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Author : Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Pages : pages Publisher : Recorded Books on Brilliance Audio Language : ISBN-10 : 1501258923 ISBN-13 : 9781501258 923

Americanah On e of The Ne w Yor k Tim es's Ten Bes t Boo ks of the Yea rWi nne

r of the Nat ion al Boo k Crit ics Circ le Aw ard for Fict ion An NP R "Gr eat Rea ds" Boo k, a Chi cag o Trib une Bes t Boo k, a Wa shi ngt on Pos t Not abl

e Boo k, a Sea ttle Tim es Bes t Boo k, an Ent ert ain me nt We ekl y Top Fict ion Boo k, a Ne wsd ay Top 10 Boo k, and a Goo dre ads Bes t of the Yea r

pic kAs tee nag ers, Ife mel u and Obi nze fall in lov e in a Nig eria und er mili tar y dict ato rshi p. The self ass ure d Ife mel u dep arts for Am eric a,

wh ere Obi nze hop es to join her , but pos t9/1 1 Am eric a will not let him in, and he plu nge s into a dan ger ous , und ocu me nte d life in Lon

don . Fift een yea rs late r, afte r so lon g apa rt and so ma ny cha nge s, will the y find the cou rag e to me et aga in, fac e to fac e? Americanah

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