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Book publishing made efficient The publishing workflow at book publisher Mitsumura Publishing Company used to include physical confirmation and delivery processes. A revision could take three days. Their new WoodWing publishing environment reduced workflow complexity and streamlined production.

Customer Mitsumura Publishing Company, Japan

Challenge The complex, time-consuming workflow needed to get streamlined in order to acchieve a significant efficiency increase. The new system should free editors from administrative work, improving their intellectual productivity The integration of remote users was an important requirement.

Mitsumura has been publishing textbooks for elementary, junior high and high school levels since 1949, when the company was founded. For more than sixty years, their operational strength and passion has always been to think from a children’s perspective, to discover and create innovative and fun learning materials that naturally encourage their learning abilities. They work hard every day to ensure that the children who learn from their textbooks will retain their newly gained knowledge when they

grow up, so that they can pass it on to their children as well. In recent years, the company has also been developing digital textbooks. Cumbersome editorial process Before WoodWing Enterprise was introduced, Mitsumura faced numerous challenges. The members of the editorial department were overcome by the complicated editorial and publishing processes. This included the creation of text data and layout images, page delivery, making copies on CD’s, and collating the

Solution ≡≡ WoodWing Enterprise ≡≡ Adobe Creative Suite

“The progress management has improved dramatically. We can now check the latest status on the server from our web browser.”

Tomoko Nishimura, Vice Editor-in-Chief of the production department at Mitsumura

front cover each time a revision to the data was made. As a result, editors were too deeply involved in administrative work. They simply could not spend enough time on revising their manuscripts to improve textbook quality.

“In the past we lost two or three days to just make one revision, because we outsourced all typesetting to an external service provider. That is just one of many steps we have taken out of the workflow, which has become flexible and efficient.” Tomoko Nishimura, Vice Editor-in-Chief of the production department at the Mitsumura IT Promotion Office

Focus on content Tomoko Nishimura, vice editor-in-chief of Mitsumura’s production department, explains the problem: “In order to provide teaching materials that enable children to learn proactively and with pleasure, we must consider many editing and publishing aspects. That’s why we, as creators, have high quality standards and continue to review, revise and improve our content until the very last possible moment. But one day I noticed we had unconsciously neglected the most important role of a textbook editor: to focus and spend time on improving the learning material itself. We had to improve the intellectual productivity of our editors.” Unparalleled collaboration platform Nishimura quickly became confident that WoodWing was the best solution to Mitsumura’s problems. “I first saw them at an exhibition. A major characteristic of their system is a collaboration platform for work processes based on a network server. In this way, each and every member of staff can access the master files on the central server from Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy plugins. Their network publishing system enables simultaneous writing, designing and revision work. It was the perfect match for our company’s work structure. We could not find any other system with such a flexible concept.” Hundred collaborating editors Mitsumura implemented WoodWing as their main workflow system for editing and producing all their textbooks and supplementary reading materials. This system is now used by over one hundred users, not just from Mitsumura’s own editorial department, but also from their subcontracting partners. It has already been used to produce textbooks, supplementary reading materials and tutorial manuals for five subjects at elementary and junior high school level, and for two subjects at high school level. Working on online master files Mitsumura shares work operations between the in-house editorial department and an external art director and publishing company. WoodWing Enterprise is at the center of Mitsumura’s workflow. The designer first uses InDesign to create the designs on the server.

Next, the editor works on the design through the server, and uses InCopy to directly insert the manuscript. In this way all employees involved can work simultaneously on the online master files. This reduces the former workflow complexity, which included physical confirmation and delivery processes. A streamlined production environment is the result. Efficient revision process Soon after the full-scale implementation of WoodWing Enterprise, Mitsumura achieved numerous positive effects. Because InCopy was used to directly insert manuscripts in the InDesign design data, the company cut down on time-consuming processes like exchanging files with the printing company. Creating printing plates done on Word data for their editorial department’s operational purposes also became unnecessary, as the system enabled them to directly enter text on the design data. This also led to a significant workload reduction. In addition, their revision process has also been streamlined, because it is now possible to directly make text and content revisions within their editorial department. Online progress management Nishimura observed clear time savings after introducing WoodWing. “In the past we lost two or three days to just make one revision, because we outsourced all typesetting to an external service provider. That is just one of many steps we have taken out of the workflow, which has become flexible and efficient. Progress management has improved dramatically too. Thanks to WoodWing, we can now check the latest progress status on the server from our web browser. We managed to cut down on the unwieldy processes of creating, updating and reporting manuscript status for progress management purposes. In our new work environment, editors can focus even more on their editorial work.” Digital assets in the cloud To realize a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Mitsumura currently manages WoodWing’s system from their Okinawa data center, supported by Visual Processing Japan (VPJ), WoodWing´s Gold Authorized Solution Partner in Japan. The data center provides not only system management, but also a digital asset management system “Digital Assets”. It is a cloud service for data management, which can be accessed through a web browser. All registered page

Mitsumura´s editorial and publishing processes leverage WoodWing´s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise.

data automatically generate previews of the pages in print, and can be linked with related information such as subject matter and publication date. Mitsumura has implemented this service to improve maintainability of the archived textbook data.

will enable us to manage the PDF files of our pages at multiple locations. This means that we can guarantee timely delivery of our textbooks to students, regardless of any errors or problems that may occur to the file in just one single location.”

Archiving for the future In the near future Mitsumura will enhance the archive environment even further, while optimizing WoodWing workflow at the same time.

Although still in the conceptual stage, Nishimura is also considering to employ WoodWing for editing and producing the digital textbooks. “We want to use the pages and copies from the traditionally produced textbooks. While continuing to research the possibilities of the digital textbook publishing area, we make steady progress on further collaboration with WoodWing Enterprise to streamline our operations.”

Nishimura explains: “Our only archive for textbook data used to be the finalized printing plates saved on DVD, delivered to us by our partner company. In the future, WoodWing

About Visual Processing Japan Visual Processing Japan (VPJ) is a system integrator established in 1994 to serve the new area of computing called “visual processing.” The company has a strong focus on information media, especially advertising, publishing, printing, broadcast, and video. From its earliest beginnings to today, from professionals to the average business user, VPJ

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Book publishing made efficient  
Book publishing made efficient