step towards true efficiency.


Set storage limits on volumes, folders, user groups or individual users.

Show users what reasonable storage use is – define an upper limit.

Allow storage to grow in a controlled and sustainable manner.

Promote efficient usage and streamline backup/ restore times.

It’s a weak strategy to offer open access to storage resources and then hope for efficient usage. Controlled access always leads to controlled costs.


Prevent specific file types from being saved.

Ensure investments are only made for professional data.

Remove illegally stored material from your storage devices.


Send users lists of their oldest, largest, duplicate, media, etc. files and prompt for clean-up.

Force users to take responsibility for their stored data.

Encourage, or enforce, self-management.


Invoice for actual storage usage and specific hardware costs – at site, department, group or user levels etc.

Highlight the importance of efficient storage use.

Stop storage costs from disappearing into the overall IT budget.

Excessive storage use stems from poor awareness of the costs involved. Raising awareness encourages efficiency – delivering invoices requires it.


Identify usage trends and firm dates when specific levels will be reached.

Reverse dangerous usage trends before they become real issues.

Ensure system development plans are always based on facts.

Investments in network development should not be based on snap-shots and guessed trends. A clear picture of the future guarantees intelligent strategy and maximized returns.


Get e-mail updates on your storage status; issues are automatically highlighted and practical solutions are identified.

Stay informed without the need to manually dig for information.

See warning flags that immediately communicate potential dangers.

Controlling quantity is important to minimize running costs, controlling content is vital to prevent legal costs. Don’t spend time and money storing illegal files.

Automate quota increase request handling.

Use context sensitive advice to immediately resolve identified issues.

Only users can determine which of their files must be saved and which could be deleted – only they can pinpoint the valuable data and reclaim the wasted capacity.

Automatic analysis, fully explained warning flags and practical advice are intelligently combined to guarantee faster policy design, better policy control and no more missed issues.

CONTACT NORTHERN Northern Storage Suite is available through resellers worldwide, authorized distributors and from Northern directly: The Americas: +1 800 881 4950 UK & Ireland: +44 782 463 7353 France: +33 5 59 43 55 20 Germany: +49 89 219 61 710 Italy: +39 11 19 82 48 45 BeNeLux Region: +31 33 4546 620 Nordic Region: +46 8 457 50 00 Customers in other parts of the world should visit Northern’s Reseller page on to find their local Northern software supplier, or contact Northern at +46 8 457 50 00.