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HELITE airbags inflate in less than 0.1 second to protect effectively We specialize in the development of safe and reliable technology. We control every parameter and use feedback and experience to always improve our products. Our mechanical activation mechanism assures user friendly handling and an affordable price. Helite differentiates itself from its competitors mainly because the airbag is independently CE certified. The Helite airbag system has obtained this distinction for having a very quick inflation time and optimum pressure in the cushions for the protection to be effective before the motorcyclist hits the ground. In case of a fall it will inflate in 0.1 second.

Speed of inflation & pressure in the airbag for maximum protection:

One part of our expertise is the art of balancing the speed of inflation and the pressure in the airbag to deliver maximum protection. The airbag in the neck and on the thorax are fully inflated and with high pressure after 0.09 seconds. In the back, the airbag is fully inflated and with high pressure after 0.12 seconds.

Optimal pressure for an optimal protection: Our inflation speeds are very fast, yes, but there is no point if the pressure in the airbag is not high enough to effectively buffer the impact. The gas in our cartridges has been precisely calculated to inflate the airbags to an optimal pressure. If the pressure is too low at impact, the rider may not be adequately protected. If the pressure is too high and the airbag is too hard, the advantages of airbag technology are lost and become those and the same as hard shell protectors.

Airbag shape redesign for more protection: Since the end of 2011 our airbag shape has been improved. The airbag is now situated inside the textile shell to reinforce the cocoon effect of the airbag. This redesign has radically increased the protection in the neck and upper back area, without adding more weight or gas volume. It has also affected positively the protection in the lower back and hips as the airbag is held in the textile shell very close to the body.

Importance of inflating inwards The pressure in the airbag is very important for the body to rigidify itself. Inflating towards the body will minimize the possible torsions and whiplash injuries. In other words the inner inflation will create a cocoon

effect to better resist against accident consequences.

HELITE airbags inflate in less than 0.1 second to protect effectively