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Author : Ben Pastor Pages : 288 pages Publisher : Bitter Lemon Press Language : ISBN-10 : 1904738664 ISBN-13 : 9781904738 664

Lumen (Captain Martin Bora, #1) "Pa stor 's plot is well craf ted, her pro se sha rp. ... A dist urbi ng mix

of det ecti on and refl ecti on. "— Pub lish ers We ekl y"A my ster y, it rive ts the rea der unti l the end and bey ond , wit h its twi st of hist oric al real itie

s. A hist oric al pie ce, it fait hful ly rep rod uce s the gri m can vas of war .A cha ract er stu dy, it cap tur es the tho ugh ts and acti ons of real peo ple,

not ster eot ype s." —T heF ree Lan ceSta rPa rt war tim e poli tica l intr igu e, det ecti ve stor y, psy cho logi cal thri ller, and reli gio us my ster y, Ben Pas

tor' s deb ut foll ows a Ger ma n arm y cap tain and a Chi cag o prie st as the y inv esti gat e the dea th of a nun in Naz iocc upi ed Pol and .In

Oct obe r 193 9 Cap tain Mar tin Bor a disc ove rs the abb ess, Mot her Kaz imi erz a, sho t dea d in her con ven t gar den . Her alle ged po wer to see the

fut ure has bro ugh t her a dev ote d foll owi ng; her wor k and mot to, "Lu me n Chr isti Adi uva Nos " ("Li ght of Chr ist, hel p us" ), app ear als o to

hav e bro ugh t so me ene mie s.F ath er Mal ecki has co me to Cra cow , at the pop e's bid din g, to inv esti gat e Mot her Kaz imi erz a's po wer s. The

Vati can ord ers him to sta y and assi st Bor a in the inq uiry into her killi ng. Stu nne d by the viol enc e of the occ upa tion and the ide olo gy of his coll eag ues

, Bor a's sen se of Pru ssia n dut y is test ed to the bre aki ng poi nt. The inte rfer enc e of sed ucti ve actr ess Ew a Ko wal ska doe s not hel p mat ters

.Be n Pas tor, bor n in Ital y, has live d for thir ty yea rs in the Uni ted Sta tes, wor kin g as a uni ver sity pro fess or in Ver mo nt. She is the aut hor

of oth er nov els, incl udi ng The Wat er Thi ef and The Fire Wal ker (St. Mar tin' s Pre ss). Lumen (Captain Martin Bora, #1) Get Now

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Lumen (Captain Martin Bora, #1)  

Lumen (Captain Martin Bora, #1) Get Now

Lumen (Captain Martin Bora, #1)  

Lumen (Captain Martin Bora, #1) Get Now