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CommonTime Making Business Mobile

Stockport Homes A CommonTime Mobile Solutions Case Study

CommonTime Mobile Solutions Case Study

The Customer Stockport Homes is a limited company based in the North West of England. Their primary function is to manage the substantial housing stock owned by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. Although owned by the council, Stockport Homes operates completely independently and functions on an arms-length basis with the council. The Situation As part of their ‘Transforming Lives’ initiative, Stockport Homes had committed to visiting every council tenant on their database at least once every two years. The purpose of these visits was to update their customer information records by means of a Current Tenant Visit (CTV) report. These reports would include any discussions about the tenancy and also any areas of concern that the tenant may have with regards to their tenancy agreement with Stockport council.


The Challenges

As these scheduled visits relied heavily on historic customer information held in the Stockport Homes back office systems, there was always going to be a requirement for a two-way data flow between the tenant, the housing officer and the database. The whole process had traditionally been very labour intensive and highly manual. This required considerable preparation on behalf of the housing officers to pull together the current information about the customer. Once the visit had been completed, any additional information was manually re-keyed into the respective back office systems.

With over 5000 visits planned each year and 30 housing officers involved, Stockport Homes realised there had to be a more effective way to manage their CTV reporting process

CommonTime Making Business Mobile

CommonTime Mobile Solutions Case Study

The Decision Early in 2012 a project plan was developed to mobilise the entire CTV reporting process so that housing officers could access customer information remotely and complete the reports out in the field. Updated information and referrals to other agencies would need to be submitted to back office systems without the requirement to return to the office to

re-input the data. Security of data and consistency of 3G connections were an obvious concern, as well as data accuracy and system reliability. Some of the intended users would have little experience of working with tablet devices and mobile data, so considerable effort would be needed to make the process as simple to complete as possible, with intelligent

workflow structure built in. The entire process would have to be developed in such a way as to ensure that the CTV could be completed in an offline mode, and then securely synchronised on demand to the back office systems. Any unnecessary data would then be removed from the mobile device after the report had been completed.

Security of data and consistency of 3G connections were an obvious concern, as well as data accuracy and system reliability

The Solution Stockport Homes engaged with CommonTime to develop a mobile app solution to meet these challenging requirements. With a thorough analysis of the business processes and strong project management from CommonTime, a working prototype of the CTV app was delivered to Stockport Homes within 60 days. This rapid delivery approach allowed housing officers to trial the CTV app in a real-world environment and provide invaluable feedback to the CommonTime development team. By utilising CommonTime’s cross platform approach to app development, Stockport Homes were able to utilise the CTV app solution on a variety of mobile devices, making the whole process of data capture, data submission and data reporting even more efficient.

CommonTime Making Business Mobile

The Results Feedback from the Stockport Homes housing officers was extremely positive, with the process time required to complete and submit the CTVs being reduced by over 50%. As well as this, Stockport Homes saw an increase in the quality of data recorded and also a significant improvement in customer satisfaction levels. The flexibility of the CommonTime solution and speed of introduction has encouraged Stockport Homes to investigate and pursue additional mobile solutions for housing professionals, including: estate inspections, repairs reporting and income management.

“Feedback from our housing officers was extrememly positive with process time being reduced by over 50%� John Chambers, IT Manager, Stockport Homes

CommonTime Mobile Solutions Case Study

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Some great feedback on our solution from Stockport Homes. Take a look at our new case study htt...  
Some great feedback on our solution from Stockport Homes. Take a look at our new case study htt...