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Understanding Criminal Law ●

This book deals exclusively with substantive criminal law, with primary attention given to the elements of individual criminal responsibility. It is authoritative, current, highly readable, and widely used at law schools throughout the nation.Coverage focuses on the basic elements of, and defenses to, specific crimes, such as homicide, rape, and theft, as well as group criminality and

Author : Joshua Dressler Pages : 596 pages Publisher : LexisNexis Language : ISBN-10 : 0769848931 ISBN-13 : 9780769848 938

inchoate liability. The common law is emphasized, with extensive comparisons to the Model Penal Code and thoughtful examination of the underpinnings of the utilitarian philosophies of substantive criminal law. The text encourages students to consider the approach these philosophies would take to a particular matter under discussion, thus providing an excellent learning tool for gaining a firm understanding of how our criminal justice system works. Understanding Criminal Law

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Understanding Criminal Law  

Understanding Criminal Law