Page 1 SOLESTAR is official supplier of team Leopard Trek. The high class team around Andy and Frank Schleck, Fabian Cancellara, the German riders Robert Wagner, Linus Gerdemann, Fabian Wegemann and Jens Voigt and many more top athletes have decided to go with SOLESTAR cycling insoles.

Athletes statements. »SOLESTAR belongs in my shoe and it stays there. It‘s indispensable for me.« Robert Wagner, German Champion 2011 »Feels extremely good on the foot! It sits firmly but is still comfortable. Highly recommended!« Christian Knees, German Pro Champion 2010 »With SOLESTAR I enhance my cycling and I‘m free of pain! What more could I want!« Gerald Ciolek, U23 World Champion 2006 »Due to SOLESTAR my feet don‘t hurt anymore and I can feel the additional pressure on my pedals.« Andreas Stauff, Green jersey Tour de l‘Avenir 2009

Andreas Stauff during diagnostics

The hidden power.

Manufactured in cooperation with

SOLESTAR GmbH, Planufer 92d, 10967 Berlin, Germany. Photos: Tino Pohlmann

A core made from carbon. The SOLESTAR cycling shoe insert is made from a special carbon material, which renders the insole extremely light and strong. In contrast to conventional forms of carbon, it has exceptionally

»This sport is hard enough already.« Gerald Ciolek. U23 World Champion, road cycling.

Efficiency. Street, Mountain biking or triathlon, it is all about finding the perfect interaction between man and machine. The focus is on perfect ergonomics to optimize the transfer of power from foot to pedal. SOLESTAR cycling insole takes effect. Its special operating principle stabilizes the foot, preventing the shear forces which typically occur when pedaling, and corrects the movement mechanism*. In this way, the rider will achieve their maximum performance. In addition, the SOLESTAR insole allows troublefree cycling and a reduction of overuses.

The deeper positioning of the big toe joint and the raising of the forefoot‘s outer edge improve the transfer of power onto the pedal, preventing the foot from losing grip when the rider pedals from a standing position.

The carbon core. Despite its extreme hardness and breakresistance, the material offers the required degree of flexibility and stiffness. The carbon is extremely thin and therefore takes up no more space than the original cycling shoe insert. A heel clasp fixes the rear foot, enabling direct contact with the shoe sole.

* Patent pending

Precision Made in Germany. To assure the high demands the insole is mainly hand-manufactured in Germany. The carbon core is fired at the most advanced standards of carbon

good stiffening capabilities and is able to absorb the torsion forces created during push and pull phase without any problem. It slackens and then returns to its original shape. This makes it the ideal material for the SOLESTAR insole.

The outer material is non-slip, skid resistant and has a cushioning effect. It also contains antibacterial properties.

The pelotte is customized for each rider and reduces pressure in the area of the forefoot. The carbon metatarsal support prevents the foot from bending inwards and the leg from rotating during the push phase.

production. In order to assure that the insole can unfold it‘s maximum performance, the insole is fit to your individual needs by certified footcare specialists.

Solestar Brochure  
Solestar Brochure