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January 2012 Issue 4

The Future of Energy World’s fastest growing technology ............ 2 - 3 Company wide business strategy, CRM ..... 4

Diversity Going international .................................... 6 - 7

Quality Six sigma dewployment journey ............... 8 - 11

“Fundamentally, sustainable development is a notion of discipline. It means humanity must ensure that meeting present needs does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.“ Gro Harlem Brundtland

Energy Management .................................12 - 14 Sustainable development ..........................16 - 17

Business in-Depth EHV cables................................................18 - 19 Delivering quality through security ............ 20 - 21 Did You Know? ........................................ 22

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It is with great pleasure I am welcoming all our readers to the 4th issue of Elsewedy Electric AFRICA publication. Elsewedy Electric’s sustainable development integration is the best method to surmount the challenges or else future will be inaccessible. Our main objective in day to day operations, in the organizational operations and in our policies is to protect the world’s natural resources, the environment and most important is to manage risks and opportunities related to health and safety for all the employees in order to engage with authorities from all over the globe. Elsewedy Electric is pleased and satisfied that it has successfully fulfilled its sustainability commitments. I would like to thank everyone for their efforts. They have created a new type of company, by providing solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges. These people are our people, are the power of Elsewedy Electric. They are the future of tomorrow. We fully anticipate our continuing efforts that lead to further shared success through more and more development and society contribution. Ahmed Elsewedy President & CEO ELSEWEDY ELECRIC



Future of Energy... WORLD’s FASTEST GROWING TECHNLOGOY… Renewable Energy has various reasons of why it is booming on a steeply inclined curve. Success stories brought people to the interest of inquiring about what lies beneath and questions were raised. There are many technologies offering renewable energy, however this article will mainly focus on the solar energy.

How does Elsewedy Electric participate in the renewable energy? Two of Elsewedy Electric fully subsidies are: Elsewedy Solar & SWEG “Elsewedy Wind Energy Generation”. The two subsidies’ LoB is mainly resolved within the solar energy, wind energy and energy efficiency management. The applications provided through the technologies vary on a diversified scale starting from small mobile applications up to a stationary mega project, such as empowering a town. Why did Elsewedy Electric start operating within the renewable energy sector?



A consistent relation between upto-date technology and earth have been opposing each other in a ferocious fight on a battlefield extending beyond the horizon that has lasted for years and as we sit & watch “the evolution of technology”, we only witness how mother earth is being impounded to the ground on the verge of surrendering. Many successful scientists, diplomats, businessmen and symbolic individuals/entities started mapping and implementing plans & actions on how to befriend the unstable equation by emplacing lots of efforts, studies, labor, rules, laws and investment in the pursue of successful achievement. How we watched washed up animals rounded up and counted out of the circle of life, or how we watched people suffering from an over polluted water source or even an environment that has lead to the undergoing of many. Numerous examples lay before our very own eyes to contemplate at before we thrive to put a halt to. Furthermore, renewable energy has proved the unbounded fortune it has conveyed to poor, moderate and wealthy countries. How can renewable energy bring fortune to individuals, entities or countries? Renewable Energy is a literal naming to the technology, where the energy is literally renewable and through its projects, roadmaps, pipelines and scope of work it has a proven record to increase a country’s gross domestic product, job vacancies, increased income, enhanced economical standards and a unique pollution free environment. For example, you implement a

solar photovoltaic power plant, regardless it’s on/off – grid, hybrid or not. Allow us to journey together discovering the condensed weighty benefit. - Save mother earth. You get to produce electricity with a negligible running cost with no power production pollution, not even sound pollution. - Own a system with a very long time and reduced risks, such as the 25 years performance guarantee. - Increased net profits, which has been proven to be much more beneficial than increasing sales. - Bring in geographically wide spread countries to collaborate incoherence. - Help the poor and the ones in need. Speaking of solar, what technologies are out and about? Solar Industry has been divided and then again sub-divided to fall under main categories. Some are industrial and some are mega scale commercial. Technologies vary within the thermal solar water heaters, concentrated solar power and electrical applications (e.g. Photovoltaic, Concentrated Photovoltaic). Elsewedy Solar is currently involved within the PV, CPV and solar water heaters technology including CSP in our futuristic LoB roadmap. If Elsewedy Electric found a dwelling benefit that shall befall the organization’s international/local market and other individual/entities, how does our company penetrate the market? In conclusion to various analysis and study results, Elsewedy Solar has pur-

sued various projects, programs and operation strategies, such as: - Initiation of a Research, Development and Deployment project. - Initiation of a PV and CPV production program. - Operating on national and international market and product awareness. - Leading turnkey solutions, where we can Engineer, Procure, Construct, Operate and Maintain. - To support our believes, we have also included our capability to invest within given projects. - Through the utilization Elsewedy Electric’s various fields of operation, we have dedicated many other produced products to aid the market into meeting the highest standards at a very competitive cost, such as the cables, poles and luminaries. Is renewable energy more expensive than conventional energy sources? Some regions have limited awareness of renewable energy; such falsehood derived an obsolete myth. The myth mainly depicted that renewable energy is not economical, which again is not correct or else the technology wouldn’t have taken-off into flight so rapidly. A fair comparison must be applied. A common example we all encounter on daily basis is the cost of running your car, it should differ dramatically depending whether the fuel is subsidized or not. It’s very unfair to having two neighboring petrol stations one being aided by the government with a subsidy and the other is not, surely the subsidized one would prevail. The example applies when comparing renewable

energy to conventional one. If the government wishes to host the solar energy, then it should provide a solution to allow a competing tariff. However, there are some other coherent factors that many do not consider. People believe that the sun is for free, yes it is, but the tools you place to convert its rays into thermal heat or electricity are not, but their cost is covered and waived within a short period of time which is the starting line of a loop generating profits. Usually a renewable energy system will cover its initial cost within the very first years by saving the operating expenditure; such as unneeded fossil fuel consumption and reduced maintenance cost to provide the energy required and hence gaining a fixed asset rather than a devastating expenditure. In addition many organizations have been aiding and assisting the roadmap aligned with renewable technology; such as the money you could get back from the tons of carbon emission saved. Moreover, for an example, a solar power plant is very practical and economical when it comes to handling peak demands and their block rating. To conclude renewable energy is not more expensive than conventional one. Elsewedy Electric’s LoB operates within both segments and some comparisons have been gathered from a prolonged technical/commercial experience in both the conventional & renewable market and emplaced with integrity for your preview. How is the energy efficiency management related to Elsewedy Electric’s renewable energy pipeline?

They are only related in some aspects, but Elsewedy Electric‘s roadmap exceeds beyond profit orientation. Although we are frequently asked to provide a system for X, we still spend our utmost efforts in providing it with reduced tantalizing percentage off the original X required. In some occasions, energy management could flip numbers to translate a project approval rather than a rejection. We do not switch on our air conditioner because we like to, but because we urge the gliding cool breeze on our skin and in our breath. Let’s envisage the forthcoming hypothetical example in answering the true question; would you still switch on your air conditioner if you had the room temperature you desire? We presume the answer is NO and for more than one reason. To reduce your expenditure, avoid noise pollution and probably other reasons and thoughts have started unraveling themselves. Here comes energy management, energy management doesn’t mean we will constrain your demands under obscure requests and depriving implementation, NO. Energy management will provide exactly what you request in an alternative method, but by the end of the day, it’s our mission and your guarantee that you get what you exactly and precisely asked for. This is energy efficiency management. You get the same solution for a cheaper initial and running cost. That said you get to preserve and protect our environment. A better world and a reduced pollution should make every breathing soul happy and healthy.



by Khaled El Atabani Corporate CIO ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC _________________________________


or Customer Relationship Management, is a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer loyalty. True CRM brings together information from all data sources within an organization (and where appropriate, from outside the organization) to give one, holistic view of each customer in real time. This allows customer facing employees in such areas as sales, customer support, and marketing to make quick yet informed decisions on everything from cross-selling and upselling opportunities to target marketing strategies to competitive positioning tactics. There are a variety of definitions that exist in the marketplace: • Some say CRM is implementing customer service automation so that customer service representatives have access to detailed customer profiles and content scripts for customer service provision • Some say CRM is supply chain management process such that all processes related to customer and supplier relationships are integrated. • Some say CRM is having the ability to



improve the effectiveness and efficiency of enterprise marketing automation or direct marketing campaigns and lead generation. In fact, Elsewedy Electric has seen that CRM actually represents an enterprise business strategy that involves focusing knowledge, business processes and organizational structures around customers and prospect for the whole organization. Surrounding this business strategy is an information technology infrastructure consisting of data warehouses, decision engines and integrated middleware for touchpoints/channels in order to better understand customer behaviour and respond in a timely and relevant manner.

Elsewedy Electric CRM has evolved into a customer-centric philosophy that permeates the entire organization. The three key elements to the successful CRM initia-

tive are: people, process, and technology. The people throughout our company-from the CEO to each and every customer service rep buy in to and support CRM. The company’s business processes are being reengineered to bolster its CRM initiative, often from the view of, how can this process better serve the customer? Our in-house built CRM technology drive these improved processes, provide the best data to the employees, and is easy enough to operate that users won’t balk. Being a subset of Elsewedy Electric’s Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM), The CRM empowers the organization with comprehensive software for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Service in a single business system. The CRM can effectively help marketing plan their marketing activities, improve the quality of leads generation and additionally measure the performance and effectiveness (ROI) of marketing campaigns. It tracks leads, prospects, and effectively uses customer data for up-selling and cross-selling business opportunities. Elsewedy Electric’s CRM empowers the Customer Support process through seamless integration between sales (pre-sales and post-sales activities) with Customer Support practice. The CRM’s Reports & Dashboards functionality provides visuals to sales pipelines, business performance, trends and schedule broad yet intelligent reports to specified users.

Diversity “ Hedge Against Risk by going International”


iversity or diversification, as it is labeled in the world of business, is a business strategy or a technique that reduces the company’s risk by allocating investments among various financial instruments, industries, markets, or other categories. Most investment professionals and risk managers agree that, although it does not guarantee against loss, diversification is one of the most important element to reach long-term goals for an organization with minimum risk. In this article we look at why this is true, and how to accomplish international diversification based on Elsewedy Electric’s own experience as a model employer for diversity. Companies face a number of risks that stem primarily from the nature of doing business. In Beyond Value at Risk, Kevin Dowd sums up these different types of risks companies face by placing them in five general categories: 1) Business risks: those associated with an organization’s particular market or industry; 2) Market risks: those



associated with changes in market conditions, such as inflation, interest rates, and exchange rates; 3) Credit risks: those associated with debtors default; 4) Operational risks: those associated with internal system failures or human error; 5) Legal risks: those associated with the possibility of other parties not meeting their contractual obligations. Diversification not only does it help companies avoid risks associated with their business activities, but also, it allows business organizations to step out of the realm of the business primary operations, and to instead expand their sphere of influence by leveraging their existing knowledge into new areas. As a matter of fact, many businesses grow by taking opportunities to diversify, although this can pose some risks, such as costly delays and mistakes owing to lack of knowledge or expertise, but it can also limit the impact of changes in the market. For example, if you produce only one product or service and its sales drop, it leaves you

very exposed, but if you have two or more products or services and sales of one drop, at least there will be revenue coming into the business through the other. The theory behind the diversification is that industrial related factors or sector specific factors will affect each stock within that industry. An investor who has stocks diversified among industry can reduce the risk of these factors. International diversification is the same theory by using investments from other countries and markets. An example which is consistent with the aforementioned theory is the financial crisis that US passed through, that resulted in plunging the US stock market s to very low levels. The crisis affected all stockholders in the American markets. An investor who had investments in different markets around the world would not have been affected as much because of the international diversification.


“The international markets allows investors to create opportunities that domestic markets do not offer” Benefits of international diversification is countless but it’s major benefits are mentioned in the diagram

Elsewedy Electric’s guidance of going international The task of going international is not an easy one, neither is it as complicated as envisioned by some, particularly those that are newto-international. The same, basic business principles used in your home market will be applied abroad. There are some differences, but many factors like culture and legal restrictions which are typically cited as major hurdles in international business, also have an impact on domestic business transactions. In order to expand internationally, there are two requirements that must be satisfied. First is commitment, which is a crucial condition

for success. The firm must be committed to the venture, and the commitment includes the upper-level management. Like your domestic customers, international buyers demand reliable sources. The amount of commitment required goes beyond that necessary to fill the unsolicited trade placed by foreign buyers. The potential sales from international businesses are well worth the effort and commitment. A second prerequisite to going international is the readiness to change. A company which introduces new and different products into a market initiates change within the culture. Yet, it is unlikely that a firm will be able to sell its products in a foreign environment without making some changes too. A living example which is consistent with the entire concept of national/ international diversification is Elsewedy Electric; our geographical expansion allowed us to implement international diversification thus ensuring that we can react quickly to the dynamic shifts constantly experienced in the international market and by that we are not tied to a particular market or a particular trade flow.





Lean/ 6 Sigma Deployment Journey If We Focus on Results, We’ll Never Change If We Focus on Change, We’ll get Results...

Viewing quality as a business issue, as a key of the competition and a path to world-class organizational performance requires commitment and active role by all the company’s major activities to improve the overall performance more efficient than we are already doing and creating a sustainable and improvement culture to enhance business performance with proven results. “Lean / Six Sigma” deployment was our structured improvement approach used to engage the workforce in transforming the company to operate with a focus on process efficiency and performance excellence. Our initiatives were to eliminate waste and to reduce variation.



Quality Improvement Road Map Step 1: Strategic Goal Setting Establishing what is important to the business that it has to deliver.

Step 2: Executive Technical Development How do we get all the skills we need?

Step 3: Strategic Deployment Planning

Step 9: Training and Development

What training do we need to give to the right people to deliver the right projects and managing the projects?

Step 10: Managing the Deployment

Deliver business results through deployment management & improvement projects execution.

How will we get the improvement in the business we need?

Step 4: Champion Technical Development How do we get the skills we need?

Step 5: Tactical Deployment Planning WHO will we deliver the improvements in the business we need?

Step 6: Identifying Projects Getting the right projects to improve the business

Step 7: Identifying People Getting the right people working the right projects

Step 8: Tactical Deployment Planning HOW will we deliver the improvements in the business we need?

Continuous Improvement Deployment Structure

The deployment structure was made up of leadership and belts. Leadership in the deployment role owns and supports Lean implementation activities and assures that trained Lean Six Sigma facilitators (Belts) are available. Implementation and deployment was led by the Quality Director who accounted for communication, coordination, integration, and alignment of Lean / Six Sigma deployment and implementation and act as the Lean / Six Sigma Champion to ensure all Lean activities & improvement projects conducted and aligned with the defined value stream(s).

Progressive 5S + S

With the operators, Progressive 5S were explained s by s and broken down into its essence so that each step can be paired with the specific task or activity along with a key discipline or behavior that would need to be performed for that step. This approach offers one big advantage: it allows practitioners to concentrate on their 5S implementation one level at a time until the step is fully implemented and sustained. The underlying logic to progressive 5S is that successes and opportunities can be quantified at each step thus providing a clear roadmap as to what will be required to progress up to the next level. A clean, well-organized workplace is therefore was the foundation upon which all other lean activities and productivity achievements are based. Besides that, implementing 5S had multiple benefits: it creates the proper environment for standard work, is a prerequisite to perfect quality, encourages visual control, helps identify waste, promotes employee satisfaction and places a high value on safety (the sixth S).




Visual Management

Momentum started to build and change began to occur more quickly once the company got over the hurdle of two or three events and got good results. Team spirit became evident once everyone understood that this was obviously very different from anything the company had done before. On top of those issues was the fact that the plant was unionized, so management also had to gain the trust and cooperation of the union. Union stewards were included on the first several kaizen events to give them the real flavor of what it was all about, and they saw for themselves that the kaizen process would actually improve work conditions for their members. Those stewards were then able to communicate to the rest of the organization in the positive changes that could be effected through kaizen.

The changes that helped to jump start cultural change were varied: • Machines were improved • Methods were changed • Jobs were made easier • Tools were given to help operators get the job done • Operators saw their working environment improve • Managers worked alongside operators (destroying the “us vs. them” mentality)

Set-Up Reductions

For the first six months of Egytech Cables lean journey, kaizen events were focused on set-up reductions. Set-ups were the first and most prevalent barrier to increasing productivity and so had to be addressed before anything else. The team focused on the stranding process which was riddled with time-consuming machine set-ups and had the greatest impact on productivity. The kaizen team introduced new tools, fitted safety guards to the machine, created standard operations, provided visibility of workload for the operation, repaired the loader mechanism, and replaced the bobbin locking pins. The team reduced set-up time on this machine by 30 percent and improved the progressive 5S score from 0.48 to 0.7.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Once set-ups had been addressed, the company moved on to other issues, including the introduction of total productive maintenance (TPM), as well as creation charts for key machines and safety, quality, delivery, and cost (SQDC) boards throughout the plant.


Every morning before 8 a.m. the management team walks through the plant and visits each station to review performance. This practice gave the managers an honest hands-on feel for what is happening on the shop floor and kept their involvement in the lean transformation process in front of everyone.


Achieved Results: In just less than 18 months, Egytech Cables has made dramatic changes as a result of its lean / six sigma deployment: • Set-up times reduced by 30 % • Material scrap reduced by 42 % • Materials over usage reduced by (35% in Egytech) • Machine changeover times reduced by approximately 35% • Reduced the WIP/RM/F.G inventory. • Improved on time delivery. • Customer complains reduced by 82%. • Improved output in monetary terms.

The Culture Challenge & the Culture Change

Egytech Cables faced the challenges of a workforce that had never heard of lean and that was also well-established and long-serving, with employees who were used to doing things the way they would always do them. The issues the company faced were typical of those encountered whenever a lean transformation is implemented, Job-loss fears, More work for the operators, “Us vs. Them”, All show (just painting the machines), … Management played a significant role in driving early cultural change by participating in the early events. Through their enthusiasm and

Future Focus

While Egytech Cables is counting on standard work, 5S, work safety, changeovers, reduced batch sizes, and set-up reductions to help reduce lead times; it’s also looking at other areas where a lean /six sigma approach can be applied. With the pressing need of set-up reductions having been addressed, in 2010, Egytech is focusing on inventory reduction of imported RM. With the current global recession, the company expects that sales volume will not grow as it did in the last few years. Given the cost of raw materials, it makes sense to make sure that Egytech Cables keep on hand only what they actually need or can sell in a timely manner. Additionally, the company is working on improving relationships with

support for the process they helped others to get on board. They got the message out that Egytech Cables was committed to lean and demonstrated enthusiasm for their experiences on those first kaizen events. The company also started a newsletter, to spread the benefits that were gained from them. Suddenly people weren’t waiting for kaizen events to make changes and improvements in areas that were not actually slated for events, and that’s when the culture really started to pick up and change. The cultural atmosphere at the Egytech facilities is completely different now than it was just 18 months ago.

suppliers and making physical reductions in the amount of materials—the copper that goes into the cable is obviously very expensive, as is the galvanized armor materials. The company is also striving to reduce work in process. So far, more recent events have focused on improving the planning activity for better clarity and understanding by introducing a sales and operations planning process to better align production to demand. As Egytech Cables moves forward, it will continue to use lean to help increase productivity, reduce lead times, and cut costs while also focusing on sustainment. When the world economy turns around, the company plans will be in a good lean position to make the most of it.

ISO 14001:2004


ISO 9001:2008

GL 2008

GL 2009

GL 2009

Power: 40 MVA 66 kV KEMA 2010

Power: 125 MVA 220 kV KEMA 2010





Be Competitive, Maximize your Profite

by Abdelazim El Harrass Managing Director Elsewedy Electric for Transmission & Distribution

“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand” Energy management establishes the means for guarding the wealth that energy represents; it is like currency, can be invested, preserved, and positioned to grow a business. Companies that understand this will manage energy like cash, tracking what they consume, waste, recover, and apply to the creation of wealth. The technologies, practices, and standards for optimizing energy transformation are known collectively as “energy efficiency.” Energy efficiency initiatives are selected for their potential to reduce waste, minimize expenses, save time, reduce operating risk, and increase revenues through enhanced productivity, so it includes the monitoring, measuring, verification, and remediation of energy flows throughout a facility. Many organizations still perceive energy as something less than wealth. Facilities can lose valuable energy in a myriad of ways: inefficient combustion, steam and compressed air leaks, radiant heat transfer, and motor drives left running when there’s no material in production, so if manufacturers handle energy as anything less than wealth, there is no accounting of energy’s contribution to value added. A large organization may have an army of clerks who track $20 taxicab receipts, yet no one can clearly account for the disposition of its $20 million in annual energy expenditures.



__Why Energy Management is required: • Business, industry and government organizations have all been under tremendous economic and environmental pressures in the last few years. • Meeting more stringent environmental quality standards, primarily related to reducing global warming and reducing acid rain. •Becoming—or continuing to be—economically competitive in the global marketplace, which requires reducing the cost of production or services. • Energy management can make the difference between profit and loss and can establish real competitive enhancements for most companies. • Maintaining energy supplies that are Available without significant interruption, and available at costs that do not fluctuate too rapidly. __Detected Sources of Energy waste: • Much energy is needlessly wasted in buildings through poor design and maintenance of electrical services. • The environmental impact of air-conditioning equipment is a catastrophic from an environmental point of view, since it contributes directly to atmospheric ozone depletion through the leakage of refrigerants which are powerful greenhouse gases, and contributes to global warming by consuming large amounts of electricity and indirectly releases large quantities of CO 2 into the atmosphere. • Refrigeration chillers are often oversized because system designers overestimate peak building heat gains to ensure that plant is not undersized. • Unwanted heat loss or gain through the walls or roofs of buildings, and heat loss from the pipes, tanks and other equipment in buildings or plants can significantly increase energy use and energy costs. So, we believe that Energy management is the judicious and effective use of energy to maximize profits and enhance competitive positions. Our Mission: Is to help our valued customers through our Intensive Energy Audit management program and skilled Engineering staff to: • Improve energy efficiency and reducing energy use, thereby reducing costs. • Cultivate good communications on energy matters. • Develop and maintain effective monitoring, reporting, and management strategies for wise energy usage. •Find new and better ways to increase returns from energy

investments through research and development. • Developing interest in and dedication to the energy management program from all employees. • Reducing the impacts of curtailments, brownouts, or any interruption in energy supplies.

__What is An Energy Audit: • Is one of the first tasks to be performed in the accomplishment of an effective energy cost control program. • It consists of a detailed examination of how a facility uses energy, what the facility pays for that energy, and finally, a recommended energy conservation program. • It includes Process review that involves large motors and controls, industrial insulation, complex combustion monitoring , unique steam distribution problems, significant amounts of waste heat, etc , steps for process improvement in order of changes are : eliminate, combine , change equipment , person, place, or sequence, and improve. • Is performed by several different groups of professional engineers from our staff to perform the detailed audits needed by companies with complex process equipment and operations. • Energy management audit involves skilled Engineers covering Engineering, management, Economics, Financial analysis, Operations research (system analysis), Public relations (selling conservation), and Environmental engineering fields.




__Energy Management Ideas in Electrical system: • Reactive electrical loads unlike resistive loads draw a larger current than would be anticipated by their useful power rating, such as induction motors and fluorescent tubes. By using VSDs it is possible to ensure that even if fans and pumps are oversized, energy consumption will not be greatly increased. • Lighting improvements are excellent investments in most commercial businesses because lighting accounts for a large part of the energy bill—ranging from 30-70% of the total energy. • Energy-saving Lamps. Energy-saving fluorescent lamps which can replace the standard lamps can reduce power demand and energy use by about 15%. • Electromagnetic Ballast results in excess energy losses, typically in the region of 15 – 20% of total energy consumption. Electronic ballasts consume up to 30% less power than conventional chokes and increase lamp life. • Compact Fluorescent Lamps are used to replace incandescent bulbs. These lamps can be used to reduce energy use and power demand by over 70%. • Maintaining the lighting system by establishing lighting system maintenance schedule in addition to a proper choice of light sources, ballasts, and lighting fixtures • Lighting controls can result in substantial energy savings e.g. Time-based control, Daylight-linked control, Occupancy-linked control, Localized switching.

__Energy Management Ideas in Mechanical systems: • Energy is wasted in buildings through the use of inappropriate air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems , because designers of air-conditioning systems are more interested in minimizing first costs rather than reducing overall energy consumption. • Many commercial and industrial facilities use fossil fuel-fired boilers to produce steam or hot water for space heating or for process heating. • Some of the most important boiler efficiency improvements are oxygen/air optimization, load management—matching the boiler capacity to the steam demand, and maintaining the boiler system. • Compressed air is used in process operations and control systems. It is a large energy cost; it shall be designed and operated so that it is as energy efficient as possible by selecting the best types and sizes of air compressor and high efficiency motor.


__Renewable Energy: • While renewable energy sources are not a major percentage of energy sources currently being utilized, their usage is expected to grow substantially, since they are typically less environmentally damaging than traditional energy sources. The future is likely to see more and more utilization of these renewable sources. __Energy Management and Harmonic Effects: Harmonic distortion of power system voltages or currents is always undesirable from the Energy management point of view because: • Harmonic components add to system losses by creating additional heating in power system equipment. • High levels of harmonic voltage distortion can cause equipment disoperation, noise or failure. • Transformer and motor de-rating due to harmonic current and voltage increases the capital cost of equipment for a given application. • Future utility harmonic distortion standards may provide an additional incentive for the selection of equipment with low harmonic current distortion. • The revision of IEEE Std 519-1992 has proposed limits for harmonic current generation by customers, with the utility being responsible for limiting harmonic voltage distortion . We conduct power quality studies with complete system solution including installation of Harmonic filters , conventional capacitor banks , and SVC ( static VAR Compensation) at specific applications in Industry e.g. Arc Furnaces , Traction ,..Etc __Value base Engineering: • Means, Design optimization in line with codes and standards and preserving project quality. Our experienced staff has ( 30 +) years of experience in the field of power system Technology , has conducted several projects design reviews ( 2 to 100 MVA) in the Industrial , commercial , residential ,utilities sectors which resulted in appreciable cost savings for the client between (1525%) from the budgets under review . • Value base engineering through feasible business solution techniques results in optimum equipment selection which shall result in units loading near the maximum efficient loading point and thus decreases energy losses.

Value Creation

through integrating Sustainable Development Customers and investors are increasingly demanding higher standards of performance in environmental and social issues including health and safety, and business ethics, throughout the value chain. On the other hand, there is growing evidence that the environmental and social aspects, when integrated into business analysis and decision making, will offer potential long-term business advantages. It is now commonly accepted that environmental and social aspects factors added insight into the quality of a company’s management, culture, risk profile and other characteristics. Besides that, the substantial benefit in integrating environmental aspects into product design will result in lowering costs, new business opportunities, and improved product quality.

We are committed to Sustainable Development

Elsewedy Electric is a Leading Integrated Energy Solutions Provider, operating in eight diversified energy sectors and distinguished by variety of its products & expanding constantly towards providing complete solutions for energy including renewable energy and recognizes that its products are manufactured and exported in many countries across the world. In the course of conducting business, Elsewedy Electric acknowledge its special co-responsibility as a multinational Industrial Company in protecting the world’s natural resources and regard environmental as one of its priority objectives , make it part of its policies and integrate it into its growth strategy, day-to-day operations and organizational culture. Elsewedy Electric is committed to acting with social responsibility towards society and those involved in the production of its products and ensure safe working conditions for all employees. Managing Elsewedy Electric’s risks and opportunities related to health & safety and environmental aspects is today a widely understood aspect of long-term “value creation” in order to contribute to the initiative’s overarching objective of helping to build a more sustainable and inclusive global economy.



Environment & Community

Today, manufacturing are the major cause of environmental pollution as well as the depletion of resources. Products may have a range of environmental aspects (e.g. emission generated) that results environmental impact (e.g. air pollution), Environmental impacts are largely determined by the material and energy inputs and outputs generated at all stages of products manufacturing and development. Elsewedy Electric effectively promotes environmental conservation activities through the following activities: • Conservation of resources and energy recovery (material and energy) without having an adverse impact on its performance, its durability. • Actively take environmental pollution prevention to reduce its impacts. • Focusing on waste assessment and implementing environmental friendly techniques for recycling it. • Comply with relevant health & safety and environmental legislation, regulation and other requirement • Enhance environmental friendly procurement activities. • The delivery of products free of hazardous substances (comply with ROHS/ REACH directives or similar ) • Environmental early integration of Product related issues such as, material selection, product design and functionality. • Apply the principle of the BAT-”Best Available Techniques”, as far as possible to reduce environmental impact and risks in manufacturing activities. • The continual improvement in all activities to reduce environmental impact and risks. • Increase environmentally conscious products and ingredient. • Promote more efficient use of non-renewable resources through continuous monitoring and target setting. • Motivating and training employees with respect to environmental issues, safety at work, emergency drills and fire extinguisher drills.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances - ROHS Directive

ROHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances & regarding to the European Directive 2002/95/EC of 27 January 2003 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, called “ROHS directive” and its existing application regulations. ROHS requires the limitation of the following substances: Lead, Mercury, Cadmium,

Hexavalent chromium, Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). The purpose of the ROHS Directive is to minimize the quantities of hazardous substances passing from electrical and electronic products into the environment through waste. The requirements on manufacturers are to reduce the levels of these substances below the 0.1% limits which is verified by chemical testing.

Resources & Waste Management

Wire drawing, for instance, requires the use of drawing emulsion, the useful life of which is limited and which must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Soft annealing the wires also requires a large amount of electrical energy. Cable production involves the use of a wide variety of insulation materials made of plastic, where the key question pertains to the form of recycling that makes sense. In addition, the use of packaging that is as suitable for transport and as environmentally friendly as possible also plays a role here.

Green Environmental Initiatives

Since climate change has become one of the global concerns, invading renewable energy becomes a natural move towards a significant part of the solution of this concern. “Elsewedy Electric entry into the cutting –edge of the wind energy sector on September 2009 to harness this energy was a strategic move through providing complete solutions in the wind energy branch, including towers, wind energy generators, blades, and turnkey solutions for wind farm projects.

Reach Regulation

REACH is the overall EU chemical legislation that came into effect on June 1st, 2007 (REACH regulation 1907/2006).The purpose of REACH is to reduce the impact of certain chemical substances on human beings and the environment, by ensuring that the individual substances are used in a safe way throughout the entire supply chain. The key requirement is related to possible content of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), selected among substances that are problematic in relation to human health or the environment, their concentration threshold of 0.1% (w/w) applies to the product as produced or imported to EU, When the SVHC is present in the article in a concentration of 0.1% or more and the imported amount of the SVHC exceeds 1 ton per year, a notification of substances in product is required and the supplier of products containing a SVHC in a concentration above 0.1% (w/w) has to provide relevant safety information about the substance to his costumers- as a minimum the name of the substance has to be communicated. Also, all packaging material for the product must have SVHC declarations.

Finally, acting with social responsibility towards society and those involved in the production of our products, and ensuring safe working conditions for them means integrating sustainable development into our growth strategy through establishing and implementing high standards in environmental and social related issues including health and safety, and business ethics, throughout the value chain.

For PVC materials, supplier’s declarations, tests for the content of plasticizers and flame retardants are necessary in order to fulfill the regulatory requirements.



BUSINESS IN DEPTH Expansion in Supplying & Installing EHV Cables


lsewedy Cables began in supplying high Voltage cables since 1990 & has become a significant contributor to the economic growth in Egypt through its development. Even during lean economic times, Elsewedy Electric has been able to maximize its commitment to improve efficiency by ensuring that its management possess the expertise and talent necessary for the most critical business needs and has thus succeeded in maintaining a solid financial position & serving the main market sectors; Energy & Infrastructure, Industrial, Building, and Residential. In 1998 Elsewedy cables signed a contract for the first 220KV underground cables on turnkey basis project and were followed by a series of successful projects, on the application of power generation, power transmission and overhead transmission lines. For such reason, we have indulged in some big projects regarding that matter; such as, Nowaiba’a Power Plant, Abu Qir Power Plant, East El-Owaynat Power Plant and Sidi Krir Power Plant Projects. Elsewedy Electric’s EPC segment “Engineering, procurement and contracting” known as Projects & Development segment is principally involved in the Development, Ownership, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Management of Engineering Projects, varies from Power Generation, Electricity Transmission & Distribution networks to the Mechanical, Electrical & Plumping works. Elsewedy Electric’s affiliates & subsidiaries cover a complete spectrum of Finance, Design, Build and O&M in the fields of:


• Conventional Energy Power Plants. • Wind Energy Power Plants. • Solar Energy Power Plants. • MEP Works in Industrial, Commercial & Administrative projects. • Power Plants BOP. • Power Evacuation Systems. • HRSG Electrical auxiliary Systems. • Distributed Control Systems (DCS). • Testing, Commissioning & Start Up. • High Voltage Substations & SCADA Implementations. • Electrical Installations. • Mechanical Installations. • HV & UHV Transmission Networks. • MV & LV Distribution Networks. • Project Management. Elsewedy Electric provide committed services to the cabling industry through specialization in manufacturing cable accessories up to 66KV and has pioneered in the production of cable joints and terminations in Egypt through collaboration with reputable international companies, such as Thomas and Betts (Elastimold USA). Our products have been recognized both locally and internationally with its high quality; moreover Elsewedy Electric invested to build a professional team to install the power cable accessories up to 220 KV, whereas this team is certified from international power cable manufacturers to install their accessories.

Business in Depth

Moreover we have huge experience in the Horizontal Directional Drilling Methodology and the tools to calculate and monitor the cable performance in unseen areas during crossing of canals, rivers, railways, high way roads, which we applied successfully several projects such as connecting El Abbasia Metro GIS S/S to Ain El Sira GIS S/S; XLPE 220 kV with 1200 mm² cables & accessories and Fiber Optic cables & accessories. Through our mission of specialization, diversification and expansion, Elsewedy Electric believes that the key to thriving in a competitive marketplace is remaining at the force of the increasingly complex landscape. That’s why, the EHV Projects department seeks to transform as an adaptive organization strategically evolving and responding to an ever-changing global and industry environment. Thus providing full range offerings through its Integrated Energy Solutions to produce, distribute, manage and safely use electrical power. As a result the Project Department has become one of the biggest energy solutions providers in the Middle East, Gulf area & Africa and moving in our geographic expansion. Elsewedy Electric in 2005 decided to penetrate new markets and to compete with all international companies having the confidence that our capabilities are not less than them and worked hard to approve and qualify Elsewedy Electric as a supplier and a main contractor to execute EPC projects in several countries especially all raw materials are imported from the largest approved suppliers worldwide together with the audit of our

QC team to check all materials before the manufacturing process and our latest testing equipments in our lab’s for approving the final product and succeeded to participate in huge projects and to exist in different territories supplying and installing a total over 28,950 KM of Extra High Voltage cables. In 2008, Elsewedy Electric also took another step in providing a new product range to offer a new service in implementing 400KV underground cables in turn key projects. It’s also of great importance to mention our commitment to achieve active implementation of the highest standards regarding health and safety of our employees, as well as the welfare of the environment. This does not only enhance our compliance with the requirements of national and local statutory legislation, but also reflects our commitment to the progressive improvement of the current construction industry standards. Effective Health and Safety Management is an integral part of Elsewedy Electric Company’s culture and it represents a key element in all of the Elsewedy Electric group business objectives and applied to all of our business activities and/ or wherever we have a controlling influence. We maintain a clear understanding of our social and moral responsibilities towards our employees and the community at large. This ensures that we remain organizationally focused in achieving our principal objectives of Target Zero.



Business in Depth

quality security.. Due to growing costs of electricity, energy theft is a major concern for all the actors involved in the energy management process. Consumers with a more “inventive touch� have found numerous ways of manipulating their electricity meter for effectively using power free of charge. With a reduced human role in energy management processes, devices with modern anti tampering features protecting customer valuable information are a must have. Iskraemeco contemporary meters include state-of-the-art security features, located in the hardware and the software part.


evenue losses caused by electricity theft have impact on the quality of supply, electrical load on the generating station and the tariff imposed on usage by real customers. In addition, electricity theft leads to numerous additional losses, such as damage to grid infrastructure and reduction of grid reliability. Free power consumption leads to higher uncontrollable consumption at peak times and consequently to higher overall electricity cost to the utility. There are safety hazards connected with the pirate connection to the grid, where both thieves and the general public are endangered. Although hard to estimate, the above costs exceed the primarily estimated damages of electricity theft. A decisive device that detects, quantifies and controls energy theft are contemporary meters. These meters contain hardware and software that detect electricity theft of various types. The meters can be managed remotely to disconnect and reconnect the power supply to the customer so that the theft alert reaction is immediate if necessary. The alarms are transmitted via concentrator and the communication system in order for the area manager to receive fraud alarms in real time. Iskraemeco places special attention to meter data protection. The contemporary meters detect tampering attempts and create conditions that enable proper billing processes.


Business in Depth

These meters contain hardware and software that detect electricity theft of various types

The meters hold comprehensive event loggers with anti-fraud and security features that enable the utility to immediately discover tamper and attempt to physically access the meter. Only a few of the features protecting our customers’ revenue are shortly described below.

Sealed and detected

Anti tampering measures are included in the hardware and as well as in the software part of the devices. Externally, all the meters are sealed and secured with a wire and a lead or plastic seal. A detector of meter and terminal cover opening is built into the meter. The manipulative event is registered in the logbook and properly displayed on the LCD.

Magnet resistant

For further protection, a detector of an external magnetic field is built into the meters. If such a field is detected, the event gets registered in the corresponding log. If necessary, consumed energy during meter tampering with a permanent magnet can be registered into a separate register.

Always positive

The option of registering positive energy, nevertheless in which direction energy flows, prevents further meter misuse, triggered by inappropriate connection of the conductors in the terminal block. In this way registered energy is equal to the one actually consumed, regardless of the meter connection. In addition, an alarm flag REV is displayed on the LCD when energy flows in reversed direction.

Heavily “passworded”

Contemporary Iskraemeco meters are protected with three passwords. The passwords protect meters against unauthorized meter data reading, against changing the meters parameters and against setting time and date parameters in the meters RTC. If the wrong password is entered three times in a row, the communication channel is disabled for a certain time in order to prevent attempts of hacking the meter.

Number four

flowing through the neutral circuit. The microcontroller calculates a vector sum of the currents flowing through the lines and compares it with a current flowing through the neutral circuit. If this difference is higher than 6%, this event is registered and the corresponding flag is displayed on the LCD.

Fraud energy registered

Contemporary meters have registers in which energy is separately registered during meter tampering. The registers record a reversed energy flow direction, permanent magnet field exposure and energy registered since the meter and terminal cover have been opened.

A soft protection

The software for meter data management makes manipulative attempts even harder through the software logging process and the multi level authorization procedure. In addition, the software database keeps data on who, when and what has been done with a particular meter.

On request, a fourth metering element can be built into the meters. It measures current



Business in Depth

Did you know..? India to invest $1.4bn for construction of Transmission Line Projects

The Indian Empowered Committee of the Ministry of Power for development of interstate transmission lines has announced its plans to invest about INR64.85bn ($1.4bn) to develop five new electricity transmission lines in the country. The 2,600km power lines will be built to transmit the power generated from the coastal projects in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu (TN) and Andhra Pradesh (AP), with the private sector participation. Construction of these five power line projects is slated for completion by 2017.

Mozambique to construct 3,000MW Power Line

Construction of a 3,000MW transmission line, which links Tete to Maputo in Mozambique, is expected to be launched in August 2011. The transmission line is an important component of the proposed hydroelectricity dams at Mpanda Nkua and Cahora Bassa North, and the coal power stations at Moatize and Benga, located in Tete province.

Armenia - Iran, Armenia to construct 800-900MW Electricity Transmission Line

Iran and Armenia have announced plans to construct a third electricity transmission line with a capacity of 800-900MW between the two countries. Construction this $110m worth transmission line will increase swap of electricity between the two neighboring countries.

Argentina - Tenders for Fiber Optics Network Project in Argentina

Burundi embarks on fiber optics to reduce high internet charges

Argentina’s government expects to call public tenders to lay 12,500km of cable next year as part of the country’s federal fiber optic network project, telecoms regulator CNC head Ceferino Namuncurá told reporters. This deployment adds to the recently announced deployment of 12,500km of fiber this year.

Burundi, with the help of the World Bank (WB), is embarking on about 1,300-kilometres of fiber optic to cover all the 17 provinces, the capital Bujumbura and key borders with Tanzania and Rwanda. Completion of the first phase of the cable is expected in the first quarter of 2012.

Nigeria - Standards Organizations of Nigeria New Boss Initiates Battle against Fake Products

Oman is appointing project and design consultants to help create the Arabian Gulf country’s first railway network

On assumption of office, the Director-General of the Standards Organizations of Nigeria (SON), Dr. Joseph Odumodu, released his 5-point agenda with focus on the eradication of fake and substandard products from the Nigerian market. On May 1, he served importers of rebar and electrical cables notice to remove substandard products from the markets or to be prepared to face the full wrath of the law.


Oman, one of six countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council, is trying to improve transport links with other Middle Eastern nations. Ten companies have been shortlisted for each contract. The network’s construction will take four years. Freight and passenger services are scheduled to start in 2017.

news Unleashing

3W Networks establishes Joint Venture Company “3W Networks MMG” in Saudi Arabia. 3W Networks, the leading Telecoms and Security Systems Integrator operating in the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions is pleased to announce that it has signed a joint venture agreement with Mohammad Al-Mojil Group, a Saudi based Petrochemical and Construction giant listed on the Saudi Arabian Capital Market Authority, to invest in a joint venture company. The new company, which is on a 50:50 basis is called 3W Networks MMG (3W-MMG). 3W-MMG is headquartered in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and is dedicated to providing a full range of Communications, Safety and Security solutions to the growing Saudi market. The Chairman of 3W-MMG is Mr. Adel M. Al-Mojil, (the current President of MMG group, and the Vice Chairman is Mr Walid Gamali, the CEO of 3W Networks). Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Harbi has been appointed as the Executive Director responsible for the new company. This joint venture will enable both the companies to access the complementary resources and capabilities of each other in order to bring high end communications and security solutions to the Saudi market faster, more efficiently and more reliably. Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with strong government controls over major economic activities. It possesses about 20% of the world’s proven petroleum reserves, ranks as the largest exporter of petroleum, and plays a leading role in OPEC. The petroleum sector accounts for 45% of GDP and 90% of export earnings. Saudi Arabia is encouraging the growth of the private sector in order to diversify its economy and as such the efforts are focused on power generation, telecom-


munications, natural gas exploration, and petrochemical sectors. According to the industry estimates, Saudi Arabia’s total transport sector investments are set to reach $100 billion by 2020 with over $30 billion allocated for new transport projects in the government’s next five-year plan. The Saudi government’s aggressive plans to overhaul existing transportation infrastructure will likely see huge investments flowing into the large-scale port, airport, rail, road and logistics projects in the coming years, the NCB Capital said in a recent report. 3W Networks group views the Saudi as one of the most exciting and rapidly developing markets in the world and considers it a highly strategic market to set up operations. “MMG” is a large, well established company which is listed on the Saudi Arabia Capital Market Authority or stock exchange and is one of the preferred contractors with Aramco and other large Saudi conglomerates including Sabic and Maaden. Moreover, MMG has significant contacts with many of the international EPC’s operating in Saudi Arabia. As such MMG’s already existing strong relationships will be an added advantage for 3W Networks and help to further develop relationships with the existing customers and to further the client base. 3W Networks is well-positioned to become one of the key players in the fast-expanding

telecommunications services market and is committed to its expansion into new markets and ensuring that its clients have access to high quality telecommunication solutions worldwide. This is another step in the company’s strategy to have a presence in all the major Middle East markets, thereby completing the global operating model with on-the-ground presence in the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Commenting on the expansion into Saudi, Walid Gamali, CEO, 3W Networks says, ‘Given the importance of Saudi Arabia to our overall growth strategy, it was essential that we partner with a well established local leader who could actually support us and share in our commitment to serving our customers locally. We are very pleased to have partnered with the prestigious MMG Group, a company well known for its Reliability and Quality of services to the Saudi energy sector. With this joint venture in Saudi, we further strengthen our position as the leading systems integrator in the region.’

Unleashing News

3W Networks awarded Dubai Chamber’s CSR Label 3W Networks, the region’s Premier Telecommunications and Security Systems Integrator, is pleased to announce that it has been recognized for its CSR efforts by winning the prestigious Dubai Chamber CSR Label. Presented by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Centre for Responsible Business, the award recognizes companies that have made a positive impact on the community and demonstrated a commitment to best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). HE Hisham Abdulla Al Shirawi, Vice-Chairman of Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry conferred the award to Walid Gamali, Chairman and CEO of 3W Networks at an awards ceremony which was held at the Dubai Chamber on 27th Sept. H.E. Hisham Al Shirawi said “Today, Dubai Chamber has acknowledged four companies that have shown exceptional performance in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. These companies are pio-

neers of CSR in the region and are helping to lead by example and demonstrate the increasing sophistication of Dubai’s business landscape. The CSR Label helps establish a new standard in terms of transparency regarding CSR challenges and will inspire the whole business community to develop their own strategies on responsible practices.” Walid Gamali said on the occasion “It is a proud moment for us and 3W Networks is pleased to be accredited by Dubai Chamber’s CSR Label. This is a testimonial to our on-going efforts in corporate social responsibility in areas of environment, marketplace, workplace and community. As the leading telecommunications and security systems integrator in the region, we are committed to the community in which we operate. Our continuous commitment towards CSR is demonstrated through a variety of internal and external activities throughout the year and this award reinforces the company’s commitment to giving something back to

society. We now look forward to expanding our CSR footprint.” 3W Networks is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its middle east operations this year. The company has come a long way and has become a name recognizable within the communications solutions industry. This award is yet another milestone in the company’s history.

Cutting losses at Kosovo`s utility Kosovo Energy Corporation J.S.C. (KEK) has published a series of tenders in the past year for the purpose of modernizing its electrical energy sector. For now, the priority of the utility is substituting the mechanical equipment with a modern and highly efficient solution. Shifting from present metering equipment to Iskraemeco`s latest technology will present a significant reduction of losses to Kosovo`s utility. KEK is currently managing its energy sector with mechanical metering equipment that contributes to a considerable amount of losses. A replacement of the existing system with electricity meters produced by Iskraemeco is thus a smart step for KEK. The transition is essential also because a significant amount of the installed meter population is not calibrated properly. The company is currently faced with a proportionally high percent of technical and commercial losses. Iskraemeco meters for industrial, commercial and residential use will be installed in 8.000 transformer stations, located across the entire Kosovo territory. For the moment, Iskraemeco is in the phase of supplying 8.000 industrial and commercial meters and 10.000 residential meters to KEK. After the installation of new meters, it will be possible to make a comparison between the supplied and actually received electrical energy. With the new metering

equipment, KEK will be able to make a complete network analysis and diminish a considerable amount of present losses. Iskraemeco is strongly dedicated towards nurturing the established cooperation and would like to continue helping the customer in improving business processes and energy management in future engagements. For this purpose, the Kosovo team already visited Iskraemeco for a series of training courses that will enable them to apply the obtained knowledge in the best possible way. KEK is the power corporation of the Republic of Kosovo. After a series of changes in the last twenty years, the company was legally incorporated in 2005 and ever since its core businesses are the production of coal and energy, energy supply, sales and customer care service. The company is organized into four main divisions: mines, generation, distribution and supply.



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“Great Leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary Determination”

Ahmed El Sewedy Winning The best CEO of the year 2011 President and CEO of Elsewedy Electric, Eng. Ahmed El Sewedy was awarded the prize of the best CEO in Egypt for the year 2009-2010 by Business Today 100 Crystal Awards. The event took place at the Cairo’s Four Seasons Nile Plaza, and the award was presented by Mr. Hazem Ashry, General Manager of Emaar Misr. The awards selection process is undertaken independently through Business Today 100 list and the Global Trade Matters Strategic Board.

Eng. Ahmed El Sewedy was graduated from the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Cairo University in 1986. Immediately after graduation, Eng. Ahmed El Sewedy took the lead in his family business to control the first private cable factory in Egypt, Arab Cables Co. During the period of his lead, Elsewedy Electric turned to be one of the most successful industries and trading business groups in Africa and the Middle East by operating in 8 diversified energy sectors, Cables & Accessories, Electrical Products, Communications, Transformers, Wind Energy Generation, Energy Measurement and Management, Projects & Development and Solar Energy Solutions.

“Doha Cables awarded contract worth USD 440 Million to supply power cables to KAHRAMAA”

Elsewedy Electric is ranked the Third largest Egyptian Company Elsewedy Electric is ranked the Third largest Egyptian Company from the top 2011 ranking companies on the EGX after Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) & Orascom Telecom (OT), according to its revenues which reached EGP 12.9 billion. Ranked by Business Today 100 using the data provided by BELTONE FINANCIAL

New KEMA Certificate Has Been Awarded to ELSEWEDY TRANSFORMERS Aamal Company Q.S.C. (“Aamal”), one of the GCC’s fastest growing diversified conglomerates, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Doha Cables, Qatar’s first and largest domestic cable manufacturer, has been awarded a two year contract by Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” to supply low voltage (0.6/1kV) and medium voltage (11kV) power cables equal to approximately 42,000 tons of copper through a competitive tendering process. The contract has been signed by H.E Dr. Mohamed Bin Saleh Alsada, Minister of Industry and Energy for the State of Qatar, H.E. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, Chairman of Aamal and in the presence of Mr. Ahmed El Sewedy, President of Elsewedy Electric. The contract, valued at QAR1.8 billion (US$494m) over an initial 2 year period, is part of KAHRAMAA’s current program to meet the growing demand for power in Qatar which it forecasts will almost double to 8GW by 2013. Its award to Doha Cables is a further demonstration of Aamal’s strategy to develop new business streams in high growth sectors and to capture opportunities derived from Qatar’s ongoing investment in infrastructure and industrial diversification under the 2030 National Vision and the award of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Doha Cables is a subsidiary of Senyar Industries, a 50:50 joint venture between Aamal and Elsewedy Electric Egypt, the Middle East’s leading integrated energy solutions provider.


Elsewedy Transformers has been accredited a new KEMA certificates; for Dry Transformers of ratings 3,150 KVA, 22KV to add up to the series of certificates awarded by either international labs or local authorities. Elsewedy Transformers commitment to providing distinguished products and services of international standards has extended to create a new division of Maintenance Services Division which offers full services of Repairing, maintenance and changing spare parts in order to accomplish the optimum customer satisfaction.

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World Wind Energy Award 2011 goes to Elsewedy for Wind Energy Generation (SWEG) Cairo/Bonn (WWEA) – On the occasion of the 10th World Wind Energy Conference 2011 in Cairo, Egypt, the Board of the World Wind Energy Association has decided to give the World Wind Energy Award 2011 to Elsewedy for Wind Energy Generation (SWEG). With the Award, the World Wind Energy Association recognizes the company’s leading role in introducing wind power on a large scale in Egypt, the MENA region and in Africa. By entering the wind business, Elsewedy Electric under the leadership of Mr. Ahmed El Sewedy, with its subsidiary SWEG has demonstrated vision and leadership into a

renewable energy future in a region where wind power had so far only a minor role. Wind energy will have to become a main electricity source in the region and it will be of crucial importance that the wind industry will also create local jobs, as done by Elsewedy. Considering the bright prospects of wind power in the region and the strength of Elsewedy, the company can be expected to play a similar role in Egypt and in the region like other national champions, some of which received the Award in previous years. WWEA would also like to indicate that the association sees it as a major task to foster the creation of domestic wind industries around the world. For this purpose, WWEA is working closely also with new companies such as SWEG and to extend its full support and cooperation in fostering the wind markets in the MENA region and many other new wind markets all over the world.

Prior awardees (amongst others): IRENA, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure of Ontario, President of Brazil, Goldwind, Indian Minister for Non-Conventional Energy Sources, German Minister for the Environment, Suzlon, Chairman of the Industry and Energy Committee of the Egyptian Parliament...

Elsewedy Electric Holding has appointed Mohamed A. El Sewedy as their NEW (COO) Chief Operations Officer for Elsewedy Cables Mohamed El Sewedy becoming the COO of Elsewedy Cables, to lead the 27- yearold cables firm. Mohamed El Sewedy is 37 years old, he is a board member of Elsewedy Electric and was a managing director of UIC- a subsidiary of Elsewedy Electric. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration from NYIT University. He quoted that: “Elsewedy Electric has always made decisions that would position us on the cutting edge of the energy and industrial sectors,” said Eng. Mohamed El Sewedy, Board Member of Elsewedy Electric. “We believe that these strategic deci-

sions will contribute to our philosophy that innovation and growth will help us serve customers across all sectors.” Following to his promotion he declared that: “achieving targets & improving our manufacturing & financial figures will only be done by working all together in the same direction and enhancing the communication and patience between all of us, with the objective of serving a common goal. He also quoted “during the upcoming period of time, we should all work together towards a common vision that will lead us to our organizational objectives. Team work responsibilities & great achievements are the only and best way to define our careers and the right way to reach to our success. “Through our engagement in improving the environment we have seen a very viable business opportunity, which keeps us in line with the pioneers in technology,”

Boost Cooperation between Egypt & Ethiopia On Saturday 17th of September 2011 a forum was held under the auspices of Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf hosting the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Ethiopian Ministers Delegate and some Remarkable businessmen from different industries.

The event took place at Sofitel el Gezirah, Cairo, EgyptDuring the forum Zenawi said that his country is opening a new chapter with Egypt and Nile Basin countries to cooperate in certain projects, including human development projects. Providing technical support to the electricity sector and renewed energy technology was also a main concern for Zanawi. Eng. Ahmed El Sewedy, CEO of Elsewedy Electric, has presented a broad vision for new investments & electrical projects that will contribute to Ethiopia’s development in the Electricity field. Moreover, Elsewedy discussed a package of proposals aiming to promote projects and investments between Egypt & Ethiopia.



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Egypt Industrial Zones

National Missions and the Private Sector Collaboration Dedicating industrial zone areas to strong reputable developers was one of the main success factors. Along with offering unique incentives for the investor was another leading success by setting attractive facilitates to the benefit of the investor that eases the process. “As an industrial investor distinguishing what investor to achieve the utmost business benefits and the industries parameters needs, I decided to participate in this unique strategic developing direction” said Eng. Ahmed A. Elsewedy – CEO and President of Elsewedy Electric. With prospective partnerships between Elsewedy Electric & SIAC Industrial Construction and Engineering Company, in 2007 established Pyramids Industrial Parks (P.I.Parks) to develop an area at 10th of Ramadan industrial zone. A new joint company was established between P.I.Parks and the “Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona” in July 2009, a leading industrial developer in Europe with more than 90 years of experience. Mutual cooperation between the government and the private sector to position Egypt as an emerging industrial hub in a competitive investment environment The government launched in 2007 the program New Generation of Industrial Zones in Egypt. Industrial zone development under public private partnerships. With this program, Egypt aspires to develop industrial zones with opened participation of the local and international investors which enabled owning and developing industrial and/ or business parks to nourish and support different industrial clusters with direct impact to the investment growth plan. Grabbing these investments will enhance the creation of job opportunities, besides the beneficial of enhancing the industrial sector as the engine of growth.

Continuing the promising & successful business, another joint in 2009 between Elsewedy Electric & alOula Holding company of KSA, Forming alOula Industrial Parks Development Company in Egypt to develop in the 6th of October City Industrial Zone. alOula Holding is a leading company for Real Estate and Industrial Parks Development. Combined the long experience with the understanding of the region many achievements were the results to build the solid projects reference in the Saudi Kingdom. Over 8 million m2 in different areas help all the investors’ requirements with different priorities needed to each industry, in 10th of Ramadan Industrial Zone, 6th of October Industrial Zone & Suez Industrial Zone.

Why Investing in Egypt.... The Promising Country • More attractive governmental & strategic laws assigned for foreign/ local investors after the 25th of January revolution. With special dedication to the establishment process, and the import and export license validity from 3 to 5 years. • Tax payment facilitation. • An open market that absorb diversified industries, products & services. • Cheapest labor wedges in the MENA region. • High experienced calibers. • Well infrastructure high ways enabling the accessibility to the main ports. • 15 commercial ports. • 51 specialized ports. • Main roads network covers the country & linking the main hyper ports. • More than 11 Trade Agreements. • low-priced energy resources (Electricity, Gas, etc) • Cheap mineral resources. • Availability of raw materials with competitive prices. • Foreign investor’s financial incentives. • The variety of the needed industries. • The GATE to the African Continent.



Milestones UNITED ARAB EMIRATES_______________ EIL Fujairah Terminal Project

Project description • EPPCO International Ltd. (EIL), a joint venture between ENOC and CALTEX, has awarded 3W Networks the Security Surveillance and Pressure Transmitter Scope of the Fujairah Terminal project. EIL owns and operates liquid petroleum products and handling facility at Fujairah. At present, this is a fully functional facility and the existing tank farm consists of seven storage tanks and associated facilities. This terminal has product receipt and loading facilities for the US Navy through the port of Fujairah container berths.3W Networks, the region’s leading system integrator & telecommunication contractor was selected by EIL to provide a new monitoring system as currently the Fujairah Terminal has no security cameras and surveillance of the entire terminal is not possible for the security personnel located at the gate. Moreover, the scope will cover the installation of a new pressure transmitter system. Scope of Work • As a telecoms main contractor, the scope for 3W Networks includes the Detailed Design, Engineering, Procurement, Systems Integration, Factory Acceptance Testing and the Installation & Commissioning of CCTV & Pressure Transmitter system. 3W Networks will install weather‐proof day/night CCTV cameras at the EIL Fujairah Terminal. Each camera shall be connected via fiber optic cable to Gigabit Ethernet backbone switches and workstation. The CCTV main monitor shall be installed at the control room located in the office building. A Repeater monitor shall be installed at the security/ reception area. Pressure transmitters shall be installed at the berth pipelines and connected to the display unit in the control room located at the office building.

Inter refinery pipeline project-2, phase 1

Project description • Daewoo E&C Co. Ltd Selects 3W Networks as the Main Telecom Contractor and System Integrator for Inter refinery pipeline project-2, phase 1. The Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer), a subsidiary


of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), is continuing with its strategy of expanding refineries and optimizing the integration of the petrochemical industry by investing $10 billion in three large expansion projects. ADNOC aims to develop the downstream industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in order to meet future requirements for oil and gas, and these latest projects fit into the expansion framework for the Petroleum Refining Industry. The project has been divided into packages. Package 1 has been awarded to Daewoo E&C and comprises of 16 gasoline storage tanks located at Mussafah connected to a 230 kms long pipeline network. 3W Networks has been selected as the Telecoms main contractor for these gasoline storage tanks. Scope of Work • The scope of work includes the Detailed Design, Engineering, Procurement, Systems Integration, Factory Acceptance Testing and Commissioning of CCTV, Telephony, LAN and PAGA system.

Intelligent metering System (IMS) – DEWA (Dubai electricity and water authority)

Project description The IMS will read water and electricity meters of every consumer on a periodic basis, and the information will then be integrated with the DEWA Enterprise business. The system will lay the foundations for a future smart grid. DEWA is one of the unique utilities implementing the most modern interoperability protocol (IDIS). - ISKRA description: supplying 20,000 smart meter, 600 data concentrators & integrating with IMS software with a value of 16 million AED

QATAR__________________________________ Gas Sweetening Facilities at Mesaieed and Dukhan

Project description • Petrofac selects 3W Networks as Telecoms and Security Systems Integrator for Qatar Petroleum which in-

Strategic Milestone

cludes a sulphur recovery upgrade at NGL-3 in Mesaieed and an acid gas recovery plant at Arab-D in Dukhan. Scope of Work • 3W Networks scope of work includes the Detailed Design, Engineering, Procurement, System Integration, Factory Acceptance Testing, Installation and Commissioning of the Public Address General Alarm systems, Field Telephones, MUX, Radio Towers and Outside Plant in addition to upgrades and modifications of the existing Mesaieed network.


Project description • The main EPC contractor is SKEC, A well known Korean EPC Contractor. This project is to construct a communication system between oil refineries and petrochemical plants in Dukhan oilfield, located 95km to the west from Doha, the capital of Qatar. Qatar Petroleum, a national petroleum company in Qatar placed this order and the construction period is 30 months, starting at the end of October and finishing in April 2013. In 1,500 Dukhan oilfield, there currently are 81 oil refineries and petrochemical plants which belong to the national petroleum company of Qatar. All the old communication equipment in each facility will be replaced and a state-of-the art IT system will be built for better communication among facilities as well as strengthened security and close managing of the facilities. 3W Networks will undertake the complete IP/MPLS back bone with Safety packages as the Systems Integrator for this project. Scope of Work • 3W Networks scope includes the Detailed Design, Engineering, Procurement, Integrated System Testing, Factory Acceptance Testing, Installation and Commissioning of IP/MPLS Transmission Network which carry the Voice , Video and Data signals. The Safety Systems scope includes implementing a Public Address General Alarm System (PAGA) system & CCTV System & Field Telephones. 3W Networks will supply equipment from CISCO, the world leader in IP/MPLS, PELCO for CCTV , Federal Signal for the PAGA system and FHF for Field Telephones. Scope Also includes modifications to the existing STM transmission systems from NSN.

grated Factory Acceptance Test and the Installation & Commissioning of Voice & Data, Telephony and UHF Radio system, as well as Fibre Optic Cable and Accessories. The offshore platforms will have monitoring and control equipment that requires communication services to transport data signals to the SCADA system. Communication links will be designed to facilitate the transport of the data signals via an Ethernet network by using fiber optic cables. The connectivity between the Ethernet Switches at all the offshore platforms will be in a ring configuration for redundancy and protection. 3W Networks will provide the active and passive infrastructure for the Voice and Data communication services as well as carry out the necessary splicing and termination of the fiber optic cables.

EGYPT___________________________________ The first 125MVA Transformer to be energized

In July 2011 the first 125MVA/220/60/22KV transformer provided by Elsewedy Transformers energized in the network at 6th of October station. The contract was signed with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC).

Cairo Festival City

Al Futtaim’s Cairo Festival City has appointed ABB as the contractor for the electrical sub-station. Elsewedy Transformers has been selected to provide four 25 MVA/66/22 KV oil transformers.

City Stars Sharm El Sheikh

The owner company Golden Coast has appointed Shaker to be the consultant for City stars Sharm El Sheikh compound. The owner company signed a contract with Elsewedy Transformers to provide 11 Cast Resin Dry Transformers 22/0.4KV ranging from 800 KVA to 1250 KVA with Aluminum Windings, Natural Cooling and Enclosures. Also, Elsewedy Transformers will supply 7 Cast Resin Dry Transformers ranging from 800 KV to 1250 KV with Aluminium Windings,

Forced Cooling & Enclosures.

Polygon, Beverly Hills

SAUDI ARABIA__________________________ Saudi Aramco’s Safaniya Upgrade Crude Gathering & Power Supply Project

• J. Ray McDermott Middle East Inc. (McDermott) has awarded 3W Networks the Telecoms scope for Saudi Aramco’s Safaniya Upgrade Crude Gathering & Power Supply Project. Safaniya, the world’s largest offshore field, is located about 200 km north of Dhahran. The infrastructure upgrade and electrification project will help sustain crude oil production to meet Saudi Aramco’s maximum sustainable capacity targets for the field by 2013. Scope of Work • The telecommunications scope for 3W Networks includes the Detailed Design, Engineering, Procurement, Systems Integration, Inte-

The owner company SODIC has appointed Shaker to be the consultant for Polygon, Beverly Hills, 6th of October compound. Elsewedy Transformers was selected to provide the compound with 10 Cast Resin Dry Transformer 22/0.4 KV, 800 KVA, with Aluminum Windings, Natural Cooling and Enclosures.

6th October - 600 MW Simple Cycle Power Project

Project description • Supply & Installation of 220kV cables and relevant SF6 and outdoor terminations in addition to the supply of low voltage and medium voltage cables with a value of 30 Million EGP. Scope of Work • Sub-contractor Main Contractor • Ansaldo Energia S.p.A End Customer • PGESCO



Strategic Milestone



Project description • This is a complete EPC contract signed by EDC and PSP. The outstanding time frame is for three power plants. Starting from May 2010 and planned to be completed on September 2011.

Project description • Supply and Installation of 132Kv XLPE Power Cables, Fiber Optic cables and Accessories in Different Locations in Kuwait, with a value of USD 33,500,000.00 Ministry of Electricity & Water Project description • Supply & Installation of 132Kv XLPE cables, pilot cables & Accessories in Shuaiba Area with a value of USD 57,750,000.00

40 MW for three emergency power generation plants at Bamenda, Mbalmayo, and Ebolowa.

Ministry of Electricity & Water

Scope of Work • Design, manufacture, supply, delivery to site, commissioning 36 diesel modules, 28 Step-up transformers, 49 M.V. switchgears, station services transformers, LV switchgear, DC system, SCADA system, MV cables, LV cables, control and instrumentation cables, lighting, small power systems, panels and lightning protection systems.

Arab Contractors/Ministry of public works Project description • Supply & Installation of 132Kv XLPE cables, pilot cables & Accessories in Jahra area with a value of USD 9,300,000.00

• Design, manufacturing, supply, delivery to site and commissioning of entire balance plant including fuel oil system, fuel tanks, Potable water tanks, fuel spill tanks, drainage tanks, and all associated pumps, pipes and instruments, fire fighting system, related pipes and sprinklers. • Design, construction and finishing of civil works including the switchgear and control building, diesel modules foundations, transformers foundations, main fuel tanks foundation and Dike Wall, potable water tanks foundation, civil works for drainage system, cables, pipes trenches, fence and main gate work.

LIBYA___________________________________ Wind turbines shipped to Dernah

Project description • SWEG & MTOI has sent the first 8 units of the TWT 1.65 MW to Dernah in the Eastern Region – Al Fatayeh. Beginning January the shipment, including sets of blades and towers, have arrived in Dernah – Benghazi Ports. From there it was transported directly to the site as the starting point of Libya’s first wind energy project. Once construction is complete, the Dernah wind farm will have a total of 60 MW with 37 units TWT 1.65 direct drive. The rotor diameter is 82 meters a IIIB-class with a hub height of 71 meters. The TWT multiple wind turbines represents a unique contribution to the wind energy industry in terms of reliability, robustness and high performance with low maintenance costs, at the forefront of technology. Dernah was chosen for the pilot project for its great port facilities, good grid connections and wind speeds. Scope of Work • The Public Electricity Works Company, the state utility, awarded the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contract to SWEG – Elsewedy for Wind Energy Generation. It includes the Supply and installation, startup and Operation & Maintenance of the WTG (Wind Turbine Generator), the BoP (Balance of Plant) and the Meteorological measurement.


CHAD__________________________________ Elsewedy Power signs a contract to build diesel power plants in Chad

• An emergency diesel power plant in N’Djaména • Aggressive fast-track project to be accomplished in three months H.E. Dr. Tabe Eugene N’Gaoulam, Minister of Petroleum and Energy of the Republic of Chad, approved on May 05th, 2011 the Supply Contract signed between the Chadian Société Nationale d’Electricité (SNE) and ELSEWEDY POWER to design, supply, commission and start-up an emergency diesel power plant in the capital N’Djaména. Project is scheduled to commence on August and scheduled to be fully operated by November 2011 following a very aggressive fasttrack project schedule. The plant will include ten power modules, diesel-fired, reciprocating, high-speed engines manufactured by Mitsubishi (Japan). Balance of plant and installation shall be carried out by ELSEWEDY POWER SYSTEM PROJECTS Co. (PSP). “ELSEWEDY is a partner of trust that fulfilled the SNE demands by its professionalism and its constant availability”, said Mr. Moussa Abakar, General Director of SNE.

The Republic of Central African____ A memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Energy & Water

• An emergency diesel power plant in Bangui • Solar Street Lighting Systems On July 11th, 2011 in Cairo, H.E. Mr. Leopold Mboli-Fatran, Minister of Energy and Water of the Republic of Central African, visited few of Elsewedy Electric’s factories in Egypt together with the senior executives of his Ministry and ENERCA (Energie Centrafricaine). Along the visit, H.E. signed with Elsewedy Electric a Memorandum of Understanding covering the following projects: - Elsewedy Electric to design, supply, commission and start-up an emergency diesel power plant in the capital Bangui in addition to an optional maintenance and overhauling service; and

Strategic Milestone

- Elsewedy Electric to supply solar street lighting systems; Also, setup of local production facilities by Elsewedy Electric in the Republic of Central African was agreed on the medium- and longterm.

Djibouti________________________________ The Ministry of Energy & Water grants SWEG exclusive rights to develop 100 MW wind park

• 100 MW Greenfield IPP Wind Park • Elsewedy Electric will lead On June 30th, 2011 in Djibouti, H.E. Dr. Fouad Ahmed Aye, Minister of Energy and Water -in charge of Natural Resources- of the Republic of Djibouti, signed with Elsewedy Electric a Memorandum of Understanding granting to Elsewedy Electric for Wind Energy Generation (SWEG) the exclusive rights to develop a wind independent power plant (“IPP”) on build, own and operate (“BOO”) basis with a target capacity up to approximately (100) MW.

BULGARIA______________________________ SWEG signs 25 MW Project

Wind project developer Double Energy 2 in Bulgaria and Elsewedy for Wind Energy Generation (SWEG) have signed a contract for Co-development and construction of a wind farm in the region of Omurtag, Bulgaria using the Spanish MTorres Olvega Industrial (MTOI) turbines. The technology selected for the project are fifteen of the Gearless MTOI TWT 1.65 MW, 86m Rotor Diameter and 81m Hub Height model, to deliver a total of 24.75 MW of installed capacity to the grid. The agreement allows optional two of the new Gearless MTOI TWT 2.5 MW model to be installed. The project is developed according to the new Bulgarian RE Law issued in July 2011 and at an advanced stage of development. SWEG expects the construction to start in 2012, the complete wind farm is planned to go online in mid-2014.

JORDAN________________________________ ISKRAEMECO 1 million USD project in Jordan

KOSOVO________________________________ IFC prequalifies Elsewedy Electric for the international bid for the privatization of electricity distribution & supply business in Kosovo

• The process is managed by the Privatization Inter-ministerial Committee • Government of Kosovo appointed the IFC as Lead Advisor for the privatization and sale with support from US-AID, European Commission and the World Bank • Elsewedy Electric is prequalified with only another three international electricity companies The Government of Kosovo (“GoK”) initiated a privatization process of the Electricity Distribution and Supply business (“KEDS”). GoK appointed the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) as its Lead Advisor for the privatization and sale, to be established as a separate legal entity following the un-bundling of the Networks (Distribution) and Supply divisions from the Kosovo Energy Corporation (“KEK”). By acquiring KEDS, Elsewedy Electric plans to derive substantial economic benefits from O&M improvement through: (a) the reduction of technical losses; (b) the reduction of the huge commercial losses and increase of collections; and (c) modern management to reduce of operation costs. Considering that Kosovo is strongly interconnected with all the four bordering countries 400 kV neighbor-grids, which already forms part of the EU integrated energy market, Elsewedy Electric leverages on the first-mover advantage especially Kosovo enjoys a customs-free access to: EU, US market and Central European Free Trade Area. Kosovo has one of the world’s largest proven reserves of the coal in the world, with more than 15 billion tons of lignite, worth more than 350 billion dollars in today’s market. On May 25th, 2011, GoK opened the transaction data-room (physically and virtually) for the shortlisted bidders. RFP is expected by Q3Q4/2011 where bid offers would be by Q1/2012.

Project description • Iskraemeco has signed a 1 million USD contract with EDCO Utility Company in Amman, Jordan. Scope of Work • Supplying Electronic household ME172 meters & commercial industrial meters for medium voltage.

MAURITIUS_____________________________ Supplying ME172 to CEB

Project description • Supplying single phase electronic meters ME172 to CEB (Mauritius Utility). CEB has chosen Iskraemeco to supply the single phase meters in Mauritius. Iskraemeco is leading the single phase market in Mauritius via KABELEK the agency of Iskraemeco there. Scope of Work • Supplying 30K ME172 meters in 3 months time.

INVESTORS’ Updates STOCK INFORMATION • INCORPORATION: Egypt • SECTOR: Industrial Manufacturing • INDEX: EGX 30 • FULL LISTING: The Egyptian Exchange (SWDY.CA) • ISSUED SHARES: 223,418,000 shares at September 12th 2011 • FREE FLOAT: 25% • SHARE PRICE: (7th December, 2011) 22.70 LE. • MARKET CAPITALIZATION: 5.071 Billion EGP

Elsewedy Electric posts double digit growth in EBITDA and Net Profit, achieving 10% and 22% growth respectively in Q3 2011 versus Q2 2011. Net Income in Q3 2011 reached EGP 196 million, 22% higher than Q2 2011. 9 M 2011 Revenues and EBITDA 23% and 7% higher than 9M 2010.

The Main Financial Highligths for 9M 2011 versus 9M 2010:

• Revenues in 9M 2011 increased by 23% to reach EGP 11.4 billion versus EGP 9.2 billion in 9M 2010, whilst Gross Profit increased by 3% to reach EGP 1.55 billion in 9M 2011 versus EGP 1.49 billion in 9M 2010. • EBITDA in 9M 2011 increased by 7% to reach EGP 1.178 billion versus EGP 1.105 billion in 9M 2010. • Net Profit after Minority reached EGP 528 million during 9M 2011 versus EGP 698 million during 9M 2010.


Investors’ Updates


EGP (000)’s








Wire & Cables







Turn Key Projects





















Other electrical products














Q3 2011Results Analysis

“We have seen a marked improvement in most of the sectors in which we operate in versus the previous quarter and we expect the growth to continue further during Q4 2011. Public sector spending is on track and governments are continuing to invest in electricity mainly in the Gulf, Syria, Egypt and Africa. Our strong presence in these markets allows us to leverage our position and play a key role in the electricity sector either by simply providing cables in certain areas or providing the complete solution in others. Even with the political unrest in some of the markets which we operate in, spending in electricity is a must and governments will continue to spend in this sector.” Ahmed Elsewedy President & CEO ELSEWEDY ELECRIC



Investors’ Updates

Elsewedy Electric Consolidated Financial Statement (Income Statement) EGP (000)’s 000’s L.E.




Wires & Cables




Electrical Products




Turnkey Projects





Total Sales








Gross Profit Margin




SG & A




Other Operating Income




Gross Profit

Other Operating Expenses EBITDA


















Fx Gain












Interest Expense




Interest Income












Net Income




Minority Interest







Net Income After Minority Interest

Elsewedy Electric has significantly extended its core wires and cables capacity in recent years, more than doubling capacity since 2007 to approximately 282,000 tons in 2011


Around TheGlobe World Future Energy Summit 2011 United Arab of Emirates- Abu Dhabi (17-20 January) The WFES 2011 hosted by Masdar has become one of the key annual dates in the clean energy calendar. This year the WFES brought together over 26,000 attendees from 112 countries. SWEG was showing with its presents the importance of closeness to our business partners. We take responsibility to accompany our clients along the way to a successful project, wherever we are.

Middle East Electricity 2011 United Arab of Emirates- Dubai (8-11 February) Middle East Electricity, rated by exhibitors and visitors alike as the world’s leading energy event focuses on power, lighting, new & renewable, nuclear and water sectors. The 2011 edition of the Middle East Electricity broke all previous records on exhibitor and visitor attendance. The event welcomed 14,522 unique trade visitors from 118 countries and hosted over 1000 exhibitors from 58 countries. Elsewedy Electric participated in the largest energy event and had the ability to display the group’s eight sectors and the solutions that Elsewedy Electric provides.

African Utility Week 2011 South Africa- Cape Town (13-17 March) The City of Cape Town hosted the exhibition African Utility Week which took place at the ICC from 13 – 17 March 2011. The exhibition, which focused on the role of electricity and water in the utility industry, was also having direct benefits for the City residents, as experts from across the globe gather in Cape Town to share experiences and highlight standards for improved service delivery, energy efficiency and water management among other things. Elsewedy Electric exhibited in African Utility Week with one of its companies ISKRAEMECO, the leading world providers of devices and systems for electric energy measurement, registration and billing. AUW was a very successful event for Iskraemeco as it exposed its capabilities in manufacturing Energy Measurement & Management systems that serve all needs.


Around The Globe

European Wind Energy Association 2011 Belgium- Brussels (14-17 March) The EWEA Annual Event-formerly known as EWEC is Europe’s premier wind energy event. Over 10,000 wind energy professionals from over 60 countries were expected-including EU & national policy makers, leading market players and technical experts. With a unique combination of a comprehensive conference program and a first-class exhibition, the EWEA Annual Event is recognized as a ‘must attend event’ among the international wind community. SWEG – Elsewedy for Wind Energy Generation was showing by its presents this year in Brussels the importance of closeness to our business partners. In SWEG we take responsibility to accompany our clients along the way to a successful Project, wherever we are. We believe in helping our customers fully realize their future wind energy potential today.

Hannover Messe 2011 Germany- Hannover (4-8 April) Germany’s Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon opened HANNOVER MESSE 2011 on 3 April in Hannover before an audience of 2,400 invited VIPs, among whom were over 120 political delegations from abroad. This was Elsewedy Electric’s 6th year of attending HANNOVER MESSE 2011, presenting all eight diversified energy sectors (Cables & Accessories, Electrical Products, Communications, Transformers, Energy Measurement & Management, Wind Energy Generation, Projects & Developments, & Solar Energy Solutions). Members of the team were on hand to present a summary of information about each sector for the visitors. HANNOVER MESSE 2011 attracted a total of well over 230,000 visitors, 60,000 of these visitors were from abroad

Project Qatar 2011 Qatar- Doha (2-5 May) Being one of the contributors in this field, Elsewedy Electric exhibited in Project Qatar 2011 which is one of the major events happened in construction technology, building materials, equipment and environmental technology in Qatar for this year. Project Qatar 2011 gives visitors and exhibitors a chance to gain access to local market dynamics, investors and niche providers that enhance product offerings, benefit from a unique opportunity to come face-to-face with local market players in both private and public spheres, acquire an in-depth knowledge of planned and current construction projects being carried out in the country while at the same time, network with the country’s top construction companies and decision makers and generate new business deals. In its 8th consecutive years, Project Qatar 2011 is one of the region’s leading events in the international exhibition participation, local, regional and international visitors with an extensive media coverage held last 2nd until 5th of May 2011 at the Doha Exhibition Center organized by IFP Qatar. This is an annual networking event for companies and individuals operating across all construction sectors, including planners, project owners, consultants, engineers, manufacturers, contractors, traders, distributors, architects and interior designers. Participation in this event opened our doors into huge opportunities to expand our business relations with people involved related to our targeted market segments. It strengthened our business relationship with our existing clients and gained an access to newly targeted markets.



Around The Globe

ELECTRICA 2011 IN BRAZZAVILLE Congo-Brazzaville (6- 9 June) The Central Africa Electricity Investment Forum in Brazzaville, Congo ElectriCA focus on the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), i.e. Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, DRC, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Sao Tomé & Principe. The Central African Power Pool (CAPP) with the support of the Mission of Technical Assistance of the European Union (MAT/CAPP) organized the 1st International Forum on investment in the Central African Electricity Sector, in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. ElectriCA is a regional event focusing on the electricity markets and the development of electricity interconnectivity between the member countries of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), namely: Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, DR. Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Sao Tomé and Principe. The Central Africa Power Pool (CAPP) holds significant energy sources (hydro, solar, gas, and biomass) with an estimated hydro potential at about 144,000 MW. Elsewedy Electric exhibited and interactively participated to the proceedings of ElectriCA 2011 including the three days of conference sessions, a trade exhibition, b-b meetings and round tables. Along the exhibit, H.E. Mr. Bruno Jean Richard ITOUA, Minister of Energy and Hydraulics, Republic of Congo dedicated a special extended meeting to Elsewedy Electric’s delegation in which several potential cooperation areas were discussed and few plans were further agreed.

Global Wind Day 2011 Egypt (15 June) Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on 15 June. It is a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world. SWEG was initiating together with EGWEA, UBIFRANCE & NREA the celebration of the Global Wind Day in Egypt 2011. The sightseeing in our Towers manufacturing facilities in Ain Sokhna near to the Red Sea was a great honor. We were very delighted by the great audience and the extraordinary program jointly with UBIFRANCE (L’Agence française pour le développement international des enterprises), EGWEA (Egyptian Wind Energy Association), NREA (New & Renewable Energy Authority) and SWEG (Elsewedy for Wind Energy Generation). Our visit on site of our wind tower fabrication in SET (SIAG Elsewedy Towers), the visit of the wind farm in Zafarana, and the presentations of NREA, Prof. Galal Osman and SWEG, could give insights about the current status, importance and the opportunities of what the wind industry brings to Egypt. Participants were international experts and a French delegation with around 35 people.


Around The Globe

Middle East Rail Opportunities Conference Egypt (15 June 2011) Doha Cables being the first cable manufacturer in Qatar sponsored in the Middle East Rail Opportunities conference last 9th and 10th of May, 2011 at Sharq Village, Doha, Qatar. Its objective is to achieve a socio-economic target and to provide urban mobility to the significantly growing population that GCC alone has committed to $94.5bn on rail. The organizers brought the decision makers, movers and shakers and the leading solution providers under one roof from around the world where they have debated, discussed and delivered key strategies that have shaped business today. This strategy is our way of raising our company’s profile within the current market to create greater awareness of our brand in a high profile way amongst a selected group of sponsors and exhibitors. Doha Cables was the official cable manufacturer in the event, catering future cable demands of multi-billion Qatar National Rail Project Scheme. This sponsorship involved us in a more in-depth opportunity of demonstrating our top quality products to key-players in infrastructure market.

UBIFRANCE Conference 2011 Egypt- Cairo (13-15 June) SWEG was presenting on the “French-Egyptian seminar and meeting on renewable energy and energy efficiency” in front of International, French and Egyptian experts and officials, about their experience in the Technology transfer in the Wind Industry from its Egyptian Supplier Prospective. The attendees and participants called it “…a successful and interesting illustration of the wind business opportunities and challenges…” and “…that has set a precedent … for a way how the technology transfer should be done…” and “… it’s interesting to see what a huge added value the wind energy can bring to a country like Egypt…if the implementation will be done right…”.

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Qatar Summit 2011 Qatar- Doha (27- 28 June) MEP Qatar Summit 2011 held on 27th -28th of June at Oryx Rotana Hotel Doha, Qatar organized by the IQPC Middle East. The event featured technical presentations from key experts demonstrating best practices in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing sector. Doha Cables also was the official cable manufacturer and exhibitor in the event. It gave us more exposure through an exhibition stand in the networking area located in one spot of the conference hall. Within these conferences, Doha Cables broaden such knowledge regarding the latest updates on the mega projects and met the potential clients, consultants, contracting and trading companies in the region. It gave us the opportunity to network and builds a strong relationship with various channels. It was a perfect way to experience a two-way interaction that brought the targeted audience together where presentations held gave a very valuable feedback.



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Elsewedy Cables – Jordan 38, Abd Allah Ghosha st., Al Husseiny complex, Amman, Jordan 3rd Floor, office #311 Tel.: (+962) 776 418166 - Fax: (+962) 653

50 066 Email: Elsewedy Cables – Southern Africa Ltd. E263 POST DOT NET BLANTYRE, MALAWI KRISTWICK, ALONG CHIPEMBERE HIGHWAY, BLANTYRE, MALAWI Tel.: (+265) 187 8878 - Fax: (+265) 187 8788 Email: Elsewedy Cables – Kuwait Kuwiat City, Al Hamad Tower A, Block 14, th Phase (1B), 4 Floor, P.O.Box 4588 Tel.: (+965) 22974401/2/3 - Fax: (+965) 22974404 Email: Elsewedy Cables – UAE Arenco Tower-Sheikh Zayed road 12th Floor, Office No. 1207 P.O.Box 90395, Dubai, UAE Tel.: (+971) 44542500 Fax: (+971) 44 542501 Email: Elsewedy Electric – Equatorial Guinea Park of Africa, Caracolas, Beside Military Camp, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Tel.: (+240) 096569 Cell: (+240) 532550 Fax: (+240) 096569 Email:

PC. 115 Tel.: (+968) 244 86 615 Fax: (+968) 244 75 765 Email: Elsewedy Cables – India Office no. 412, ‘A’ Wing, Sagartech Plaza, Andheri-kuria Road, Andheri (East) Mumbai – 400072, India Tel.: (+912) 265 283 183 / 667 90130 Fax: (+912) 266 790 131 Email: Elsewedy Cables – Erbil Makhmoura Road, Erbil, Iraq Tel.: (+964) 750 792 1008 Fax: (+964) 662 292 316 Email: Elsewedy Electric – Maroc Tel.: (+212) 614 63 8621 Email: Elsewedy Electric – Europe GmbH Angermunder Str. 126 40489 Duesseldorf - Germany Tel.: (+49) 203985 10910 Fax: (+49) 203985 10920 Email:

Elsewedy Cables – Libya Gergarsh – Hay El Andalous, Tripoli – Libya Tel.: (+218) 91 325 96 25 / 91 365 53 11 Email: Elsewedy Cables – Bahrain Cell:(+973) 397 41 298 Email: Elsewedy Cables – Oman Al Hamd House, Sultan Qabos Service road, Alkhuwair, Muscat - P.O. Box 573,





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